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the earth, the preserver and nourisher Beware that this penal moment is not of all things-the curse that man should at hand.--Why do you now permit cat his bread by the sweat of his brow, despotism and fanaticisin to palsy the was mercifully repealed in the very freedom of the rising world, when your moment it was pionounced, and was duly and your interest are straggling changed even into a blessing.-Labour for precedeney to crush them at a blow? gave him bread, and a comfort along - that vast continent were governed with it, that nothing like labour can according to the humano maxims of cibestow. If the earth produced spon- vilized nations, you would have no right taneously, it might be a paradise for lo wrest the sceptre out of hands howangels, but no habitation for beings ever unworthy 10 wield it; but since formed like ourselves; without labour, you have been placed for so many ages that could support or adorn the whole in the high post of honour for the ad. fabric of society:-It would vanish like vancement of buman happiness, you an enchantment.

ought to suffer no other nation to run · The curse of DEATH was also revoked on before you in the rescue of suffering not only by the promise of immortal millions from famine, dungeons, and life hereafier, but to deliver man at the the sword.—Recollect your eulogium very inoment from the harrenness of the upon the triumphs of chemistry and eurih that was cursed.-Without death, mechanics :- apply them to the mines he might have toiled and sweated, but and other productions of those vast rethe ground would have yielded nothing; gions; not as robbers or task-masters, death therefore was ordained to revolve but in the liberal spirit of commerce with life in a mysterious and fructifying with their people, by which you might circle. The corruption of all created resuscitate your own country whilst things returning into the bosom of na. you were 'breathing new life into ture, brings them back again to reward theirs. the industry of man. Every animal The noble minded Morven seemed that dies, all

' vegetables, and they too much pleased and affected, and spoke have lives also, every substance which as follows, but in a voice so subdued dissolves and becomes offensive, every as if he almost wished not to be heterogeneous mixture, which upon heard : the surface would stagnate and become There are difficulties in the way of analignant, brought back by human what you propose so warmly.-The wisdom into their allotted stations, be- project your honest zeal has suggested come the future parents of a renovated inight kindle a new war throughout world,

our whole world, which might, in the Can we suppose then that God has end, be destructire of the happiness performed those stupendous miracles and freedom you justly hold so sacred. for nothing? When our Scripture There are many desirable objects of tells us thai man was formed from the policy that are not within our imme. dust of the earth, it should not be taken diate reach, and which we must wait in a sense perhaps too literal to the Heaven's own time to see accomplished; Almighty matter was not necessary to but the principle should be consecrated, his creation, though his frame was to «and the occasion closely watched for be material-it may mean that he could its earliest application. live only by the earth, and was to

Not a

moment, I answered; seluru to it after death.

should ever be lost in any thing we

have to do, when we are sure we are South America.

in the right; there is no time but the Another momentous subject, still present for the performance of a practimore, if possible, demands your atten- cable moral duty; ENGLAND, in tion, and with that I shall conclude.- such a case, would set at nought all One of the first sentences you uttered the nations of the old world if the new 10 me, after snatching me from the one invoked her assistance.

Such a grave, made an impression upon me great work could not be begun premawhich I shall carry there hereafier. turelv.-If the sun stood still of old in You said that this highly-favoured island the camp of the Israelites, it would had been the chosen instrument of now rush to the west with increased 1 livine dispensation, and that if she velocity and lustre, to shine on the deserted or slumbered upon her post, British standard, if it stood planted she would be relieved and punished. even for a moment in the night.


your' courage unsubdued, your morals have now finished all I have to uncorrupted; but you have the same observe upou the condition of your sacrifices for a season at least, to submit sublime conry. Looking at it with lo, as an individual may have to make, the eager curiosity of a stranger, bred though with the highest qualifications, in onse which has long been the armis is his expences have gone beyond his rution of its own world, and not wish , estate; and unless you know how to ing to see her ir any thing surpassed, guard with skill and firmness this heel vec I am obliged iir justice to say, that of the Achilles, the result must be fatal. I consider Armata in no respeet behind Remember always the noble emiher, except in the state of your finances. nence you stand on, and that NO hare not, indeed, been able to trace

NATION IS QUALIFIED TO the smallest defect in any of your insti- TAKE YOUR PLACE. In the name of lutions, nor in the condition of any of God, then, let this awful but animating your concerns, that do not manifestly consideration inspire you-Be firm in conte home to your revenue, which , your resolves-Be patient under temcorrupts your goveruinent whilst it de- porary privations-Be obedient to your presses your people.

government, and preserve your greatYour energies are still happily undi ness by the wisdom which made you minished, your industry is unabated, great.



