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Chap. i.

remarks. his master, even with oaths, in the palace of the high priest. But being stung with remorse for the baseness of his conduct, Jesus forgave him. From this time Peter never faultered in bis faith, nor shrunk from his master's service. He ever after aeted a conspicuous part among the apostles, and devoted the remainder of his life to the defence and support of the Gospel. After

having preached to the Jews, who were dispersed through Asia Minor, it is said, he went to Rome, where he was crucified with his head downward, having himself requested this particular mode of execution.

In proportion as the Christians of the first age multiplied, their sufferings became more general and severe; in consequence of which the apostles considered themselves, as especially called upon to comfort and encourage them. With this view Peter wrote this first Epistle to the Christians in Pontus, and the neighbouring provinces in Asia, in which he shews, it is the duty of Christians to be willing to suffer for their religion, and suggests a variety of motives to induce them to suffer cheerfully. In order to enrage both the magistrates and the people against the Christians, their enemies represented them every where, as atheists and enemies to mankind, as seditious and addicted to every species of wickedness, because they would not comply with the common idolatry; nor obey the Heathen magistrates in things contrary to their religion. Peter therefore besought the brethren to behave both towards magistrates, and towards their Heathen neighbours in a harmless manner, and to be exemplary in every virtue ; and, that they might know how to conduct themselves on every occasion, he gave them a particular account of the most important duties both in civil and social life.

It is generally thought, that Peter wrote this Epistle about A. D. 66 or 67, at Rome, which place he, as well as the apostle John, figuratively calls Babylon, to signify that Rome would resemble Babylon in its idolatry, in its opposition to true religion, and its persecution of the church of God, and that like Babylon, it would be utterly destroyed.


CHAP. I 1 He blesseth God, for his man

ifold spiritual graces ; 10 sheweth that the salvation in Christ had been foretold by

the prophets of old ; 13 and exhorteth them to a godly conversation, forasmuch as they are now born again by the word of God.


Of God's manifold 1. Peter. spiritual graces, &c. ETER, an apostle of Je- 8 Whom having not seen,

sus Christ, to the stran- ye love; in whom though now gers scattered throughout Pon- ye see him not, yet believing, tus, Galatia, Cappadocia, A. ye rejoice with joy unspeakaşia, and Bithynia,

ble, and full of glory; 2 Elect according to the 9 Receiving the end of your foreknowledge of God the Fa. faith, even the salvation of ther, through sanctification of your souls. the Spirit unto obedience and 10 Of which salvation the sprinkling of the blood of Je- prophets have inquired,c and sus Christ; Graee unto you, searched diligently, who proand peace, be multiplied. phesied of the grace, that

3 Blessed be the God and should come unto you; Father of our Lord Jesus 11 Searching what,d or Christ, which according to his what manner of time, the Spirabundant mercy, hath begot- it of Christ which was in them ten us again unto a lively hope, did signify, when it testified by the resurrection of Jesus beforehand the sufferings of Christ from the dead,

Christ, & the glory that should 4 To an inheritance incor- follow, ruptible, and undefiled, and 12 Unto whom it was rethat fadeth not away, reserv- vealed, that not unto themed in heaven for you,

selves, but unto us, they did 5 Who are kept by the minister the things which are power of God through faith now reported unto you, by them unto salvation, ready to be re- that have preached the Gos. vealed in the last time : pel unto you with the Holy

6 Wherein ye 'greatly re- Ghost sent down from heaven; joice, though now for a season which things the angels desire (if need be)a ye are in heavi- to look 0. ness through manifold tempta- 13 Wherefore gird up the tions ;

loins of your mind,e be sober, 7. That the trial of your and hope to the end, for the faith, being much more pre- grace that is to be brought uncious than of

gold that perish- to you at the revelation of Jeeth, though it be tried with sus Christ :f fire, might be found unto

c Of which salvation concerning the praise, and honour, and glory, nature and manner, &c. at the appearing of Jesus d Searching what people, &c. Christ;b

e Gird up the loins of your mind, keep

the faculties of your minds in a fait a If need be, since it is needful. condition to discern this


salva6 The appearing or revelation of tion. Jesus Christ means here his coming f Revelation of Jesus Christ. See to raise the dead & judge the world. verse 7, note b.

Chap. ï.

An exhortation to a

godly conversation. 14 As obedient children, 22 Seeing ye have purified not fashioning yourselves ac- your souls in obeying the truth cording to the former lusts in through the Spirit unto unyour ignorance :

feigned love of the brethren i 15 But as he which hath cal. see that


love one another led you is holy, so be ye holy with a pure heart fervently : in all manner of conversation : 23 Being born again, not of

16 Because it is written, corruptible seed, but of incorBe ye holy; for I am holy. ruptible, by the word of God,

17 And if ye call on the which liveth and abideth forFather, who without respect ever. of persons judgeth according

24 For all flesh is as grass, to every man's work, pass the and all the glory of man, as time of your sojourning here the flower of grass. The grass in fear:

withereth, & the flower there. 18 Forasmuch as ye know, of falleth away; that ye were not redeemed 25 But the word of the Lord with corruptible things, as endureth forever. And this silver and gold, from your vain is the word which by the Gosconversation received by tradi- pel is preached unto you. tion from


fathers 19 But with the precious

CHAP. II. blood of Christ, as of a lamb 1 He exhorteth them from the without blemish and without breach of charity, 4 shewing spot;

that Christ is the foundation 20 Who verily was foreor- whereupon they are built: 11 dained before the foundation he beseecheth them also to abof the world, but was mani- stain from fleshly lusts, 13 to fest in these last times for be obedient to magistrates,

