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her near the fire, before she awaken- for one of her pattens, and, before
ed from her ftupor. She tremulous. you could say, cavy, hits me the naf-
ly looked around, and saw herself tiest blow on the skull I ever had in
feated in the midst of a horrible af- ' my life since the great riot. You'll
sembly, whose miscreantic visages please to feel, Mifer Constable, here
would make angels weep and de is the lump as big as a half gallon."
mons tremble. High above the Aye, God bless me! so it is ;
reft, like the evil spirit in Pandemo. it's a thumper, i' faith."
nium, sat the constable of the night, A thumper! it will stand dam-
a beef-headed knave, with a pipe in ages. I never had such a blow in
his mouth, and a tankard on a stool my life. I wa’ant ye it bleeds un-
before him. “ Here (said this man


hair-It stoundered me like in office) you Snoring Dick, reach a stock-filh." this-here tankard to that-there lady, Aye, it's a clear cafe, she wanta and then bring her before me for ex ed to murder you.” amination. Oh! she won't drink ! 6. Yes." Well, well, that's all one--if she « Oh, the horrid monster! Well, does not drink, she'll pay : so bring Madam, have you nothing to say for her forward here."

yourself? Ah, you impudent-Dick, Julia now advanced : her cheeks take off her patten, that we may carwere fuffused with tears, her breath ryit before Sir John in the morning." quickened, and her whole frame “ Aye, that I will, Mister Contrembled.

stable ; the patten will speak for it. “Aye, aye, (said the constable) felf, and a d-d heavy patten it is." you may well shake when


look Dick stooped, but Julia wore na Hem ! what account can patiens. you give of yourself, Miss ? No, “Ah, the cunning devil ! (conthat's not it neither : I'll begin with tinued Dick) she has thrown them you, I think, Mister Watchman---- away. I thought I heard her throw Where did you find this-here lady something away, as we came along." here, Snoring Dick ?"

« Oh, let her alone! (said the “ Found her! (replied Dick) constable)--he's a knowing one : why, please your worship, I found but she shall doll it in Bridewell to. her picking a gemmun's pockets.” morrow, for all that.--Aye, you

• Picking a gemmun's pockets ! may well fhake when you look at Mercy on us !-0 ho, Miss, you me, you bloody-minded-You may may well shake when you look at now return to your seat." me. Well, Dick, go on.”

As Julia was returning to her “ And so, Sir, as she was a pick- berch, she trembled incessantly, but ing the gemmun's pockets, as I was never uttered a syllable. a laying, I comes close behind her, (said Dick) she is dumb-foundered and lays hold of her hand in the with the heinousnefs of her crime.” fact."

“ No, (replied a second) the is 66 In the fact ?

drunk." * Not so far

gone neither 6. In the fact."

(echoed a third) but a quartern of « Transportation, by the lord Har: gin would recover her." ry. Well, go on, Dick."

“Aye, aye, (faid the constable) “ And fo, Sir, as I catches her there's no doubt but she'll drink; hand, she turns about, stoops down and it's her turn now to send out.


at me.

« Oh,

o only a

Pleafe, Madam, to give this gemmur quently does, to the watch-house, eimoney for a gallon of Trueman's ther to seep or drink. On this last best, and for half a gallon of hot, and account, he was regarded there with four papers of 'bacco, and a loaf, and some degree of respect. three pound of Chehire. Here, He naturally inquired the caufe Scout; walk over, firrah, to the la- of the noise ; and the majority indy, and make her your Sunday's formed him, that it was bown Bring every thing of the best, Madam there, who had pretended and then we'll drink to the lady's fhe had lost her purse.”- Julia aphealth, and to poor Snoring Dick’s pealed to him in her turn ; and, head; and old Ugly-Face, in the with that unaffected simplicity, which corner, yonder, will sing us the com- plays about the arguments of truth, ical song about the cat and the tay- informed him, that a watchman had lor, and make his wry faces, and taken hold of her unexpectedly in we'll be as happy as princes."

the street :--that she was positive When this oration was finished, he had her purse at that time, beScout made his obeisance to Julia. caufe a gentleman had given it to her She was just able to ask him what but two minutes before that from ke wanted;"Money, Madam.” that time she had only walked thith

.“ How much must you have ?” er with the watchman, and now

s Oh, you may let me have five she missed her money. or fix shillings, and I'll make the “ Which watchman was it :” said best market I can, and return you the gentleman. the rest faithfully, Madam, upon my “ Me.!"-replied Snoring Dick, honour !_And if that won't be boldly. enough, I'll return for more.

