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An exhortation to I. Peter.

unity and love. dwell with them according to ready always to give an anknowledge, giving honour unto swer f to every man that askthe wife as unto the weaker eth you a reason of the hope vessel, and as being heirs to- that is in you with meekness gether of the grace of life; and fear : that your prayers be not hin- 16 Having a good condered.

science; that, whereas they 8 Finally, be ye all of one speak evil of you, as of evil. mind, having compassion one doers, they may be ashamed of another; love as brethren, that falsely accuse your good be pitiful, be courteous. conversation in Christ.

9 Not rendering evil for 17 For it is better, if the evil, or railing for railing; but will

of God be so, that ye sufcontrariwise blessing; know- fer for well-doing, than for ing that ye are thereunto call. evil-doing. ed, that ye should inherit a 18 For Christ also hath blessing.

once suffered for sins, the just 10 For he that will love for the unjust, that he might life, and see good.days, let him bring us to God, being put to refrain his tongue from evil, death in the flesh, but quickand his lips, that they speakened by the Spirit:g no guile :

19 By which also he went 11 Let him eschew evil,d and preached unto the spirits, and do good ; let him seek in prison ;h peace, and ensue it.e

20 Which sometime i were 12 For the eyes of the Lord disobedient, when once the are over the righteous, and long-suffering of God waited his ears are open unto their in the days of Noah, while the prayers; but the face of the ark was a preparing, wherein Lord is against them that do few, that is, eight souls were evil.

saved by water. 13 And who is he that will 21 The like figure where


be followers
of that which is good ?
14 But and if ye suffer for and fear to every man, &c.

of To give an answer with meekness righteousness' sake, happy are

But quickened or made alive by the ye : and be not afraid of their spirit. terror, neither be troubled ; 15 But sanctify the Lord and inspiring Noah, a preacher of

b By which Spirit also, speaking in, God in your hearts: and be righteousness, he, that is Christ,

preached to the spirits, or to the wick. d Let him eschew, or turn away

ed of the old world, who are now refrom

served in prison. evil. e Ensue, pursue.

i Sometime, formerly.

harm you,

An exhortation to Chap. iv.

cease from sin. unto even baptism doth also civiousness, lusts, excess of now save usj (not the putting wine, revellings, banquetings, away of the filth of the flesh,k and abominable idolatries : but the answer of a good con- 4 Wherein they think it science toward God, by the strange that ye run not with resurrection of Jesus Christ : them to the same excess of riot,

22 Who is gone into heaven, speaking evil of you ; and is on the right hand of 5 Who shall give account God; angels and authorities to him, that is ready to judge and powers being made sub- the quick b and the dead. ject unto him.

6 For, for this cause c was

the Gospel preached also to CHAP. IV.

them that are dead, that they 1 He exhorteth them to cease might be judged according to from sin by the example of men in the flesh, but live acChrist, and the consideration cording to God in the spirit. of the general end, that now 7 But the end of all things approacheth, 12 and com- is at hand ;d be ye, therefore, forteth them against persee sober, and watch unto prayer. cution.

8 And above all things have FORASMUCH then as fervent charity among yourChrist hath suffered for us in selves; for charity shall cover the flesh, arm yourselves like- the multitude of sins.e wise with the same mind ;a for 9 Use hospitality one to anhe that hath suffered in the other without grudging. flesh hath ceased from sin; 10 As every man hath re

2 That he no longer should ceived the gift, even so minislive the rest of his time in the ter the same one to another, as flesh to the lusts of men, but to good stewards of the manifold the will of God.

3 For the time past of our 11 If any man speak, let life may suffice us to have wrought the will of the Gen- 6 The quick, the living. tiles, when we walked in las

grace of God.

c For this cause, that is, to encourage you to suffer for Christ's sake,

the Gospel bath been preached to the j So baptism, of which the water of Gentiles, who were dead in sins, the flood was a type or emblem, dotb that although they might be condemalso now save us.

ned by men in the flesh, they might still \ Not tbe putting or washing away live forever by God in the Spirit. the filth of the flesh only, but the an- d The end of all things. This is c.

supposed to signify the end of the a Arm yourselves with the same temple, of the law, and of the Jewfortitude and resolution to suffer, ish state. whenever called to it by your reli- e Charity or love will pardon a gion.

multitude of faults in each other.


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Of suffering persecution I. Peter. and rejoicing under it. him speak as the oracles of the ungodly and the sinner apGod; if any man minister, let pear

? him do it as of the ability 19 Wherefore, let them that which God giveth; that God suffer according to the will of in all things may be glorified God, commit the keeping of through Jesus Christ; to their souls to him in well-dowhom be praise and dominion ing, as unto a faithful Creator. forever and ever. Amen. 12 Beloyed, think it not

CHAP. V. strange concerning the fiery 1 He exhortheth the elders to trial,f which is to try you, as

feed their flock; 5 the youngthough some strange thing er to obey, 8 and all to be sohappened unto you:

ber, watchful, & constant in 13 But rejoice, in as much the faith ; 9 to resist the as ye are partakers of Christ's cruel adversary the devil. sufferings; that, when his THE elders,a which are glory shall be revealed, ye among you I exhort, who am may be glad also with exceed- also an elder, and a witness of ing joy.

