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torn ;

She pos

forhearance, and, like a true Chris. Yet fhall remembrance, from oblivion's tian, was religned to leave this

veil, world, and go to that God whom Relieve your scene, and ligh with grief

sincere, He adored.

And soft compassion, at your tragic Mrs. Lydia Carnes, eldest tale, daughter of the Hon. Richard In filent tribute pay her kindred tear.' Derby, Esq. of Salem, deceased.

Mrs. Lydia S. Holland, the After a lingering illness, Mrs. Sarah Winthrop, in the 42d year

wife of Mr. John G. Holland, of her age, widow of the late John aged 28.

Mrs. Rebecca Greene, wife of Winthrop, Esq. Her character is too exalted to need any euło. David Greene, Esq. aged 41. gium.

On the tomb of this excellent la. For both their parents dead the orphans will unite to inscribe her virtues,

dy, gratitude, affection and truth mourn, With anguish keen the filial breast is With a cultivated mind, and a

pure heart, benevolent, and rich 'et, at this thought let peace and com in good deeds, she was formed to

fort rise, They meet in realms of bliss above the As a mother, truly exquilite were

be the companion of excellence. fkies. Drowried, from on board the from the weakness of her sex.

her feelings, and yet equally free ship Mary Ande, on her paffage Friendship in her was life ; it was from Boston to St. Sebastians, Mr. John Lee, son of Col. William Teffed an elegant taste for the en

strong even in death. R. Lee, of Marblehead; a young joyments of society; but the gloman whose virtues rendered him dear to all his acquaintance, ry of her character was confpic.

uous in all the domestic connex, whose youthful genius and enter

ions. prise, presaged a respectable and when diffusing happiness.

She was happy, but only

Her useful manhood, whose conduct had secured the tenderest affec- memory will be consecrated by

the blessings of the poor, and the tions, and raised the fondest hopes of his parents and kindred; hopes, the rank of a mortal, to the soci

tears of friendship. Elevated from alas! now now buried in the

ety of celestial spirits, the has left “ Rolling Ocean's vast abyss.”

to us the image of her virtues, ! Thou child of virtue and of truth, and restored to them the fair adieu,

original. Your toils and pains and dangers are no

At Guilford, Con.) Mr. Da. The tempest now fhall howl unheard by vid Thompson, aged 97, a native

of Ireland. you, While ocean Imites in vain the trem At N. Haven, Mr. Abraham

Harding, aged 27, a native of What though no funeral pomp, no lable Medway (Maff) bier

At Gorham, Mrs. Sarah Foster, Your hour of death, to gazing crowds aged 99. shall tell,

At Marlborough, Mrs. Eliza Nor weeping friends be nigh to Med the Gibbon, wife of Mr. Samuel And fadly kiten to the palling bell,

Gibbon, aged 32.


more ;

bling shore.


At Brookfield, Mr. Edward At Spring field, the Hon. Joha Paul, aged 21.

Worthington, Esq. aged 81, an At Salem, Mr. Joseph Bow- eminent Barrister at law, ditch, aged 42.

At Charleston S. C. Capt. Caleb At Nantucket, Miss Hepzibah Wheedon, of Greenwich, R. I. Mitchel, aged 13 years.

At Providence, Mr. William Mr. Francis Barnard, aged 80. Bass, aged 31, son of Mr. Samuel Mr. Reuben Worth, aged 74. Bass, of this town.

At Groton, after a long and ted At Keene, Mr, Reuben Fenno, ious illness, Mr. Nathaniel Gard- aged 32. ner, merchant, aged 41, formerly At Lincoln, Mr. John B. Barof this town.

ret, aged 24. Drowned in Concord River, on At Bridgewater, 10th ult. Miss his return home from this town, Parna Young, aged 18, daughter Mr. Richard Kneeland, belonging of Lt. Robert Young. to Westford, a gentleman of respec At Putney, V. Mrs. Mary Satability.

