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of Abraham, where fell Wolfe, magnanimous ally, he brought to Montcalm, and since our much- submillion the since conqueror of lamented Montgomery-all cov. India ; thus finishing his long ered with glory. In this fortu- career of military glory with a nate interval, produced by his lustre corresponding to his great masterly conduct, our fathers, name, and in this his last act of ourselves, animated by his relift war affixing the real of fate to less example, rallied around our

our nation's birth. country's standard, and coptio To the horrid din of battle. ued to follow her beloved Chief sweet peace succeeded ; and our through the various and trying virtuous Chief, mindful only of scenes to which the destinies of the common good, in a moment our union led.

temptingpersonalaggrandizement, Who is there that has forgot. hushed the discontents of growten the vales of Brandywine- ing fedition ; and, surrendering the fields of Germantown-or his power into the hands from the plains of Monmouth ? Every.. which he had received it, conwhere present, wants of every verted his sword into a.ploughkind obstructing, numerous and share, teaching an admiring world valiant armics encountering, him- that to be truly great, you must self a host, he assuaged our fuf- be truly good. ferings, limited our privations, Were I to stop here, the picand upheld our tottering Republic. ture would be incomplete, and

Shall I display to you the the task imposed unfinished spread of the fire of his soul, by Great as was our WASHINGrehearsing the praises of the He., TON in war, and as much as, ro of Saratoga, and his much- did that greatness contribute to lov'd compeer of the Carolinas ? produce the American Republic, No ; our WASHINGTON it is not in war alone his prewears not borrowed glory : To eminence stands conspicuous : Gates--to Greene, he gave with- His various talents combining all qut reserve the applause due to the capacities of a statesman with their eminent merit ; and long those of a soldier, fitted him alike, may the Chiefs of Saratoga, and to guide the councils and the arof Eutaws, receive the grateful mies of our nation. Scarcely respect of a grateful people, had he rested from his martial

Moving in his own orbit, he toils, while his invaluable parenimparted heat and light to his tal advice was still most distant fatellites ; and com. our ears, when he who had been Lining the physical and moral our shield and our sword, was force of all within his sphere, called forth to act a less splendid with irresistible weight he took but more important part. his course, commiserating folly, Possessing a clear and pene. disdaining vice, dismaying trea- trating mind, a strong and found fon, and invigorating defponden- judgment, calmness and temper cy; until the auspicious hour ar for deliberation, with invincible, rived, when, united with the in- firmness and perseverance in res, trepid forces of a potent and olutions maturely formed, draw



ing information from all, acting' work of their hands and our on. from himself, with incorruptible ion, strength and profperity, the integrity and unvarying patriot- fruits of that work, best atteft. ism ; his own fuperiority and But to have essentially aided the public confidence alike mark- in presenting to his country this ed him as the man designed by consummation of her hopes, neiHeaven to lead in the great polit- ther satisfied the claims of his ical as well as military events fellow-citizens on his talents, which have distinguished the era por those duties' which the pos. of his life.

feffion of thofe talents impofed. The singer of an over-ruling Heaven had not infused into his Providence, pointing at WASH- mind fuch an uncommon share INGTON, was neither mistaken of its etherial spirit to remain nor unobserved ; when, to real- unemployed, nor bestowed on ize the vast hopes to which our him his genius yraccompanied revolution had given birth, a with the corresponding duty of change of political fylten be- devoting it to the common good. came indispenfalle.

To have framed a constitution, How norel, how grand the was showing only, without realiz{pectacle ! Independent States ing, the general happiness. This ftretched over an immense terri- great work remained to be done ; tory, and known only by com and America, stedfast in her prefmon difficulty, clinging to their erence, with one voice, Tumunion as the rock of their safety, moned het beloved WASHdeciding by frank comparison of INGTON, unpractised as he their relative condition, to rear was in the duties of civil admin. on that rock, under the guid. istration, to execute this last act ance of reason, a common gov- in the completion of the national ernment, through whose como felicity. Obedient' to her call, manding protection, liberty and he allumed the high office with order, with their long train of that felf-distruft peculiar to his bleflings, should be safe to them-' innate modesty, the constant atfelves, and the fure inheritapce tendant of pre-eminent virtue. of their pofterity.

