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Turks in memory of the sultan of habites make this profession of faith that name, who was the principal 10 be heard in all its extent, from the 'cause of their grandeur, and that this tops of the minarets of Mecca, which name has nothing in common with they have not destroyed, as well as in that of Mussulman, which means the the temple, which is already under Man of Islam, that is the Devout their dominion; and why should they Man of God; so that the Turks might not do it, since the Koran repeats this become Christians without ceasing 10 profession of faith an hundred times as be Osmanlis. The Wehhabiles call indispensable to the welfare of Musthemselves Mussulmen ly excellence; sulmen? The Wehhabites have, it is and when they speak of Islam, they true, adopted also the following pro, understand only by that word the per- fession of faith: sons of their sect, which they look La ilaha ila Allah ou ahadahouupon as the only orthodox. They es There is no other God than God teem the Turks, and the other Mus- alone. sulmen, as Schismatics (Mouschri Lu scharika la hour kinns,) that is to say, men who give There are no companions near him. companions to God, but they do not Lohal moulkou, loha alhamdom treat them as idolaters of infidels To him belongs dominion, to him (Coffar). In a word, the Islam is the belong praises, religion of the Koran, that is, the oua ychia, ora yamitaduty to one God. Such is the religion and life, and death; of ihe Wehhabites, who are in con. oua haua alla kolli schai inn Kadi sequence true Mussulmen, such as were (according to the Koran) Jesus

and he is Lord over all. Christ, Abraham, Noah, Adam, But this particular profession of and all the prophets, until the time of faith, which was also recommended Dlouhhammed, whom they look upon by the prophet, does not prevent the as the last true prophet or missionary first being proclaimed daily at all the of God, and not as a simple learned canonical prayers. ian, as the Christians say of him, Abdoulwehhab never offered him. speaking of the Webhabites; since in self as a prophet, as has been sup. reality, if Mouhhammed had not been posed. He has only acted as a learned sent of God, the Koran could not be scheik reformer, who was desirous of the divine word, and consequently purifying the worship of all the addithe Wehhabites would act against tions which the imains, the interpreprinciple.

ters, and the doctors, had made to it, 'The Wehhabites have not diminish- and of reducing it to the primitive ed the profession of faith, “La ilaha simplicity of the Koran; bui man is ila Allah, Mouhlummed Arassoul always inan, that is to say, imperfect Allah," There is no other God than and inconstant. Alxdoulwebhab proved God, Mouhhammed is the prophet of this, by falling, in his turn, into minyGod.". The public criers of the Weh- tiæ, which were not analogous either

with the dogma, or moral. I shall • The recognition of Jesus as a Divine give a slight proof of this. messenger, is, according to Ali Bey, a

The Mussilinen share their heads, fundamental tenet of Mouhammedanism; according to an established custom, and in recounting his visit to the supposed allowing one tift 10 grow. Several, tomb of Christ at Jerusalem, he remarks, houvever, do not do this, but the " The Mussulmen say prayers in all the greater part preserve it, without atholy places consecrated to the memory of taching in reality much importance to Jesus Christ and the Virgin, except this it, perhaps through habit. Among tomb, which they do not acknowledge. then there are some who think thai, They beliere that Christ did not die, but tbat he ascended alive into heaven, leasing will take then by this luft, to carry

at the day of julgınent, the prophet the likeness of his face to Judas, who was

them to Pıradise. This custom was condemned to die for bim; and that in consequence Judas having been crucified,

not worth the notice of a law; howhis body might have been contained in this

ever. Abdoulwehhab thought diffe. sepulchre, but not that of Jesus Christ. It rently, and the tuft was forbidden. is for this reason that the Mussulmen do

The Mussulmen bare in general, riat perform any act of derotion at this mo

whether from use or for annusement, nument, and that they ridicule the Christians a chaplet in their hands, the grains of who go to revere it."

which they count frequently, with

out saying any thing, and eren whilst The reader of the foregoing account they are conversing with their friends, cannot fail to be stuck with the coin. although they sometimes invoke the cidence of several of the principles nod name of God, or repeat in a low tone views of the resormers of the religion of voice a short prayer after every grain. of the pseudo-prophet of Mecca, with Abdoulweh hab proscribed the chaplets those entertained by ihe champions of as a sign of superstition.

religious reform in our own country. The reformer included the use of Happily the parallel is not complete; tobacco, and the employing silk and for the Webhabites in the true spirit precious metals in cloihes and utensils, of their master, have not scrupled to as amoag the number of the greatest carry their reforms into effect at the sins; but he did not hold the de point of the sword, exposing their spoiling a man of another religion or views to the double imputation of rite to be a sin.

cruelty and cupidity. “ Abdelaaziz The Wehhabites hare forbidden to being alrcady inaster of the interior the pilgrims the stations of Djebel part of Arabia, soon found himself in Nor, or the Monntain of Light, and a state to extend his views over the ad. those of Mecca,t as superstitious; yet jacent country, and began by making they make that of Aamra,t and go to an expedition to the neighbourhood of Mina to throw the small stones against Bagdad, in 1801, at the head of a body the devil's house. Such is man! of troops mouuted upon dromedaries.

