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Of immortal glory. II. Corinthians. Reconciliation in Christ.

5 Now he that hath wrought 13 For whether we be beus for the self-same thing is side ourselves, it is to God; God, who also hath given un- or whether we be sober, it is to us the earnest of the Spirit.a for your cause.

6 Therefore we are always 14 For the love of Christ contident, knowing that, whilst constraineth us; because we we are at home in the body, thus judge, that if one died We are absent from the Lord: for all, then were all dead :C

7 (For we walk by faith, 15 And that he died for all, not by sight :)

that they which live should 8 We are confident, I say, not henceforth live unto themand willing rather to be ab- selves, but unto him which died sent from the body, and to be for them, and rose again. present with the Lord.

16 Wherefore, henceforth 9 Wherefore we labour, know we no man after the that, whether present or ab- flesh ;d yea, though we have sent, we may be accepted of known Christ after the flesh, him.

yet now henceforth know we 10 For we must all appear him no more. before the judgment-seat of 17 Therefore, if any man Christ, that every one may be in Christ, he is a new creareceive the things done in his ture; old things are passed body, according to that he hath away ; behold, all things are done, whether it be good or become new. bad.

18 And all things are of 11 Knowing, therefore, the God, who hath reconciled us terror of the Lord, we per- to himself by Jesus Christ, suade

men ; but we are made and hath given to us the minmanifest unto God; and, I istry of reconciliation; trust also, are made manifest 19 To wit,e that God was in your consciences.

in Christ reconciling the world 12 For we commend not unto himself, not imputing ourselves again unto you, but their trespasses unto them; give you occasion to glory on and hath committed unto us our behalf, that ye may have the word of reconciliation. somewhat

to answer them 20 Now then, we are amwhich glory in appearance, bassadors for Christ, as though and not in heart..

God did beseech you by us; a The earnest, the pledge or assur- c Then were all dead, all condemned ance of the Spirit.

to death. b For we walk, we are supported by d Wherefore henceforth know we, that faith, by the belief of the world to is, regard with partiality no man on come, and not by the sight of earthly account of his birth or country. objects.

e To wit, namely, or which isa

Paul's faithfulness, &e. Chap. vi. Of idolatrous company. we pray you, in Christ's stead, by evil report and good report; be ye

reconciled to God. as deceivers, and yet true; 21 For he hath made him 9 As unknown, and yet well to be sin for us,f who knew no known; as dying, and, besin; that we might be made hold, we live; as chastened, the righteousness of God in and not killed ; him.

10 As sorrowful, yet alway CHAP. VI.

rejoicing; as poor, yet mak1 Of Paul's faithfulness in the ing many rich; as having no

ministry. 14 Exhortations thing, and yet possessing all to avoid idolaters.

things. WE then, as workers toge- 11 O ye Corinthians ! our ther with him, beseech you al- mouth is open unto you, our so that ye receive not the heart is enlarged. grace of God in vain.

12 Ye are not straitened in 2 (For he saith, I have us, but ye are straitened in heard thee in a time accepted, your own bowels. and in the day of salvation

13 Now for a recompense have I succoured thee; be- in the same,a (I speak as unto hold, now is the accepted time; my children,) be ye also enlargbehold, now is the day of sal- ed. vation.)

14 Be ye not unequally 3 Giving no offence in any yoked together with unbelievthing, that the ministry be noters ;b for what fellowship blamed :

hath righteousness with un4 But in all things approv- righteousness ? and what coming ourselves as the ministers munion hath light with darkof God, in much patience, in ness? afflictions, in necessities, in 15 And what concord hath distresses,

Christ with Belial ?c or what 5 In stripes, in imprison- part hath he that believeth ments, in tumults, in labours, with an infidel ? in watchings, in fastings;

16 And what agreement 6 By pureness, by know- hath the temple of God with ledge, by long-suffering, by idols; for ye are the temple kindness, by the Holy Ghost, of the living God; as God by love unfeigned,

a Now for a recompense in the same, 7 By the word of truth, by &c. Now to recompense me, I request the

power of God, by the ar- that you would be enlarged in your mour of righteousness on the heart toward me. right hand and on the left,

b Be ye not unequally, &c. Do not 8 By honour and dishonour, riage, or otherwise with unbelievers

connect yourselvesin friendship, mar.

or infidels. To be sih, to be a sin-offering, c Belial, Satan.

Purity of life, foc. II. Corinthians. Of godly sorrow hath said, I will dwell in them, on every side; without were and walk in them; and I will fightings, within were fears. be their God, and they shall 6 Nevertheless God, that be my people.

comforted those that are cast 17 Wherefore come out down, comforted us by the from among them,d and be ye coming of Titus ; separate, saith the Lord, and hy And not by his coming touch not the unclean thing; only, but by the consolation and I will receive you,

wherewith he was comforted 18 And will be a Father in you, when he told us your unto you, and ye shall be my earnest desire, your mourning, sons and daughters, saith the your fervent mind toward me; Lord Almighty.

so that I rejoiced the more.

