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receive you,

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The apostles sent forth. S. Luke. Five thousand fed. ther bread, neither money; dom of God, and healed them neither have two coats apiece. that had need of healing.

4 And whatsoever house ye 12 1 And when the day be. enter into, there abide, b and gan to wear away, then came thence depart.

the twelve and said unto him, 5 And whosoever will not Send the multitude away, that

when ye go out of they may go into the towns that city, shake off the very and country round about, and dust from your feet for a tesó lodge, and get victuals; for we timony against them.

are here in a desert place. 6 And they departed, and 13 But he said unto them, went through the towns, Give


them to eat. And they preaching the Gospel, and said, "We have no more but healing every where.

five loaves and two fishes; exmy Now Herod the te- cept we should go and buy 'trarch c heard of all that was meat for all this people. done by him; and he was per- 14 (For they were about plexed, because that it was five thousand men.) And he said of some, that John was he said to his disciples, Make risen from the dead;

them sit down by fifties in a 8 And of some, that Elias company, had appeared, and of others, 15 And they did SO,

& made that one of the old prophets them all sit down. was risen again.

16 Then he took the five 9 And Herod said, John loaves and the two fishes; and, have I beheaded; but who is looking up to heaven, he blessthis of whom I hear such ed them, and brake, and gave things? And he desired to to the disciples to set before see him.

the multitude. 10 And the apostles, when 17 And they did eat, and they were returned, told him were all filled; and there was all that they had done. And taken up of fragments that rehe took them, and went aside mained to them twelve basprivately into a desert place kets. belonging to the city called 18 | And it came to pass, Bethsaida.

as he was alone praying, his 11. And the people, when disciples were with him; and they knew it, followed him; he asked them, saying, Whom and he received them, and say the people that I am? spake unto them of the king- 19 They answering, said,

John the Baptist; but some 6 There abide, till ye leave that place.

say, Elias; and others say, c Tetrarch, who had kingly au

That one of the old prophets thority in four provinces.

is risen again.

follow me.

Christ preacheth

Chap. ix.

to the people: 20 He said unto them, But till they see the kingdom of whom say ye that I am ? Pe. God. ter answering, said, The Christ

28 | Anil it came to pass, of God.

about an eight days after these 21 And he straitlyd charg. sayings, he took Peter, & John, ed them, and commanded them and James, and went up into a to tell no man that thing,

mountain to pray. 22 Saying, The Son of man 29 And as he prayed, the must suffer many things, and fashion h of his countenance be rejected of the elders, and was altered, and his raiment ehief priests, and scribes, and was white and glistering. be slain, and be raised the 30 And, behold, there talkthird day.

ed with him two men, which 23 And he said to them all, were Moses and Elias; If any man will come after me, 31 Who appeared in glory, let him deny himself,e and and spake of his decease, take up his cross daily, and which he should accomplish

at Jerusalem. 24 For whosoever will save 32 But Peter and they that his life f shall lose it; but were with him were heavy whosoever will lose his life with sleep; and when they for my sake, the same shall were awake they saw his glo

ry, and the two men that stood 25 For what is a man ad. with him. Fantaged, if he gain the whole 33 And it came to pass, as world, and lose himself, or be they departed from him, Peter cast away?

said unto Jesus, Master it is 26 For whosoever shall be good for us to be here ;i and ashamed of me, and of my let us make three tabernacles; words, of him shall the Son of one for thee, and one for Moman be ashamed when he shall ses, and one for Elias; not come in his own glory, and in knowing what he said. his Father's, and of the holy 34 While he thus spake, angels.

there came a cloud and over27 But I tell you of a truth, shadowed them; and they There be some standing heré feared as they entered into the which shall not taste of deathg cloud.

35. And there came a voiee & Straitly, strictly

out of the cloud, saying, This e Deny bimself, &c. See Mat. xvi.24. is my beloved Son; hear him, f Save his life, &c. Whosoever

36 And when the voice was would not here risk his life for my sake, shall lose it forever.

g Sball not taste of death, shall not b Fashion, appearance. die

i To be bere, to abide here.

save it.



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The lunatick healed. 8. Luke. Humility commended. past Jesus was found alone. 45 But they understood not And they kept it close, and this saying, and it was hid told no man in those days any from them, that they perceived of those things which they had it not; and they feared to ask

him of that saying. 37.4 And it came to pass,

46 4 Then there arose a reathat, on the next day, when soning among them which of they were eome down from the them should be greatest. hill, much people met him. 47 And Jesus, perceiving the

38 And, behold, a man of thought of their heart, took a the company cried out, saying, child, and set him by him. Master, I beseech thee look 48. And said unto them, upon my son; for he is mine Whosoever shall receive this only child :

child in my name, receiveth 39 And, lo, a spirit taketh me; and whosoever shall rehim, and he suddenly crieth ceive me, receiveth him that out; and it teareth him that sent me; for he that is least he foameth again; and, bruis- among you all, the same shall ing him, hardly departeth from be great. him.

49 q And John answered, & 40 And I besought thy dis- said, Master, we saw one castciples to cast him out; & they ing.out devils in thy name, and could not.

we forbade him, because he 41 And Jesus answering, followeth not with us. said, O faithless and perverse

50 And Jesus said unto bim, generation ! how long shall I Forbid him not; for he that is be with you, and suffer you ? not against us is for us. Bring thy son hither.

