The Parliamentary Register: Or, History of the Proceedings and Debates of the House of Commons [and of the House of Lords] Containing an Account of the Interesting Speeches and Motions ... During the 1st Session of the 14th [-18th] Parliament of Great Britain


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Seite 580 - Militia by the forced defertions of the unfortunate individuals who ftiall be engaged in the Militia fervice ; for the man, as foon as he is enrolled, perhaps many hundred miles from his regiment, is ordered to join it, but by this bill no pay...
Seite 59 - Mar. st. 1. c. 1. recites, in its preamble, " that the state of every king consists more assuredly in the love of the subject towards their prince, than in the dread of laws made with rigorous pains ; and that laws made for the preservation of the commonwealth, without great penalties, are more often obeyed and kept, than laws made with extreme punishments.
Seite 41 - Majefty recommends it to the Houfe of Commons to confider of enabling his Majefty to make remittances, from time to...
Seite 73 - February, 1800, 379,525,000/. together with ihort annuities to the amount of 549,130/. and long annuities to the amount of 987,947/. after deducting the annuities provided for by Ireland. 4. That the fum annually applicable to the reduction of the national debt, in purfuance of the acl paflèd in 1786, was 1,000,000/.
Seite 24 - That leave be given to bring in a Bill to prevent unlawful combination of workmen employed in the millwright business, and to enable the magistrates to regulate their wages within certain limits.
Seite 559 - From this interview I was fully convinced, that whatever difference there is between the Negro and European in the conformation of the nose and the colour of the skin, there is none in the genuine sympathies and characteristic feelings of our common nature.
Seite 77 - Iloufe in 1791, that the actual expenditure (including the annual million; for the reduction of the Public Debt) on an average of five years...
Seite 410 - ... of the two kingdoms. But that was not to be proposed by him here in parliament; it would be the duty of the crown to look to that ; the business might be first begun by his majesty's servants in Ireland ; and if afterwards it should be necessary to enter into a treaty, commissioners might be sent from the British parliament, or from the crown, to enter upon it, and bring the negotiation to a happy issue, by giving mutual satisfaction...
Seite 463 - I the rather take notice of thefe, becaufe tho' the Articles of Union are ratified by the Scotch Parliament, yet the Bulk and Body of that Nation feem to be againft them. Have not the Murmurs of the People there been fo loud as to fill the whole Nation? and fo bold too, as to reach even to the Doors of the Parliament ? Has not the Parliament...
Seite 74 - Imports into Great Britain, in the year ending the 5th of January, 1793. was 19,659,358!. and on an average of fix years ending the 5th of January, 1793, was 18,685,390!.

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