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in exhortation to Hebrews. faith and patience. looking for of judgment and 35 Cast not away, therefiery indignation, which shall fore, your confidence, which devour the adversaries. hath great recompense of re

28 He that despised Moses' ward. law died without mercy under 36 For ye have need of patwo or three witnesses ; tience; that, after ye have done

29 Of how much sorer pun- the will of God, ye might reishment, suppose ye, shall he ceive the promise. be thought worthy, who hath 37 For yet a little while, trodden under foot the Son of and he that shall come will God, and hath counted the come, and will not tarry. blood of the covenant, where- 38 Now, the just shall live with he was sanctified, an un- by faith ; but if any man draw holy thing, and hath done des. back, my soul shall have no pite unto the Spirit of grace ? pleasure in him.

30 For we know hin that 39 But we are not of them hath said, Vengeance belong- who draw back unto perdition; eth unto me, I will recompense, but of them that believe to the saith the Lord.. And again, saving of the soul. The Lord shall judge his peo

CHAP. XI. ple.

1 What faith is. 6 Without 31 It is a fearful thing to faith we cannot please God : fall into the hands of the liy- 7 The fruits thereof.

NOW, faith is the substance 32 But call to remembrance of things hoped for, the evi. the former days, in which, dence of things not seen. after ye were illuminated, ye 2 For by it the elders obendured a great fight of afflic- tained a good report. tions ;

3 Through faith we under33 Partly, whilst ye were stand that the worlds were made a gazing-stock, both by framed by the word of God; reproaches and afflictions; and so that things which are seen, partly, whilst ye became com- were not made of things which panions of them that were so used.

4 By faith Abel offered unto 34 For had compassion God a more excellent sacrifice of me in my bonds, and took than Cain, by which he obtainjoyfully the spoiling of your ed witness, that he was rightgoods, knowing in yourselves eous, God testifying of his that ye have in heaven a bet- gifts; and by it he, being dead, ter and an enduring substance. yet speaketh. f A great fight of afflictions, a great

5 By faith Enoch was transcomljat of afilictions, or a grievouslated, thạt he should not see persecution.

death, and was not found, be

ing God.

do appear.


Chap. xi.

Without faith we

cannot please God. cause God had translated him; the sand which is by the seafor before his translation he shore innumerable. had this testimony, that he 13 These all died in faith, pleased God.

not having received the prom6 But without faith it is ises, but having seen them impossible to please him ; for afar off, and were persuaded he that cometh to God must of them, and embraced them, believe that he is, and that he and confessed that they were is a rewarder of them that d::- strangers and pilgrims on the igently seek him.

earth. y By faith Noah, being 14 For they that say

such warned of God of things not things, declare plainly, that seen as yet, moved with fear, they seek a country. prepared an ark to the saving 15 And truly, if they had of his house ; by the which he been mindful of that country condemned the world, and be- from whence they came out, came heir of the righteousness they might have had opporwhich is by faith.

tunity to have returned : 8 By faith Abraham, when 16 But now, they desire a he was called to go out into a better country, that is, an place, which he should after heavenly; wherefore God is receive for an inheritance, not ashamed to be called their obeyed; and he went out, not God; for he hath prepared knowing whither he went.

for them a city, 9 By faith he sojourned in 17 By faith Abraham, when the land of promise, as in a he was tried,


Isaac; strange country, dwelling in and he that had received the tabernacles with Isaac and promises offered up his only Jacob, the heirs with him of begotten son ; the same promise :

18 Of whom it was said, 10 For he looked for a city That in Isaac shall thy seed which hath foundations, whose be called : builder and maker is God. 19 Accounting that God

11 Through faith also Sara was able to raise him up, even herself received strength to from the dead; from whence conceive seed, and was deliver. also he received him in a figed of a child when she was past age, because she judged 20 By faith Isaac blessed him faithful who had prom- Jacob and Esau concerning ised.

things to come. 12 Therefore sprang

there 21 By faith Jacob, when he even of one, and him as good was a dying blessed both the as dead, so many as the stars sons of Joseph; and worshipof the sky in multitude, and as ped, leaning upon the top of


his staff.



The effects of faith Hebrews. in the fathers of old.

22 By faith Joseph, when 31 By faith the harlot Rahe died, made mention of the hab perished not with them departing of the children of that believed not, when she Israel; and gave command- had received the spies with ment concerning his bones.

peace. 23 By faith Moses, when 32 And what shall I more he was born, was hid three say? for the time would fail months by his parents, because me to tell of Gedeon, and of they saw he was a proper Barak, and of Samson, and of child; and they were not a. Jephthae ; of David also, and fraid of the king's command- Sainuel, and of the prophets. ment.

