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Christ's exalted nature. Colossians. Of Paul's ministry and hath translated us into and be not moved


from the kingdom of his dear Son; the hope of the Gospel, which

14 In whom we have re- ye have heard, and which was demption through his blood, preached to every creature eren the forgiveness of sins ;

which is under heaven; where15 Who is the image of the of i Paul am made a minister. invisible God, the first-born of 24 Who now rejoice in my every creature;

sufferings for you and fill up 16 For by him were all that which is behind of the things created, that are in afflictions of Christ in my flesh heaven, and that are in earth, for his body's sake, which is visible and invisible, whether the church; they be thrones, or dominions, 23 Whereof I am made à or principalities, or powers; minister, according to the disall things were created by him, pensation of God, which is and for him ;

given to me for you, to fulfil 17 And he is before all the word of God; things, and by him all things 26 Even the mystery which consist.

hath been hid from ages, and 18 And he is the head of from generations, but now is the body, the church; who is made manifest to his saints : the beginning, the first-born 27 To whom God would from the dead; that in all make known what is the richthings he might have the pre- es of the glory of this mysteeminence;

ry among the Gentiles; which 19 Forit pleased the Father, is, Christ in you, the hope of that in him should all fulness glory: dwell;

28 Whom we preach, warn20 And (having made peace ing every man, and teaching through the blood of bis cross) every man in all wisdom, that by him to reconcile all things we may present every man unto himself; by him, I say, perfect in Christ Jesus; whether they be things in earth, 29 Whereunto I also labour, or things in heaven.

striving according to his work 21 And you, that were some- ing, which worketh in me time alienated, and enemies mightily. in your mind by wieked works,

CHAP. II. yet now hath he reconciled, 1 He exhorteth them to con

22 In the body of his flesh stancy in Christ, 8 to beware through death, to present you of philosophy and rain tradiholy, and unblameable, and tions, 18 worshipping of anunreproyeable, in his sight; gels, 20 &legal ceremonies.

23 If ye continue in the FOR I wouid that knew faith grounded and settled, what great conflict I hare for


Beware of philosophy

Chap. ii.

and vain traditions. you, and for them at Laodi- the fulness of the Godhead cea, and for as many as have bodily. not seen my face in the flesh; 10 And ye are complete in

2 That their hearts might him, which is the head of all be comforted, being knit to- principality c and power; gether in love, and unto all 11 In whom also ye are cirriches of the full assurance of cumcised with the circumciunderstanding, to the acknow- sion made without hands, in ledgment of the mystery of putting off the body of the sins God, and of the Father, and of the flesh by the circumciof Christ;

sion of Christ; 3 In whom are hid all the 12 Buried with him in baptreasures of wisdom and know- tism,d wherein also ye are risledge.

en with him through the faith 4 And this I say, lest any of the operation of God, who man should beguile you with hath raised him from the dead. enticing words.

13 And you, being dead in 5 For though I be absent in your sins and the uncircumcithe flesh, yet am I with you sion of your flesh, hath he in the spirit, joying and be- quickenede together with him, holding your order, and the having forgiven you all tressteadfastness of your faith in passes ; Christ.

14 Blotting out the hand6 As ye have, therefore, re- writing of ordinances, f that ceived Christ Jesus the Lord, so walk ye in him;

c Principality, government. ng Rooted and built

d Buried with him, &c. Baptism is in up

a Christian ordinance, emblematical him, 'and stablished in the

or significant of death and búrial, and faith, as ye have been taught,a- the resurrection. As Christ submitbounding therein with thanks- ted to be baptized, that is, to be bugiving.

ried under the water by John, it was 8 Beware lest any man

an emblem of his future death and spoil you through philosophy burial; and his being raised out of and vain deceit,à after the tra. the water, was emblematical of his

So dition of men, after the rudi. Christians being baptized, may figu.

resurrection from the grave. ments of the world, and not ratively be said to be buried with after Christ :

Christ in baptism, and in baptism 9 For in him dwelleth all to be raised with him.

e Hath be quickened, he hath made a Througb philosopby and vair den alive. ceit, through an empty and deceitful of The band-writing of ordinances, is philosophy.

here supposed to be the precepts of 6 According to the rudiments of the the moral law, and blotting them out, the world, heathen idolatry and supersti- forgiveness of transgression upon retion


Worshipping of angels, Colossians. and legal ceremonies. was against us, which was 21 (Touch not, taste not, contrary to us, and took it out handle not; of the way, nailing it to his 22 Which all are to perish cross;

with the using,) after the com15 And, having spoiled prin- mandments and doctrines of cipalities g and powers, he

men ? made a shew of them openly, 23 Which things have intriumphing over them in it.h deed a shew of wisdom in will.

16 Let no man, therefore, worship, and humility, and judge you in meat, or in drink, neglecting of the body;j not or in respect of an holy-day, in any honour to the satisfying or of the new moon, or of the of the flesh. sabbath-days; 17 Which are a shadow of

CHAP. III. things to come; but the body 1 He sheweth where to seek is of Christ.

