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In various churches mentioned alle poșed on the great altar at St. Lorenzo's: ore 23, fa suonne la campana a pregare 24. Exposition of sacred relics and per quelli che stanno in agonia, i.e. at a indulgence plevary with the freeing of ceriáin hour the bell is iolled for prayer a soul from purgatory. April 5. Exfor all those who are at that time at position of the relics of St. Vincentio the point of death. At other churches Ferrair, and at several churches his named si fa particutar' orazione per quelli image is worshipped. 7. Il Sommo che stanno in peccato mortale : certain Pontefice, i.e. the Pope, or head bridge prayers are uttered for those who are in maker, gives the benediction and dismortal sin. At another church is a tributes palms. 13. Solemn baptism site in honour of the sacred heart of of Jews and Turks, and the sacred Jesus. At another every day is a pious heads of the apostles are shown. 14. exercise for the three hours of agony Solemin mass by the Pope at St. Peter's

, of Jesus Christ, e lu sera in memoria di after which is shown il volto santo, the Maria SS. desolata, and at night in holy countenance. (Our Protestant înemory of the distress of the most gentlemen probably assisted at this holy Mary. At another, afier certain rite, and will tell us what this volto rites in honour of this most holy per- santo is.) May 3. Invention of the sonage, a relation is given of a miracle boly cross, whose holy wood is experformed by her image. Several posed. Relics carried about in every churches are kept open all night, direction. 13. Dedication of the fac during which the water is exposed. mous temple of the Pantheon, conseAfter an enumeration of these parti- crated by St. Boniface IV, dedicated to culars, come the rites observed in each the martyrs, and afterwards by Gregory month; and from a few extracts, the IV. to all the saints, with plenary in. tenour of the whole will be perceived. dulgence. 23. The image of the inost

On the 6th of January is the feast holy crucifix is exposed in memory of instituted for returning thanks to God, the miracle on this day, in the year for having called to the faith, in the 1519, by which it was preserved unpersons of SS. Magi, the most holy hurt, with the lamp burning under it, Magi, the first fruits of the Gentiles. during the conflagration of the church. Thus Cornelius is deprived of the ho- 24. A new feast in this year, for the nour which we are accustomed to first time ordained and established for attribute to him. On this day also Rome and the ecclesiastical state, by the wafer is blessed, which is given our reigning Sonno Pontefice, Pius afterwards for the whole year to the VII. in honour of the great virgin infirm. On the 22d, the miraculous inother of God, under the title of head of St. Anastasius is exposed. On auxilium Christianorum, in memory of the 28th, the apparition of St. Agnes, and perpetual gratitude for his happy virgin and martyr, at her church in return to his holy Roman see, five years the Piazza Navona. On the 9th of after his most doleful transportation. February is exposed the head of St. At St. Nicolas di Lorenesi, is worApollonia, virgin and martyr. On the shipped the image of Mary the Virgin, 13th, a rite for the manifestation of the under the title, Mother by divine grace iniraculous image of the very blessed -Aid of Cbristians. Junc I. Benevirgin St. Catharine. On the 28th, at diction of baptismal fonts. 13. Most une Pope's chapel, is the benediction solemn feast of the most august sacra, and distribution of the sacred ashes: ment, called corpus Domini, when il and at St. Mary's in Cosmedin, many rencralile is attended in procession by sacred relics are exposed. On the 1st the Pope. 16. Stand exposed the of March is exposed in various churches heads of the Apostles St. Peter and St. the most holy wood of the cross. On Paul. Miraculous image of the most the 16th, is the feast of St. Philip Neri, blessed Virgin worshipped at several in memory of the miracle by which churches. July 9. Feast of the pa. the saint restored to life Paul Massimi. tronage of the most blessed Virgin, in On the 21st, the feast of St. Benedict, memory of the miracle of that most at his church in Pescin, in Transted, holy Virgin, in many sacred images, where is his paternal house, in which by rolling in a prodigious manner their he used to worship an image of Mary eves towards the supplicants, in sign of the Virgin, which is still preserved. affection lowards them. August 1. Si 22. Very many sacred relics are ex- beve l'acqua fatta scaturire miracolas

emente dai santissimi apostoli per bar- they derive from the ignorance aud, lezzare molti Cristiani: 8. The mira- prejudices of their ancestors. culous head of St. Ciriacus is exposed. It is evident that there can be no 16. Rites in honour of the most holy want of employment for our Protestant heart of Mary 30. Prayers before gentlemen : every day presents to them the holy image of St. Rosa, brought some concert, some farce, or some profrom Lima. September 10. Ar several cession; and we are much afraid ihat churches, si l'enedice il pune prima della these munmeries in exciting their dismessa cani. che si cons. nolle Cate contre gust, give them an aversion to all relile temp e spiriti mal. 21. Rites in ho- ğion. A base guinea does not alter the nour of the sacred marks and miracu- value of the good one, but it makes us lous blood of St. Francis, and of the careful not to be deceived. So the immaculate conception of the most sight of these mockeries ought to have holy Virgin. October 18. At St. the effect to make us value more the Peter's stand exposed his head, and at simplicity of the gospel. St. Mary the Greater one of his arms.

