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She vilifies the source of attic pleasure,
And all the ethics of the sainted wife,

Though by Apollo sung in polisla'd meafure
Ambition's wayward, unrestricted throng,
Are ever violent and wrong:
In age fophisticate ; infuriate in youth,
Disjointing all the consonance of Truth :
Rebellowing axioms of the elder Mufe ;
Hating that excellence they would infufe :
Ting'd by remorse, and reddening as they do,
Yet seeking other instances to rue :
Abjuring worthiness for that which seems,
Yielding realities for drcams;
From him who legislates to him who delves,

Yet in offence offending most themselves !!!
Rapture betrays us, by those means we fought :

By Ruin oft her amulet's display'd :
The flattering Sorceress triumphs in our thought,
Like the gay visions of a love-fick maid !

As wily Treachery prepares,
Beneath the perfum'd herb her reptiles and her fnares
Though life can little more imply,

Than all are -born to die !
Though ages roll their complex niferies on' :

Though the brain's tubes in agony distend :

Though torments multiply those torments end,
In one oblivious moment there are none !

Though pallid Obloquy, with ceaseless hate,
Affails the fathers of your brilliant State :
The great and good have ever been malign'd,
Such is the vice and weakness of our kind !
Though Sympathy fhould elegance impart,

'Tis Passion desolates the heart :
Madness can sully Health's translucent rill;

Yet shall the fountain wash the Atreamlet clear,

And as the parent waters make the truth appear,
The issue proves the folly of the ill !

He, who telude his Reputation's death,
Relies upon a co-essential breath,
Which Adulation warms and Eavy chills,

As Meannefs or as Madness wills,
Is not in act or faculty supreme ;

But some vile worm that grovels in the dust ;
The paragon of Fear--the scorn of the august

Suppress'd beneath esteem !
The Man to heaven and honour true,
Disdains the rude, insane, tumultuous crew :

And even Guilt beguiles ;
He elevates his laurell'd head,

Unconscious or of infamy or dread,
And, mid the conflicts of the whirlwind, smiles ;

Inconstant Fortune, who with cruel joy,
Is seldom pleas'd but to destroy,

Cannot impress his soul,
He foars above her ire-he baffles her control!
Like the vast orb, he cheers the focial way;

Though thunders roll about his mighty frame,
He journies unappalldis ftill the same,

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O, FASHION, now a goddess, now a fiend,

At whose levce, pride, folly, vice, attend ;
The beau by instinct, and the fair from choice,
The wise from prudence, all unite their voice,
To give their sanction to thy varying laws,
And aid, whate'er it be, the common cause,
To learn by lecture in thy lunar school,
What's wisdom's hobby, and what apes the fool !
To thee my monthly muse shall tune her lays,
Expose thy follies, and thy virtues praise.

Before my eye, a frightful form appears,
The fashion-tortur'd belle of former years;
Her petticoat by hoops diftended wide,
Whate'er 't conceals, displays a tasteless pride ;
Her insect waist, begirt by whale-bone stays,
Declares, O Fashion, thy triumphant days.
Above that pale; or painted thing call'd head,
From which good fenfe, and artless charms have fled,
As though to mock the monstrous fize below,
See folly, in a roll, her climax show.

Away the fight ! indignant nature cries ;
A fairer object now inviées our eyes.
The coldest stoic viewing must approve,
Nor while approving could withhold his love.
'Tis sweet Florilla, dress'd in fasbion new ;
The subjea fuch, what bard would not revieren?
Taught by benevolence, not pride to please,
Her mind itself is innocence and eafe:
Emblems of both, her dowing robes display,
All that is gaily neat, and simply gay ;
And while her garb the pearly neck reveals,
Nor pride displays what modesty conceals.
Untaught by fathion's fickly flaves, by stealth,
To blush because her cheeks declare her health,
With conscious pride, the owns the ruddy grace,
By nature painted on her beauteous face.

Thus sense and taste their mutual aid impart,
Art aiding nature, nature aiding art,


Till in Columbia's modern fair we find,
All that can please the eye, or please the mind,
Till female worth its proper empire gains,
And reafon, spite of tyrant custom reigns.

If this be fashion, then, my country's fair,
Confirm her reign, and still be what you are.
But should fome gaun: old damfel's fickle taste,
With whale-bone barricade inveft her waist,
And swear, though long by lover's arms unbleft,
In spite of charms decay'd, the will be press'd,
Though peeress flaunting in St. James's hall,
Or fashion's plenipo, a Londen Doll,
Disdain the light-whate'er her rank gr age,
Let foels alone, the feol in fashion's page.


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THE POET'S COMPLAINT, A SONNET, addressed to the SONNET-WRITERS of the present day.

* O imitatores, fervum pecus


DISTRACTING thoughts my morning hours employ ;

Bailiffs and duns my wary steps pursue ;

The county's mally bars start up to view,
And thoughts of durance vile my peace destroy.
Then comes the hour, to some of sweet repast,

Wher social comfort mars the drooping soul,

Me a large brood, and scolding wife control,
And soon the noisy, scanty meal is past.
Thank Heaven, at last, both brats and wife a bed,

I quaff the smoaking pot; ah ! fweet regale,
And from my pipe the fragrant weed inhale,
While circling eddies play around my head.
Then smile at fate, who doom'd me thus to choose,
A wife prolific, and a barren muse.


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very applicable to many of the FRATERNITY in all Nations.

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and OCCURRENCES for the laft MONTH.