He advanced upon Imam Hossein, a • It was upon this spot that, according town at a short distance from Bagdad, to Mahometan tradition, the angel Gabriel where was the tomb of this linam, brought the first chapter of the Kour-avn to the greatest of prophets. The Welsbabites grandson of the prophet, in a magnifibare destroyed the chapel upon its summit, cent temple, filled with the riches of and hare placed a guard at the foot of the Turkey and Persia. The inhabitants mountain, to prevent the pilgrims from made but a feeble resistance, and the ascending.

conqueror put to the sword all the + This is probably a mistake of the men and male children of every age. press. Medina, the prophet's tomb, is the Whilst they executed this horrible other prohibited station, in bis attempt to butchery, a' Wehhabite doctor cried approach which, Ali Bey was arrested by from the top of a tower, ibe Wehhabites, and compelled to retrace strangle all the infidels who give comhis steps.

panions to God.' Abdelaaziz seized El Aamra is a mosque, about a league upon the treasures of the temple, to the W. N. W. of Mecca, wbere the pil- which he destroyed and pillaged, and grims assemble towards the close of the burnt the city, which was converted pilgrimage. “We first said the prayer," into a desert." obserres our traveller, “ and then placed three stones one upon the other, in a de- those who, einbracing the truth, at the

Far different will be the conduct of rout manner, at a small distance from the mosque. We afterwards went to the spot same time imbibe the spirit of the where the infamous Abougehél, the furious humble prophet of Nazareth. With enemy of our bols prophet

, resided, and what holy vigilance ought those to threw seven stones upon it with a boly fury, guard and regulate their zeal, who cursing it at the same time.

aspire to purify and renovate his § The following is Ali Bey's account of peaceful religion, so that unbelievers this ceremony. "We alighted imniediately may be left without excuse, who would after our arrival (at Mina), and went precipitatcly to the house of the devil, which was requisite to climb to make sure of our is facing the fountain. We had cach seven aim, when we tbrew the stones orer the smail stones, of the size of grey peas, which 'wall that surrounded it, and as the pilgrims we had picked up expressly the evening all desired to perform this ceremony imme. before at Mosdelifa, to throw against the diately upon their arrival, there was a most house of the devil. Mussulmen of the rite terrible confusion. However, 1 soon suc. of Maleki, like myself, throw them one after ceeded in accomplishing this boly daty, the other, pronouncing after every one these through the aid of my people; but I came words, “ Bism illah Allahuak' bar," which off with two wounds in my left leg. I reinterpreted are, “ In the name of God, very tired afterwards to my teni, to repose mye great God." As the devil has had the ma self after these fatigues. The Webbabites lice to build his house in a very narrow came and threw their little stones also, place, not abure thirty-four feet broad, because the prophet used to do so.

We occupied also in part by rocks, which it offered up the paschal sacrifice this day."

· Kill,

confound Christianity with its cor- Spain, and professed the religion of the raptions, or assimilate it to those idle Crescent, in order more effectually to and debasing superstitions which have compass the object of his travels--an usurped dominion over the understand intimate acquaintance with the internal ing and the conscience.

economy of the Mahommedan States. It is to be regretted that the intelli- One has little difficulty in conceiving gent travelfer from whom the foregoing how a native of the Peninsula has extracts are made, must be ranked been impelled to class Christianity in amongst these scoffers ; and still more the number of those delusions which is it to be lamented that the contempt have obtained or cemented their empire which, in the character of a Mussol- by the effusion of torrents of human man, he pours upon the absurdities blood, and at the expence of almost all and delusions of the Christian world, that tends to advance the human species should be so much countenanced by in liberal knowledge and the arts of facts. It is said that he is a native of civilized life.



