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An Ad to allow a Drawback on of the United States, and that the, Goods exported to New-Orleans, and acceptance of such other office faali therein to amend the Act, entitled, An vacate the appointment of any Judge Act to regulate the Collection of Du accepting the same. ties on Impofts and Tonnage.


Was received from the Senate with IN SENATE, Feb. 3.

two amendments. The ift, strikes Resolved, by the Senate and House out that part of the 4th sec. which enof Representatives of the United States abled citizens of the U. S. resident in of America, in Congress assembled, France to repair to this country, with two-thirds of both Houses concurring, vessels, and other property bona fide beThat the following amendment to the longing to them, and was concurred in. Conftitution of the United States, be The 2d strikes out the oth fect. recommended to the adoption of the which provides a salary of 3000 dols, Legislatures of the different States, and for the Consul or Agent ; and to rethat, when adopted by three fourths of ftri& him from trade. the faid Legislatures, the same shall The President of the United States become a part of the said Conftitution. informed, he had approved the Second

That' neither the Chief Justice, or Census Ad, and the Military service any Judge of the United States, shall Land Grant A&. hold any other appointment or office The President notified the House, under the government of the United he had figned the Recapture Salvage States, or the individual States, dur 48. ing his continuance in office as a judge


shall be under the government of the

A GENTLEMAN direa liom fort Agent for Indian mars

Wilkinson mentions, that Col.Hawkins “Mr. Bowles is near the mouth of Icft there on the 24th ult. for the this river, from whence he continues Crcek Nation.

to pour forth his threats against the Extrait of a Leiter from Col. Haw- officers of the United States in this de

kins, Agent of the United States for partment, and I continue my arrange Indian affairs, to Gov. Jackson, dat ments to punish all thieves and miled Coretah Taliawbasse, 2016 Dec. chief makers. We have punished, in 1799

an exemplary manner, the leader of the “ I have not till the present had an banditti, who insulted the Commissionopportunity to acknowledge the re ers of Spain and the United States on ceipt of your Excellency's favour of the the 17th of September. He was cropI3th Nov. which was delivered me on ped, whipped, and his property dethe road to Tuckabafchce, and I can Atroyed, and three of his associates not reply to the whole as I could wish. whipped. We have had one white The documents herewith enclosed will man whipped for negro stealing, and exhibit to you fome interesting pro one negro Thot through the arm and in ceedings in this quarter, and are an the thigh, for refifting those who were apology for the omission. [These docu sent to apprehend him, and attempting ments bave been published. Some time fonce.] to fire on a white man.

“ The National Council was con “I find it an arduous undertaking, veoed at Tuckabaschee on the 24th with so few asliftants, to make the imNov.--the meeting has been a very in- preslion I wish on the minds of my red teresting one. I had much converfa charge, who are scattered over a wild tion with the Chiefs, and felt that as country of at least three hundred miles an Agent I possessed their confidence square: Bowles, and other mischief in a high degree. The Chiefs have makers, are by every opportunity poiagreed that all mischief makers and soning the minds of the Indians with thieves of any country of white people, their abominable lies and misreprefedt


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serve peace.

ations. In the present conjun&ure, I Company of North America, by letters receive and reciprocate with peculiar from London, of the 16th Dec. receivpleasure, the assurance of future co-op ed on Monday, informs, that he has erations on the part of your Excellen- pecently recovered and received paycy, to promote 'harmony and to pre ment for three clainis, viz.

The period may be for the Start, Mallebay & Durand, eventually a very interesting one for

Rising Sun, Wilkie, and your frontiers.'

Hannah Post.
A letter dated late in Nov. from a

OFFICIAL COPY. gentleman of information in France, to

The underligned, Secretary of State, his friend here, mentions, as the gen. has received His Majesty's command, cral belief in the best informed circles, to inform Mr, King, that His Majesty that peace between all the belligerent has judged it expedient, to fuspend, for powers, except France and England, the present, the blockade of all the will take place before spring—and ports in the United Provinces which that an accommodation between this was established by His Majesty's or. country and France appears to be un ders, and which was announced to Mr. questionable.

King, by the underfigned, in his Note,
PHILADELPHIA, PEB. 19. dated March 21st.
Commercial Intelligence,

( Signed) GRENVILLE, Mr. Fry, agent for the Insurance Downing-ftreet, Nov. 27, 1799.

BOSTON, MARCH 31, 1800.