CHRISTIANUS. The images of the Virgin Mary, painted by St. Luke, are uncovered. Novem

Sir, February 25th, 1817.. ber 1. Feast of All Saints. Image of the eternal feast celebrated by the saints I FOUND very a volume

of Miscellaneous Tracts a Latin in heaven. 29. In the church of St. Version of the Essay on Criticism, with Nicholas begins the devout exercise of the following title: the recital of forty Ave Marias and of Tentamen de Re Critica. Anforty benedictions, in honour of the glicé priùs celeberrimo Alexandro Pope, holy accouchement of the Virgin Mary. Latinè nunc emitente Ushiro Gahagan. 30. At St. Peter's, exposition of his Londini, 1747." head. December 1. After mass sung On the blank page before the bea by a' patriarch at the Pope's chapel, ginning of this Tentamen, is written il Sommo Pontefice carries in procession the following extract from the Gentlo. il venerabile. 14. One of the arms of inan's Magazine. St. Spiridion is exposed. 21. The table

“ Monday, Feb. 20, 1749, were executed is exposed at which Jesus Christ made his last supper. 29. A tooth of St.

at Tyburn, Usher Gahagan, Terence CooTrophinus, preserver from the pains Gahagan and Connor were Papists of con

nor, and J. Mapham, for filing gold moncy. of the gout, is exposed.

siderable families in Ireland. The former I am well tired in going through the wa

was a very good Latin scholar, and editor, nauseous recital of heads, legs, arms of Brindley's edition of the Classics. He and bodies exposed — processions of translated Mr. Pope's Essay on Criticism crosses and wafer gods - worshipping into Latin verse, and, after his confinement, of various images, with which the the Temple of Fame, and the Messiah, Diary is filled. It is curious, however, wbich he dedicated to the Duke of Newto see the mixture of Heathen and castle, in hopes to obtain a pardon. He Popish names, though on examination also wrote verses in English to Prince the rites of the two religions will be George and Mr. Adams, the Recorder. found to differ but little.

: But one “ In a poem addressed to Gabagan, are thing is to be found in this little the following versesvolume, to shame some Protestant “ Who without rapture can tby numbers churches which affect to establish an ? read ? uniformity in worship, and to bring Who hear thy fate, and sorrow not succeed : all to the same monotony in their ser

Who not condole thee betwixt fear and vices. On certain days the service is

hopeperformed at Rome according to the Who not admire thee thus translating sites of the Greek and the Armenian

Pope ? churches; the Romish church thus Translating Pope in nerer-dying lays, manifesting to the world that it does Bereft of books, of liberty and ease;

Translating Pope, beneath severest doon, not nor ever did pretend to establish an in numbers worthy old Augustan Rome; uniformity of worship. This absurdity whose nblest sons might glory in thy was reserved for Protestants, for whom

strains, I can wish only that they would be Though sung in wassy, dire, incumb'ring more attentive to the spirit of our holy chains ! religion, and less "10 that letter which

G. M. 1749, XIX. 90.".





Some of your readers may be amused foulest murder, could send to the exe-. by comparing the following short pas-cutioner a man who mighı have lived sages from the version of this inis- to benefit and adorn that society whose guided and unfortunate scholar, with order he had violated, perhajis under the original.

the power of a strong temptation?

IGNOTUS. On Poetical Reputation. « Primus ades tu, qui meritis se præstet

SIR, Edinburgh, Feb. 14, 1817. anicum,

BSERVING in your Number Laus ea nulla venit, quæ laudes postrenit Mctrorum nimis est duratio curta recentum: fund lately instituted for building an

a “ Constant Reader" relative to the Maturèque suð vigeant pro tempore, par Unitarian chapel in this city, 1 beg

est; Aurea, vix aliàs reditura, recesserat ætas

leave to request your attention and Quâ labor ingevii Pylios sibi vindicet

that of your readers to some further

observations on the subject, resulting Posthuma Vita, diu jam Fama vigescere from the perusal of the letter in ques nescit,

tion. Lustraque vix hominum numerat bissena It is to be observed, then, that the senectus."

operations of this fund are not On Erasmus and the Age of Leo.