Mr. Belsham's Animadversions on that here there is a direct fabrication of Dr. Magee.

the word God, and a gross imposition [Concluded from p. 86.]

on ļhe reader. To say that the word HE sixth and last of the has been introduced, because the Uni


and which he seems to have selected as the speaker, is merely to say that the the ne plus ultra of Unitarian faithless-, criminent of the lowest and most illiness and impiety, and in the prosecution terale order of Socinians shall be taken of which he appears to have put forth as forming a part of the original of the all his strength and to have exhausted New Testainent. This transcends all his venom, is founded upon Heb.xii. Popery itself. The Council of Trent 25, 26, the first clause of which stands only decreed that the Comment imthus in the Common Version and in posed by the Church of Rome should Archbishop Newcome: “ See that ye. be received as giving the meaning of refuse not him who speaketh;" for Scripture: but the Council of Essex which the Improved Version has sub- Street ordains that the Comment imstituted, “ See that ye refuse not God posed by the Church which denies who speaketh," printing the supplied Christ, shall be received as part of the word God in italies, to intimate that Scripture itself. That the word is it is not found in the original. printed in italics, is but a poor evasion.

The leamed dignitary takes upon The common and uninformed reader, himself to be wonderfully angry at ihetlie unlearned man of sound underpresuinption and impiety of the Editors standing,' whom they select as the in supplying the ellipsis with the word proper arbiter of their criticisms, but God." But let the Dean speak for hiine little attends to, and is for the most part self in his own mild and edifying ignorant of this distinction."* Prelanguage. " Griesbach and Newcome,” says

. In the Introduction to the Calm Inhe, p. 671, " are the two great stan

quiry, p. 5, it is stated that the question dards to which the Editors profess to adhere: yet here they depart from inquiry into a plain matter of fact, which

concerning the person of Christ " is an both, and arbitrarily introduce the is to be determined like any other fact by word God, wbich is not only not to

its specific evidence the evidence of plain * be found in either, but which is not . unequivocal testimony, for judging of wbich even pretended to have place in any no other qualifications are requisite than a one of the Manuscripts, 'Versions, or sound understanding and an honest mind." Fathers knowo-to be in exielepce: $0 This assertivu' bas given great offence to



suming, no doubt, upon this ignorance, which far transcends all example in anci expecting to escape detection, ancient and in modern times, which though the Editors have printed the exceeds Popery itself, and which, as word in italics, the Dean has cited it the Dean emphatically assures us, canin roman capitals, thus making it ap- not be matched in the performances of pear to those who do know and attend his own holy brotherhood, viz. supto the distinction as part of the text. plying the ellipsis in the texi by the

The Very Reverend dignitary pro- word God printed in italics? ceeds :- Let it for a moment be In truth these unfortunate Editors supposed that the Received Version, have but very little to say for theminstcad of reading him who speaketh, selves; and that little can only afford had substituted Christ in his divine satisfaction to men of " sound undere nature for the word him.' would the standings and honest hearts :" so that Unitarians conceive that King James's they entertain very faint hopes of giving translators had dealt fairly with the content to the Dean and his very public? Would they not, on the con- learned friends. The truth, however, trary, clamour loudly against this as a must come out: and here it is. dishonest attempt to impose the 'Trini- In the twentieth chapter of the tarian comments as the text of Scrip- Book of Exodus, at the first verse, it ture? Would there be any end to the is thus written : “GOD SPAKE ALL outcry which would be raised against THESE interested priests?" &c. &c.

OF ISRAEI." “ The fact is they plainly saw that The Editors, therefore, of the Imthe text as it stands must unavoidably proved Version did not conceive that lead the mind to Christ as the speaker. they committed an unpardonable of

They saw more: they saw that it not fence when they supplied the ellipsis only introduces Christ as the speaker with the word 'God, whose voice it now, but as the speaker before, both in was which then shook the earth. And giving the law and in uttering oracles I am confident that when the venerable through the prophets. They saw in Dean produces equal authority for his truth, that not only the præ-existence proposed amendment, Christ in his but the divinity of Christ was divine nature," they will most readily viously deducible from this passage, and thankfully receive it into their and with the wisdom belonging to text. And if the Church of Rome their generation they have made the herself can establish her doctrine upon requisite alteration in the text. They similar ground, I may vouch for it that have been compelled not only to invent the Christ-denying Church of Essex a new translation for the texi, but also Street will admit that doctrine as an to invent a new text for the translation. article of faith. Examples abound of a nature similar But the matter must not rest here. to that which has been just adduced, Thc Dean of Cork has produced this and many of a quality yet more insi- passage, this very clause," See that ye dious and dishonest."