bin, consort of Hon. Noah Sabin, On the 25th inst. at Jamaica aged 83. Her defcendants are Plain, Mrs. Hannah Hatch, con 6 children, 53 grand children, sort of Crowel Hatch, Esq. aged and 48 great-grand children. 35. The obituary hath feldom At Woodstock, C. Deac. David announced the flight of a purer Williains, aged 81. fpirit. Those who shared the At Baltimore, Mr. Gerald pleasure of her acquaintance have Hopkins. too well learnt her worth, to let At Amherst, by the falling of a it foon pass from their recollection. tree, Mr. Aaron Wilkins, aged 55 Her interesting and engaging man At Eastwindsor, Mr. Caleb ners, sweetened by a moft amiable Barlow, thip carpenter, aged 53, temper,

and a most generous and late of Providence. liberal difpofition, secured her the At Weathersfield, Mr. H.Crane, warmest attachment from all her aged 52. · friends. Feeling alive to every At Taunton, much lamented, Mrs. sentiment of humanity, benevo Mary Keith, in the 57th year of her lence in her found a warm advo age. The melancholy accident which cate, and distress was never sooner hcfel the deceased, and was the cause known to her, than alleviated.

of her death, by being made public,

will serve as a warning to the living. Tomake others happy, was thecon

In the night of the tenth of January summation of her own happiness. last feeling herself indisposed, he left Her soft and gentle heart was attu her chamber and went below to the ned to every thing amiable. Her fire; after increaling and setting a few affectionate husband will never for

minutes before it, she was attacked by get her domestic virtues, nor cease îne attempted to withdraw from the

a sudden pain, and faintness ensued; to regret his irreparable loss. Her fire, and in the action, fainted and fell children, too young as yet to feel into the flames, where she remained the wound, will know it hereafter till her groans awoke the family, who by experience. Friendship is in did not get to her aslistance until the tears--virtue weeps over her urn;

fire had produced such horrid effects, but her best monument will stand

as to baffle the power of medicine and

healing--administered and applied unin the breast of gratitude in the der the direction of the most skilful of bofom of affection.

the faculty.



During her languishment, which In Ireland, Dr. Newcomb, continued nine weeks, her sufferings Lord Primate of Ireland. were such as to command tears from

At St. Thomas, in Dec. last, every beholder, yet the bore it with that fortitude, which religion alone

Mr. William R. Apthrop, aged 28. can inspire.

To the strictest integrity of conAt Truro, Josiah Damon, son to the duct, as a man of business, he uniRev. Jude Damon, of the croup, a dif ted every quality that adorns priorder which has proved fatal to many

vate life, and while to his friends children upon Cape-Cod. At Brookline, Mrs. Mary Easter

and nearer connexions, his loss is brooks, wife of Samuel Easterbrooks irreparable, the disinterested will of that place.

drop a tear at the remembrance of At Gloucefter, Mrs. Abigail Pearce, his virtues. aged 43, confort of David Pearce, Esq.

In Liverpool (Eng.) Jan. last, At Mansfield, (Con.) Deacon Edmund Freman, A. M. in the 8th year

Mr. John Grew, merchant of this of his age. He graduated at Harvard place, of the house of Bolton and University, 1733, was many years a Grew. Society has loft an honest' member of the Legislature in that State, ; the merchants a methodical was much refpected, and although he and punctual merchant; friendship. lived to a great age, he retained his intelle&ual faculties to the last moment,

a tried friend ; the religion of when he closed the scene of a well Christ a zealous and judicious adspent life without a groan or struggle, vocate and the uniform exemplary and greatly lamented. He hath left, Christian. except one who died in infancy, all his children, nine in number, to survive “But for the good all honest hearts will him.

mourn, At Stratford, Mr. Thaddeus Bird. And wreaths immortal flourish round seye, aged 47. Mr. Birdseye, was a

their urn.' son of the Rev. Nathan Birdseye, now living, aged 86 ; his wife is likewife At Halifax, Mr. Benj. Salter, living, aged 84. They have had 12

merchant. children, the oldest is bo



age, and the youngest is 37, all now living,

Mrs. Mary Negust, wife of Mr. except the above mentioned Thaddeus. Henry Neguft. They have had 54 Grand Children, 54 On his passage from Jamaica, of whom are now living, and 32 Great Mr. Roger Owen, aged 22, son Grand Children.

of the late John Owen, deceased. At St. Mary's County, (Maryland,) Mr. Cornelius Barber, aged 86.