33 Who through faith sub24 By faith Moses, when dued kingdoms, wrought righthe was come to years, refused eousness, obtained promises, to be called the son of Pha- stopped the mouths of lions, raoh's daughter;

34 Quenched the violence 25 Choosing rather to suffer of fire, escaped the edge of the affliction with the people of sword, out of weakness were God, than to enjoy the pleas- made strong, waxed valiant in ures of sin for a season : fight, turned to flight the ar

26 Esteeming the reproach mies of the aliens. of Christ greater riches than 35 Women received their the treasures of Egypt; for he dead raised to life again; had respect unto the recom- others were tortured, not aopense of the reward.

cepting deliverance, that they 27 By faith he forsook E- might obtain a better resursypt, not fearing the wrath of rection : the king; for he endured,a as 36 And others had trial of seeing him who is invisible. cruel mockings & scourgings,

28 Through faith he kept yea, moreover, of bonds and the passover, and the sprink- imprisonment: ling of blood, lest he that de- 37 They were stoned, they stroyed the first-born should

asunder, were touch them.

tempted, were slain with the 29 By faith they passed sword; they wandered about through the Red sea by dry in sheep-skins, and goat-skins; land; which the Egyptians being destitute, afflicted, torassaying b to do were drowned. mented;

30 By faith the walls of 38 (Of whom the world was Jericho fell down, after they not worthy ;) they wandered were compassed about seven in desarts, and in mountains,

and in dens and caves of the a Endured, persevered.

earth. Assaying, attempting.

39 And these all, having






before us,

Exhortations to faith, Chap. xii. patience, and godliness. obtained a good report through 6 For whom the Lord lovfaith, received not the promise: eth he chasteneth, and scour

40 God having provided geth every son whom he receisome better thing for us, that yeth. they without us should not be If ye endure chastening, made perfect.

God dealeth with you as with

sons ; for what son is he whom CHAP. XII.

the father chasteneth not? 1 An exhortation to constant 8 But if ye be without chas

faith, patience, godliness. tisement, whereof all are par22 A commendation of the takers, then are ye bastards, new testament above the old. and not sons.

WHEREFORE, seeing we 9 Furthermore, we have also are compassed about with had fathers of our flesh, which so great a cloud of witnesses, corrected US,



them let us lay aside every weight, reverence; shall we not much and the sin which doth so easi- rather be in subjection unto the ly beset us, and let us run with father of spirits, and live ? patience the race that is set 10 For they verily for a

few days chastened us after 2 Looking unto Jesus, the their own pleasure; but he for author & finisher of our faith; our profit, that we might be who, for the joy that was set partakers of his holiness. before him, endured the cross, 11 Now, no chastening for despising the shame, and is set the present seemeth to be joydown at the right hand of the ous, but grievous ; neverthethrone of God.

less, afterward it yieldeth the 3 For consider him that en- peaceable fruit of righteousdured such contradiction of ness unto them, which are exsinners against himself, lest ye ercised thereby. be wearied and faint in your 12 Wherefore, lift up the minds.

hands which hang down, and 4 Ye have not yet resisted the feeble knees; unto blood, striving against 13 And make straight paths sin.

for your feet, lest that which 5 And ye have forgotten the is lame be turned out of the exhortation, which speaketh way; but let it rather be healunto you,a as unto children, ed. My son, despise not thou thé 14 Follow peace with all ehastening of the Lord, nor men, & holiness, without which faint when thou art rebuked no man shall see the Lord : of him.

15 Looking diligently, lest

any man fail of the grace of a Speaketh unto you, Prov. iii. 11. God; lest any root of bitter

Exhortations and Hebrews.

commandments. ness springing up trouble you, 23 To the general assembly and thereby many be defiled; and church of the first-born,

16 Lest there be any forni- which are written in heaven, cator, or profane person, as and to God the Judge of all, Esau, who for one morsel of and to the spirits of just men meat sold his birth-right.b

made perfect, 17 For ye know how that 24 And to Jesus the media. afterward, when he would tor of the new covenant, and have inherited the blessing, he to the blood of sprinkling, that was rejected; for he found no speaketh better things than place of repentance, though he that of Abel. sought it carefully with tears. 25 See that ye refuse not

18 For ye are not come unto him that speaketh; for if they the mount that might be touch- escaped not, who refused him ed, and that burned with fire, that spake on earth, much nor unto blackness, and dark- more shall not we escape, if we ness, and tempest,

turn away from him that 19 And the sound of a speaketh from heaven ; trumpet, and the voice of 26 Whose voice then shook words; which voice they that the earth; but now he hath heard entreated that the word promised, saying, Yet once should not be spoken to them more I shake not the earth any more :

only, but also heaven.c 20 (For they could not en- 27 And this word, Yet once dure that which was more, signifieth the removing manded, And if so much as a of those

things that are shakbeast touch the mountain, it en, as of things that are made, shall be stoned, or thrust that those things which cannot through with a dart :

be shaken may remain. 2 And so terrible was the sight, that Moses said, I ex- c I shake not the earth only, but also ceedingly fear and quake :) heaven. It is supposed that earth is 22 But ye are come untu

here put figuratively for beatben idela mount Sion, and unto the city ship and the political state of the Jews;

atry, & beaven for the Levitical worof the living God, the heavenly and that the shaking of the earth Jerusalem,

and to an innume- signifies, the destruction of that idolrable company of angels, atry; and the shaking of heaven,

the abolition & removal of the Jew. b Birthright, before the law was ish worship and government. That given the first-born in the family of this is the true meaning appears from Abraham had a right to the priesto verse 27, where the things which hood, Exod. xix. 22, and to a double cannot be shaken, signifies the Gosportion, Deut. xxi. 17, and in the pel, which is to remain to the end of family of Isaac, he was lord over his the world, as the only form of religbrethsen.

ion acceptable to God.


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