Hr. Belshan's Animadversions on notice the important discrepancies Dr. Magee.

which the Very Reverend accuser has Sia,

produced. Alas! their honourable TH PHE Very Reverend Dean of Cork, minds could have no suspicion of the

Dr. Magee, in the third volume artifices which a professed polemic will of his theological Ohio lately published, condescend to use. They will read and in the style and temper' of which he wonder. seems to have excelled all his former 1. The first of those texts which the excellings, has selected as the text of Very Reverend writer has selected as his discursive performance six passages an important" instance in which the from the Improved Version, all of editors aforesaid have deliberately," them, as he expresses it, “ ritally af- and, as he elegantly expresses it, fecting some of the great doctrines of acknowledgedly rejected and altered the Christianity;" as "specimens of im- Primate's rendering," is, portant unacknowledged departures from Luke i. 35, thus translated by Dr. Newcome's Versioii, not to be ac- Newcome: “Therefore that holy child counted for from mere accident;" and also who shall be born of thee, shall be in direct contravention of their express called The Son of God." The editors engagement with the public to make substitute “ A Son of God," and they open acknowledgment of every de- have omitted to acknowledge the vaparture from the Primate's text. 'And riation. they are further accused (with a pecu Upon this most important distinction larly good grace froin the learned Dean) between A Son and The Son, the Very of employing lengthened observations Reverend and Very Learned writer has in the roles, for toe very purpose of di- descanted through thirty-five pages of resting these texts of all appearance of lengthened observations, in the notes, to the meaning which would necessarily shew that neglecting to acknowledge result fron the Primate's rendering, a variation of such magnitude, “could deliberately and unacknowledgedly re not be accounted for by mere accident," jected and altered by them.” The but must have been the result of some teils and variations are produced at sinister design on the part of the tength, pp. 480, 481, and the charge editors. is alleged without any modification or It is in vain to urge to the Very Requalification whatsoever.

verend accuser, in extenuation of the I have thought it expedient to notice offence, that the Primate's monosyllable these charges, because some candid and The, being printed in italics, was an sensible

persons, who duly appreciate indication that it was not found in the the Dean's general arguinents, hiave ne- original, and, therefore, that the desertheless expressed their surprise at, viation was the inore excusable: for it what has appeared to them, the gross will appear in the course of these obinattention of the editors of the Im- servations, that Unitarian readers being proved Version, in passing over without men of sound understandings and


honest hearts," against whom the Very candidly say of the omission, " perReverend Dean entertains the saine adventure it was an oversight." Nuo laudable antipathy as his great proto- so the perspicacious Dean of Cork; type, the Bishop of St. David's, know wherever he spies an Unitarian, he nothing of the distinction between

sees an enemy to the constitution in roman and italic characters, or of the church and state. He is sure that it is use of that distinction. See p. 672 of impossible for an Unitarian to make the Dean's volume.

use even of the commonest phraseology, To the charge, therefore, as it stands without some deep and concealed in the indictment, the editors of the lin- meaning of blasphemy, sedition, japroved Version must plead guilty. They cobinism, or perhaps even worse. And have verily and indeed subsiituted their in the preselit case, he has eked ouç own román A for the Primate's italic four and twenty pages of “ lengthened THE. And this they have done, as observations" and learned " notes," to the Dean says, quite unacknowledgedly, prove that the editors of the Improved and as I think very unnecessarily: for Version mean something rery bad, it is very probable that the authors of though he cannot precisely tell what, the fable of the miraculous conception by this important and unacknowledged meaned in this passage to affirm that substitution of AUTHORITY for power. Jesus derived the title of the Son of III. The third count in the indictGod from his miraculous birth; thus ment of the Very Reverend accuser, is hoping to efface in some measure the John iii. 13, the first clause of which scandal of the cross, by elevating, as is thus translated by Arehbishop News they foolishly dreamed, the founder of come: “ Now no man goeth up to their faith to a level with the hero gods heaven but he who came down from of the heathen mythology. This was heaven." The editors of the Improved a great step for so early an age: but the Version have, in preference, substituted sublime mystery of the sonship of the words of the Public Version, : No Christ, as the second person in the man hath ASCENDED up to heaven." Trinity, had not then been discovered. One would not have suspected that The editors, therefore, of the Improved there could be any great harm in this Version, who have been guilty of this but, unfortunately, Unitarians can do needless alteration, I leave to the tender nothing right. Accordingly, in page mercies of the Dean of Cork: and 480, this variation is marked without request the pious reader seriously to any qualification or reserve, as one of consider the solemn question of the those " important unacknowledged den venerable dignitary, whether such “a partures from Newcome's Version, specimen of important unacknowledged which are not 10 be accounted for by departure from Newcome's Version is mere accident;" on which “the editors to be accounted for from mere ac- employ lengthened observations in the cident," and to give his judgment ac- notes, for the very purpose of divesting cordingly.

