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Concerning the Hebrews. Christian's rest, &c.

14 For we are made par. them; but the word preached takers of Christ, if we hold did not profit them, not being the beginning of our confi- mixed with faith in them that denceg steadfast unto the end; heard it.

15 While it is said, To-day, 3 For we which have beif ye will hear his voice, hard- lieved do enter into rest, as he en not your hearts, as in the said, As I have sworn in my provocation.

wrath, If they shall enter into 16 For some, when they had my rest; although the works heard, did provoke ; howbeit, were finished from the founnot all that came out of Egypt dation of the world. by Moses.

4 For he spake in a certain 17 But with whom was he place of the seventh day on grieved forty years was it this wise, And God did rest not with them that had sin- the seventh day from all his ned, whose carcases fell in the works. wilderness ?

5 And in this place again, If 18 And to whom sware be they shall enter into my rest. that they should not enter into 6 Seeing, therefore, it rehis rest, but to them that be- maineth that some must enter lieved not?

therein, and they to whom it 19 So we see that they eould was first preached entered not not enter in, because of unbe- in because of unbelief : lief.

y (Again, he limiteth a cerCHAP. IV.

tain day, saying in David, To1 The rest of Christians is at, day, after so long a time; as

tained by faith. 12 The pow- it is said, To-day, if ye will er of God's word. 14 By hear his voice, harden not our High Priest Jesus the your hearts. Son of God, subject to infir

8 For if Jesus had given mities, but not sin, 10 we them rest, then would he not must and may go boldly to afterward have spoken of anthe throne of grace.

other day. LET us, therefore, fear, 9 Tere remaineth, there. lest, a promise being left us of fore, a rest to the people of entering into his rest,a any of God. you should seem to come short 10 For he that is entered of it.

into his rest, he also hath ceas2 For unto us was the Gos- ed from his own works, as God pel preached, as well as unto did from his.)

g The beginning of our confidence, our 6 Verse 3-10. These verses are faith, which we have begun to exer- elliptical and obscure, but the meancise.

ing is, that since the rest promised to a His rest in heaven.

Abraham and his teed, according to

Rest is attained by faith. Chap. v. Of Christ's priesthood. 11 Let us labour, therefore,

CHAP. V. to enter into that rest, lest any 1 The authority and honour man fall after the same exam- of our Saviour's priesthood: ple of unbelief.

11 negligence in the know12 For the word of God ledge thereof reproved. is quick, and powerful, and FOR every high priest, tasharper than any two-edged ken from among men, is orsword, piercing even to the dained for men in things perdividing asunder of soul and taining to God, that he may spirit, and of the joints and offer both gifts and sacrifices marrow,

and is a discerner of for sins : the thoughts and intents of the 2 Who can have compassion 1 heart.

on the ignorant, and on them 13 Neither is there any crea- that are out of the


for ture that is not manifest in that he himself also is comhis sight; but all things are passed with infirmity: naked and opened unto the 3 And by reason hereof he eyes of him with whom we ought, as for the people, so have to do.

also for himself,to offer for sins. 14 Seeing then that we have 4 And no man taketh this a great High Priest, that is honour unto himself, but he passed into the heavens, Jesus that is called of God, as was the Son of God, let us hold Aaron: fast our profession.

5 So also Christ glorified 15 For we have not an High pot himself to be made an high Priest which cannot be touch- priest; but hea that said unto ed with the feeling of our in- him, Thou art my Son, to-day firmities;c but was in all points have I begotten thee. tempted like as we are, yet

6 As he saith also in anowithout sin.

ther place, b Thou art a priest 16 Let us, therefore, come forever, after the order of Melboldly unto the throne of grace,

ehisedec: that we may . obtain mercy, and

7 Who,c in the days of his find grace to help in time of flesh, when he had offered up peed.

prayers and supplications, with its principal meaning, was not the strong crying and tears, unto rest of the seventh day, nor that in Canaan ; there certainly remaineth a But it was he, that glorified him to believers of all nations, a better with that office, who said unto him, rest, a rest in heaven, of which that &c. of the seventh day, and of Canaan, b In another place, Ps. cx. 4, which were only emblems.

David, by inspiration, wrote concernc Who cannot be touched, &c. Who ing Christ. cannot sympathize with us in our cWbo, that is, Christ, in the days, weakness.


of Christ's priesthood. Hebrews.

Of faith, fc. him that was able to save him age, even those who, by reason from death, and was heard, in of use, have their senses exerthat he feared;

cised to discern both good and 8 Though he were a Son, evil. yet learned he obedience by the things which he suffered:

CHAP. VI. 9 And being made perfect, 1 He exhorteth not to fall back he became the author of eter- from the faith, 11 but to be nal salvation unto all them that steadfast, 12 diligent and paobey him;

tient to wait upon God, 13 10 Called of God an high

because God is most sure in priest, after the order of Mel- his promise. chisedec :

THEREFORE,leaving the 11 Of whom d we have ma- principles of the doctrine of ny things to say, and hard to Christ, let us go on unto perbe uttered ; seeing ye are dull fection; not laying again the ef hearing.

foundation of repentance from 12 For when for the time e dead works, and of faith toye ought to be teachers, ye have' ward God; need that one teach you again

2 Of the doctrine of bapwhich be the first principles of tisms, and of laying on of the oracles of God; and are hands, and of resurrection of become such as have need of the dead, and of eternal judg. milk and not of strong meat.f ment.

