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Pilate admonished. S. Matthew.

Christ mocked. rabbas, e or Jesus, which is people, and said, His blood be called Christ?

on us, and on our children. 18 For he knew that for 26 | Then released he Baenvy they had delivered him. rabbas unto them; and when

19 When he was set down he had scourged Jesus he deon the judgment-seat his wife livered him to be crucified. sent unto him, saying, Have 27 Then the soldiers of the thou nothing to do with that governor took Jesus into the just man: for I have suffered common hall, and gathered many things this day in a unto him the whole band of dream because of him.

soldiers. 20 But the chief priests 28 And they stripped him, and elders persuaded the mul- and put on him a scarlet robe.g titude that they should ask 29 4 And when they had Barabbas, and destroy Jesus. platted a crown of thorns they

21 The governor answered, put it upon his head, and a reed and said unto them, Whether in his right hand; and they of the twain will

that I re-

bowed the knee before him, lease unto you? They said and mocked him, saying, Hail, Barabbas.

king of the Jews! 22 Pilate saith unto them, 30 And they spit upon him, What shall I do then with Je- and took the reed, and smote sus, which is called Christ? him on the head. They all say unto him, Let 31 And after that they had him be crucified.

mocked him they took the robe 23 And the governor said, off from him and put his own Why? what evil hath he done? raiment on him, and led him But they cried out the more, away to crucify him. saying, Let him be crucified. 32 And, as they came out,

24 When Pilate saw that they found a man of Cyrene, he could prevail nothing, but Simon by name; him they that rather a tumult was made, compelled to bear his cross. he took water, and washed his 33 q And when they were hands f before the multitude, come unto a place called Gol. saying, I am innocent of the gotha,h that is to say, A place blood of this just person; see

of a scull, 25 Then answered all the & Tbe scarlet robe was worn by

kings, and in mockery was put upon

our Saviour, because he said he was e Barabbas, a person guilty of rob- king of the Jews. So also the reed bery, sedition and murder.

or cane, that in derision was put into of Washing the hands was a custom his hand, denoted a sceptre, which among the Jews designed to declare was an ensign of royalty. their innocence.

b Golgotba or Calvary was a small

ye to it.

Christ crucified, reviled, Chap. xxvii. giveth up the ghost, &'c.

34 They gave him vinegar 42 He saved others, himself to drink mingled with gall; he cannot save. If he be and, when he had tasted there- the King of Israel let him now of, he would not drink. come down from the cross, and

35 And they crucified him, we will believe him : and parted his garments, cast- 43 He trusted in God; let ing lots; that it might be ful- him deliver him now, if he will filled which was spoken by the have him; for he said I am prophet, They parted my gar- the Son of God. ments among them, and upon 44 The thieves also, which my vesture i did they cast lots. were crucified with him, cast

36 And sitting down, they the same in his teeth. watched him there;

45 Now, from the sixth 37 And set up over his head hour, there was darkness over his accusationj written, THIS all the land unto the ninth IS JESUS THE KING OF hour.k THE JEWS.

46 And about the ninth 38 Then were there two hour Jesus cried with a loud thieves crucified with him; voice, saying, Eli, Eli, lama one on the right hand, and an- sabachthani ? that is to say, other on the left.

My God, my God, why hast 39 [ And they that passed thou forsaken me? by reviled him, wagging their 47 Some of them that stood heads,

there, when they heard that, 40 And saying, Thou that said, This man calleth for destroyest the temple, and Elias. baildest it in three days, save 48 And straightway one of thyself. If thou be the Son of them ran, and took a spunge, God, come down from the and filled it with vinegar, and

put it on a reed, and gave him 41 Likewise also the chief to drink. priests, mocking him, with the 49 The rest said, Let be; seribes and elders, said, let us see whether Elias will

come to save him. hill west of Jerusalem. Golgotha signifies the place of a scull, so called

50 | Jesus, when he had from its resemblance to the scull of cried again with a loud voice, a man, or because it was the place, yielded up the ghost. where malefactors were executed. 51 And, behold, the vail of


i Vesture was generally the outer the temple was rent in twain garment.

from the top to the bottom;l j Accusation. The phrase “ KING OF THE Jews” was according to the Roman custom placed over the head

k Sixth bour. Twelve o'clock, or of Jesus, showing for what crime ho

Nintb hour; three o'clock. was executed.

4 Tbe vail or veil of the temple was


Joseph beggeth

S. Matthew. the body of Jesus. and the earth did quake, and begged the body of Jesus. the rocks rent,

Then Pilate commanded the 52 And the graves were body to be delivered. opened; and many bodies of 59 And when Joseph had the saints which slept arose,

taken the body, he wrapped it 63 And came out of the in a clean linen cloth, graves after his resurrection, 60 And laid it in his own and went into the holy city, new tomb, which he had hewn and appeared unto many.

out in the rock; and he rolled 54 Now, when the centu- a great stone to the door of the rion m and they that were with sepulchre, and departed. him watching Jesus, saw the 61 And there was Mary earthquake, and those things Magdalene, and the other that were done, they feared Mary, sitting over against greatly, saying, Truly this was the sepulchre. the Son of God.