pected nor intended to be immediate ; “ Tandem at Erasmus (non æquè non

the great exertions which the society jurcque læsum

find it necessary to make, in order to Nomen id eximium, Cleri decus ille pu- provide as libérally for their future dorque)

minister as their circumstances will Fluctibus inculti furialibus obstitit ævi, allow, and to defray the necessary Vandalosque pios istos depulsit arena. expences of public worship, entirely “ Quælibet, instabant sed ut aurea preclude the possibility of this at regna Leonis,*

present. We are strongly persuaded, Musa reviviscit, lauros renovata caducas : iherefore, that the most certain means Antiquus Romæ Genius super incubat urbis of procuring to ourselves a decent Rudera, decussôque levat jam pulvere house of public worship, is by the frontem;

constant operation of such a fund as Mox Sculptura redit, Soror ars redit

this. And we feel confident that howoninis; in almas Sara salire putes forinas, spirareque

ever small the annual or occasional

contributions Rupes;

may be, they must ultiUberiore meld surgeutia Fana sonabant,

mately effect the purpose intended, Pingebat Raphael, modulis et l'ida ca

if not diverted from their proper channebat ;

nel; to guard against which is the Nescie Vila" mori, Criticæ cui tempora chief duty of those who have taken digne


management of them. Conserpunt Hederæ, Laurusque poëtica On submitting the plan, therefore, circum;

which appeared in your Repository for Læta tuum jactet nomen sine fine Cremona, October last, to the society here, at a Mantuæ ut ipsa locô, jam per te proxima meeting held for that purpose, the famâ.

projectors were anxious to impress I know that the life of a scholar is strongly on the minds of the society no more sacred than the life of a man what their olject was in the establish. who never felt the excitement of ge ment of such a fund ; that it was not: nius or was favoured with the light of expected nor even wished that any learning; and from the former might one would direct any part of his rebe justly expected a more rigid absti- sources towards this purpose, hownence from crime. I know too that ever be might approve of the object an offender against the laws which which the promoters of it had in view, preserve mutual confidence in society, unless he could do so without eninust, for example, be punished, and croaching in the smallest degree on not slightly. But what can we think

his contribution towards the support of criminal laws, which, for filing gold of public worship, which must always money, as if he had comniitted the be regarded as the primary objeci :

the intention of the projectors being . Leo X. Papa,

not so much to do a great deal as to

eenrert into an accumulating fund ney Road, London; to whom the such small resources as are within committee desire to express their oblitheir reach.

gations for the troublesome task they The proposal met with the unani- have so kindly undertaken. mous approbation of the meeting, and a set of rules for the regulation of the R. Li's Observations on Mr. For's fund were established, a committee Reply, on the Argument from Scripture formed for the proper management for Universal Restoration. and subscriptions opened. The con-- SIR, tributions, though confined to a very


I your Correspondent, few persons, hare, considering the Mr. Fox, for the friendly and difficulties the society has to contend candid manner in which he has with, exceeeded our most sanguine replied [p. 33), to my former observaexpectations. The subscribers have tions, on his interpretation of Scripput down their names for a gross sum tures adduced to prove that the final payable by five annual instalments, happiness of all men is predicted in the the first instalment of which was paid New Testament. By free discussion down at the above meeting, and is in such a spirit, the iruth is likely to lodged in a bank at interest. The be elicited. He has justly remarked necessity for a new place of worship that “our debate lies wiihin a very is very generally apparent, and the narrow compass.” I have already desire of contributing to it very uni- admitted that reasoning from the Fersal among all who feel it at all known benevolence of the Deity, within their power. Should an op- from general declarations of Scrip. portunity occur of purchasing a more ture of his universal compassion in commodious chapel, there is little the human race, and from what we doubt but that the whole of the gross frequently see of the effect of suffercontribution, as well as additional ings in this life, it seems highly sums from those who bave not yet probable that the discipline of the. subscribed, would be very soon col- wicked in a future state may be temlected, if by assistance from our friends porary and preparatory to a restora- . in England, as well as in other parts tion to the favour of God. But that of Scotland, there should appear the this latter event is expressly predicted smallest probability of succeeding

in Scripture I inust still continue to A part of the sum necessary for ef- doubt, and therefore beg your indulsecting a purchase, or for building, gence for a few more observations on would be sufficient, as the society this subject. It is not impossible could afford to pay interest for, and but there may be reasons originating consequently to borrow between four in the present imperfect condition of and five hundred pounds, until the human beings, sufficient to justify the whole debt shall be paid off by means wisdom of the Supreme Parent, in of the fund now instituted.