At Hanover, Capt. Simeon At Nezuport, John Pitman, Esq. aged Curtiss, aged 80. 81. Mr. Gco. Martin, aged 88. At Nice, Jan. 9, Gen. Cham

At Albany, Ifaac Gouverneur, Esq. pionet, Chief of the French army of the House of Gouverneur Kemole of Italy, aged 37--after 12 days and Co. of Neru-York.

illness. Foreign Deaths.

At Jamaica, last June, John In London, the Marchioness of Orr, formerly of Boston, a native Bute.

of Scotland. In England, Lord Lilford, for

In Hamburg, Od. 15, Mr. James merly the celebrated Mr. Powis. Graham, of Wolfcet,


OUR School-Por, who feels grieved at the " unnatural diftinations of. Šis ciety, is advised not to meddle with politics; as it is clearly deducible from his communication, that he is totally unacquainted with the political fituation of our country, and therefore cannot have a proper conception of the bad effe&ts, which the adoption of his puerile sentiments and opinions, are calculated to produce; and besides, it is a subject which ought only to occupy the attention of men of talents, experience, virtue, and integrity: among whom our youth cannot with propriety be ranked.

The Lady who writes under the fignature of the “ Fair t'irginian," pofíeffes much literary merit-Her first number Thall appear immediately after she furnishes us with her second.

The “ Querismight lead fome to believe that he is competent to the folution of his own queitions : and to make all believe so, appears to be his principal object :-he is willing “to taste the nut, without the trouble of cracking the foell."

A continuance of Amanda's poetic favours will be gratefully received and duly acknowledged.

Diogenes communication on the present state of politics cannot be admitted; his gall and acrimony have originated in the bitterness of his own soul. The evils against which he so loudly clamours may require a remedy, but not such a one as he prescribes.

The WIT, who furnished us with a fet of original and chafe anecdotes, is ada vised to reserve them for a supplement of a new edition of the Earl of Rochester's works.


FROM the very liberal and flattering patronage the Pbenix has received, and which is rapidly increating, we can confidently promise our patrons a continual

. addition to its merit. Till now, we could not, with certainty, declare the success of a thing, whose predecessors have prematurely expired. Great expenses ard. daily accruing to procure from all parts of America and England, the most chalte, interesting and instructive matter proper for a work of this kind. Our correspondence with geniuses of the first consideration, who promise a periodical contipuance of their

favours, will furnish a rich repast to the lovers of literature, sentiment and humour.

A Gentleman of the highest respectability as a writer, residing in London, will give us a regular monthly collection, of the molt important European incidents, We think we may, by the confluence of these our extended refources, and which shall still be extended with the growth of our proficiency and success, anticipate the approbation and assistance of a nuanerous and respectable proportion of literary Patrons in the United States.

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go to the

THE CURATE OF ELMWOOD. [Continued.] THEY had not quitted the Piaz. you cunning strap ; to be fure you

za, when four of Sir John Fielda want to go to an honest plase !--Ha, ing's

's men rushed forward, and seized ha, ha !--- Here you Mr. Watchthe highwayman with the most in man, this lady wants to go to an credible activity. They swept him honest plase ; can't yơu shew her the away, as the whirlwind sweeps the way?" á Aye, that I can, (replied leaves in autumn, and buoys them the watchman)---Ah, Madani, is it the Lord knows where—Julia ran you? I know you of old ; come too, nor cast one look behind. She along with me: you

shall continued to go forward (as the honestest place in all king George's thought) till she had run a great way ; dominions--the Round-House." The and then stopping for breath, she was watchman happened just at that time exactly on the spot from whence she to want a pot of beer ; but Julia not set out ; she had only run round the understanding his meaning, to the garden, not fufpecting but she was Round-House he led her in triumph. going forward in a straight line. --Poor Julia ! « Madani ! Madam! (faid an Irish , She had been hitherto overwheim. chairman to her) do you want a ed in a kind of insensibility. The chair?" " I don't know what I suddenness and horror of the last ad.

“My fait, but I do--you venture were too much for her. want to be carried to Starling's, my Her faculties lost their power, and jewel, which I and Conner will do her recollection was suspended. She in no time.”

My good friend, if was led by the watchman without you can carry me to an honest place, knowing whither she was going ;, the I shall bless you

“ Hon- was dragged along without feeling est plafe! my honey, an if I know that he held her by the arm.

But one honest plase in the whole town. - she had not been long scated at the Ha, ha, ha! honest plase !---Ah, top of the bench, where they placed кк





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