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They lay in wait

Chap. xxiii.

to take Paui. a great dissension, the chief of the centurions unto him, and captain, fearing lest Paul said, Bring this young man should have been pulled in unto the chief captain ; for pieces of them, commanded he hath a certain thing to tell the soldiers to go down, and him. to take him by force from a- 18 So he took him, and mong them, and to bring him brought him to the chief capinto the castle.

tain, and said, Paul the pris11 And the night following oner called me unto him, and the Lord stood by him, and prayed me to bring this young said, Be of good cheer, Paul; man unto thee, who hath somefor as thou hast testified of me thing to say unto thee. in Jerusalem, so must thou 19 Then the chief captain bear witness also at Rome. took him by the hand, and went

12 And, when it was day, with him aside privately, and certain of the Jews banded to- asked him, What is that thou gether, and bound themselves hast to tell me? under a curse, saying, That 20 And he said, The Jews they would neither eat nor have agreed to desire thee, drink, till they had killed that thou wouldest bring down Paul.

Paul to-morrow into the coun13 And they were more cil, as though they would inthan forty, which had made quire somewhat of him more this conspiracy

perfectly. 14 And they came to the 21 But do not thou yield chief priests and elders, and unto them; for there lie in wait said, We have bound ourselves for him of them more than forunder a great curse, that we ty men, which have bound will eat nothing, until we have themselves with an oath, that slain Paul.

they will neither eat nor drink 15 Now, therefore, ye with till they have killed him; and the council signify to the chief now are they ready, looking captain, that he bring him for a promise from thee. down unto you to-morrow, as 22 So the chief captain then though ye would inquire some- let the young man depart, and thing more perfectly concern- charged him, See thou tell no ing him; and we, or ever he man, that thou hast shewed come near, are ready to kill these things to me. him.

23 | And he called unto 16 And when Paul's sister's him two centurions, saying, son heard of their lying in wait, Make ready two hundred solhe went and entered into the diers to go to Cesarea, and castle, and told Paul.

horsemen threescore and ten, 17 Then Paul called one and spearmen two hundred,


Paul is sent to Felix. Acts. He is accused by Tertullus. at the third hour of the night:c the horsemen to go with him,

24 And provide them beasts, and returned to the castle; that they may set Paul on, and 33 Who, when they came bring him safe unto Felix the to Cesarea,e and delivered the governor.

epistle to the governor, pre25 And he wrote a letter sented Paul also before him. after this manner;

37 And when the governor 26 Claudius Lysias, unto had read the letter, he asked the most excellent governor of what province he was. Felix, sendeth greeting. And when he understood that

27 This man was taken of he was of Cilicia ; the Jews, and should have 25 I will hear thee, said he, been killed of them; Then when thine accusers are also came I with an army and res.

And he commanded cued him, having understood him to be kept in Herod's that he was a Roman.

judgment-hall.f 28 And when I would have known the cause wherefore

CHAP. XXIV. they accused him, I brought 1 Paul accused by Tertullus, him forth into their council ; 10 answereth for himself:

29 Whom I perceived to be 24 preacheth Christ to the accused of questions of their governor and his wife: 27 law, but to have nothing laid he is left in prison. to his charge worthy of death AND after five days Anani. or of bonds.

as the high priest descended a 30 And when it was told with the elders, and, with a me, how that the Jews laid certain orator named Tertul. wait for the man, I sent lus, who informed the goverstraightway to thee, and gave nor against Paul. commandment to his accusers 2 And when, he was called also to say before thee, what forth, Tertullus began to acthey had against him. Fare- cuse him, saying, Seeing that well.

by thee we enjoy great quiet31 Then the soldiers, as it ness, and that very worthy was commanded them, took deeds are done unto this naPaul, and brought him by night tion by thy providence, to Antipatris.d 32 On the morrow they left

« Cesarea, see Acts viii. 40.

f Judgment-hall, a court or palace..

Probably Paul was kept in some sol6 Third bour of the night, about 9 itary apartment of it, designed for a o'clock.

kind of prison, as is usual in such d Antipatris, a city about 29 miles places. from Jerusalem on the road to Ce- a Descended from Jerusalem.

6 Tby providenee, government or administration.


Paul answereth for his Chap. xxiv. life and doctrine.

3 We accept it always, and ne in the temple disputing in all places, most noble Felix, with any man, neither raising with all thankfulness.

up the people, neither in the 4 Notwithstanding, that I synagogues, nor in the city; be not further tedious unto 13. Neither can they prove thee I pray thee that thou the things whereof they now wouldest hear us of thy clem- accuse me. ency a few words.

14 But this I confess unto 5 For we have found this thee, that after the way,

which man a pestilent fellow, and a they call heresy, so worship mover of sedition among all I the God of my fathers, bethe Jews throughout the world, lieving all things, which are and a ring-leader of the sect written in the law and in the of the Nazarenes :

prophets : 6 Who also hath gone about 15 And have hope toward to profane the temple ; whom God, which they themselves we took, and would have judg. also allow, that there shall be ed according to our law: a resurrection of the dead,

7 But the chief captain Ly- both of the just and unjust. sias came upon us, and with 16 And herein do I exercise great violence took him away myself to have always a con. out of our hands,

science void of offence toward 8 Commanding his accus- God and toward men. ers to come unto thee; by ex

17 Now, after many years, amining of whom, thyself may. I came to bring alms to my est take knowledge of all these nation, and offerings. things whereof we accuse him. 18 Whereupon certain Jews 9 And the Jews also assent

from Asia found me purified ed, saying, that these things in the temple, neither with

multitude, nor with tumult: 10 4 Then Paul, after that 19 Who ought to liave been the governor had beckoned here before thee, and objeet, unto him to speak, answered, if they had ought against me. Forasmuch as I know that

20 Or else let these same thou hast been of many years here say, if they have found a judge unto this nation, I do any evil doing in me while I the more cheerfully answer for stood before the council, myself.