involving the final state of those who If the above considerations shall die unrefor:ned, in awful uncertainty. induce any of our friends to lend To such as make not the truths of their aid to such humble endeavours, revelation matter of serious investiga. the society here will feel themselves tion, and its precepts their practical under the most lasting obligations. guide, those terrible denunciations To a “ Constant Reader," I and my may be wise and benevolent, which fellow members feel much indebted nevertheless seem to cut off from, for his good wishes and the friendly them all hope of future happiness. interest which he seems to take in li may not be unjust to remit, either the success of our plan.

in whole or pari, that punishment

which it would be just to inflict: A MEMBER OF THE COMMITTEE but an unconditional promise to do OF MANAGEMENT. so, would act in an opposite direction

to that of many most serious cautions P.S. Subscriptions will be received in the Scriptures. Perhaps this may as formerly mentioned by the Rev. T. account for the strong unqualified) ... Southwood Smith, M.D. Yeovil; the language in which the founders of Rev. J. Evans, Pullin's Row, Isling- Christianity are supposed by the OrLov; and the Rer. R. Aspland, Hack. thodox to have taught the impossible

doctrine of the extreme and everlasting Rom. viii. 19-23. On another terments of the wicked.

careful examination of this passage, : Is it not therefore conceivable that I am led to conclude that the Apostle the future restoration and happiness is speaking of the resurrection of the of all men, may appear to the hum- dead universally, as a truth of Christible, virtuous and enlightened in- anity, according with the general quirer, an expectation worthy of the hopes and indistinct apprehensions of Divine character, and not inconsistent all men, even the Heathens, con with the Scripture; whilst yet the cerning a future life. And inasmuch Bible no where absolutely predicts as death is an universal evil brought that event? I have thrown out these upon men not for the particular sins hints to relieve the difficulıy Mr. F. of cach individual, and their slate in suggests in saying, "It would be the grave may well be called “ the strange indeed that on so important bondage of corruption ;" therefore a subject reason should speak plainly their resurrection to life again will be and revelation be profoundly silent.” a glorious deliverance, such a deliver.

I now proceed to a re-examination ance as even those who are now the of the texis, on which I ventured the sons of God by faith in Christ Jesus remarks that occasioned Mr. Fox's look forward io with carnet expectareply.

tion and desire, as leading them to the Muit. xxv. 46. These shall go highest felicity. away into everlasting punishment." Yet be it remembered, that our lain referred to Simpson's Essays Lord has affirmed that some will rise (Vol. I. p. 56). But he does not at that day “ unto coudemnation." satisfy nie that xoAcriç signifies “not Jolin v. 29. I fully admit that if punishment in general bit corrective the wicked are to be raised to rer punishment." This is the first place lasting torments in the orthodox sense, out of only two where this noun their resurrection would be the most occurs in the New Testament; and awful curse that Divine rengeance Simpson admits that “ we cannot could inflict. The Apostle predicts argue from it here."

that all mankind will be raised at the The second instance of its occur. last day, but not ihat all will be rence is 1 John iv. 18, and I think raised io immediate happiness; whichi is very unfavourable to his interpre- indeed he could not do without contation. Fear hath 20180is torá tradicting his Master. Yet the resur. ment," i. e. trouble or anguish, for rection of all men is spoken of in this the term is as indefinite as to time or passage, and in Rom. v. 12-21, intention as any word can be. It which I had omitted to notice in my does not therefore always mean cor

former paper, as a blessing and the rective punishment, and consequently gift of Divinc grace. If it be inferred may have a different signification in from hence that the wicked will be Matt

. xxv. 46. If so it is not a pre- subsequently, reformed and finally diction of a “ reforming process :” happy, as Mr. F. does, I am so far and it certainly appears to me much from opposing the inference, that I more like a terrible threatening of think it a delightful theory and a very indefinite punishment. I remember probable expectation. But that it is a person many years since, who had predicted I do not perceive. There a singular mode of interpreting Scrip is an obscurity in the last quoted pas ture, when he came to this passage sage, arising from the alternate use of " these shall go away into everlasting the words many and all, which yet do punishment," exclaimed, “ Here is a not seem quite synonimous, that deLlessed promise !". I do not liken my

serves the attention of the Scriptura! respected friend F. to this wrong

crilic. headed fanatic; but it is worth con

i Cor. xv. 24. I was not aware sideration what vicw's come persons


paper was written that are likely to have of the Scriptures, any stress would be laid upon the when they hear the same text repre rendering, of eita afterwards, in presented by one as a terrible threatening ference to the common translation -by a second as a prediction of hap then. It is not very safe to rest any piness and by a third as a blessed doctrine upon mere verbal criticism. promise!!

The word 'aflerwards does not neces

when my

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