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dian 124.

ehy youth 90 The use of his K Nowledge, pursuits of it re-
paper 98.

commended to youth rik
HAppiness; the mind restless L Adies, the conveniences of

their gaming 174.
Helim the Persian, the great Lais, history abuses her 85.
physician 107.

Laudanum out. of doors at the
History of a Greek poet 141."

Bath, and why 174.
Honour opposed to pride 1.52.

Land-bank, project of 1071
A discourse upon true honour Learning the source of wealth
161, What. Juba says of it in and honours 1st. Proper for
Cato ib.

women i 55.
Honours, the interest and duty Leo, Pope X. his entertainment

of nations to bestow them on of the poets lis.
merit 26.

Leo II, his letter to the Guar-
Horse, Homer's description of

one 86. That in Job better Letter from Alexander to Ari.
than Homer's or Virgil's ib. stotle III.
Opian's ib. by Mr lope i5. Letter from Misochirofophus a- •
by Lucan ib.

bout the cloquence of twist-
Hamour, the English distingui- ing off buttons 84. From Da-
Thed by it 144

niel Button on that subject
Hunting, a poem in praise of it 85 From Clarina about scan.
1 25.

dal anreng the ladies ib. From
Hypocrisy rebuked by our Savja. John Lizard upon the classics

0.86About the infolence of
I pleness the vice of it 13.7.:

the Examiner 90. From the
Punished in the Guardian to a virtuous and.
gions 158.3.3

worthy youth ib. About men
Idolatry, a fortif worlhip 88. of low itature 95. 92. Con-
Immortality contemplated with cerning the imamortality of
joy 89. Proofs of it ib. Fur- the fouł 931 and hypocrisy it
ther proofs-93.-4.4:

From James Diaper, Philay.
Job, book of, fine painting in it tus, Umbra, and the Prompe

86. The description of a ter 95. From Simon Softly.
horse there, better than Ho. 97. From France to the
mer's or Virgil's ib.

Guardian 101. 104. From
Ironside, Neftor, his letter to the Peter l'uzzle 106, From a

Pope 140* His intended chas) somenclator 107. From Dita
rities uhin he studied the ton and Whiston about the

philosopher's stone 166, 4 longitude il., About the tall
Ironside, Mrs Martha, her cha: ciub 108. About the tucker

racter aand love of ancestry 109. Anotherib. From Dæs

dulus 1 1 2. About wedding-
Ironside, akin to the Pickerstaffs cloacıs 113. About petticoats,

98.* Nestor, Efq; a pieces of 114. -From-a.Quaker about.

our 93

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true tempered-teel 1021 raked brcalis :16. From Le:
Justice, Lord chief, his uprighti onilia Figleaf on the fame

fulnject 113, 1217 rom Jack,
Justice, the greatest of all vira all ard others about the lion
tice 29.

ih. About the ladies gaming,
From Ned Alum, about the


ness 99.

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blime 152.

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filent club 121, From a mos

ton's coffeehouse 98. 114,
ther to a lord' that had de 124. Scandalous reports of
tlowered her daughter 123. him 134. History of the lion

From Leo II, to be a sub-lion 139, Button's lion's nativity
s to the Guardian 124. From calculated 140. Sir George
Hum. Binicorn i. with some

Davis's 341.
English lyrics ib. Fiom an Little men, a club of them.91.
English Tory about the de- Lizard, lady and daughters,how
inolition of Dunkirk 7:28. they work and read 155,
131, with challenges and ana Lizard, John, his letter to the-
swers 129. From a sick gens Guardian upon the classics 86..
teman 132, From a gentle.. Lizard, Tom, the clowa, bis
man who had a scolding wife character 1622
ib. From Goody Dump and Longinus's best rule for the fun
Ruth Prim ib. From Epiine.
crius ib. with the hiqory of Longitude, discovery of ie 10%.
Lions 139. From Nestor le Love, personated by Ainbition
ronside to the Pope 140.

and Avarice 15 min
From Rustifides abour naf, Lucan, Strada's 1.1.5. 119.
querades 142. From Antho. Lucifer's description of a maf.
ny Evergreen about the E.

querade at the French ama
vites ib. From Tom Swigger
to Old Testy 145. From Tin Lucretius, Strada's 115. 1194
mothy Bodkia upon luisre. Lyst opposed'co modelty 1.58.
ceiving a challenge ib. The Lycurgus, his character chat of
answer ib. From Jonathan a good master 876,
Ringwoodabout his wa Jack's the Spartan's good laws for
temple education 151. Fion, matrimony 1001
Luci fer, with a defcription of Lyrics, Englíf, very finc 1254
the French ambassador's mat MAchines