refuse not God who speaketh," as a And now, what have these daring “specimen of important, unacknowinnovators, these seers of strange sights, ledged departure from Newcome's Verthe Editors of the Improved Version, sion, not to be accounted for from mere to offer in favour of this novel, most accident." He has marked the variation insidious and most dishonest corruption in capitals to attract notice: he has of the sacred text? a corruption which printed the word God in roman chafinds no parallel but in their own cor- racters, not as the Editors of the Imrupt writings? a forgery and a fraud proved Version have done in italics, so

that those of bis readers who understand those gentlemen who think that a man that the Editors have forged the text,

distinctions are naturally led to believe cannot be a judge of the truth of doctrines wbich lie at the foundation of the Christian an offence of which indeed the Dean faith, unless he is a profound Greek distinctly accuses them, and by not scholar. This is the cause of the many

acknowledging it, lave made the sarcastic allasions to these expressions in Archbishop responsible for it. It is some late writers. Bishop Burgess is par- impossible for the reader of the charge ticularly sore upon this subject; and Dr. alleged by the Dean against the EdiMagee, bis humble friend, thiuks that be tors, p. 481 of his last volume, to fora ought to be very core too.

any other conclusion.

Did you


Now, Mr. Dean, permit me with all Dean, deign to have a little considerahinility to ask two or three plain tion for that small proportion of your questions. Did not you know at the readers who are men of “sound' unvery time when you exhibited this derstandings and honest hearts,". charge against the Editors of the Im- whom in the lofty consciousnes of proved Version, in a forin which ne- your own vast superiority of learning, cessarily led to this and to no other you commonly ireat with such inconclusion, that every word of this con- cffable disdain. Condescend so far clusion, the inevitable conclusion from to their mean capacities as 10 explain your own statement, was erroneous and that apparent inconsistency in your unfounded ?

not know', conduct which in their foolish of though poor illiterate Cnitarians might thinking is deserving of epithets which be ignorant of it, that the word God, I do not choose to express. Recollect, which

you have printed in romani cha- r. Dean, the language which you racters, was by them printed in italics, would yourself have used to the Bdifor the express purpose of shewing that tors of ihe Improved Version, had it this word was not in the original, but been possible for them to have acied that it was introduced by them to a similar part, and save us the trouble supply the ellipsis? and knowing this, of the application.* was it quite " honest” and “fair” in you to print the word God in romaa

* It would be advisable for the Very letters, and then to accuse the Editors Rererend dignitary to be a little more of inventing the text? Did vou not

correct in his assertions, not indeed tir know that the Editors far from charging

the sake of the God-denying, Christ-iletheir alteration upon the Primate, had nying Unitarians, who being witbout the distinctly set down in their notes the pale of civilized warfare, may lawfully be reading both of the original and the attacked with any weapons fair or foul ;

por yet for the sake of his own character, Primate? And though it did not ex

concerning which the Dean appears to actly suit your purpose to inake the ac

entertain a fost magnanimous indifferknowledyinent at the beginning of your ence, but for the sake of his friends, wilo book, where you brought your charge, by implicit reliance upon his unqualified where all your readers would have seen assertions are sometimes brought into a it, by which the Editors would have very awkward dilemma. It is not long been saved froin all suspicion of foul since the worthy Bishop St, David's was play, have you not yourself, Mr. Dean, inade the instrument of retailiug a most towards the close of your work, p. 694, nnfounded and abominable calumny two hundred pages afier the allegation against the author of this note, viz. of the charge, and where you inight that, Mr. Belsham says, the “ clergy are reasonably presume that nobody would paid to discountenance and repress the look for it, slipped in as it were by nied, and the Bishop was challenged to

truth." And when the charge was destealth, this remarkable concession: " It must indeed be admitted that fesses that he had not seen Mr. Belsham's

produce his authority, his Lordship conwith respect to the clause hitherto book : but, says bis Lordsbip, "I quoted considered, the Editors not the words from an authority which I was chargeable on this head : for in their

sure I could safely trust.' This infallinote they confess that both in the ble authority was that of Dr. Magee, who Greek and Newcome the reading is, had indeed printed a sentence of similar " See that ye refuse not hiin who insport, with inverted commas,

