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An unclean spirit cast out. 8. Mark. A deaf man healed. ness, an evil eye, blasphemy, impediment in his speech ; pride, foolishness :

and they beseech him to put 23 All these evil things his hand upon him. come from within, and defile 33 And he took him aside the man.

from the multitude, and put 24 | And from thence he a- his fingers into his ears, and rose, and went into the borders he spit and touched his tongue; of Tyre and Sidon, and enter- 34 And looking up to heaven ed into an house, and would he sighed, and saith unto him, have no man know it; but he Ephphatha, that is, Be opened. could not be hid.

35 And straightway his ears 23. For a certain woman, were opened, and the string of whose young daughter had an his tongue was loosed, and he unclean spirit, heard of him, spake plain. and came and fell at his feet; 36 And he charged them

26 (The woman was that they should tell no man: Greek, a Syrophenician by na- but the more he charged them, tion ;) and she besought him so much the more a great deal that he would cast forth the they published it ; devil out of her daughter. 37 And were beyond mea

27 But Jesus said unto her, sure astonished, saying, He Let the children first be filled; bath done all things well: he for it is not meet to take the maketh both the deaf to hear, children's bread, and to cast it and the dumb to speak. unto the dogs. 28 And she answered and

CHAP. VIII. said unto him, Yes, Lord; yet 1 Christ feedeth the people mithe dogs under the table eat of raculously, 10 and refuseth the children's crumbs.

to give a sign to the Phari29 And he said unto her, for this saying go thy way; IN those days, the multitude the devil is gone out of thy being very great, and having daughter,

nothing to eat, Jesus called his 30 And when she was come disciples unto him, and saith to her house she found the unto them, devil gone out, and her daugh- 2 I have compassion on the ter laid upon the bed.

multitude, because they have 31 | And again, departing now been with me three days, from the coasts of Tyre and and have nothing to eat ; Sidon, he came unto the sea 3 And if I send them

away of Galilee, through the midst fasting to their own houses of the coasts of Decapolis. they will faint by the way:

32 And they bring unto him for divers of them came from one that was deaf, and had an far.


Christ refuseth a sign. Chap. viii. The apostles admonished.

4 And his disciples answer- 14 Now, the disciples had ed him, Froin whence can a forgotten to take bread, neither man satisfy these men with had they in the ship with them bread here in the wilderness : more than one loaf.

5 And he asked them, How 15 And he charged them, many loaves have ye? And saying, Take heed, beware of they said, Seven.

the leaven of the Pharisees, 6 And he commanded the and of the leaven of Herod. people to sit down on the 16 And they reasoned among ground; and he took the seven themselves, saying, It is beloaves, and gave thanks, and cause we have no bread. brake, and gave to his disciples 17 And when Jesus knew it to set before them; and they he saith unto them, Why readid set them before the people. son ye because ye have no

7 And they had a few small bread ? perceive ye not yet, fishes; and he blessed, and neither understand have ye commanded to set them also your heart yet hardened ? before them.

18 Having eyes, see ye not ? 8 So they did eat, and were and having ears, hear


pot: filled: and they took up of the and do ye not remember, broken meat that was left sey- 19 When I brake the five en baskets.

loaves among five thousand, 9 And they that had eaten how many baskets full of fragwere about four thousand; and ments took ye up ? They say he sent them away.

unto him, Twelve. 10 And straightway he

20 And when the seven a. entered into a ship with his mong four thousand, how many disciples, and came into the baskets full of fragments took parts of Dalmanutha.

ye up? And they said, Seven. 11 And the Pharisees came 2i And he said unto them, forth; and began to question How is it that ye do not under with him, seeking of him a stand ? signa from heaven, tempting 221 And he cometh to Bethbim.

saida ; and they bring a blind 12 And he sighed deeply man unto him, and besought in his spirit, and saith, Why him to touch him. doth this

generation seek after 23 And he took the blind a sign ? Verily I say unto you, man by the hand, and led him There shall no sign be given out of the town; and when he unto this generation.

had spit on his eyes, and put 13 And he left them, and, his hands upon him, he asked entering into the ship again, him if he saw ought? b departed to the other side. 24 And he looked

up, and e Sign, miracle.

6 Ought, any thing

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The blind man healed. S. Mark. Patience recommended, de. said, I see men, as trees, walk- things that be of God, but the ing.

things that be of men. 25 After that he put his 34 | And when he had hands again upon his eyes, and called the people unto him, made him look up: and he was with his disciples also, he said restored, and saw every man unto them, Whosoever will clearly.

come after me, let him deny, 26 And he sent him away himself, and take up his cross, to his house, saying, Neither and follow me.d gó into the town, nor tell it to, 35 For whosoever will save any in the town.

bis life shall lose it; but who 27 | And Jesus went out soever shall lose his life for and his disciples into the my sake and the Gospel's, the towns of Cesarea Philippi: same shall save it. and by the


he asked his 36 For what shall it profit disciples, saying unto them, a man, if he shall gain the Whom do men say that I am ? whole world, and lose his own

28 And they answered,John soul? the Baptist : but some say, E- 37 Or what shall a man give lias ; and others, One of the in exchange for his soul ? prophets.