them of all appearance of the meaning II. The second text in which the which would necessarily result from editors of the Improved Version are the Primate's rendering deliberately accused of “unacknowledgedly departing and unacknowledgedly rejected and al. from the Primate's rendering." is John tered by them.” i. 12, thus adopted by the Archbishop So the indictment stands in its orifrom the Public Version : “ But as ginal form, p. 480; and in this sense many as received him to them gave he it must necessarily be understood by POWER to become children of God." every attentive reader. And yet if the The Improved Version for “ power," reader's patienee holds out to p. 540, substitutes AUTHORITY.

he will see by the Dean's own acknow. And here the editors of the Improved ledgment that there was no foundation Version must again plead guilty. They whatever for the accusation. His have rejected, they have altered, and words are, “ this variation, howerer, they have not acknowledged. A is acknowledged :" as it most certainly common reader with a grain of charity is, in a “ lengthened note" of fifteen and “a sound understanding," who lines, by the editors of the Improved sees but little difference between being Version. And if it be so acknowledged, empowered to become children of God, and you knew it to be acknowledged, and being authorised to call themselves was it fair, Mr. Dean, in you, in p. 480, by that honourable name, would to introduce this clause as “a specimen

ef important unacknowledged depar- notation is adopted in the Improved lures from Newcompe's Version ?"- Version. In sucn notations, as all Upon whom, in this case, does the know who have made the trial, it is charge rest of a deficiency" in honour difficult to be perfectly correct. The and honesty?"

Primate himself candidly acknowledges In the last clause of the verse, how- that he has “ sometimes inattentively ever, the Very Reverend accuser stands departed from this rule.” The editors upon stronger ground. The Primate of the Improved Version have in the reads, " the Son of man, who was in present instance committed an error of beaven," for which the editors of the the same kind; and they must be conImproved Version most unacknow- tent to leave their case to the judgment kedgedly substitute " the Son of inan of the reader. All readers are not like (who is in heaven)," not only pre- the Dean of Cork. surning without any notice to substitute Why the Very Reverend accuser the 18 of the Common Version for the should quarrel with the editors for was of the Primate's, bu, what is in- substituting 18 for was, is not so finitely worse, including the last four apparent. It is the orthodox interwords in brackets, as an indication not pretation : it is appealed to as a proof only of their own doubts concerning of the divinity of Christ: it is also the the genuineness of the clause, the rea- word used in the Public Version. The sons for which they have assigned in editors therefore are surely entitled to a " lengthened observation" of three some thanks, for redeeming the clause lines at the foot of the page, but what from the hands of the Arians, to which is far worse, as implying that Newcome the Primate's translation bad given it. and Griesbach partook of the same But, alas! all is wrong which Unitadoubts.

rians can do. Every thing in them "Are we then to suppose," exclaims partakes of the nature of sin. And the indignant accuser, page 541, and the sun total of the Dean's indignant what reader possessed of the smallest complaint amounts to this, that though portion of holy zeal can fail to sym- the translation of the editors is and pathize in his feelings, and to join in must be right, being the same as King the eloquent interrogatory, “ Are we James's Versiou, it was very officious then to suppose this careful and signifi- in them as Unitarians to adopt it. So cant demarcation by the brackets, tó much for the two brackets and the which nothing corresponding occurs word is. in either Griesbach or Newcome, as IV. The fourth charge against the well as the substitution of is for was, editors of the Improved Version is to have been both of them slips of the taken from Rom. ix. 5, the first clauses pea, or errors of the press ? both oce of which are thus rendered by the Pria eurring without the slightest notice of mate, in conformily with the Public the variation, and both occurring to- Version : “ Whose are the fathers, gether in a clause of considerable mo- and of whom AS CONCERNING THE ment in the Unitarian question, and FLESH Christ came:" for which the one also to which a note of three lines] editors substitute, “ BY NATURAL DÊis annexed, relating both to the authen- SCENT Christ came.” ticity of the clause and to its meaning,

This is a variacion of some importhe attention of the editors of course tance. The phrase “ according to the specially directed to both the points of Aesh,” is a Jewish idiom. It is used difference, and yet neither of them by the Apostle Paul to express natural glanced at by a single observation ?" consanguinity. Thus Rom. ix. 3, he

As every reader may not understand speaks of the Jews as his “ brethren this heavy charge of the two brackets, and kindred according to the flesh. which rouses the Dean's indignation His language is well nnderstood it fo such an alarining height, it may be involves no mystery, nor is it suspected proper to mention ihat Griesbach, iri of any. In the next sentence the same his edition of the Greek Testament, phrase in the same sense is applied to prefixes a certain mark to every reading Christ. And the English reader, which in his judgment is probably misled by his system, inmediately disa erroneous, though he did not iake the covers a reference to his human nature; liberty to alier it in the text. And as distinguished from his divine. To Archbishop Newcome professes to in- obriate this error, the editots of the slude such readings in brackets: This Paproved Version have substituted

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