as if it speaketh." And this concession had been (which it was not) a quotation comes after having charged them from my Review of Mr. Wilberforce's directly, peremptorily and without Treatise. And though the pious prelare, any modification whatever, p. 482, when convinced that he bad trusted to a with having in this, equally with brokeu reed, and had unwittingly propaother clauses, deliberately and unac- gated a calumny, than which, to use bio knowledgedly rejected the Primate's own words, " a more false aud atrocious

never was uttered," takes much Jaudable rendering: How, learned Sir, do

pains to prove that the assertion at most you contrive to reconcile these uppa. rent contradictions? How is it that rerbal alterations, what I did not say

was but half a fib, because with a few men are to blame, and to be censurrd might be made to resemble what I did as false, dishonest and dishonourable, say, yet to speak to the truth, his Lordfor doing that which you acknow- ship was by no means successful in his ledge they never did? For once, Mr. attempt. And notwithstanding all the


The remaining clauses in the text ble that the Primnaie has printed the under consideration, Heb. xii. 25, word God in roman, not in italic contain some variations from the Pris letters: so that in his translation it mate's rendering, the acknowledginent' appears as an original, not as a supo" of which has been omitted by the plementary word. The Editors of the Editors of the Improved Version, Improved Version regarding this as upon which neglect, however, the rather too great a liberiy to be taken learned Dean has not judged it ne- with the text, hare in their Version cessary to expatiate: probably because left out the word God. Let us suphe did not find it easy to magnify pose now that the case had been se. the error into an offence of high im- versed, that the Primate in the first portance.

clause had supplied the word God, The clause immediately following and had printed it in italics, but had that which has been already so mi- omitted in the second : also that the nutely investigated, stands thus in the Editors of the Improved Version had Primate's Version : · For if those oniitted the word God in the first escaped not, who refused him that clause, and had introduced it in routtered the ORACLES of God on man letters in the second : in what earth," -- for which the Improved a different channel would the Dean's Version reads, “ WHEN HE littered criticisms and invectives have run. ORACLES op earth." This variation, What a hue and cry would have which is of some importance, is not been raised against these ungodly noticed by the Editors.

Editors for wiltuliy and unacknowIt is remarkable that in this clause ledgedly corrupting the sacred text; the Primale has introduced the word and how unmercifully would they God without any authority from the have been loaded with all the ritua original: for the word mequalis perative epithets in the Dean's copious by no means necessarily inplies di- vocabulary. Ilow strenuously would vine inspiration. It is also observa- it have been maintained that the

word God was righıly supplied by ingenuity and learning which the worthy the Primate in the first clause. Anel prelate has exhausted upon the subject in how highly would his fairness and the Gentleman's Magazine for August, candour have been applauded in dis1815, the assertion first found in Dr. tinguishing the word by italics, that Magee's learned work, and afterwards re

every reader might see that it was a peated with a little addi:ional colouring supplementary expression and not to by the pious Bishop of St. David's, is an

be found in ihe original text. With untruth as palpable and unfounded as

what keenness of censure would this ever issued from the school of Loyola. As it now stands, it is indeed the juivt open and manly conduct of the Pria production of the Bishop and the Dean :

mate in the first clause have been and neither of these venerable dignitaries contrasted with the artful and fraudu. is responsible for the whole of it. But to

lent inanagenient of the Editors of . *bat degree this division of labour be- the Improved Version in the second. tween two holy men may reduce the What rummaging would there have responsibility of each, is a question the been of Lexicons, what poring orer solution of which must be left to that of voluminous indexes, by the patient renowned casuist, the Abbess of Qued- Dean and by his mumerous and linherg.

learne:1 allies, in order tő accuinulate The passage in the Review of Mr. quotation upon quotation, and critic Wilberforce's Treatise, referred to by Dr.

cism upon criticisin, so as to fill twenty Magee, and the words of which he pro or thirty pages with ancient and fessed to quote, thereby misleading good modern Tore, to prove what nobody Bishop Burgess, aud which I am confi. dent that neither the Bishop nor the

ever doubted that the word xsquali sia Dean can possibly regard as a libel upon oracle of God, and therefore that

does not necessarily signify vo utter an the established clergy, is thus expressed: these daring innovators had no right “ Men who are engaged to defend an established system, are from that

to have introduced that word at all!

very circumstance engaged to discourage in- In what a lofty tone of indignant and quiry and to oppose truth, unless, impaswioned eloquence would the which is not often the case, truth should pious dignitary have exposed the happen to be the established doctrine." fraud, the falschood, the presumpReview of Mr. W. p. 199.

Ilgus impiety of these audacious

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