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Jairus' daughter raised. Chap. vi. Christ contemned. saith unto the ruler of the sy- thence, and came into his own nagogue, Be not afraid, only country; and his disciples fol. believe.

low him. 37 And he suffered no man 2 And when the sabbathto follow him, save Peter, and day was come, he began to James, and John the brother teach in the synagogue; and of James.

many hearing him were aston38 And he cometh to the ished, saying, From whence house of the ruler of the syna- hath this man these things ? gogue, and seeth the tumult, and what wisdom is this, which and them that wept and wailed is given unto him, that even greatly

such mightyworks are wrought 39 And when he was come by his hands ? in, he saith unto them, Why

3 Is not this the carpenter, make ye this ado, and weep the son of Mary, the brother the danisel is not dead but of James, and Joses, and of sleepeth:

Juda, and Simon, and are not 40 And they laughed him his sisters here with us ? And to scorn. But, when he had they were offended at him. put them all out, he taketh the 4 But Jesus said unto them, father and the mother of the A prophet is not without hondamsel, and them that were our, but in his own country, with him, and entereth in and among his own kin, and where the damsel was lying. in his own house.

44 And he took the damsel 5 And he could there do no by the hand, and said unto her, mighty work, a save that he Talithacumi; which is, being laid his hands upon a few siek interpreted, Damsel, (I say un- folk, and healed them. to thee,) arise.

6 And he marvelled because 42 And straightway the dam- of their unbelief. And he went sel arose, and walked; for she round about the villages, teachwas of the age of twelve years. ing. And ihey were astonished with by And he calleth unto a great astonishment.

him the twelve, and began to 43 And be charged them send them forth by two and straitly that no man should two; and gave them power know it; and commanded that over unclean spirits ; something should be given her 8 And commanded them to eat.

that they should take nothing CHAP. VI.

for their journey, save a staff 1 Christ is contemned of his only; no scrip, b. no bread,

countrymen. 27 John Bap- no money in their purse : tist beheaded.

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a Mighty works, miracles. AND be went out from

b Scrip, a small bag. See 1 Sam.

xyii, 40.

Divers opinions S. Mark. concerning Christ.

9 But be shod with sandals;c whom I beheaded; he is risen and not put on two coats. from the dead.

10 And he said unto them, 17 For Herod himself had In what place soever ye enter sent forth and laid hold

upon into an house, there abide till John, and bound him in prison ye depart from that place. for Herodias' sake, his brother

11 And whosoever shall not Philip's wife ; for he had marreceive you, nor hear you, when ried her: ye depart thence, shake off the 18 For John had said unto dust under your feet d for a Herod, It is not lawful for thee testimony against them. Veri- to have thy brother's wife. ly I say unto you, It shall be 19 Therefore Herodias had more tolerable for Sodom and a quarrel against him, and Gomorrah in the day of judg- would have killed him, but ment than for that city. she could not.

12 And they went out, and 20 For Herod feared John, preached that men should re- knowing that he was a just pent.

man, and an holy, and observ13 And they cast out many ed him, and when he heard devils, and anointed with oil him he did many things, and many that were sick, and heal- heard him gladly. ed them.

21 And when a convenient 14 9 And king Herod heard day was come, that Herod, on of him ; (for his name was his birth day, made a supper spread abroad ;) and he said, to his lords, high captains, and That John the Baptist was chief estates of Galilee ; risen from the dead, and there- 22 And when the daughter fore mighty works do shew of the said Herodias came in, forth themselves in him. and danced, and pleased He

15 Others said, that it is rod, and them that sat with Elias. And others said, That him, the king said unto the it is a prophet, or as one of damsel, Ask of me whatsoever the prophets.

thou wilt, and I will give it 16 But when Herod heard thee. thereof, he said, It is John

23 And he sware unto her,

Whatsoever thou shalt ask of c Sandals were at first only soles, me I will give it thee, unto the fastened to the bottom of the foot half of my kingdom. with thongs or strings; they after- 24 And she went forth, and wards were covered so as to form a

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said unto her mother, What slipper. Shoes also were sometimes called sandals.

shall I ask? And she said,

The head of John the Baptist. d Dust under your feet. See Matt.

23 And she came in straightway with haste unto the king,


up his

John Baptist beheaded. Miracle of the loaves. and asked, saying, I will that 34 And Jesus, when he came thou give me by and by, in a out, saw much people, and was charger,e the head of John the moved with compassion toward Baptist.

them, because they were as 26 And the king was exceed- sheep not having a shepherd; ing sorry; yet for his oath's and he began to teach them sake, and for their sakes which many things. sat with him, he would not re- 35 And when the day was jeet her.

now far spent, his diseiples 27 And immediately the came unto him, and said, 'This king sent an executioner, and is a desert place, and now the commanded his head to be time is far passed ;f brought; and he went and be- 36 Send them away, that headed him in the prison ; they may go into the country

28 And brought his head in round about, and into the vila charger, and gave it to the lages, and buy themselves damsel; and the damsel gave bread; for they have nothing it to her mother.

to eat. 29 And when his disciples 37 He answered and said heard of it, they came and took unto them, Give ye them to eat. corpse,

and laid it in a And they say unto him, Shall tomb.

we go and buy two hundred 30 I And the apostles ga- pennyworth of bread, and give thered themselves together un.

them to eat? to Jesus, and told him all 38 He saith unto them, How things, both what they had many loaves have ye? go and done, and what they had see. And when they knew, taught.

