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Navarre, queen of, her tales, ii, 488.
Nicenus Parthenius, i, 6.
Novels, French, iii, 280—421. English, iii, 422—494.

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Palmerin d'Oliva, romance of, ii, 49.
Palmerin of England, romance of, ii, 62.
Parabosco, tales of, ii, 415.
Parnell, origin of his Hermit, iii, 33.
Parthenissa, romance of, iii, 448.
Partenopex de Blois, romance of, ii, 95.
Pentamerone of Sig. Basile, iii, 345.
Perceforest, romance of, i, 316.
Perceval, romance of, i, 223.
Perrault, his fairy tales, iii, 349.
Persian Letters, iii, 332.
Persian Tales, iii, 366.
Petronius Arbiter, i, 124.
Petrus Alphonsus, tales of, ii, 167.
Pharamond, romance of, iii, 258.
Pilgrim's Progress, iii, 64. *
Platir, romance of, ii, 61.
Polexandre, romance of, ii, 230.
Polifilo, romance of, iii, 413.
Prevot, novels of, iii, 310.
Primaleon, romance of, ii, 59.
Princesse de Cleves, novel of the, iii, 286. '

Rabelais, explanations of his romance, iii, 74.
Radcliffe, Mrs, her romances, iii, 473.
Raoul le Febre, v. Jason et Medée.
Riccoboni, Mad., novels of, iii, 316.
Richardson, novels of, iii, 457.
Robinson Crusoe, iii, 488.
Romances, Greek, i, 8-121. Latin, i, 122-153. Of

Chivalry, i, 203,-i, 148. Spiritual, ii, 1–72. Co-
mic, iii, 73–131. Political, iii, 132-156. Pastoral,

iii, 157-220. Heroic, 221279.
Romantic Fiction, theories relating to the origin of, i,

157, et seq.
Rosalynd, Lodge's romance of, iii, 433.
Rousseau, his Heloise, iii, 317.

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Sabadino, tales of, ii, 403.
Sacchetti Franco, tales of, ii, 354.
Le Sage, his novels, iii, 319.
Sangreal, romance, i, 218.
Scarron, his Roman Comique, iii, 124.
Ser Giovanni, his tales. ii, 365.
Sethos, romance of, iii, 141.
Seven Wise Masters, various forms in which it has ap-

peared, ii, 161.
Shakspeare, plots of his dramas taken from Perceforest,

i, 318. From Boccaccio, ii, 255, 270, 341. From Ser
Giovanni, ii, 375. Massuccio, ii, 393, 396. From
Cinthio, ii, 424, 428. Bandello, 456, 464. From the
Diana, iii, 171. From Arcadia, iii, 219. From Lodge's
Rosalynd, iii, 434. From Greene's Dorastus and

Faunia, 436.
Silvio de la Selva, romance of, ii, 45.

Smollett, his novels, iii, 467.
St John of Damascus, see Josaphat and Barlaam.
Sylvio de Rosalva, iii, 107.
Syntipas, see Seven Wise Masters.

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Tatius Achilles, v. Clitophon and Leucippe.
Theagenes and Chariclea, romance of, i, 21.
Tirante, romance of, ii, 8u.
Tristan, romance of, i, 255.
Trouveurs, v. Fabliaux.
Turkish Spy, iii, 330.
Turkish Tales, iii, 368.
Turpin, chronicle of, i, 368.

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Zayde, novel of, iii, 300.
Zegris and Abencerrages, history of the dissensions of

the, iii, 224.


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