What was the burft of joy This arduous talk 'devolved through our anxious land on this on citizens selected by the peo exhilarating event, is known to ple, from knowledge of their us all. The aged, the young, wisdom and confidence in their the brave, the fair, rivalled each virtue. In this august assembly other in demonstrations of their of fages and of patriots, WASH- gratitude; and this high-wrought, INGTON of courfe was found; delightful fcene was heightened and, as if acknowledged to be in its effect, by the fingular conmost wise, where all were wise, test between the zeal of the bewith one voice he was declared ftowers, and the avoidance of the chcir Chief. How well he mer receiver of the honours bestow.' ited this rare distinction, how ed: Commencing his adminisfaithful vere the labours of him.' tration, what heart is not charm." self and his compatriots, the ed with the recollection of the


pure and wise principles announc- the unanimous vote of the nation, ed by himself, as the basis of was called to resume the Chict his political life! He belt un

He belt un. Magiltracy. What a wonderful derstood the indiffoluble union fixture of conidence! Which between virtue and happiness, attracts molt our admiration, it between duty and advantage, be- people fo correct, or a citizen tween the genuine maxims of an combining an affemblage of talhonest and magnanimous policy, lents forbidding rivalry, aod Itiand the solid rewards of public fing even envy itself? Such .d prosperity and individual felicity; nation ought to be happy, fuch.a. watching with an equal and com chicf must be forever revered. prehensive eye over this great af War, long menaced by the Insemblage of communities and in- dian tribes, now broke out ; and, terests, he laid the foundations of the terrible conflict, deluging Euour national policy in the un, rope with blood, began to thed erring, immutable principles of its baneful influence over our morality, based on religion, ex- happy land. To the first, outemplifying the pre-eminence of a stretching his invincible arm, unfree government, by all the at der the orders of the gallant tributes which win the affections Wayne, the American Eagle of its citizens, or command the soared triumphant through dif-. the respect of the world.

tant forests.

Peace followed

victory, and the melioration of « O fortunatos nimium, sua fi bona the condition of the enemy, folnorint !"

Godlike virtue, Leading through the compli- which uplifts even the fubdued cated difficulties produced by

favage. previous obligations and con

To the second he opposed

himself. New and delicate was ficting interests, seconded by fucceeding Houses of Congress, the conjuncture, and great was enlightened and patriotic, he the stake. Soon did his penesurmounted all original obftruc. trating mind discern and 'leize tion, and brightened the path of the only course, continuing to us our national felicity.

all the felicity enjoyed. He ifThe Pre idential term expir- fued his proclamation of neutraling, his solicitude to exchange ity. This index to his whole exaltation for humility return

subsequent conduct, was fanced with a force increased with tioned by the approbation of both increase of age ; and he had

Houses of Congress, and by the prepared his farewel address to approving voice of the people. his countrymen, proclaiming his

To this sublime policy he in.. intention, when the united inter- violably adhered, unmoved by position of all around him, en foreign intrusion, unhaken by forced by the eventful prospects

domestic turbulence. of the epoch, produced a further

Justum et tenacem propofiti virum, facrifice of inclination to duty. * Non civium ardor prava jubentium, The election of President follow “Non vultus inftantis tyranni, ed, and WASHINGTON, by “ Mente quatit solida.”


lowed peace.

