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Paul warnetti thiem' Chap: üi.

to shun idleness, Sc. CHAP. III.

might not be chargeable to 1 He craveth their prayers, 3 any

of testifieth his confidence in 9 Not because we have not them, 6 giveth them divers power, but to make Olselves precepts, especially to shun an ensample unto you to folidleness, &c. FINALLY, brethren, pray

10 For even when we were for us, that the word of the with you, this we commanded Lord may have free course, you, that if any would not and be glorified, even as it is work, neither should he eat.

11 For we hear that there 2 And that we may be de- are some which walk among livered from unreasonable and you disorderly, working not wicked men: for all men have at all, but are busybodies. not faith.

12 Now them that are such 3 But the Lord is faithful, we command and exhort by who shall stablish you, and our Lord Jesus Christ, that keep you from evil.

with quietness they work, and 4. And we have confidence eat their own bread. in the Lord touching you,a that 13 But ye, brethren, be not ve both do and will do the weary in well doing. things which we command 14 And if any man obey not you.

our word by this epistle, note 5 And the Lord direct your that man,

and have no compahearts into the love of God, ny with him, that he may be and into the patient waiting ashamed. for Christ.

15 Yet count him not as an 6 Now we command you, enemy, but admonish him as a brethren, in the name of our brother. Lord Jesus Christ, that ye

16 Now the Lord of peace withdraw yourselves from ev- himself give you peace always. ery brother that walketh dis- by all means. The Lord be orderly, & pot after the tradi- with you all. tion,b which he received of us. 17 The salutation of Paul

For yourselves know how with mine own hand, which ye ought to follow us : for we is the token in every epistle : behaved not ourselves disor- so I write. derly among you ;

18 The grace of our Lord 8 Neither did we eat any Jesus Christ be with you

all: man's bread for nought; but Amen. wrought with labour and travail night and day, that we The second epistle to the a Touching, concerning you.

Thessalonians was writ6: Tradition. See 2 Thess. ii. 15.

ten from Athens


1. Timothy.




Timothy was a native of Lystra in Asia Minor. His father was a Greek, but his grandmother Lois and his mother Eunice were pious Hebrew women, by whom he was taught the scriptures from his childhood. He was a youth of mose amiable manners and disposition, and after being instructed in the Gospel, he was almost constantly a companion of St. Paul.

As Ephesus was a great and populous city, and the intercourse between this and the surrounding cities was frequent, the preservation and success of the Ephesian church was of great importance, not only to itself, but also to the neighbouring churches. Paul therefore passing through Ephesus in his journey to Macedonia, and finding the church infested with false teachers, judged it expedient to leave Timothy for the purpose of counteracting their influence, and of correcting the errors they had already introdueed. But Timothy being young, and the trust committed to him, important, Paul, after his departure, wrote to bim this excellent letter from Nicopolis, A. D. 64 or 65, to direct him in his duty, and to establish his authority with the Ephesians. In chap. i. he specifies the errors he was to condemn, and the truths he was to inculcate;

-in chap. ii. he prescribed the manner, in which public worship was to be performed;-in chap. jii. he explained the qualifications requisite for bishops and deacons ;-in chap. iv. he foretold the heresies, which, in after times, should prevail in the church ;-in chap. v. he instructed Timothy how to ad monish the old and the young of both sexes, and mentioned the age and character of such widows, as were to be employed in teaching young women the principles of religion ;-and in chap. vi. he condemned strifes about words, perverse disputings, and inordinate love of money, and requires Timothy to charge the rich to be rich in faith and good works.

The Epistles to Timothy, and likewise that to Titus, written about the same time, and containing nearly the same things, are of the greatest importance to the church in every age, as they contain a full account of the qualifications and duties of the ministers of the Gospel, and may

be considered a complete body of divinely inspired rules to be observed by the Christian clergy of all denominations to the end of the world's Timothy put in mind

Chap. i.

of his charge.




swerved, have turned aside 1 Timothy is put in mind of the unto vain jangling ;d

charge which was given un- 7 Desiring to be teachers of to him by Paul. 5 The end the law; understanding neither of the law. 12 Paul's calling what they say, nor whereof to be an apostle.

they affirm. AUL, apostle of Jesus 8 But we know that the law

Christ, by the command- is good, if a man use it lawment of God our Saviour, and fully; Lord Jesus Christ, which is 9 Knowing this, that the our hope;

law is not made for a righteous 2 Unto Timothy my own man, but for the lawless and son in the faith ;a Grace, mer- disobedient, for the ungodly & cy, and peace, from God our for sinners, for unholy and Father, and Jesus Christ our profane, for murderers of faLord.

thers & murderers of mothers, 3 As I besought thee to abide for manslayers, still at Ephesus, when I went 10 For whoremongers, for -into Macedonia, that thou them that defile themselves mightest charge some, that with mankind, for men-steal. they teach no other doctrine ;

bers, for liars, for perjured per4 Neither give heed to fa. sons, and if there be any other bles, and endless genealogies,c thing that is contrary to sound which minister questions rath- doctrine ; er than godly edifying, which 11 According to the gloriis in faith; so do.

ous Gospel of the blessed God, 5 Now, the end of the com- which was committed to my mandment is charity, out of a trust. pure heart, and of a good con- 12 And I thank Christ Je. science, & of faith unfeigned; sus our Lord, who hath ena6 From which, some having bled me, for that he counted

me faithful putting me into the a My own son in the faith ; Paul ministry; calls Timothy bis son, because he had 13 Who was before a blasconverted him.

phemer, and a persecutor, and 6 No other doctrine, that they teach injurious; but I obtained mernot differently from the inspired cy, because I did it ignorantly apostle of Jesus Christ.

in unbelief. c Endless genealogies, endless disa putes about their pedigrees or de- d. Vain jangling, useless and foolish, scent from the patriarchs.



