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Miracles wrought by Chap. xix. the hands of Paul.

11 And God wrought spe- 19 Many of them also, which cial miracles by the hands of used curious arts, brought their Paul :

books together, and burned 12 So that from his body them before all

men ;

and they were brought unto the sick, counted the price of them, and handkerchiefs or aprons, and found it fifty thousand pieces the disease departed from of silver. them, and the evil spirits went 20 So mightily grew the out of them.

word of God and prevailed. 13 | Then certain of the 21 9 After these things were vagabond Jews,b exorcists,

cended, Paul purposed in the took upon them to call over spirit, when he had passed them, which had evil spirits, through Macedonia and Athe name of the Lord Jesus, chaia, to go to Jerusalem, saysaying, We adjure you by Je- ing, After I have been there, I sus, whom Paul preacheth. must also see Rome.

14 And there were seven sons 22 So he sent into Mace. of one Sceva, a Jew, and chief donia two of them, that minof the priests, which did so. istered unto him, Timotheus

15 And the evil spirit an- and Erastus; but he himself swered and said, Jesus I know, stayed in Asia for a season. and Paul I know; but who 23 And the same time there are ye?

arose no small stir about that 16 And the man, in whom way :d the evil spirit was, leaped on

24 For a certain man, namthem, and overcame them, and ed Demetrius, a silversmith, prevailed against them, so that which made silver shrines é they fled out of that house for Diana, f brought no small naked and wounded.

gain unto the craftsmen ;g 17 And this was known to 25 Whom he called togethall the Jew's and Greeks also er, with the workmen of like dwelling at Ephesus; and occupation, and said, Sirs, ye fear fell on them all, and the name of the Lord Jesus was magnified.

* d That way, the religion of Jesus, 18 And many that believ. which Paul taught. ed came, and confessed, and of the temple of Diana, or a sort of

e Shrines, little images or models shewed their deeds.

coins or medals, on which this cele

brated temple might be represented. B Vagabond, wandering or travelling. f Diana, one of the twelve superior c Exorcist, a caster out of evil spire heathen deities. She was known by its. These vagabond or itinerant a variety of titles and characters, as Jews, went about deceiving the peo- the goddess of hunting, travelling: ple, not possessing the power they enchantment, &c. pretended to

g Craftsmen, tradesmen.

Demetrius raiseth


an uproar. know that by this craft we ed; and the more part j knew have our wealth :

not wherefore they were come 26 Moreover, ye see and together. hear, that not alone at Ephe- 33 ? And they drew Alexan. sus, but almost throughout all der out of the multitude, the Asia, this Paul hath persuaded Jews putting him forward. and turned away much people, And Alexander beckoned with saying, That they be no gods the hand, and would have which are made with hands : made his defence unto the peo

27 So that not only this our ple : crafth is in danger to be set 34 But when they knew at nought; but also that the that he was a Jew, all with temple of the great goddess one voice, about the space of Diana should be despised, and two hours, cried out, Great is her magnificence should be de- Diana of the Ephesians. stroyed, whom all Asia and 35 And when the townthe world worshippeth.

elerk had appeased the people, 28 And when they heard he said, Ye men of Ephesus, these sayings, they were full of what man is there, that knowwrath, and cried out, saying, eth not how, that the city of Great is Diana of the Ephe- the Ephesians is a worshipper sians.

of the great goddess Diana, 29 And the whole city was and of the image, which fell filled with confusion; and down from Jupiter ? having caught Gaius and Ari- 36 Seeing then that these starchus, men of Macedonia, things cannot be spoken aPaul's companions in travel,i gainst, ye ought to be quiet, they rushed with one accord and to do nothing rashly. into the theatre.

37 For ye have brought 30 And when Paul would hither these men, which are have entered in unto the peo- neither robbers of churches, ple, the disciples suffered him nor yet blasphemers of your not.

goddess. 31 And certain of the chief 38 Wherefore if Demetrius, of Asia, which his and the craftsmen, which are friends, sent unto him, desiring with him, have a matter ahim, that he would not adven- gainst any man, the law is o. ture himself into the theatre. pen, and there are deputies;

32 Some, therefore, cried let them implead one another. one thing, and some another;

39 But if ye inquire any for the assembly was confuse thing concerning other mat6 Craft, trade.

ters, it shall be determined in i Travel, Gospel labour & preach- a lawful assembly. ing

j More part, greater parte


Paul goeth to Macedonia. Chap. xx. Eutychus raised to life.

40 For we are in danger to leavened bread,a and came unbe called in question for this to them to Troas in five days; day's uproar, there being no where we abode seven days. cause whereby we may give 7 9 And upon the first day an account of this concourse. of the week, when the disci

41 And when he had thus ples came together to break spoken, he dismissed the as- bread, Paul preached unto sembly.

them, ready to depart on the morro' ;

and continued his CHAP. XX.

speech until midnight. 1 Paul goeth to Macedonia: 7

8 And there were many he celebrateth the Lord's sup- lights in the upper chamber per, and preacheth. 9 Euwhere they were gathered totychus falleth down dead, 10 gether. is raised to life. 28 Paul 9 And there sat in the win. committeth the flock to the dow

a certain young man namelders, 36 and prayeth. ed Eutychus, being fallen into AND after the uproar was

a deep sleep; and, as Paul ceased, Paul called unto him was long preaching, he sunk the disciples, and embraced down with sleep, and fell them, and departed for to go down from the third loft, and into Macedonia.


dead. 2 And when he had gone 10 And Paul went down,and over those parts, and had giv- fell on him, and, embracing en them much exhortation, he him, said, Trouble not yourcame into Greece,

selves ; for his life is in him. 3 And there abode three 11 When he therefore was months; and when the Jews come up again, and had broklaid wait for him, as he was en bread, and eaten, and talk. about to sail into Syria, he ed a long while, even till break purposed to return through of day, so he departed. Macedonia.

