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The book with

Revelation. the seven seals, go. 3 And no man in heaven, and we shall reign on the nor in earth, neither under earth. the earth was able to open 11 And I beheld, and I the book, neither to look heard the voice of many angels thereon.

round about the throne, and 4 And I wept much, be- the beasts, and the elders; and cause no man was found wor- the number of them was ten thy to open and to read the thousand times ten thousand, book, neither to look thereon. and thousands of thousands 3

5 And one of the elders 12 Saying with a loud voice, saith unto me, Weep not ; be- Worthy is the Lamb that was hold, the Lion of the tribe of slain to receive power, and Juda, the Root of David, hath riches, and wisdom, and prevailed to open the book, strength, and honour, and glo. and to loose the seven seals ry, and blessing. thereof.

13 And every

creature 6 And I beheld, and, lo, in the which is in heaven, and on the midst of the throne, and of the earth and under the earth, and four beasts, and in the midst such as are in the sea, and all of the elders, stood a Lamb, as that are in them, heard I

sayit had been slain, having seven ing, Blessing, and honour and horns, and seven eyes, which glory, and power, be unto him are the seven Spirits of God that sitteth upon the throne, sent forth into all the earth. and unto the Lamb, for ever

hy And he came and took and ever. the book out of the right hand 14 And the four beasts said, of him that sat upon the throne. Amen. And the four and

8. And when he had taken twenty elders fell down and the book, the four beasts and worshipped him that liveth four and twenty Elders fell for ever and ever. down before the Lamb, having every one of them harps, and

CHAP. VI. golden vials full of odours, The opening of the seals in which are the prayers of saints. order, and what followed

9. And they sung a new song, thereupon ; containing a saying, Thou art worthy to prophecy to the end of the take the book, and to open the

world. seals thereof; for thou wast AND I saw when the Lamb slain, and hast redeemed us to opened one of the seals ;

and God thy blood, out of every I heard, as it were the noise kindred, and tongue, and peos of thunder, one of the four ple, and nation;

beasts saying, Come and see. 10. And hast made us unto 2 And I saw, and, behold, onr God kings and priests ; a white horse: and he that


The seals opened

Chap. vi.

by the Lamb, &c. sat on him had a bow; and a the fifth seal, I saw under the crown was given unto him; altar the souls of them, that and he went forth conquering, were slain for the word of God, and to conquer.

and for the testimony which 3 And when he had open- they hold : ed the second seal, I heard the 10 And they cried with a second beast say, Come & see. loud voice, saying, How long,

4 And there went out a- O Lord, holy and true, dost nother horse that was red; thou not judge and avenge our and power was given to him blood on them that dwell on that sat thereon, to take peace the earth ? from the earth, and that they

11 And white robes were should kill one another; and given unto every one of them; there was given unto him a

and it was said unto them, great sword.

that they should rest yet for 5 And when he had opened a little season, until their felthe third seal, I heard the low-servants also and their third beast say, Come and brethren, that should be kil

And I beheld, and, lo, led as they were, should be a black horse ; and he that fulfilled. sat on him had a pair of bal- 12 And I beheld, when he ances in his hand.

had opened the sixth seal, and, 6 And I heard a voice in lo, there was a great earththe midst of the four beasts quake ; and the sun became say, A measure of wheat for black as sackcloth of hair, a penny, and three measures and the moon became as blood; of barley for a penny; and see 13 And the stars of heaven thou hurt not the oil and the fell unto the earth, even as wine.

a fig-tree casteth her untime7 And when he had opened ly figs, when she is shaken of the fourth seal, I heard the a mighty wind: voice of the fourth beast say,

14 And the heaven departCome and see.

ed as a scroll when it is rolled 8 And I looked, and, be together; and every mountain hold, a pale horse ; and his and island were moved out of name that sat on him was

their places. Death, and hell followed with 15 And the kings of the pim; and power was given earth, and the great men, and unto him over the fourth part the rich men, and the chief of the earth, to kill with sword, captains, and the mighty men, and. with hunger, and with and every bond-man, and evedeath, and with the beasts of ry free man, hid themselves of the earth.

in the dens, and in the rocks 9 And when he had opened of the mountaius;

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The number of them Revelation. that were sealed 16 And said to the moun

and there were sealed an huntains and rocks, Fall on us, dred and forty and four thouand hide us from the face of sand of all the tribes of the him that sitteth on the throne, children of Israel. and from the wrath of the 5 Of the tribe of Juda, Lamb:

were sealed twelve thousand. 17 For the great day of his Of the tribe of Reuben were wrath is come; and who shall sealed twelve thousand. Of be able to stand ?

the tribe of Gad were sealed

twelve thousand. CHAP. VII.

6 Of the tribe of Aser were 1 An angel sealeth the servants sealed twelve thousand. Of

of God in their foreheads: the tribe of Nepthalim were
4 the number of them that sealed twelve thousand. Of
were sealed ; of the tribes of the tribe of Manasses were
Israel a certain number: 9 sealed twelve thousand.
of all other nations an innu- y Of the tribe of Simeon
merable multitude, which were sealed twelve thousand.
stand before the throne, clad Of the tribe of Levi were seal-
in white robes, and palinsed twelve thousand. Of the
in their hands : 14 their tribe of Isachar were sealed
robes were washed in the twelve thousand.
blood of the Lamb.