The commencement of this month pend the AQ for augmenting the Ar

HE was marked by a continuation of that my of the United States. forrow, for the loss of General WASH- A Resolution was submitted for diINGTON, which is so pecularly honour. viding the North-West Territory into able to the nation ; and the general two Governmcnts. obfervance of the 22d inst. as ordered The Second Section of the Act, by Government, for a national cimy of commonly called the Sedition Law, fafting and prayer, was fignificant of was repealed. the veneration of the people for the The rules of the House were suffounder of their liberties, and of their pended, and a Bill introduced for givlamentation for his death.

ing further time to the bolders of military Both Houses of Congress have been warrants to locate and register the fame. arduously employed in the great

duties The Mint Bill was paffed. of legislation, the more prominent of A written meffage was received which are the following :

from the President of the United An examination of the causes and Stares, in the words following, to wit, consequences of an imputed insult, Gentlemen of the House of Representatives, committed on the person of Mr. Ran. In consequence of your request to me, dolph, jun. one of the Representatives conveyed in your resolution of the 4th froin the State of Virginia, by two of- of this month, I directed the Secretary ficers belonging to the navy and army: of State to lay before me, copies of the the account was stated by the aggrieve papers intended. These copies, toed person, in a letter to the President, gether with his report, I now transmit and by him transmitted for the confid- to the House of Reprefentatives, for eration of Congress.

It involved a the confideration of the members. declaration, That the offence was per

JOHN ADAMS. petrated in consequence of words ut- United States, tered in a debate in the House of Representatives, derogatory to the dignity of the existing military establishments. The Report from the Secretary of This affair was produtive of much fe. State to the President, contains all the rious debate, and the refult was, That papers relative to the apprehension and a majority of the House did not think delivery of Jonathan Robbins, who was fufficient cause appeared to justify their ultimately executed at Jamaica, in the interpofition, on the ground of a brcach, West Indies, on a charge of murder and of privilege

piracy. A Bill passed to be enaded to fuf

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HE Marine Fire and Marine In- A Resolve establishing the pay

of surance Bill passed to be engrossed. the Members of the Council, Senate

The Tax Bill passed to a third read- and House passed—the sum is two dol. ing : the sum to be raised is 153,989 lars per day. Dollars and 13 Cents.

The Hon, Thcodore Sedgwick, Esq.


was elected as Major General of the A Bill was received from the Sength division (Berkshire) of militia, ate altering the time for holding the

A Bill was re-difcuffed for the aug. Courts of Common Plcas and Sellions mentation of the Governor's salary, at Portland. which was negatived: the salary is The Ninth Massachusetts Turnpike ixed at eight hundred pounds per year. Corporation Bill, was passed to be en

The Eighth Massachusetts Turnpike grossed. Corporation Bill, passed to be ene The Merrimack Bank Ad passed to groffed.

be engroffed. The Ninth Massachusetts Turnpike The Bill authorizing towns to make Corporation Bill, was read a second laws to restrain cattle and horses fronı time, and to-morrow, 3 o'clock, assign, going at large, was passed to be en. ed for the third reading.

grofled. The Weight and Measure Bill was A Bill in addition to the Law for read a third time, and recommitted for the instruction of youth, and for the further amondments.

promotion of good education ;, was A Bill was received from the Senate read a first time, to encourage the manufacture of leath- Private business as usual. er, boots, half-boots, shoes, pamps,

TUESDAY, FEB, 18. Fandals, flippers and goloshoes, and to The Merrimack Bank bill came prevent fraud therein, which had pafl- down from the Senate, and passed to ed in that body to be engrossed. The be engrossed. Bill was read twice in the Housc, and A bill to encourage the manufacture Tuesday next, 12 o'clock, assigned for

of leather boots, half boots, pumps, the third reading, and in the mean sandals, slippers and golofaoes; and to time committed.

prevent frauds therein ; paffed to be A Committee was appointed to con engrossed. fider whether any measures are neces- A committee on the sale of East, sary to be adopted relative to the Hof- ern Lands, was raised. pital lately ereded on Martha's Vine- A bill in addition to an Act, intitled, yard.

an Ad establishing a Supreme Judicial. A Bill giving a remedy in law against Court within this Commonwealth, was the Executors and Administrators of read a third time, and passed to be endeceased debtors, in joint contracts, grossed. passed to be engroffed.

A bill for establishing a Municipal A Bill to incorporate the plantation Town Court, in the town of Boston, No. 7, on Union River, into a town passed to a third reading. by the name of Ellsworth, was read A bill for the due regulation of twice, and Tuesday next, II o'clock, Weights and Measures, pafled to be enassigned for the third reading, and in grossed. the interim committed.

Bills incorporating certain planta- . FRIDAY, FEB. 14.

tions in the district of Maine, into The Bill in addition to the Act ina towns by the names of Orland, Elllcorporating Merrimack Bank, was worth, and Rumford, have passed varead twice, and this day, 4 o'clock, af- Fious stages. figned for the third reading.

Messrs. Lowell, Smith, and Russell, The Bill in addition to the Ad to of Boston, were appointed a Committee prevent the spreadiaz of Contagious to answer the invitations of the AcadSickness, passed to be engrossed

emy of Arts and Sciences; the Presi. A Committee was appointed to bring dent and Board of Trustees of the in a Bill in addition to the Act for pre- Mechanic Alociation ; and the Presiventing common nuisances.

dent, Professors and Tutors of Harvard A Bill, authorizing towns to make' University; that the House would atbye-laws for restraining cattle and tend Solemnities in memory of General horses from going at large, was read WASHINGTON, and to inform them twice, and this day, at 3 o'clock, af- the pressure of public business preventfigned for the third reading.

ed their accepting those invitations.



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