13 For every one that useth 3 And this will we do, if milk is unskilful in the word God permit. of righteousness;g for he is a

4 For it is impossible for babe.h

those who were once enlight14 But strong meat belong. ened, and have tasted of the eth to them that are of full heavenly gift, and were made

partakers of the Holy Ghost, d Of whom, &c. Concerning Mel- 5 And have tasted the good chisedec I bave many things to say word of God, and the powers for the illustration of Christ's priest of the world to come, hood, which is difficult to be explained, because in spiritual matters ye are of

6 If they shall fall

away, slow apprehension.

to renew them again unto re? For when for the time, for consid- pentance; seeing they cruci. ering the time ye have professed the fy to themselves the son of Gospel, &c.

God afresh, and put him to an f Milk is here used metaphorically for simple instruction or doctrines;


open strong meat, for higher parts of know. drinketh in the rain that com

hy For the earth, which ledge.

& Word of righteousness, the Gospel. eth oft upon it, and bringeth b For he is a babe in Christianity. forth herbs meet for them by

He exhorteth them to be Chap. vii. diligent and patient. whom it is dressed, receiveth tiently endured, he abtained blessing from God :

the promise. 8 But that which beareth 16 For men verily swear by thorns and briers is rejected, the greater; and an oath for and is nigh unto cursing ;

confirmation is to them an end whose end is to be burned. of all strife.

9 But, beloved, we are per- 17 Wherein God, willing suaded better things of you, more abundantly to shew unand things that accompany to the heirs of promise the imsalvation, though we thus mutability of his counsel, con. speak.

firmed it by an oath; 10 For God is not unright- 18 That by two immutable eous, to forget your work and things, in which it was imposlabour of love, which ye have sible for God to lie, we might shewed toward his name, in have a strong consolation, who that


have ministered to the have fled for refuge, to lay saints, and do minister. hold upon the hope set before

11 And we desire that every one of you do shew the same 19 Which hope we have as diligence, to the full assurance an anchor of the soul, both of hope unto the end.

sure and steadfast, and which 12 That ye be not slothful, entereth into that within the but followers of them, who vail ; through faith and patience in- 20 Whither the forerunner herit the promises.

is for us entered, even Jesus, 13 For when God made made an high priest forever, promise to Abraham, because after the order of Melchisedec. he could swear by no greater, he sware by himself,

CHAP. VII.* 14 Saying, Surely, blessing 1 Christ Jesus is a priest after I will bless thee, and multiply- the order of Melchisedec, 11 ing I will multiply thee. and so far more excellent than

15 And so, after he had pa- the priests of Aaron's order.

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* In order to understand this chapter, it should be observed, that Paul here searches into the deep meaning of the oath of God, recorded Ps. cx. 4, and by examining the particulars concerning Melchisedec, Gen. xiv. 18 20, he shews that Melchisedec was a far more excellent priest, than Aaron and his sons, and consequently Jesus Christ, of whom Melchisedec was only a type, exerciseth a priesthood, more acceptable to God, and more effectual for procuring the pardon of sin, than the priesthood, which Aaron and his sons exercised under the law.

In order to shew the exalted character of Christ as high priest, the apostle first shews how much Melchisedec was superior to the Levitical priests. This superiority consisted in his being a universal priest of the Most High


and Christ. FOR this Melchisedec, 6 But he, whose descent is king of Salem, priest of the not counted from them, receivmost high God, who met A. ed tithes of Abraham, and braham returning from the blessed him that had the proslaughter of the kings, and mises. blessed him ;a

7 And, without all contra2 To whom also Abraham diction,b the less is blessed of gave a tenth part of all; first the better. being, by interpretation, King 8 And here men that die of righteousness, aud after that receive tithes; but there he also King of Salem, which is, receiveth them, of whom it is King of peace;

witnessed that he liveth. 3 Without father, without 9 And, as 1 may

so say, Lemother, without descent, hav- vi also, who receiveth tithes, ing neither beginning of days payed tithes in Abraham. nor end of life; but made like 10 For he was yet in the unto the Son of God, abideth a loins of his father, when Melpriest continually.

chisedec met him. 4 Now, consider how great 11 If, therefore, perfection this man was, unto whom even were by the Levitical priesto the patriarch Abraham gave hood, (for under it the people the tenth of the spoils.

received the law,) what fur5 And verily they that are ther need was there that anof the sons of Levi, who re- other priest should rise after ceive the office of the priest- the order of Melchisedec, and hood, have a commandment to not be called after the order of take tithes of the people ac- Aarou ? cording to the law, that is, of 12 For the priesthood being their brethren, though they changed, there is made of necome out of the loins of Abra- cessity a change also of the

law. a See Gen. xiv.

6 Contradiction, doubt. Ġod, appointed to officiate for all true worshippers, who applied to him; whereas the Levitical priesthood was confined to the particular nation of the Israelites. Melchisedec was king, as well as priest, and of so excellent a character, that he was called Melchisedes, which signifies, king of righteousness. He did not, as the Jewish priests, derive his office from his ancestors ; in his priesthood he was without father and without mother ; that is, he was constituted priest by God himself. Nor did he, like the sons of Aaron, begin to exercise his office at a particular age, nor cease to be a priest when old; but in his priesthood he was without beginning of days or end of life, that is, he officiated during his whole life. If therefore Melchisedec, who was only a type of our Saviour, was so much greater than the Levitical priests, how much more exalted was Jesus Christ, who was the Son of God, the maker of the worlds, universal King and Priest, and heir and Lord of all!


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