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Goree, and confirmed by nine faves, in the woods, and carried in the who were taken prisoners along with same ship with me to the WeltAbdulkader, by the watering place Indies.

From a lively TRAVELLER in the North of England,

The dire delay some merriment affords.
Dear Sir,
PERMIT a man, who in travelling me with his usual obsequious phrases

always writes currente calamo, of " Sir, your most obedienio to transmit you a sheet for next Much obliged to you for your com. month, which I feel particularly in- pany, Sir-How does the corn look clined to do, having twice paraded in Scotland (I beg pardon for the these old walls, visited the church, blunder, Sir, I mean Northumber, wondered at the altar-piece, perused land) ?-Here, fhew the gentleman the tomb-stones, lounged in the mil. into No. 4,&c. But my expectaliner's shops, and in short, exhausted tions were disappointed: my gena all the curiosities of this venerable tleman was swollen with the importa place. I have been, forely to my disc ance of a new wig and an old inn; fatisfaction, detained here three days and, concluding that his own indi. from no less a reafon than inability vidual merits had brought the guests to get post-horses. You must know, with whom his house was crammed, the demon of confufion drew me to hardly deigned to notice an infigthis town on the very morning the pificant being like me, who travelled Alizes began; consequently I found with a pair of horses. My favourite the whole town in commotion. I No. 4, I found was destined to have happened to enter the north street at the honour of containing the Gens one end, as the Judges entered it at tlemen of the Long Robe. Deterthe other, and was an eye and earmined, however, not to take the less witnefs to the variety of noises their care of Number One


that acapproach occafioned. A peal im

A peal im- count, I ordered as good a dinner as mediately thundered from the tot. the house could afford; though I tering steeple ; the dogs barked; had the prospect of eating it in a the boys huzza’d; and the trum tobacco-Scented coffee-room, whose peters brayed forth most loyally. “ fanded floor” was not half so I passed with some difficulty through agreeable in reality, as when swept booths, crockery ware, querulous old with the poetical befom of a Goldwomen, and peaceable javelin men, smith. and ordered the postilion to drive The period between ordering dinto the White-Lion; that being a ner and eating it is varioully difpofhouse I have frequented for many ed of by travellers. Some visit the years. I fully expected, upon driv- larder, and feast their eyes till they ing up to the door, to have seen mine are called upon to feast their palate. host waddle forth, with the customa. Some folace themselves with reading ry half dozen of waiters at his heels, the “ Adorable Miss A's, and the to let down the ster, and welcome charming Miss B'ş" scrawled upon


the windows, and some take up the lins at the door, and inexorably with. landlord's time by weighty discus- stand the fupplication of the crowd, fions of the roads and weather. Re, unless the Eght of some distressed solved to spend my hour in a more beauty softens their obdurate hearts, profitable way than any of the above, and lowers the lifted spear. Nor is I joined the train that accompanied the contagion confined within the my Lords the Judges to church, and walls of the town. The milk maid had the satisfaction of liftening to quits her unfilled pail, the waggoner à very sublime and animated dif- deserts his steeds on the brow of the course from the Rev. Mr. Somnus. hill, and the reaper throws down In the evening, being heartily fa- his fickle, to partake of the general tigued with the occurrences of the amusement. Whether this universal day (among which the fermon was joy extends itself to the prison, and not the least conspicuous) I request. causes the felons ed to be shewn to my chamber ;

“ To shake their chains, but was informed, to my infinite fur “ In transports of rude harmony," prize and mortification, that all the I leave you to guess. I really at beds in the house were engaged. It first supposed that the words “Genwas in rain to bluster and look big ; eral Gaol Delivery,” printed on the nobody seemed to heed me ; and top of a Calerdar which was thrust even my old acquaintance, Molly, into my hand this morning by a vo. toft up her nose, and, forgetful of ciferous brat, literally signified that former favors, told me she was pof- the prison doors were to be thrown itive there was not so much as half open, and the felons take to their a bed in the house disengaged. In heels ; and that humanity was the this extremity I had nothing to do cause of the various frolics that were but to follow my landlord's advice, going forward. Howerer, this erand accommodate myself with a bed ror was of Mort duration, and gave at a hair-dreffer's in the neighbour- way to surprize upon being inform. hood, at the moderate price of a ed' that there was to be an Afize guinea per night, hair-dressing not Ball, and that the room in which it included.

