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For the general subject of early Arabic literature the reader is recommended to the following books:

R. A. NICHOLSON, "A Literary History of the Arabs" (Scribners,
New York, 1907).

F. F. ARBUTHNOT, "Arabic Authors" (London, 1890).

For Pre-Mohammedan poetry, both the texts and a discussion of them, read

LADY ANNE BLUNT and W. S. BLUNT, "The Seven Golden Odes of
Pagan Arabia" (London, 1903).

SIR WILLIAM JONES, "The Mo'allakat or Seven Arabian Poems" (new ed., Calcutta, 1877).

F. E. JOHNSON, "The Seven Poems Suspended in the Temple at
Mecca" (Bombay, 1893).

CHARLES J. LYALL, "Ancient Arabian Poetry."

CHARLES J. LYALL, "The Diwans of 'Abid ibn al-Abras and 'Amir ibn at-Tufail" (London, 1913).

W. A. CLOUSTON, "Arabian Poetry for English Readers" (Edinburgh).

For the Koran itself there are three standard works:

E. H. PALMER, "The Quran" (in the Sacred Books edited by Max
Müller, Oxford, 1880).

J. M. RODWELL, "The Koran."

GEORGE SALE, "The Koran."

For briefer reviews of the Koran, read

E. W. LANE, "Selections from the Kuran" (London, 1843).

S. LANE-POOLE, "Speeches and Table-Talk of the Prophet Mohammed" (London, 1882).

For Mohammed himself, the best English authorities are the following:

WILLIAM MUIR, "Life of Mohammed" (four volumes, latest edition,
Edinburgh, 1912.)

D. S. MARGOLIOUTH, "Mohammed and the Rise of Islam" (London 1905).

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