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« The promis'd seat of empire shall again

Cover the mountain, and command the plain ; * And, from thy race distinguish’d, One hall spring, • Greater in act than victor, more than king • In dignity and pow'r; fent down from heav'n

To succour earth. To Him, to Him ’tis giv'n, • Paffion, and care, and anguilh, to destroy. • Thro' Him, soft peace, and plenitude of joy,

Perpetual o'er the world redeem'd shall flow! • No more may man enquire, nor angel know.

• Now, Solomon! rememb’ring who thou art,

A& thro' thy remnant life the decent part.
• Go forth ; be strong ; with patience and with care
• Perform and suffer ș to thyself severe,
• Gracious to others, thy desires supprefs’d,
• Diffus'd thy virtues; first of men! be best.
- Thy sum of duty let two words contain;
• O may they graven in thy heart remain!

Be humble, and be juft!' The angel faid ;
With upward speed his agile wings he spread;
Whilft on the holy ground I prostrate lay,
By various doubts impellid, or to obey,
Or to object : at length (my mournful look
Heav'n-ward erect) determin'd, thus I spoke

Supreme, all-wise, eternal Potentate!
• Sole Author, fole Disposer of our fate!
• Enthron'd in light and immortality!
! Whom no man fully fees, and none can see!

Original of Beings ! Power Divine ! 4. Since that I live, and that I think, is thine ; Benign Creator ! let thy plastick hand

Dispose it's own effect: let thy command • Restore, Great Father, thy instructed son, ? And in my act may Thy great Will be done!'



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Nor let the pride of great ones scom

This charmer of the plains :
That fun, who bids their diamond blaze,

To paint our lily deigns.

Long had the fillid each youth with love,

Each maiden with despair ; And tho' by all a wonder own'd,

Yet knew not she was fair :

Till Edwin came, the pride of swaiirs,

A foul devoid of art;
And from whofe eye, ferenely mild,

Shone forth the feeling heart.

A mutual

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Oft, too, on Stanemore's wint'ry waite,

Beneath the moon-light shade, In fighs to pour his soften'd soul,

The midnight mourner stray'd.

His cheek, where health with beauty glow'd,

A deadly pale o'ercast :
So fades the fresh rose in it's prime,

Before the northern blast.

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< 'Tis paft ! he cry'd ; ' but if your souls

• Sweet mercy yet can move, • Let these dim eyes once more behold

• What they muft ever love!"

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Now homeward as the hopeless wept

The church-yard path along, The blaft blew cold, the dark owl scream'd.

Her lover's funeral song.

Stothard del

Collyer fiulp

Mate VI.

Publith'd as the Aet directs by larrifone* ('funke 1.1781.

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