8 For though I made you CHAP. VII.

sorry with a letter, I do not re1 He exhorteth to purity, 3 and pent, though I did repent; for

sheweth what comfort he i perceive that the same epistook in afflictions.

tle hath made you sorry, HAVING, therefore, these though it were but for a seapromises, dearly beloved, let son. us cleanse ourselves from all 9 Now I rejoice, not that filthiness of the flesh and spir- ye were made sorry, but that it; perfecting holiness in the ye sorrowed to repentance ; fear of God.

for ye were made sorry after 2 Receive uss, we have a godly manner,


ye might wronged no man, we have cor- receive damage by us in norupted no man, we have de- thing. frauded no man. 3 I speak not this to con


repentance to salvation demn you ; for I have said not to be repented of; but before, that

ye in our the sorrow of the world.workhearts to die and live with eth death. you.

11. For, behold, this self4 Great is my boldness of same thing, that ye sorrowed speech toward you, great is after a godly, sort, what caremy glorying of you; I am fill. fulness it wrought in you, yea, ed with comfort, I am exceed. what clearing of yourselves, ing joyful in all our tribulation. yea, what indignation, yea,

5 For when we were come what fear, yea, what vehement into Macedonia our flesh had desire, yea, what zeal, yea, no rest, but we were troubled what revenge !a In all things


d Come out from among them, from among idolaters and infidels.

a Revenge denotes a passion never to be indulged by christians; the

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Of liberality Chap. viii.

to the saints, fc. ye have approved yourselves God bestowed on the churchto be clear in this matter. es of Macedonia ;b

12 Wherefore, though I 2 How that, in a great trial wrote unto you, I did it not of affliction, the abundance of for his cause that had done their joy, and their deep povthe wrong, nor for his cause erty, abounded unto the richthat suffered wrong, but that es of their liberality. our care for you in the sight 3 For to their power,

I of God might appear unto you. bear record, yea, and beyond

13 Therefore we were com- their power, they were willing forted in your comfort; yea, of themselves ;c and exceedingly the more joy- 4 Praying us with much ined we for the joy of Titus, be treaty, that we would receive cause his spirit was refreshed the gift, and take upon us the by you all.

fellowship of the ministering 14 For if I have boasted to the saints.d any thing to him of you, I am 5 And this they did, not as not ashamed; but as we spake we hoped ;e but first gave all things to you in truth, even their own selves to the Lord, so our boasting, which I made and unto us by the will of God! before 'Titus, is found a truth. 6 Insomuch that we desired

15 And his inward affec. Titus, that as he had begun, tion is more abundant toward so he would also finish in you you, whilst he remembereth the same grace also. the obedience of you all, how hy Therefore, as ye abound with fear and trembling ye re- in every thing, in faith, and ceived him.

utterance, and knowledge, and 16 I rejoice, therefore, that in all diligence, and in your I have confidence in you in love to us; see that ye

abound all things.

in this grace also.f CHAP. VIII.

8 I speak not by command1 He stirreth them up to con- ment, but by occasion of the

tribute to the saints, 11 com- forwardness of others, and to mendeth Titus and others.

MOREOVER brethren, we 6 We do you to wit of the grace of do you to wita of the grace of God, we make known to you the grace,

or the gracious disposition, which word would have been better trans- God hath given to the Macedonians. lated punishment, and the punishment c Willing of themselves to make conalluded to, is the excommunication tribution for the saints at Jerusalem. of a notorious offender, which Paul d The fellowship, &c. the agency of had ordered in his First Epistle,chap. carrying their charitable gift to the v. 13.

saints. a We do you to wit, we make known e Not as we hoped, not as we feared. to you the grace of God, &c.

of This grace, charity to the saints.

Titus and others II. Corinthians.

commended. prove the sincerity of your care into the heart of Titus for love.

you. 9 For ye know the grace of 17 For indeed he accepted our Lord Jesus Christ, that the exhortation ; but, being though he was rich, yet for more forward, of his own acyour sakes he became poor, eord he went unto you. that ye through his poverty

18 And we have sent with might be rich.

him the brother, whose praise 10 And herein I give my is in the Gospel throughout all advice; for this is expedient the churches : for

you, who have begun be- 19 And not that only, but fore, not only to do.g, but also who was also chosen of the to be forward a year ago.

churches to travel with us 11 Now, therefore, perform with this grace, which is ad. the doing of it ; that, as there ministered by us to the glory was a readiness to will, so of the same Lord, and declathere may be a performance al. ration of your ready mind. so out of that which ye have. 20 Avoiding this, that no

12 For if there be first a man should blame us in this willing mind, it is accepted abundance which is adminis. according to that a man hath, tered by us : and not according to that he 21 Providing for honest hath not.

things, not only in the sight of 13 For I mean not that oth- the Lord, but also in the sight er men be eased, and you bur- of men. dened;

22 And we have sent with 14 But by an equality, that them our brother, whom we now at this time your ahun- have oftentimes proved dilidance may be a supply for their gent in many things, but now want, that their abundance al- much more diligent, upon the so may be a supply for your great confidence which I have want, that there may be an equality;

23 Whether any do inquire 15 As it is written,h Hc that of Titus, he is my partner and had gathered much had nothing fellow-helper concerning you; over; and he that had gather- or our brethren be inquired of, ed little had no lack.

they are the messengers of the 16 But thanks be to God, churches, and the glory of which put the same earnest Christ.

24 Wherefore shew ye to 8. Not only to do or make your col- them, and before the churches, lection.

the proof of your love, and of h As it is written, Exod. xvi. 28. our boasting on your behalf.

in you.

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