Christ came to save sinners. I. Timothy. Of women's attire. 14 And the grace of our

CHAP. II. Lord was exceeding abundant, 1 That it is meet to pray and with faith and love which is give thanks for all men, and in Christ Jesus.

the reason why. 9 How wo15 This is a faithful saying, men should be attired. and worthy of all acceptation, I EXHORT, therefore, that, that Christ Jesus came into first of all, supplications, praythe world to save sinners; ers,

intercessions, and giving whom I am chief.

of thanks be made for all men: 16 Howbeit, for this cause 2 For kings, and for all that I obtained mercy, that in me are in authority; that we may first Jesus Christ might shew lead a quiet and peaceable life forth all long-suffering, for a in all godliness and honesty: pattern to them which should 3 For this is good, and ac. hereafter believe on him to ceptable in the sight of God life everlasting

our Saviour; 17 Now, unto the King e- 4 Who will have all men ternal, immortal, invisible, the to be saved, and to come unto only wise God, be honour and the knowledge of the truth. glory forever & ever. Amen. 5 For there is one God, and

18 This charge I commit one mediator between God and unto thee, son 'Timothy, ac- men, the man Christ Jesus; cording to the prophecies 6 Who


himself which went before on thee, som for all, to be testified in that thou by them mightest due time. war a good warfare;

hy Whereunto I am ordain19 Holding faith, & a good ed a preacher, and an aposconscience; which some hav- tle, (I speak the truth in ing put away, concerning faith Christ, and lie not,) a teachhave made shipwreek:

er of the Gentiles in faith and 20 Of whom is Hymeneus verity. and Alexander; whom I have 8 I will, therefore, that men delivered unto Satan, e that pray every where, lifting up they may learn not to blas- holy hands, without wrath and pheme.

doubting. e Delivered unto Satan. What this 9 In like manner also, that delivering to Satan was, is not cer- women adorn themselves in tainly known. Some have supposed modest apparel, with shame. it was only excommunication from facedness and sobriety; not the church and its privileges : others with broidered hair, or gold; have thought it consisted in some corporal suffering or punishment, or pearls, or costly array; which Paul, as an inspired apostle,

10 But (which becometh was authorized to inflict. See 1 Cor. women professing godliness) S.

with good works.

a ran

Qualifications of Chap. iii. bishops & deacons, fr.

11 Let the woman learn in lucre; but patient, not a brawlsilence with all subjection. er, not covetous;

12 But I suffer not a woman 4 One that ruleth well his to teach, nor to usurp authori- own house, having his children ty over the man, but to be in in subjection with all gravity; silence.

5 (For if a man know not 13 For Adanı was first form- how to rule his own house, ed, then Eve.

how shall he take ca of the 14 And Adam was not de- church of God ?) eeived, but the woman, being 6 Not a novice,a lest being deceived, was in the transgres. lifted up with pride he fall sion.

into the condemnation of the 15 Notwithstanding, she devil. shall be saved in child-bear- hy Moreover he must have ing,a if they continue in faith, a good report of them which and charity, and holiness, with are without; lest he fall into sobriety.

reproach and the snare of the

devil. CHAP. III.

8 Likewise must the dea1 How bishops, and deacons, cons be grave, not double

and their wives, should be tongued,b not given to much qualified, 14 and to what wine, not greedy of filthy luend Paul wrote to Timothy cre ;c of these things.

9 Holding the mystery of 'THIS is a true saying, If a the faith dina pure conscience. man desire the office of a bish- 10 And let these also first op, he desireth a good work. be proved; then let them use

2 A bishop then must be the office of a deacon, being blameless, the husband of one found blameless. wife, vigilant, sober, of good 11 Even so must their wives behaviour, given to hospitali- be grave, not slanderers, sober, ty, apt to teach ;

faithful in all things. 3 Not given to wine, no 12 Let the deacons be the striker, not greedy of filthy husbands of one wife, ruling

a Sbe shall be saved, &c. The apose & Not a novice, not one newly contle's meaning in this verse probably verted, and without experience. is, that although Eve was first in b Not double-tongued, not speaking transgression, and brought death on one thing to this person and another herself, and all her posterity, yet the to that, on the same subject. female sex, as well as the male, shall c Filthy lucre, unjust gain, or mobe saved, in consequence of child- ney obtained by unjust means bearing, or by giving birth to the Sa- d The mystery of the faith here, viour, provided however that they and the mystery of godliness in verse 16, live in faith and love, and chastity, probably denote the doctrine of the with sobriety.

Gospel in general

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