21 Except it be for this one 11 Because that thou may- voice, that I cried standing aest understand, that there are mong them, Touching the yet but twelve days, since I resurrection of the dead I am went up to Jerusalem for to called in question by you this worship.

day. 12 And they neither found « Touching, concerning,

were so.


Conspiracy against Paul : Acts. he appealeth to Cesar.

22 | And when Felix heard NOW, when Festus these things, having more per- come into the province, after fect knowledge of that way,d three days he ascended from he deferred them, and said, Cesarea to Jerusalem. When Lysias the chief cap

2 Then the high priest, and tain shall come down, I will the chief of the Jews, informed know the uttermost of your him against Paul,and besought matter.

him. 23 And he commanded a 3 And desired favour against centurion to keep Paul, and to him, that he would send for let him have liberty, and that him to Jerusalem, laying wait he should forbid none of his ac- in the way to kill him. quaintance to minister or come 4 But Festus answered, that unto him.

Paul should be kept at Cesa24 And after certain days, rea, and that he himself should when Felix came with his wife depart shortly thither. Drusilla, which was a Jewess, 5 Let them, therefore, said he sent for Paul, & heard him he, which among you are able concerning the faith in Christ. go down with me, and ac

25 And as he reasoned of cuse this man, if there be any righteousness, temperance,and wickedness in him. judgment to come, Felix trem- 6 And, when he had tarried bled, and answered, Go thy among them more than ten way for this time; when I have days, he went down unto Cea convenient season I will call sarea; and the next day, sitfor thee.

ting in the judgment-seat, 26 He hoped also that mo- commanded Paul to be brought. ney should have been given 17 And, when he was come, him of Paul, that he might the Jews which came down loose him; wherefore he sent from Jerusalem stood round afor him the oftener, and com- bout, and laid many

and grievmuned with him.

ous complaints against Paul, 27 But, after two years, which they could not prove. Porcius Festus came into Fe- 8 While he answered for lix' room ;e and Felix, willing himself, Neither against the to shew the Jews a pleasure, law of the Jews, neither aleft Paul bound.

gainst the temple, nor yet aCHAP. XXV.

gainst Cesar, have I offended 2 Paul is accused before Festus any thing at all. and Agrippa.

9 But Festus, willing to do

the Jews a pleasure, answered d That way, the religion, which Paul, and said, Wilt thou go Paul taught.

e Into Felix' room, into the autho. up to Jerusalem, and there be rity or office of Felix in governing judged of these things before the province.

me ?

Festus declareth Paul's Chap. XXV. cause to the king.

10 Then said Paul, I stand at manded the man to be brought Cesar's judgment-seat, where forth. I ought to be judged; to the 18 Against whom, when the Jews have I done no wrong, as

accusers stood up, they brought thou very

well knowest. none accusation of such things 11 For if I be an offender, or as I supposed : have committed any thing wor

19 But had certain questhy of death, I refuse not to tions against him of their own die; but if there be none of superstition, and of one Jesus these things whereof these ac- which was dead, whom Paul cuse me, no man may deliver affirmed to be alive. me unto them. I appeal unto 20 And because I doubted Cesar.

of such manner of questions, I 12 Then Festus, when he asked him whether he would had conferred with the coun- go to Jerusalem, and there be cil, answered, Hast thou ap- judged of these matters. pealed unto Cesar ? unto Ce- 21 But when Paul had apsar shalt thou go.

pealed to be reserved unto the 13 And, after certain days, hearing of Augustus, I comking Agrippa and Bernice manded him to be kept, till I came unto Cesarea lo salute might send him to Cesar. Festus.

22 Then Agrippa said unto 14 And, when they kad been Festus, I would also hear the there many days, Festus de- man myself. To-morrow, said clared Paul's cause unto the he, thou shalt hear him. king, saying, There is a cer- 23 | And, on the morrow, tain man left in bonds by Felix: when Agrippa was come,&Ber

15 About whom, when I nice, with great pomp, and was was at Jerusalem, the chief entered into the place of hearpriests and the elders of the ing, with the chief captains Jews informed me, desiring to and principal men of the city, have judgment against him. at Festus' commandment Paul

16 To whom I answered, It was brought forth. is not the manner of the Rom- 24 And Festus said, King ans to deliver any man to die, Agrippa, and all men which before that he which is ac- are here present with us, ye cused have the accusers face see this man, about whom to face, and have licence to all the multitude of the Jews answer for himself concerning have dealt with the crime laid against him. at Jerusalem, and also here,

17 Therefore, when they crying, that he ought not to were come hither, without any live any longer. delay on the morrow, I sat on 25 But when I found that he the judgment-seat, and com- had committed nothing worthy

me, both

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