Five, and two fishes. 31 And he said unto them, 39 And he commanded them Come ye yourselves apart into to make all sit down by comadesert place, and rest a while; panies upon the green grass. for there were many coming 40 And they sat down in and going, and they had no lei- ranks, by hundreds, and by sure so much as to eat.

fifties. 32 And they departed into 41 And when he had taken a desert place by ship private- the five loaves and the two ly.

fishes, he lookeil up to heaven, 33 And the people saw them and blessed, and brake the departing; and many knew loaves, and gave them to his him, and ran a-foot thither disciples to set before them; out of all cities, and outwent and the two fishes divided he them, and came together unto among them all, him.

of The time, &c. The day is far e Charger, a basin.


they say,

sand men.

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Christ walketh

S. Mark.

on the sea. 42 And they did all eat and 52 For they considered not were filled.

the miracle of the loaves; for 43 And they took up twelve their heart was hardened. baskets full of the fragments, 53 And when they had pasand of the fishes.

sed over, they came into the 44 And they that did eat of land of Gennesaret, and drew the loaves were about five thou- to the shore.

54 And when they were 45 And straightway he con- come out of the ship, straightstrained his disciples to get in- way they knew him, to the ship, and to go to the 55 And ran through that other side before unto Bethsai- whole region round about, and da, while he sent away the began to carry about in beds people.

those that were sick, where 46 And when he had sent they heard he was. them away he departed into a 56 And whithersoever he mountain to pray.

entered, into villages, or cities, 47 And when even was come

or country, they laid the siek the ship was in the midst of the in the streets and besought him sea, and he alone on the land. that they might touch if it were

48 And he saw them toil- but the border of his garment; ing in rowing; (for the wind and as many as touched hiin was contrary unto them;) and were made whole. about the fourth watch of the night g he cometh unto them

CHAP. VII. walking upon the sea, and The Pharisees find fault with would have passed by them. his disciples for eating with 49 But when they saw him

unwashen hands. 14 Meat walking upon the sea, they defileth not the man. supposed it had been a spirit, THEN came together unto and cried out:

him the Pharisees, and certain 50 (For they all saw him, of the scribes, which came and were troubled ; and im- from Jerusalem. mediately he talked with them, 2 And when they saw some and saith unto them, Be of of his disciples eat bread with good cheer; it is I; be not defiled (that is to say, with unafraid.

washen) hands, they found 51 And he went up unto fault. them into the ship, and the 3 For the Pharisees, and all wind ceased; and they were the Jews, except they wash sore amazed in themselves be- their hands oft, eat not, holdyond measure, and wondered. ing the tradition of the elders. a

g Fourth watch, &c. Between 3 and 6 in the morning.

# Tradition, &c. See Mat. xv. 2.


Of men's traditions,

Chap. vii.

What defileth a man. 4 And when they come from 12 And ye suffer him no the market, except they wash more to do ought for his father they eat not. And many other or his mother; things there be which they 13 Making the word of God have received to hold, b as the of none effect through yourtrawashing of cups, and pots, bra- dition which ye have deliversen vessels, and of tables. ed; and many such like things 5 Then the Pharisees and do

ye. seribes asked him, Why walk 14 | And when he had calnot thy disciples according led all the people unto him, he to the tradition of the elders, said unto them, Hearken unto but eat bread with unwashen me every one of you, and unhands?

derstand. 6 He answered, and said un- 15 There is nothing from to them, Well hath Esaias without a man that entering prophesied of you hypocrites, into him can defile him; but as it is written, This people the things which come out of honoureth me with their lips, him, those are they that defile but their heart is far from me.

the man. 7 Howbeit, in vain do they 16 If any man have ears to Worship me, teaching for doe- hear, let him hear. trines the commandments of 17 And when he was entermen.

ed into the house from the peo8 For laying aside the com- ple, bis disciples asked him mandment of God, ye hold the concerning the parable. tradition of men, as the washing 18 And he saith unto them,



Are ye so without understand other such like things ye do. ing also ? Do ye not perceive,

9 And he said unto them, that whatsoever thing from Full well ye reject the com

without entereth into the man, mandment of God, that ye may it cannot defile him; keep your own tradition.

19 Because it entereth not 10 For Moses said, Honour into his heart, but into the bel. thy father and thy mother; ly, and goeth out into the and, Whoso curseth father or draught, purging all meats ? mother, let him die the death : 20 And he said, That which

11 But ve say, If a man shall cometh out of the man, that say to his father or his mother, defileth the man. It is Corban, that is to say, A 21 For from within, out of gift, by whatsoever thou might, the heart of men, proceed evil est be profited by me; he shall thoughts, adulteries, fornicabe free.c

tions, murders, 6 To bold, to observe.

22 Thefts, covetousness, • For an explanation of this verse wickedness, deceit, lascivioussee Matt. xv. 5-6


of pots

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