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Seite 23 - In his banner were three leopards, courant of fine gold, set on red, fierce, haughty and cruel ; thus placed to signify that, like them the King is dreadful, fierce and proud to his enemies, for his bite is slight to none who inflame his anger; not but his kindness is soon rekindled towards such as seek his friendship or submit to his power.
Seite 33 - Son port estoit royal, son regard vigoureux, De vertus, et d'honneur, et de guerre amoureux; La douceur et la force illustroient son visage, Si que Venus et Mars en avoient fait partage.
Seite 31 - The king speaks, besides, the language of the savages who live in some parts of Scotland and on the islands.
Seite 60 - Douglas blood, With mitre sheen, and rocquet white. Yet show'd his meek and thoughtful eye But little pride of prelacy ; More pleased that, in a barbarous age, He gave rude Scotland Virgil's page, Than that beneath his rule he held The bishopric of fair Dunkeld.
Seite 40 - Hys standerde stode on hye ; That every man myght full well knowe : By syde stode Starres thre. The whyte Lyon on the Ynglysh parte, Forsoth as I yow sayne ; The Lucetts and the Cressawnts both : The Skotts faught them agayne.
Seite 43 - Our Lady's Dowry," p. 349. Approaching, then, this difficult but fascinating problem from the point of view of a modern historian, let us first ask what we mean when we talk of " the Earldom of Mar." Lord Crawford speaks of it as "the only survivor of the ancient, I may say prehistoric, Mormaerships of Scotland," * and lays considerable stress on the existence, in 1014, of " Earl Donald I. of Mar " (i. 165). Now, it is of course an obvious truism that the
Seite 98 - Sealt (4to, 1850, p. 149), are thus described : — " In the lower part of the seal is a shield quarterly, first and fourth, a fesse between three lozenges, for Beton ; second and third, a chevron charged with an otter's head, for Balfour. Above the shield is a cross bottone'e supporting a cardinal's hat and tassels, and a scroll on which is inscribed the word IXTEXTIO.
Seite 61 - Quha knawis nocht the Translatouris name, Seyk na forthar, for lo, with lytill pane Spy weill this vers ; men clepis him swa at haym. Quod the Compilar, G. DOUGLACE.
Seite 14 - It was during his administration that the powers of Europe were formed into one great political system, in which each took a station, wherein it has since remained with less variation, than could have been expected after the shocks occasioned by so many internal revolutions, and so many foreign wars. The great events which happened then have not hitherto spent their force.
Seite 54 - ... throne that could in any degree be compared to him. He would, indeed, have been a perfect pontiff, if to these accomplishments he had united some knowledge in matters of religion, and a greater inclination to piety, to neither of which he appeared to pay any great attention.

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