51 And it came to pass, 42 And as he was yet a when the time was come that coming the devil threw him he should be received up,

he down and tare him. And Jesus stedfastly set his facej to go rebuked the unclean spirit, and to Jerusalem, healed the child, and delivered 52 And sent messengers behim again to his father. fore his face; and they went,

43 4 And they were all a- and entered into a village of mazed at the mighty power of the Samaritans to make ready God. But, while they wonder- for him. ed every one at all things 53 And they did not receive which Jesus did, he said unto him, because his face was, as his disciples,

though he would go to Jerusa44 Let these sayings sink lem. down into your ears; for the 54 And when his disciples, Son of man shall be delivered into the hands of men.

j Stedfastly set bis face, resolutely determined.

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are of.

The seventy disciples Chap. x. sent forth to preach. James and John, saw this, they to the plough,m and looking said, Lord, wilt thou that we back, is fit for the kingdom of command fire to come down God. from heaven, and consume them, even as Elias did ?

CHAP. X. 55 But he turned, and re- 1 The seventy disciples admobuked them, and said, Ye know nished to be humble. 41 Marnot k what manner of spirit ye

tha reprehended.

AFTER these things the 56 For the Son of man is Lord appointed other seventy a not come to destroy men's also, and sent them two and lives, but to save them. And two before his face b into every they went to another village. city and place whither he him

57 4 And it came to pass, self would come. that, as they went in the way,

2 Therefore said he unto a certain man said unto him, them, The harvest is truly Lord, I will follow thee whith- great, but the labourers are ersoever thou goest.

few; pray ye, therefore, the 58 And Jesus said unto him, Lord of the harvest, that he Foxes have holes, and birds of would send forth labourers into the air have nests; but the his harvest. Son of man hath not where to 3 Go your ways; behold, lay his head.

I send you forth as lambs a. 59 And he said unto ano

mong wolves. ther, Follow me. But he said, 4 Carry neither purse, nor Lord, suffer me first to go and scrip,c nor shoes ; and salute father.

no man by the way.d 60 Jesus said unto him, Let 5 And into whatsoever house the dead bury their dead ;l ye enter, first say, Peace be to but go thou and preach the this house. kingdom of God.

61 And another also said, m No man having put his hand to the Lord, I will follow thee; but plough, &c. No man, who has once let me first go bid them fare- professed my religion, and afterwards well which are at home at my temporal life, is worthy to be my

bury my

renounced it for the pleasures of this house.

disciple. 62 And Jesus said unto him, No man having put his hand a Other seventy, besides the twelve

apostles, seventy other disciples. & re know not the violence of your b Before bis face, before him. own tempers, and the humility and - Scrip, a small bag ; see Matt. 2, forbearance necessary to be my disciples.

d Salute no man, &c. Let not any | Let the dead bury their dead. See you meet delay or hinder you by unMatt. viïi, 220

necessary compliment and ceremony:


fore you :

The disciples admonished 8. Luke.

to be humble. 6. And if the son of peace e ed, sitting in sackcloth and be there, your peace shall rest ashes.k upon it; if not, it shall turn 14 But it shall be more tolto you again.

erable for Tyre and Sidon at And in the same house the day of judgment, than for remain, eating and drinking you. such things as they give ; for 15 And thou, Capernaum, the labourer is worthy of his which art exalted to heavenil hire.f Go not from house to shall be thrust down to house.

16 He that heareth you, 8 And in whatsoever city heareth me; and he that deye enter, and they receive you, spiseth you, despiseth me; eat such things as are set be- and he that despiseth me, de

spiseth him that sent me. 9 And heal the sick that are 117 4 And the seventy retherein; and say unto them, turned again with joy, saying, The kingdom of God is come Lord, even the devils are subnigh unto you.

ject unto us through thy name. 10 But into whatsoever city

18 And he said unto them, ye enter, and they receive you I beheld Satan as lightning not, go your ways out into the fall from heaven. streets of the same, and say,

19 Behold, I give unto you 11 Even the very dust of power to tread on serpents and your city, which cleaveth on scorpions, and over all the us, we do wipe off against you; power of the enemy; and nonotwithstanding, be ye sure of thing shall by any means hurt this, that the kingdom of Godg you. is come nigh unto you.

20 Notwithstanding, in this 12 But I say unto you, That rejoice not that the spirits are it shall be more tolerable in subject unto you; but rather that dayh for Sodom than for rejoice, because your names

are written in heaven. 13 Wo unto thee, Chorazin! 21 In that hour Jesus rewo unto thee, Bethsaida! for joieed in spirit, and said, I if the mighty works i had been

& Sackcloth and asbes, in deep or bitdone in Tyre and Sidon which ter mourning, have been done in you, they (Exalted to beaven in privilege, on had a great while ago repent- account of his numerous miracles &

frequent preaching there. e Son of peace. Pious and devout. m Tbrust down to bell, for neglectf Hire, wages.

ing to improve its privileges, and the 8. Kingdom of God, the religion of instruction of our Saviour. The sufChrist.

ferings of the city, Capernaum, from b That day, the day of judgment. the Romans, soon after were excesar i Mighty works, miracles.


that eity.

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