Christ : 5 He exhorteth to 18 Let no man beguile you mortification, 10 to put off of your a voluntary the old man, and to put on humility and worshipping of Christ, 12 and to sundry angels, intruding into those other duties. things which he hath not seen,


then be risen with vainly puffed up by his fleshly Christ, seek those things which

are above, where Christ sit19 And not holding the teth on the right hand of God. head, from which all the body, 2 Set your affeetion on by joints and bands, having things above, not on things on nourishment ministered, and the earth. knit together, increaseth with '3 For r yeare dead, and your the increase of God.

life is hid with Christ in God. 20 Wherefore if ye be dead 4 When Christ, who is our with Christ from the rudi- life, shall appear, then shall ments of the world, why, as ye also appear with him in though living in the world, are glory: ye subject to ordinances, i

5 Mortify, therefore, your



g See note con last page.

bade the use of animal food, because b In it, that is, by the cross. it was not lawful to take the life of i Why subject yourselves to the ordi

animals. nances of men; especially to such as į Neglecting of the body, mortifying the following; Touch not, taste not, the body by abstinence. But Paul Bandle not any thing whatever, that says, these Pythagorean precepts had tends to the destruction of life in or. not the appearance of wisdom from der to its being used. Paul here any proper provision they made for probably refers to the precepts of the satisfying, or for the support of the Pythagorean philosophy, which for. body.

Divers exhortations

Chap. iii. to several duties. members which are upon the

14 And above all these earth; fornication, unclean- things, put on charity, which ness, inordinate affection, evil is the bond of perfectness.e concupiscence, and covetous- 15 And let the peace of God ness, which is idolatry; rule in your hearts, to the

6 For which things' sake which also ye are called in the wrath of God cometh on one body; and be


thankful. the children of disobedience : 16 Let the word of Christ

In the which ye also dwell in you richly in all wiswalked some time,a when ye dom; teaching and admonishlived in them.

ing one another in psalms, and 8 But now ye also put off hymns, and spiritual songs, all these ; anger, wrath, mal- singing with grace in your ice, blasphemy, filthy commu- hearts to the Lord. nication out of your mouth. 17 And whatsoever ye do in

9 Lie not one to another, see- word or deed, do all in the ing that ye have put off the name of the Lord Jesus, givold man b with his deeds

; ing thanks to God and the Fa10 And have put on the new ther by him. man,c which is renewed in 18 Wives, submit yourselves knowledge, after the image of unto your own husbands, as it kim that created him ;d is fit in the Lord.

11 Where there is neither 19 Husbands, love your Greek nor Jew, cireumcision wives, and be not bitter against por uncircumcision,Barbarian, them. Seythian, bond nor free; but

20 Children, obey your paChrist is all, and in all. rents in all things ; for this is

12 Put on, therefore, as the well-pleasing unto the Lord. elect of God, holy and beloved, 21 Fathers, provoke not bowels of mercies, kindness, your children to anger, lest humbleness of mind, meekness, they be discouraged. long-suffering;

22 Servants, obey in all 13 Forbearing one another, things your masters according and forgiving one another, if to the flesh; not with eye-serany man have a quarrel against vice, f as men-pleasers ; but any, even as Christ forgave in singleness g of heart, fearyou, so also do ye.

ing God :

23 And whatsoever ye do, a Sometime, formerly. 6 The old man, your old, corrupt

e And over all these graces or orna

ments of the new man, put on love. 6 The new man, a Christian temper.

f Not with eye-service, not only d After the image of bim (of God), when their eye is on you. who hath created bim.

& Singleness, or integrity of heart,


Exhortations and Colossians.

salutations. do it heartily, as to the Lord, 7 All my state shall Tyehiand not unto men ;

cus declare unto you, who is 24 Knowing that of the a beloved brother, and a faithLord


shall receive the re- ful minister, and fellow-serward of the inheritance; for vant in the Lord : ye serve the Lord Christ.

8 Whom I have sent unto 25 But he that doeth wrong you for the same purpose, that shall receive for the wrong he might know your estate, which he hath done; and and comfort your hearts ; there is no respect of persons. 9 With Onesimus, a faith

ful and beloved brother, who CHAP. IV.

is one of you ; they shall make 1 He exhorteth to be fervent in known unto you all things

prayer, 5 and to walk wise, which are done here. ly toward them that are not 10 Aristarchus my fellowyet come to the true know- prisoner saluteth you, & Marledge of Christ : 10 he sa- cus, sister's son to Barnabas, luteth them, Sc.

(touching b whom ye received MASTERS, give unto your commandments : if he come servants that, which is just and unto you, receive him ;) equal; knowing that ye also 11 And Jesus, which is have a Master in heaven. called Justus, who are of the

2 Continue in prayer and circumcision.c These only are watch in the same with thanks. my fellow-workers unto the giving;

kingdom of God, which have 3 Withal praying also for been a comfort unto me. us, that God would open unto 12 Epaphras, who is one us a door of utterance,

to speak of you, a servant of Christ, sathe mystery of Christ, for Juteth you, always labouring which I am also in bonds : fervently for you in prayers,

4 That I may make it mani. that ye may stand perfect and fest, as I ought to speak. complete in all the will of

5 Walk in Wisdom toward God. them that are without, re- 13 For I bear him record, deeming the time.

that he hath a great zeal 6 Let your speech be alway for you, and them that are in with grace, seasoned with Laodicea, and them in Hierasaltthat ye may know how polis. ye ought to answer every man. 14 Luke, the beloved phy.

a Seasoned with salt, with piety & and virtue. In allusion to this, proba virtue. We are told, that salt, on bly, Paul here uses the word. account of its use in preserving food, b Touching, concerning. and rendering it palatable, was an- c Of the circumcision, of the Jewish ciently made an emblem of wisdom nation,

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