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Maintaining his pacific system as in station, proving abortive, at the expense of nu duty, Amer- America took measures of selfica, faithful to herself, and un defence. No sooner was the ftained in her honour, continued public mind roused by a prospect to enjoy the delights of peace, of danger, than every eye was while afflicted Europe mourns in turned to the friend

of all, every quarter under the accumu- though secluded from public lated miseries of an unexampled view, and grey in public service. war; miseries in which our hap- The virtuous veteran, following py country must have shared, had his plough,* received the unexnot our pre-eminent WASH. pected summons with mingled INGTON been as firm in coun emotions of indignation at the cil as he was brave in the field.. unmerited ill-treatment of his

Pursuing stedfastly his course, country, and of a determination he held safe the public happiness, once more to risk his all in her preventing foreign war, and quel- defence. ling internal discord, till the re The annunciation of these volving period of a third election feelings, in his affe&ting letter to approached, when he executed the President, accepting the comhis interrupted but inextinguish- mand of the army, concludes his able desire of returning to the official conduct. homble walks of private life.

First in war,

first in

The promulgation of his fixed first in the hearts of his country-
resolution, stopped the anxious men, he was second to none in
wishes of an affectionate people, the humble and endearing scenes
from adding a third unanimous of private life: Pious, juft, hu-
testimonial of their unabated con mane, temperate, and sincere ;
fidence in the man so long en- uniform, dignified, and
throned in their hearts. When manding, his example was as ed.
· before was affection like this ex- ifying to all around him as were

hibited on earth ?-Turn over the effects of that example lafting. the records of ancient Greece To his equals he was condeReview the annals of mighty scending : to his inferiors kind ; Rome-Examine the volumes and to the dear object of his of modern Europe ; you search affections exemplarily tender : in vain. AMERICA, and her Correct throughout, vice shud. WASHINGTON, only afford dered in his presence, and virtue the dignified exemplification. always felt his fostering hand ;

The illustrious personage call the purity of his private charac. ed by the national voice in fuc

fuc- ter gave effulgence to his public cession to the arduous office of virtues. guiding a free people, had new His last scene comported with difficulties to encounter : The the whole tenor of his life : Alamicable effort of settling our though in extreme pain, not a difficulties with France, begun figh, not a groan escaped him by WASHINGTON, and pur- and with undisturbed ferenity he sued by his successor in virtue closed his well spent life. Such


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* General WASHINGTON, though opulent, save much of his time to practical agriculture.

was the mån America has lost! free government ; observe good Such was the man for whom our faith to, and cultivate peace with nation mourns !

all nations ; shut up every avenue Methinks I see his august im- to foreign influence ; contract age, and hear, falling from his rather than extend national convenerable lips, these deep-linking nexion ; rely on yourselves onwords :

ly-Be American in thought “ CEASE, Sons of AMER- and deed. Thus will you give ICA, lamenting our separation : immortality to that union, which Go on, and confirm by your

wil. was the constant object of my terdom the fruits of our joint coun

restrial labours : thus will you cils, joint efforts, and common preserve undisturbed to the latest dangers. Reverence religion ; pofterity, the felicity of a people diffufe knowledge throughout to me most dear; and thus will your land ; patronize the arts you supply (if my happiness is and sciences ; let Liberty and now aught to you) the only vaOrder be inseparable companions; cancy in the round of pure bliss control party fpirit, the bane of high Heaven bestows."

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"By their works ye shall know them.” is a just answer for every person who is inquisitive for an author. This is the proper answer for those, if any, who may hereafter inquire after the author of the Political Review ; and the most satisfa&tory one they shall ever obtain while he lives. I have presumed you will give my writings a place– I am determined they shall deserve public attention. I understand your Magazine has an extensive subscription. The number of its patrons thall not be diminished by me. I shall pot furnish you with the hot-bed fruit and flowers with which our news-papers lo copiously abound. I love the temperate zone and the genial heat of the natural sun, and have long wished for some medium, uninfluenced by party zeal and contracted motives, through which sober and impartial reflections might be conveyed to fober and impartial readers. Such a one I hope to see the Columbian Phenix.

To be the author of the halty production of an hour, doomed not to survive the week, in which it appears, is far this Gide my aim and ambition. How far I may fucceed beyond this limit, Í submit to time to determine ; I shall pursue a series of essays, prin


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