“Was it you? (repeated Mr. Julia felt in her pocket for her B-) Ah, Dick! you and I, purse, (which the highwayman had you know, are old acquaintances, given her) but she could not find it and it is long since I have known -it was gone !

you to be a scoundrel-Therefore, On seeing this, the President firrah, deliver the purse.” bawled out immediately, that it was

“Me! (answered Dick)-Have a fham! and Julia protested in vain I the purse !I'll be dd if I

-The company around heard this have any purse about me." with an arch smile; the watchmen “ You hay’n’t ?" shook their heads, and the constable « No." grew noisy; which awakened an " And you won't deliver ?” old gentleman who had hitherto « Noslept very foundly in a corner. Ef. “ Why then, Mr. Constable, I timating the thing as favourably as charge you with poslible, he had not above half the « Except indeed (interrupted appearance of a gentleman. The Dick eagerly) something that I truth is, he was no other than the picked up in the street, as I was well known Mr. B

who once

coming along with that there had three thousand a year, though lady." he has not now fixty. He had been “Ah, you old, fox! (faid the lounging as usual, for eight or nine gentleman) I thought I should unhours in a Coffee-house in the gar- kennel you. Where is this something den, and then withdrew; as he fre- that you picked up from the street?"

« Here

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“ Here it is but it does not be Acre, and followed him into a three long to her.”

pair-of-stairs room ; humble enough, Pray, Madam, (said Mr. B-, indeed, but where all was filence. addresling Julia) is this your purse ? Dick awakened his wife, told her

“ If it has a gold talfel at either the story, whispered her to look end (answered Julia) it is mine, harp after her lodger, and left them. Sir, upon my honour."

Julia chattered a little while with It had sowas delivered to her, her landlady, and found her to be and Mr. B- immediately retired civil enough for a watchman's wife. back into his corner to seep. The first thing she begged of her was

Julia now willingly paid all the to be favoured with pen, ink, and demands made upon her : and the paper. She got these readily; the President observed to her, that as landlady retired to bed ; and Julia to be fure as how she was a good. wrote the following letter : natured lady, and civil, and all them “Ah! my dear father, all we there things, and had given a good ever meet again? When hall we account of herself, why, to be sure, meet? Are you well? Shall I ever the might go about her business. see you ? and ah! Shall you erer fee

Julia thanked him, but mention- me? ed, that she did not know whither "I am now-alas! I do not know to go till morning. " “ Not know ! where I am-nor where I have been (said the constable)--why there are **nor where I shall be to-inorrow, five hundred beds around you, where I seem an outcast from society : I you may sleep for half a crown.' have not met onę friend since I left But she was a stranger in town, and, you : every one deceives me every did not choose to

venture into one insults me : they have treated strange houses.

mė cruellythey have broke my “ Lord, Ma'am, (observed Snor- heart --Even Joe has forsaken me: ing Dick) for fix-pence I'll conduct he has deserted me, or he is loftyou to a bagnio, where

will be as

ar I know not what has become of
1afe as if you was in the Tower.him.
She started at hearing a bagnio men-


my dear fationed." Why then, Ma'am, if fo ther!—that Heaven which we both be as you are shy, and a’n’t proud, serve, let that Heaven bear witness, hire me well, and I?ll let you neep that one will alone fills my whole in my house.-- There's nobody there foul--the wish to see you once more, but

my wife-I'll seek but five shil to talk with you, to gaze upon you, lings, and your purse can well spare to sit once more by your knee.-I

would rulh into your bosom: I would This proposal did not require to wet it with my tears, but I would be repeated.-Julia took him at his never forsake it--never, neper !" word, even though he took her Now, gentle reader, if it has been purse ; as he was a poor man, fne any


your fate (as it has been thought she might be safe in his houfe mine, and as it is at this moment for a night. Besides, she was pleaf- many a nobler fellow's) to be fitting ed with the thoughts of being in in that lofty habitation called a garcompany with a woman once more. ret, plunged in deep distress---ņo With Dick, therefore, she went into pence in your purse, no mirth in your one of the little streets behind Long heart, and no beef in your belly-ii


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this has been your case, you

must to be put into the post office. He well know the comfort that arises now departed, affuring her, that from thedding your forrows in se- though she had not the name of the crét-the relief that flows from a inn to give him, he could readily fhower of solitary tears.