18 and teacheth servants how 21 Who by him do believe to obey their masters, &c. in God, that raised him up

WHEREFORE, laying afrom the dead, and gave him side all malice, and all guile, glory that your faith and hope and hypocrisies, and envies, might be in God.

you ;h

and all evil speakings, For as much as ye know, that not

2 As new born babes, de8 with corruptible things, &c. ye were

sire the sincere milk of the delivered from your vain conversation, word,a that ye may grow therethat is, your wicked and superstitious by ; manner of life, which was taught you 3 If so be ye have tasted by your fathers.

that the Lord is gracious : 6 But was manifest or appeared in the world, and was offered in these

4 To whom coming, as unlast times of the Mosaic dispensation, a Sincere milk of the word, the pure.

doctrines of the Gospel.


for you.

Christ the chief

I. Peter, corner-stone, &e. to a living stone,b disallowed ple; that ye should shew forth indeed of men, but chosen of the praises of him, who hath God, and precious,

called you out of darkness into 5 Ye also, as lively stones, his marvellous light ;d are built up a spiritual house, 10 Which in time past were an holy priesthood, to offer up not a people, but are now the spiritual sacrifices, acceptable people of God; which had not to God by Jesus Christ. obtained mercy, but now have 6 Wherefore also it is con

obtained merey, tained in the scripture, Behold, 11 Dearly beloved, I be. I lay in Sion a chief corner- seech you, as strangers and stone, elect, precious; and he pilgrims, abstain from fleshthat believeth on him shall ly lusts, which war against not be confounded.

the soul : 7 Unto you, therefore,which 12 Having your conversabelieve he is precious; but un- tione honest among the Gento them which be disobedient, tiles; that, whereas they the stone which the builders speak against you as evil dodisallowed, the same is made ers, they may by your good the head of the corner, works, which they shall be.

8 And a stone of stumbling, hold, glorify God in the day of and a rock of offence, even to visitation.f them which stumble at the 13 Submit yourselves to ev. word, being disobedient: ery ordinance of man for the whereunto also they were ap- Lord's sake; whether it be to pointed.c

the king, as supreme ; 9 But ye are a chosen gen

14 Or upto governors, as eration, a royal priesthood, an unto them that are sent by holy nation, a peculiar peo- him for the punishment of é. Chap. iii.

vil-doers, and for the praise 6 A living stone. Christ is calledia of them that do well. living stone, because his spiritual 15 For so is the will of God, church is composed of living stones that with well doing ye may or members of which he is the chief. Whereunto alse they were appointed. foolish men :

put to silence the ignorance of This does not mean, as at first ap. pears, that they were appointed to

16 As free, and not using disobedience. The verse is elliptical, your liberty for a cloak of maand to understand it, the deficiency liciousness, but as the servants must be supplied by what the apostle of God, alludes to in Isaiah viii. 15. The verse would then read thus;The d Out of the darkness of paganism disobedient stumble against the word into the wonderful light of the Gospel. and fall, and they shall be broken or e Conversation, behaviour. punished, to which punishment they conf The day of visitation, the day of verily were appointed.

your persecution.

The duties of

wives and husbands. 17 Honour all men. Love 8 exhorting all men to unity the brotherhood. Fear God. and love, 14 and to suffer perHonour the king.

sécution : 19 he declareth al18 Servants be subject to so the benefits of Christ toyour masters with all fear; not ward the old world. only to the good and gentle, LIKEWISE, ye wives, be but also to the froward. in subjection to your own hus

19 For this is thankworthy, bands; that, if any obey not if a man for conscience toward the word, they may also withGod endure grief, suffering out the word, be won by the wrongfully.

conversation of the wives ja 20 For what glory is it, if,

2 While they behold your when ye be buffetted for your chaste conversation coupled faults, ye shall take it patient- with fear ; ly? but if, when ye do well, 3 Whose adorning, let it and suffer for it ye take it pa- not be that outward adorning, tiently, this is acceptable with of plaiting the hair, and of God.

wearing of gold, or of putting 21 For even hereunto were on of apparel ; ye called; because Christ 4 But let it be the hidden man also suffered for us, leaving us of the heart,b in that which is an example, that ye should not corruptible, even the ornafollow his steps:

ment of a meek and quiet spir22 Who did no sin, neither it, which is in the sight of God was guile found in his mouth: of great price.

23 Who when he was re- 5 For after this manner in viled, reviled not again; when the old time the holy women he suffered, he threatened not; also, who trusted in God, abut committed himself to him, dorned themselves, being in that judgeth righteously : subjection unto their own hus

24 Who his own self bare bands; our sins in his own body on 6 Even as Sara obeyed A. the tree, that we, being dead to braham, calling him lord ; sin, should live unto righteous- whose daughters ye are, as ness; by whose stripes ye long as ye do well, and are not were healed.

afraid with any amazement.c 25 For ye were as sheep Try Likewise, ye husbands, going astray; but are now returned unto the Shepherd and a By the conversation, or by the Bishop of your souls.

Christian example and behaviour of

b The bidden man of the heart, the CHAP. III.

inward man, or the mind. 1 He teacheth the duty of wives c And are not affrighted to actions

and husbands to each other, contrary to your religion.

the wives.

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