the sufferings of Christ, and 14 If ye be reproached for also a partaker of the glory the name of Christ, happy are that shall be revealed : ye ; for the Spirit of glory and 2 Feed the flock of God of God resteth upon you ; on

which is among you, taking their part he is evil spoken of, the oversight thereof, not by but on your part he is glorified. constraint, but willingly; not

15 But let none of you suf- for filthy lucre,b but of a ready fer as a murderer, or as a thief, or as an evil-doer, or as 3 Neither as being lords a busy-body in other men's over God's heritage, but being matters.

ensamples to the Hock : 16 Yet, if any man suffer as 4 And when the chief Shepa Christian, let him not be a- herd shall appear, ye shall reshamed; but let him glorify ceive a crown of glory, that God on this behalf. 17 For the time is come,

5 Likewise, ye younger, that judgment must begin at submit yourselves unto the el. the house of God; and if it der; yea, all of you be subject first begin at us, what shall one to another, and be clothed the end be of then that obey with humility; for God resistnot the Gospel of God ? eth the proud, and giveth grace

18 And if the righteous to the humble. scarcely be saved, where shall


fadeth not away.

a Elders, teachers, whether bish

ops or deacons.

f Fiery trial, fire of persecution.

b Lucre, gain, or money.


The elders exhorted Chap. v.

to teach, &c. 6 Humble yourselves, there. while, make you perfect, stabfore, under the mighty band of lish, strengthen, settle you : God, that he may exalt you in 11 To him be glory and dodue time;

minion forever and ever. A7 Casting all your care upon him ; for he careth for

you. 12 By Silvanus, a faithful 8 Be sober, be vigilant; be- brother unto you, as I suppose, cause your adversary the de. I have written briefly, exhortvil, as a roaring lion, walkething, and testifying, that this is about, seeking whom he may the true grace of God wherein devour;

9 Whom resist steadfast in 13 The church that is at the faith, knowing that the Babylon, elected together with same afflictions are accom- you, saluteth you, and so doth plished in your brethren, that Marcus my son. are in the world.

14 Greet ye one another 10 But the God of all grace, with a kiss of charity. Peace who hath called us unto his be with you all, that are in eternal glory by Christ Jesus, Christ Jesus. Amen. after that ye have suffered a

ye stand.



Peter probably wrote this second Epistle at Rome, A. D. 67 or 68, a short time before his death, to oppose those dangerous doctrines, by which false teachers were endeavouring to seduce the Christians from their religion, and to obtain riches, and power, and popularity. The principal errors against which the apostle would guard the Christians, were ;-thatbelievers are justified by faith without works ;—that believers were under no obligation, either to abstain from sin or to do what is morally good ;—that Christ had purchased for them a liberty to gratify all their passions and appetites ;-and that he will not judge them for so doing, nor for any sin whatever.

Wherefore the apostle warns the Christians against these false teachers, and against scoffers, who should appear, and make a mock of religion, and walk after their own lusts.

Peter exhorteth to

Chap. i.

continue in faith.



patience : and to patience, 1 Confirining them in hope of godliness;

the increase of God's grace. 7 And to godliness, brotho he exhorteth them by faith erly-kindness; and to brothand good works, to make erly-kindness, charity. their calling sure ; 12 where- 8 For if these things be in of he is careful to remind you, and abound, they make them, knowing that his death you that ye shall neither be is at hand; 16 and warneth barren nor unfruitful in the them to be constant in the knowledge of our Lord Jesus faith of Christ, who is the Christ. true Son of God.

9 But he that lacketh these PETER, a ser- things is blind, and cannot see vant and an apostle of Je- far off, and hath forgotten sus Christ, to them that have that he was purged from his obtained like precious faith old sins. with us through the righteous- 10 Wherefore the rather, ness of God and our Saviour brethren, give diligence to Jesus Christ :

make your calling and election 2 Grace and peace be mul- sure; for if ye do these things tiplied unto you through the ye shall never fall : knowledge of God, and of Je- 11 For so an entrance shall sus our Lord,

be ministered unto you abund3 According as his divine antly into the everlasting kingpower hath given unto us all dom of our Lord and Saviour things, that pertain unto life Jesus Christ. and godliness, through the 12 Wherefore I will not be knowledge of him, that hath negligent to put you always called us to glory and virtue: in remembrance of these

4 Whereby are given unto things, though ye know them, us exceeding great and pre- and be established in the precious promises; that by these sent truth. ye might be partakers of the 13 Yea, I think it meet, as divine nature, having escaped long as I am in this tabernathe eorruption that is in the clea to stir you up, by putworld through lust.

ting you in remembrance ; 5 And besides this, giving 14 Knowing that shortly I all diligence, add to your faith, must put off this my tabernavirtue, and to virtue, knowl- cle, even as our Lord Jesus edge;

Christ hath shewed me. 6 And to knowledge, temperance; and to temperance, This tabernacle, this mortal body,

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