62 | Now, the next day that 55 And many women were followed the day of the prethere be holding afar off, which paration, o the chief priests followed Jesus from Galilee, and Pharisees came together ministering unto him: unto Pilate,

56 Among which was Mary 63 Saying, Sir, we rememMagdalene, and Mary the mo- ber that that deceiver said, ther of James and Joses, and while he was yet alive, After the mother of Zebedee's chil. three days I will rise again. dren,

64 Command, therefore, 57 | When the evenn was that the sepulchre be made sure come, there came a rich man until the third day, lest his of Arimathea, named Joseph, disciples come by night and who also himself was Jesus' steal him away, and say unto disciple :

the people, He is risen from 58 He went to Pilate, and the dead; so the last error

shall be worse than the first. a fine strong hanging, or curtain, which separated between the boly

. & have a watch; go your way,

65 Pilate said unto them, Ye most boly apartments. The rending of this veil at the death of our Saviour make it as sure as ye can. shewed that the ceremonial law, 66 So they went, and made which separated between Jews and the sepulchre sure, sealing the Gentiles, was, from that time, to be stone, and setting a watch. abolished; and that the benefits of revelation, and of the Christian re

CHAP. XXVIII. ligion were in future to be equally Christ's resurrection ; 9 he apenjoyed by all nations. m Centurion, a Roman officer com

peareth to the women, 16 and manding 100 men.

The day of preparation was our * Even. Evening


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Christ appeareth to the Chap. xxviii. women and his disciples. to his disciples, 18 and send- them, Be not afraid ; go tell eth them to baptize. my brethren that they go into

IN the end of the sabbath a Galilee, and there they shall as it began to dawn toward the see me. first day of the week, b came 11 | Now, when they were Mary Magdalene, and the oth- going, behold, some of the er Mary, to see the sepulchre. watch came into the city, and

2 And, behold, there was a shewed unto the chief priests great earthquake; for the an- all the things that were done. gel of the Lord descended from 12 And when they were asheaven, and came and rolled sembled with the elders, and back the stone from the door, had taken counsel, they gave and sat upon it.

large money unto the soldiers, 3 His countenance was like 13 Saying, Say ye, His dislightning, and his raiment ciples came by night and stole white as snow:

him away while we slept. c 4 And for fear of him the 14 And if this come to the keepers did shake, and became governor's ears, we will peras dead men.

suade him, and secure you. 5 And the angel answered, 15 So they took the money, and said unto the women, Fear and did as they were taught; not ye; for I know that ye seek and this saying is commonly Jesus, which was crucified. reported among the Jews until

6 He is not here ; for he is this day.d risen, as he said. Come, see 16 | Then the eleven disthe place where the Lord lay: ciples went away into Galilee e

7 And go quickly and tell his disciples that he is risen c The chief priests and elders, the from the dead; and behold, he enemies of Jesus Christ, did not con

sider, they were hiring the soldiers goeth before you into Galilee ;

to declare what they could not posthere shall ye see him; lo, I sibly know; for if the soldiers were

asleep, they could not know what 8 And they departed quick- took place, nor what became of Jesus; ly from the sepulchre with besides, they acknowledged them

selves guilty of a capital crime, as it fear and great joy, and did run

was death for a Roman soldier to be to bring his disciples word.

found sleeping on guard or watch. 9 And as they went to

d Until this day. Until the time tell his disciples, behold Jesus Matthew wrote his Gospel. met them, saying, All hail. e Galilee was a large and fertile And they came and held him by territory including the northern the feet, and worshipped him. parts of Canaan. it was on one of

its mountains our Saviour was trans10 Then said Jesus unto figured; and after his resurrection, a The Sabbath was our Saturday. he was here seen of five hundred of b The first day, &c. Our Sunday.

bis followers.

have told you.


The disciples

S. Mark.

worship Jesus. into a mountain where Jesus teach all nations, baptizing had appointed them.

them in the name of the Fa17 And when they saw him ther, and of the Son, and of the they worshipped him ; but Holy Ghost; some doubted.

20 Teaching them to ob18 | And Jesus came and serve all things whatsoever I spake unto them, saying, All have commanded you; and, power is given unto me in lo, I am with you alway, even heaven and in earth.

unto the end of the world. 19 Go ye, therefore, and Amen.


TO THE GOSPEL OF ST. MARK. St. Mark probably wrote his Gospel next in order of time to St. Matthew, and not many years after. He was not an Apostle of Jesus Christ, but was taught his religion by St. Peter, who made him an intimate companion, and affectionately called him his son. As St. Matthew wrote his Gospel in the common language of the Jews in that age, for the benefit and encouragement of Jewish Christians in a time of great persecution; so St. Mark wrote his in Greek, the general language of learned and polite nations, and published it at Rome, the metropolis and centre of the civilized world, for the use, confirmation, and comfort of the Christians there, and in that empire, who were suffering the same calamities, their brethren were in Judea.

Nothing with certainty is known of the death of St. Mark. Some

say he travelled into Egypt, and while preaching, was seized in the pulpit, and bound, and dragged through the streets, till he died. THE GOSPEL ACCORDING TO ST. MARK. CHAP. I.

2 As it is written in the 1 John Baptist's office. 9 Jesus prophets,b behold, I send my

baptized ; 12 he is tempted, messenger before thy face, 14 preacheth, 16 calleth Peter which shall prepare thy way and others, 32 and cureth before thee. many.

3 The voice of one crying

The best resus Christ the other places, denoted the inspired his

al Son of God;

tory of our Saviour's birth, life, death,

resurrection and exaltation. a Gospel literally signifies good news. b In the propbets. Malachi üi. 1. But the word Gospel here, as in many Isaiah xl. 3, &c.

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