8 Of the tribe of Zabulon AND after these things I were sealed twelve thousand

. saw four angels standing on Of the tribe of Joseph were the four corners of the earth, sealed twelve thousand. Of holding the four winds of the the tribe of Benjamin were earth, that the wind should sealed twelve thousand. not blow the earth, nor on

9 After this I beheld, and, the sea, nor on any tree.

lo, a great multitude, which 2 And I saw another angel no man could number, of all ascending from the east hav. nations, and kindreds and peoing the seal of the living God; ple, and tongues, stood before and he cried with a loud voice the throne, and before the to the four angels, to whom it Lamb, clothed with white was given to hurt the earth robes, and palms in their

hands. 3 Saying, Hurt not the 10 And cried with a loud earth, neither the sea, nor the voice, saying, Salvation to our trees, till we have sealed the God, which sitteth

upon servants of our God in their throne, and unto the Lamb. foreheads.

11 And all the angels stood 4 And I heard the number. round about the throne

, and of them which were sealed; about the elders and the four.

and the sea,


Their robes washed. Chap. viii. Of the seven angels. beasts, and fell before the saints on the golden altar. 6 throne on their faces, and wor- Four angels sound their shipped God,

trumpets. &'c. 12 Saying, Amen; Bles- AND when he had opened sing, and glory, and wisdom, the seventh seal, there was siand thanksgiving, and honour, lence in heaven about the space and power, and might, be unto of half an hour. our God for ever and ever. 2 And I saw the seven anAmen.

gels which stood before God; 13 And one of the elders an- and to them were given seven swered saying unto me,

What trumpets. are these which are arrayed 3 And another angel came in white robes ? and whence and stood at the altar, having came they ?

a golden censer; and there 14 And I said unto him, was given unto him much inSir, thou knowest. And he cense, that he should offer it said to me, These are they with the prayers of all saints which came out of great tribu- upon the golden altar which lation, and have washed their was before the throne. robes, and made them white 4 And the smoke of the in the blood of the Lamb: incense, which came with the ·

15 Therefore are they be prayers of the saints, ascendfore the throne of God, and ed up before God out of the serve him day and night in angel's hand. his temple : and he that sit- 5 And the angel took the teth on the throne shall dwell censer,

and filled it with fire among them.

of the altar, and cast it unto 16 They shall hunger no

the earth: and there were more, neither thirst any more; voices, and thunderings, and neither shall the sun light on lightnings, and an earthquake. them, nor any heat.

6 And the seven angels 17 For the Lamb which is which had the seven trumpets in the midst of the throne shall prepared themselves to sound. feed them, and shall lead them The first angel sounded, unto living fountains of wa

and there followed hail and ters; and God shall wipe away fire mingled with blood, and all tears from their eyes.

they were cast upon the earth:

and the third part of trees CHAP. VIII.

was burnt up, and all green 1 At the opening of the seventh grass was burnt up.

seal, 2 seven angels had se- 8 And the second angel ven trumpets given them. 3 sounded, and as it were a Another angel putteth in- great mountain burning with cense to the prayers of the fire was cast into the sea;

Seven great plagues, fc. Revelation. Star falletk from heaven, and the third part of the sea come forth locusts like scorbecame blood;

pions. 12 The first wo past. 9 And the third part of the 13 The sixth trumpet soundcreatures, which were in the eth. 14 Four angels are let sea and had life, died, and the loose, &c. third part of the ships were de- AND the fifth angel soundstroyed.

ed, and I saw a star fall from 10 And the third angel heaven unto the earth : and sounded, and there fell a great to him was given the key of star from heaven, burning as the bottomless pit. it were a lamp, and it fell

up- 2 And he opened the boton the third part of the riv. tomless pit; and there'arose ers, and upon the fountains of a smoke out of the pit, as the waters;

smoke of a great furnace; and 11 And the name of the the sun and the air were darkstar is called Wormwood : ened by reason of the smoke and the third part of the waters of the pit. became wormwood; and ma- 3 And there came out of ny men died of the waters, be- the smoke locusts upon the cause they were made bitter, earth: and unto them was

12 And the fourth angel given power, as the scorpions sounded, and the third part of of the earth have power. the sun was smitten, and the 4 And it was commanded third part

of the moon, & the them, that they should not third part of the stars ; so as hurt the grass of the earth, the third part of them was neither any green thing, neidarkened, and the day shone ther any tree; but only those not for a third part of it, and men which have not the seal the night likewise.

of God in their foreheads. 13 And I beheld and heard 5 And to them it was given an angel flying through the that they should not kill them, midst of heaven, saying with but that they should be tora loud voice, Wo, wo, wo, to mented five months; and their the inhabiters of the earth by torment was as the torment of reason of the other voices of a scorpion, when he striketh the trumpet of the three angels, which are yet to sound ! 6 And in those days shall

men seek death, and shall not CHAP. IX.

find it; and shall desire to 1 At the sounding of the fifth die, and death shall flee from

angel, a star falleth from them. heaven, to whom is given the 7 And the shapes of the lokey of the bottomless pit ; 2 custs were like unto horses he openeth the pit, and there prepared unto battle; and on

a man.

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