38 Whosoever, therefore, 29 And he saith unto them, shall be ashamed of me, and But whom say ye that I am ? of my words, in this adulteAnd Peter answereth and saith rous and sinful generation, of unto him, Thou art the Christ. him also shall the Son of man

30 And he charged them be ashamed, when he cometh that they should tell no man in the glory of his father, with of him.

the holy angels. 31 | And he began to teach them, that the Son of man

CHAP. IX. must suffer many things, and 1 Jesus transfigured; 30 he forebe rejected of the elders, and telleth his death and resurof the chief priests & scribes, rection, 38 and giveth divers and be killed; and after three instructions to his disciples. days rise again.

AND he said unto them, 32 And he spake that say- Verily I

say unto you, That ing openly. And Peter took there be some of them that him, and began to rebuke him. stand here which shall not

33 But when he had turned about, and looked on his disci

d Whosoever will be my disciple ples, he rebuked Peter, saying, pleasures of prosperity and private

must be willing to part with all the Get thee behind me, Satan:

enjoyment, and must, like me, resolve for thou savourest not c the to suffer all things, even death itself, • Savourest not, regardest not.

for the sake of true religion.

with power:


Christ transfigured. Chap. ix. He instructs his disciples. taste of death a till they have them that they should tell no seen the kingdom of God come man what things they had,

'seen, till the Son of man were 2 * And after six days Je- risen from the dead. sus taketh with him Peter, and 10 And they kept that sayJames, and John, and leadething with themselves, questionthem

up into an high mountain ing one with another what the apart by themselves : and he rising from the dead should was transfigured b before them.

3 And his raiment became 11 | And they asked him, shining, exceeding white as saying, Why say the scribes snow; so as no fuller on earth that Elias must first come ? can white them.

12 And he answered, and 4 And there appeared unto told them, Elias verily cometh them Eliasc with Moses; and first, and restoreth all things; they were talking with Jesus, and how it is written of the

5 And Peter answered, and Son of man, that he must suffer said to Jesus, Master, it is good many things, and be set at for us to be here 3d and let us nought. make three tabernacles ;e one 13 But I say unto you, That for thee, and one for Moses, Elias is indeed come, and they and one for Elias.

have done unto him whatsoev6 For he wistf not what to er they listed,g as it is written say; for they were sore afraid of him.

And there was a cloud 14 9 And when he came to that overshadowed them; and his disciples he saw a great a voice came out of the cloud, multitude about them, and the saying, This is my beloved scribes questioning with them. Son; hear him.

15 And straightway all the 8 And suddenly, when they people, when they beheld him, bad looked round about, they were greatly ainazed, and, saw no man any more, save running to him, saluted him. Jesos only with themselves. 16 And he asked the scribes,

9 And as they came down What question ye with them? from the mountain he charged 17 And one of the multitude

answered, and said, Master, I « Not taste of death, shall not die. have brought unto thee my

Was transfigured, was changed in son, which hath a dumb spirit: his appearance.

18 And wheresoever he takc Elias, Elijah.

eth him he teareth him; and d To be bere, to remain or tarry he foameth, and gnasheth with here. e Tabernacle, a tent or temporary

his teeth, and pineth away; dwelling, a place for public worship. and I spake to thy disciples of Wist not, knew not.

& Listed, pleased.

A dumb spirit cast out. S. Mark. Christ's death foretold. that they should cast him out; the hand, and lifted him up; and they could not.

and he arose. 19 He answereth him, and 28 And when he was come saith, 0 faithless generation! into the house his disciples how long shall I be with you? asked him privately, Why how long shall I suffer you? could not we cast him out ? Bring him unto me.

29 And he said unto them, 20 And they brought him This kind can come forth by unto him; and, when he saw nothing but by prayer and fasthim, straightway the spirit ing. tare him; and he fell on the 30 1 And they departed ground and wallowed, foam- thence, and passed through ing

Galilee; and he would not 21 And he asked his father, that any man should know it. How long is it ago since this 31 For he taught his discicame unto him ? And he said, ples, and said unto them, The Of a child.

Son of man is delivered into 22 And oft-times it hath the hands of men, and they cast him into the fire, and into shall kill him; and after that the waters, to destroy him; he is killed, he shall rise the but if thou canst do any thing, third day. have compassion on us, and 32 But they understood not help us.

that saying, and were afraid 23 Jesus said unto him, If to ask him. thou canst believe, all things 33 | And he came to Caere possible to him that believ- pernaum ;h and being in the eth.

house, he asked them, What 24 And straightway the fac was it that ye disputed among ther of the child cried out, and yourselves by the way? said with tears, Lord, I be- 34 But they held their lieve; help thou mine unbelief. peace; for by the way they

25 When Jesus saw that the had disputed among thempeople came running together selves who should be the greathe rebuked the foul spirit, say; est. ing unto him, Thou dumb and 35 And he sat down, and deaf spirit, I charge thee, come called the twelve, and saith out of him, and enter no more unto them, if any man desire into him.

to be first, the same shall be 26 And the spirit cried, and last of all, and servant of all. rent him sore, and came out of 36 And he took a child, and him; and he was as one dead; set him in the midst of them ; insomuch that many said, He and, when he had taken him is dead.

in his arms, he said unto them, 27 But Jesus took him by

bo Capernaum. See Matt. iv, 13.

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