In such a discover it. Situation, next to instantaneous and It was now rather more than dinabfolute relief, it is the first of bles ner time, but neither Dick nor Joe fings, and Julia now felt it in all its appeared --Julia was uneasy. Four force-Her heart was eased, and o'clock struck, but brought no comthe hoped for a night of rest and bet. fort with it. It was five--but no. ter days. Having fealed up her let- body arrived.. Six, seven, eightter, the retired to a bed so humble, nobody. During these intervals she that it kissed the very ground. paid frequent visits to an object in

She Slept nine hours incessantly, distress, in the adjoining chamber, and, when the awoke, found her head and charged her hostess with great resting upon the partition wall which fincerity, at whatever time she went rose at the back of her bed.

away, to be attentive to his necefli. n. At the expiration of this time ties till her return. Julia arose. Snoring Dick had re

I have said it was now eight tired for an hour, to deep away the o'clock, and nobody appeared. She fatigues of the night and of the beer became very, very uneasy. It was pot. His wife was-at breakfast, and ROW half past eight.

Still now invited Julia to partake of her bohea body !-Good Heaven !

are my -She consented willingly; and the misfortunes never to end?". At woman, who had but one dish, po

about a quarter

before two of litely offered it to her guest, and took Sir John Fielding's men entered the for her own use a pint-pot from which room, with Disk---drunk, very drunk her husband had been drinking beer. - at their head.

This repast over, Dick awakened ; Now, gentle reader, whatever Julia, who was during breakfast time your thoughts may be, certain it is devising what measures to follow, that Sir John Fielding's men are proposed at first to engage him to go come in quest of Julia ; and I'll lay along with her to the inn where you plums to pippins that

you cannot Joe and the stage-coach were ; but conjecture their business with her. on recollecting the dangers the had To understand it, your memory already experienced in the streets, must recur to the adventures of Jushe resolved not to venture upon it lia with the highwayman. He had again, without a better guide than met with her in the bagnio, and giv her friend the watchman. She there en her a purse with money in it, and fore judged it more prudent to hire in their departure from thence, the him to go to the inn, and to bring highwayman was seized ---Julia fled, Joe along with him to the place and was by chance conducted to the where she was.

Dick readily af- Round House. The generous highsented to this proposal for the hire wayman was apprehended upon the of a half crown ; which, he ftipu- information of the contemptible fon lated, should be paid him before he of Mars, already noted. When this set off, as well as the crown for the coxcomb arrived at the office, the bed. All this he received on the fat woman of Holborn had alighted spot, with the letter for her father there upon the same business. As



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the highwayman therefore was se- going on her errand, he went to get cured, the first business thought nec drunk with her money.) The thiefessary was to search him, and all the taker inquired of him by chance, as different purses of the company were the adventure happened within his found upon him, except that of the circuit, if he had seen such a lady. fat woman. It was agreed that he After describing her very minutely could not have spent it in so short a «Seen her! (said Dick) why, he time : ergo, he must have given it is at my house." This information away. To corroborate the suspic- was sufficient for the servant of jufion, the men recollected that a wom tice : he took Dick by the arm, and an was along with him when he was summoning one of his companions, apprehended, and the perfumed of- set off for the lodging of Julia. ficer confirmed it. The case was We have already seen them in. therefore plain ; Julia must have the troduced where the was. They purse in her possession. Away they seized her without ceremony, and Callied, with the officers at their proceeded as usual to search her. head, through the streets, bagnios, The fatal purse, fo remarkable for taverns, and night-houses ; but in the golden tassel at either end, was vain : she was no where to be found. in a moment found. This confirm. The next night, between eight and ed the fufpicion, and she was car. nine, one of them met Dick the ried away as an accomplice.-.-When watchman : (Dick was at this time will persecution cease to follow returning to Julia without any an virtue? swer or information ; for instead of

[To be continued.)

For the COLUMBIAN Phenix.

O Woman! lovely Woman! nature made thee
To temper man. We had been brutes without you,

Otway's Venice Preserved. THERE is no higher evidence of and illiberal sentiments have receded

the refinement of the present age, from the human mind, which seems than the rank which the fair sex now, under the present advantages now hold in society. We need on of knowledge and civility, to be acly trace the progress of manners, tuated by more generous principles. and the advancement of civilization, It would be difficult, I believe, to be convinced that it is to them for the most inquisitive philosophy we are indebted for the politer arts to satisfy itself with regard to that and the more elegant enjoyments in- moral distinction, which some are cident to social life. In the earliest anxious to make between the two days of feudal barbarity, women were fexes, not much to the honour of little better than llaves to their hus. that, which is einphatically denomi, bands; and the dominion of the lat- nated fair. For my own part, I ter over the former was almost as never can behold an amiable woman, absolute as was their property in without feeling a respect for her alcattle.

But in proportion to the most bordering upon devotion ; and decline of ignorance, these narrow when I see her engaged in the more


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