, the Frçe thinkers
querade 1 54, with the story

- such 13 O.
ot R--:T-2d his proud Martial's perses on a country,
mistress. 159. From WIL
Walp 160. About ants ib. Masquerades, a letter against
From a nobleman's chaplain them 142. Lucifer's descripa.
who was ill used 163. From tion of one at the French

Thomas White about the amballador's 154.
philosopher's sone, ...166. Mathematics, the ufefulness of
From Mr Stcele about Dun-

kirk. 1 68. Against the French Matrimony, extravagant expen-
trade, 178. About the lion's

ces atter entering upon it
pantry 171. and

'censured 147.

Mechanics, in what really info
Lewis XIV. renowned for invio. rior to gentlemen 130.

Jable keeping of treaties 12& Medals, modern, an error ja
Jeiberty, the generolity of its distributing them 96.

principle 83. Free thinkers Melilla and Polydore, their stor
enemies to itibo-

by 8.5.
Lingerers described i 31. Anaç- Memoirs of a French nableman

copot of two different onesib. relating to his discovering. o
Lion, Ironside's, set up at Bute

his children 150

seat 173:


them 130

open breasts

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Memorial from Dunkirk an- Persian soldier, his crime ani
fwered 128.

punishment 99.
Milton, his defcription of Eve's -- Sultan, his justice ib.

treating the angel 138. Petticoats,' a grievance 114.
Mind, refless after happiness 83, Phænomena of nature imitated

The attraction of it 126. by art 103
Misers nor Kappy in thờir rich- Philautas, and his cockleshellss
es 83.

affronted 95..
Mitochirofophus, his letter to Philosophical studies recommen-
the Guardian about twisting, ded, as they relate to divinity
off buttons 84.

Modesty, lost 87. Its charms Philogram's letter about fpech

100, Opposed to lust 152.
Modesty pieces laid aside 118. Physicians never take physici73
One loft 145

Picts, the women advised to į.
More, Sir Thomas, his poem a-

mitate them 40.
*bout the choice of a wite 163. Pirmires, the nation of them de-
Mortality, bill of, cut of the

fcribed 153:
country 136.

Plain, Tom, his letter about
Motteux's unicorn 114.

petticoats 114.
Mum, Ned, his letter about the Plato, his apfwer to a fcandalous
Silent club 121.

report of him 8s. What he
NEck, womens, immodestly

faid of censure 135..
exposed 100.109, 118121. Poct, Greek, his history 141.
Nomenclators, a set of men kan Poetry, compared with dress 149

Rome so called 307. A male Poets, tragic, errors committed
and female one in London ib. by them iro.
Opdities, English famous for Polydore and Meliffa, their story

Oedipus, tragedy of, faulty, and Poor and rich, what Diogenes
in what 110.

faid of them 94.
Opian, his "description of a Pope, Mr. his description of a
war horfe 86.

war horse 86.
Oratory, an odd kind of it con. Popes, the Leos the best, and
demned 84.

ihe Innocents the worst 114.
Ovid, Strada's 127.

Posterity the regard we mould
P Ainting in poetry, what it is

have to it 138,

Polhure-master, his frolics 102
Palaces, the French King's very Praise, grateful to human nature
fine 101.

them 144

Pandæmonium, Milton's to be Pride, opposed to honour 152.

reprefented in fire-works 103 The vice of it 153:
Parents, their love for their chil: Priest, respect due to the title

dren considered 150.
Paschal, Monsieur, his obferva- Prim, Ruth, her letter to the

tion on Cromwel'sdeath 136. Guardian 1326
Patch, Parfon,why so called 116, Prior's character of an imperfect
Patience exposed to scorn 12. beauty 85.
Pedantieal veneration for Greek Project for medals, given to the

and Latin, condemned 94, late ministry 96. Of land-


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theirs 135

sure 135


bank, and reformation of Short, Bob, his letter about his
manners 107:

club 91.921
Prolusion of strada, on the style Short club, its foundation, 21.

of the poets 115. 119. 122. 92.
Proverbs of Solomon, concern- Sickness, its effect on the mind

ing a good mistress of a family 131.

Sigonia, John de, his story 104.
Proteus, dcath compared to him Fights his brother Briant,

unknown to him ib.
Prudes, how they should paint Silvio, his bill of coft in courting
themselves 140.

