A Circumstantial Report of the Evidence and Proceedings Upon the Charges Preferred Against His Royal Highness the Duke of York: In the Capacity of Commander in Chief, in the Months of February and Narch, 1809

James Cundee, Ivy-Lane, Paternoster-Row, London., 1809 - 700 Seiten

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Seite 180 - I cannot be fully open by Letter. The object Is, to solicit your Grace's recommendation to the Deanery of Salisbury, or some other Deanery, for which the mast ample pecuniary remuneration I will instantly give a draft to your Grace.
Seite 554 - I have waited with the greatest anxiety until the Committee appointed by the House of Commons to inquire into my conduct as Commander in Chief of his Majesty's Army had closed its examinations, and I now hope that it will not be deemed improper to address this letter through yon to the House of Commons.
Seite 99 - Iliis, and other proceedings, I frequently mentioned, and endeavoured to dissuade Mrs. Clarke from having any thing to do with them. She stated, that the Duke of York was so distressed for money that she could not bear to ask him; and that it was the only way in which her establishment could be supported. I beg leave to state, that in consequence of this, Mr>. Clarke was offended with my freedom, and I ceased to see or hear from her, for I cannot tell how long, till I think nearly my departure for...
Seite 49 - I thank him much for the past), I hope he will place him on the foundation of the Charterhouse, or any other public school; the child is not accountable for my conduct. You will please...
Seite 239 - I am now setting off immediately to ride along the coast to Hastings, reviewing the different corps as I pass, which will take me at least as long..
Seite 181 - I have reason to believe that the note is written by the person whose name is subscribed to it, as I have heretofore received notes or letters from him, the writing of which, to the best of- my recollection, very much, if not exactly, resembles that of the...
Seite 211 - ... two officers could not purchase, it is very evident that the third captain would remain much longer third captain, than if they were removed out of his way, by purchase in the great body of the army ; and if no officer can be allowed to purchase, unless he is duly qualified for promotion without purchase...
Seite 136 - ... a year ; that she had accordingly so retired into Devonshire for several months, but failing to receive the remittances she expected, she had been driven to town for the purpose of gaining her arrear, and placing her annuity upon a more regular mode of payment ; that if that condition was complied with, by the payment of her arrear, and of securing the punctuality of it to her in future, his Royal Highness should never hear any more about her.
Seite 239 - Clavering is mistaken, My Angel, in thinking that any new regiments are to be raised ; it is not intended, only second Battalions to the existing Corps ; you had better, therefore, tell him so, and that you were sure that there would be no use in applying for hie-.
Seite 554 - My consciousness of innocence leads me confidently to hope that the House of Commons will not, upon such evidence as they have heard, adopt any proceeding prejudicial to my honour and character ; but if, upon such testimony as has been adduced against me, the House of Commons...

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