12 And they brought the 4 And there accompanied young man alive, and were not him into Asia, Sopater of Ber- a little comforted. ea; and of the Thessalonians, 13 ( And we went before to Aristarchus and Secundus; ship, and sailed unto Assos, and Gaius of Derbe, and Time there intending to take in Paul; otheus; and of Asia, Tychi- for so had he appointed, mindcus and Trophimus.

ing himself to go afoot. 5 These, going before, tar- 14 And when he met with ried for us at Troas.

us at Assos, we took him in, 6 And we sailed away from and came to Mitylene. Philippi, after the days of un- a Days of unleavened bread, the


was taken

The elders called, and Acts. commended to God.

15 And we sailed thence, 23 Saved that the Holy and came the next day over Ghost witnesseth in every city, against Chios; and the next saying, That bonds and af. day we arrived at Samos, and flictions abide me. tarried at Trogyllium; and the 24 But none of these things next day we came to Miletus. move me; neither count I my

16 For Paul had determin- life dear unto myself, so that ed to sail by Ephesus, because I might finish my course with he would not spend the time in joy, e and the ministry which I Asia ; for he hasted, if it were have received of the Lord Jepossible for him, to be at sus, to testify the Gospel of the Jerusalem the day of Pente- grace of God. cost.b

25 And now, behold, I know 17 9 And from Miletus he that ye all, among whom I sent to Ephesus, and called have gone preaching the kingthe elders of the church.c dom of God, shall see my

18 And, when they were face no more. come to him, he said unto them, 26 Wherefore I take you to Ye know, from the first day, record this day, f that I am that I came into Asia, after pure from the blood of all men. what manner I have been with 27 For I have not shunned you at all seasons,

to declare unto you all the 19 Serving the Lord with counsel of God. all humility of mind, and with 28-7 Take heed, therefore, many tears, and temptations, unto yourselves, and to all the which befel me by the lying in flock over the which the Holy wait of the Jews;

Ghost hath made you over20 And how I kept back seers, to feed the church of nothing, that was profitable God, which he hath purchasunto you, but have shewed you, ed with his own blood. and have taught you publicly, 29 For I know this, that and from house to house.

after my departing shall griev21 Testifying both to the

ous wolves enter in among you, Jews, and also to the Greeks, not sparing the flock. repentance toward God, and faith toward our Lord Jesus d Save, Except. Christ.

e Finish my course, &c. that I may 22 And now, behold, I go joyfully discharge my duty as bound in the Spirit unto Jerusalem, not knowing the things I this day call upon you to bear evi

f Take you to record this day, &c. that shall befal me there :

dence that I have so discharged my 6 Pentecost, see Acts Chap. ii. 1. duty among you as a preacher of the

c Elders of the Church, rulers or Gospel, that should any of you pere directors,

ish, I am clear of the guilt of it.


Paul commends

Chap. xxi. the elders to God. 30 Also of your own selves

CHAP. XXI. shall men arise, speaking per- 1 Paul will not be dissuaded verse things, to draw away from going to Jerusalem. 9 disciples after them.

Philip's daughters propheta 31 Therefore watch, and esses. 17 Paul at Jerusalem, remember, that by the space 27 is apprehended, 31 but is of three


I ceased not to rescued by the chief captain. warn every one night and day AND it came to pass, that, with tears.

after we were gotten from them, 32 And now, brethren, I and had launched, we came commend you to God, and to with a straight course unto the word of his grace, which Coos, & the day following unto is able to build you up, and to Rhodes, and from thence unto give you an inheritance among Patara : all them, which are sanctified. 2 And finding a ship sailing

33 I have coveted no man's over unto Phenicia, we went silver, or gold, or apparel. aboard, and set forth.

34 Yea, ye yourselves know 3 Now, when we had disthat these hands have minis- covered Cyprus, we left it on tered unto my necessities,g and the left hand, and sailed into to them that were with me. Syria, and landed at Tyre; for

35 I have shewed you all there the ship was to unlade things,how that so labouringye her burden. ought to support the weak & to 4 And finding disciples, we remember the words of the Lord tarried there seven days; who Jesus, how he said, It is more said to Paul, through the Spiblessed to give than to receive. rit, that he should not go up

36 And, when he had thus to Jerusalem. spoken, he kneeled down, and 5 And when we had accomprayed with them all.

plished those days, we depart37 And they all wept sore, ed, and went our way; and and fell on Paul's neck, and they all brought us on our way, kissed him;

with wives and children, till 38 Sorrowing most of all we were out of the city, and for the words which he spake, we kneeled down on the shore that they should see his face and prayed.

And they accom- 6 And when we had taken panied him unto the ship. our leave one of another, we

took ship; and they returned 8 These bands bave ministered, i.e. home again. I have laboured with my own hands

hy And when we had finishboth to support myself, and those ed our course from Tyre, we 'that were with me.

came to Ptolemais, and salat

no more.

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