Zelinda 97.
Puzzle, Peter, his dream 106. Sloth, the vice of it 131.
Pythagoras, his own learning Small-coal man, his musical
and that of his family. 105.

talent 144.
Vaint moralifts, a laying of Snow, artificial, before the

French King 103
R Ake, his character 131 Socrates, his contempt of cen-

Recluse, his character 131.
Reformation of puanners, project Softly, simon, very ill used by
of 109.

a widow 97.
Repartee,, a quick one in patlia. Solomon's choice of wisdom

ment 137:
Ringwood, Jack, his temple Sophia, her good character 147

education is 1. His millener South, Dr, his sermon on a good
and Ihoemaker's bill ib.

.conscience 135
Roarings of Button's lion iżs. Speculative part of mankind
Rochefer, Bishop of, his defini compared with the active 130
tion of

Speech, a discourse of it 172
Roccommon s

Earl of, his rule Spring, verses on it 125
for tianflation 1647

Statius, Strada's 122
Runnites, his letter about nar. Statutes for the short club 25.
querades 142.

Steele, Richard, his 'letter about

, Sir Edward, his an-
swer to the Lord Bruce's Dunkirk 168
challenge 129. His account Swagger, Tom, his letter to old
of the combat 133.

Testy 145. Affronted a no
Sadducees,like our Free-thinkers Strada, his excellent prolusion

Santon Barsısa, his hiftory out of Swords, the immoderate length

the Turkish talcs 148. of them condemned 43 :
Schacabac the Persian,an instance 145

of his complaisance 102. Sublime, Boileau's notes on Lone
Scandal, a vice of the ladies 85. ginus's try, Longinus's bett
Scorn oppofed to patience 152.

rule for it 15%
« Servants, the duty of masters Tall club 108
towards them 87.

Temple education, an in.
Sexes, the comparative perfec-

stance of it 151
tions of them 152. At war ib. Temple, Sir William, liis ac-
Reconciled by virtue and count of English humour
love ib.

144. What he says of Ho.
Share, public, the use of it 95. mer's garden of Alcinous: 73
„Writing, the art of, yerses upon
court of Venus 127. Of Eve it by a lady 172,
treating the angel 138. A Xenophon's vision ni.
translation of Virgil ib. On ZElinda, how.generous
wit 141. Lord Roscommon's to Silvio g


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him 929

Thame 95.

it 94.

them 113,

Teraminta, angry about the of breeding of youth Is I.
tucker 109. Like a wagtail Out of Cato 161. On trans

lation 164. Out of Claudian
Terrible club 143.

ib. Out of Anacreon 168. On
Thrift, Generosity, his letter the art of writing 182. Ho-

against the French trade 170. mer's garden of Alcinous 1 7's
Time not to be fquandered 158. Virgil, Strada's 115. 112, His
Timogenes, the character of a praise of Augustus 138.

man of falfe honour 161. Virgins, the great wickedness of
Timoleon, his piety 157. deflowering them 123.
Tiptoc, Tom, some account of Umbra's letter about public
Topknot, Ds, a divine fo called University education, errors in

Tory, English, his letter about W Agtails, their way of

demoliling Dunkirk 128. courting 125.
Another 131.

Weather, fine, the pleafure of
Trade with France prejudicial

it 125
to England 170.

Wedding cloaths, a letter about
Translation, rules for it 164.
Tremble, Tom the Quaker, his Whifton and Ditton, their letter
letter about naked breasts 110

about the longitude 107,
Truelove, Tom, the character White, Thomas, his letter a-

of a good husband 113; bout the philosopher's stone
Tucker, laid aside by the ladies, 166.

13.00. They are offended 109. Wilkins, Bishop, his art of Alys
118.121. The immodesty of ing 112
it 134. 140. 145.

Wisdom, Solomon's choice of it
Tuck, Tim, of the short club, 111. Opposedco cunningi52.

fome account of him 92, Wifeacre, Squire, what was his
Tugghe, Sieur of Dunkirk, his
impudence 128.

Wit, the Bishop of Rochester's
Tutors ill paid and ill used 94: definition of it 141. By the
V Ariety, the sweets ofit138.

author of fome excellent pa-
Venus, the court of, a po- ftorals ib.

Women Thould have learning
Versailles described 191.

Verses on the spring 125.


rain 147.

em 127.

she was



6. The End of the SECOND



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