In this town, Mr. Samuel Wells, to

By the Rev. Mr. Baldwin, Mr. Miss Ann Brewer, both of Boston. Henry Moore, of Bolton, to Miss Polly

Mr. Joseph Stevens, to Miss Clarissa Cooke, of this town. Cushing

At Randolph, by the Rev. Jonathan Mr. John Etheridge, to Miss Mary Strung, Mr. John Odiorne, of Boston, Denton.

to Miss Mary Thayer. Mr. John W. Farley, to Miss Betsy At Plymouth, by the Rev. Mr. Ken. Lewis.

dall,, Rev. Ward Cotton, of Boylston, to By the Rev. Dr. Stillman, Mr. Ro-, Miss Rebecca Jackson, of Plymouth. bert Carter, to Miss Catherine Jenni At Westford, Mr. Samuel Stone, of fon,

Boston, to Mifs Cracy Stodder, By the Rev. Dr. Thacher, Mr. Con At King fton, N. H. Mr. Levi Sleeper, fider Orcott, to

Miss Rebecca A. to Mifs Betsy Lovering, of Exeter. Downing.

Damascotty, by the Rev. John By the Rev. Dr. Stillman, M. John Chevers, Capt. James Smithwick, to Goodfellow, to Miss Johanna Scott

. the amiable and accon Miss Mr. Afa Lawrence, to Miss Abigail Eliza Jackson, both of this town. Prout.

Mr. William Andrews, to Miss Betsy Mingerfon.


In this town, Mila Prudence Belli

daughter of Maj. William Bell.

Miss Betsy Weld, aged 20 years, daughter of Mr. Benjamin Weld, deputy Collector of the Custoins.

Suddenly, Deacon Daniel Jones, aged 74.

Mrs. Mary Wentworth, aged 68.

Mr. Samuel Flatt, tin plate worker, aged 30.


Mrs. Elizabeth Wild, widow of the At Sbutesbury, Dr. Rusus Day, aged late Mr. Samuel Wild.

33 years.
Mrs. H. Hunt, a native of England; At Bridgesvater, the widow Meheta-
Mr. John Driscoll, aged 17; Mrs. bel Otis, aged 72, relict of Dr. Isaac
Elizabeth Salmon, aged 29 ; Mrs. 3. Otis, late of that town, deceased.
Seward, aged 62 ;, Mr. Ambrose Vin At Cambridge, very sudlenly, Mr.
cent, aged 87; Mrs. Susannah Whit Samuel Whittemore, aged 79.
marsh, aged 69.

Miss Jane Bucher, aged 88.
Mrs. Mary Knox, wife of Mr. At Medford, Mrs. Mary Swain, for:
Thomas Knox, aged 64.

mer!y of Boston, aged 77.
Master Robert Hooton, 3d son of At Watertown, Miss Elizabeth Cool.
Mr. John Hooton, aged 4 years. idge, aged 16, daughter of Mr. Daniel
Mr. John Blake, aged So.

Very suddenly, Mr. Philip Rote, At Shrewfoury, Mr. Thomas H.
aged 27.

Kemble, of this town, aged 26.
Mr. Jonathan Loring, aged 55.. At Newton, Mr. Samuel Glyde,
Mr. Caleb Carter, aged 35.

formerly of this town, aged 64.
Mrs. Martha Farnham, widow, In Virginia, Hon. Robert Brooks,

late Governor of that State. Mr. Job Hunt, aged 63.

The corpse of Mr. N. Burke, a At Roxbury, Mrs. Hannah Jories, Catholic Clergyman, has been found in aged 25, confort of Mr. John Jones. Stoney Creek, Suflex County (Virg.) It

At Rehoboth, The Rev. Aaron iš said, he had a brother living in or Wheeler, a Baptist Minister.

near Boflon.

aged 68.


IN our next, we dhall affix a Plate of the celebrated new machine, called the PERPETUAL Log, invented by Mr. Gouid, an American,---calculated to kecp a ship's time and distance.

In our next Number, we shall insert the first part of a Novel, copied from Nature, called, The Curate of Elonwood: written by ANTHONY PAsQuin.

The Hermit of Virginia will be continued in our next.

The Lines from Cambridge, on the Firft of April, are neatly written; but we think the application to a certain person too severe : we cannot be induced to believe, that folly is in so much request as A B C imagines.

The Anecdote from Salem, dated Old Times, is not of much moment, in these enlightened days: we do not precisely know when the last of the wizards expired, if any were there; but we are perfectly assured of the exiftence of witches, at this moment.

The Observations on Free-Masonry are made up of common-place matter, and inadmissible: that noble order is not to be shaken by such a puerile afrailant.

If Philander is in love, we pity him, and wisa him as much relief as the nature of the case will admit: but we do not think it would be discreet, to lay his amorous ditties before our readers.

'The Second Number of the Fassionable Review is in conteniplation :-The Muse, anxious to appear in public, but still more anxious to appear in the charms of novelty, like many of her fex, is waiting for the cue of fashion from the spring arrivals. Unemployed by the fair patroness, the Milliner is sharpening the fhears, and the Bard his pen, to furnish something new for their respective cuf

CRITON. Some of our Patrons have expressed a desire to have the Contents of this work inserted in the body of the Magazine ;- but they will please to recollect, that the Contents will be comprised in a complete Index, at the end of every volume.

We have thought it proper, on mature confideration, to request the payment, for this Magazine, every four months, which will make the sum requis <d, precisely One Dollar,

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