was to be held, was immediately ad. One would think that trials for joining the prison. This is really life and death were the most amusing the climax of absurdity! An Affize things in the world, by the festivity Ball !—The very sound is contratheir approach occasions. The flop di&tory. They might as well tell keepers' daughters here are all dec me of a hop in an hospital, or a fanorated in their best attire, and elbow dango at a funeral : it seems to me one another at the doors two hours to be as odd a mixture of the house before they are opened, in order to of sorrow and house of joy, as the get a place close to the Judge. genius of pantomime ever jumbled When the time approaches, it is ca. together. If I go to it (which curious to observe the confusion among riosity will certainly lead me to do) the eager multitude to gain admit I expect to be entertained with a tance. Hats, caps, and shoes, are hornpipe in chains, like that in The lost in the scuffle : women are thrown Beggar's Opera, or perhaps the hudowa; children scream ; and the mours of the New Drop, as danced valiant Esquires, who are appointed at Newgate with universal applause. to prote&t the Castle, cross their jave. In crossing the street this morning,


whom should I meet but our old col- it. Nor is this difinterested condu& lege acquaintance, Frank Fidget ? confined to those who are young in You may remember that Frank, not the profession; for I could point out having capacity to comprehend the those who are in the receipt of imfirst principles, either of languages or mense annual fums, and yet, “Quamathematics, fairly turned tail ; left lis ab inceptò,” still continue to take Æneas to his fate in the midst of the a retaining fee for all the rogues in flames of Troy; made a full stop at the kingdom, and heroically Lacrifice the Pons Alinorum ; and, throwing their lungs, and even their characaside his books, hired a couple of ters, for public liberty. You will hunters, and damned all professors in the next place allow me to comfor a pack of thick-headed block- pliment them on the extraordinary heads. Being, for these and a few nicety of their Love of Virtue ; a fimilar eccentricities, condemned, in fact which is obvious from the manthe college phrase, to rufticate, he re- ner in which they speak of and expaired to London, and determined amine a witness in court. The to eat his way to preferment at one flightest fault, the most trifing misof the Inns of Court. I hardly re demeanour, is in their pure notions cognized Frank at first; for he had unpardonable, and draws upon the contrived to blend the beau and the devoted wretch the thunder of their barrister fo oddly together, that I eloquence ; infomuch, that I have would defy either the one or the fometimes known a man, whom we other to claim him as one of their common mortals might think a re. fraternity. Being, however, a youth spectable character, proved, by their of good temper in poffeffion, and keener capacities, to be a monster good fortune in reversion, he is very unworthy to exist in civilized fociwell liked by his long-robed breth- ety: in this, perhaps, they carry

the ren, to whose club dinner he insisted matter somewhat too far; but in the upon introducing me ; adding, that cause of virtue, who would not exI should find many of them pleasant 'cuse a little transient warmth? The fellows enough, without any thing of third quality, for which they should the lawyer about them! As this is a receive their due praise, is incorruptisociety of Gentlemen with whom I ble impartiality! this

, you will conhave hitherto been little acquainted, fess, in our heated times, is no comI shall take the liberty of dwelling a mon virtue. 'Tis the same thing to little upon the ideas that struck me them whether they uphold the cause relative to their profetkon and of Despotism or Rebellion ; whether conduct.

they prove the servant a thief, or the In the first place then, I am of master a calumniator ; whether they opinion that we must give them cred- banter the beadie, or stigmatize the it for a great fund of genuine patrio- street-walker. They feem to contifin : you smile, perhaps, at the af- sider themselves and indeed in many fertion ; but if men who pursue with respects are) animals feræ naturæ, unabating asiduity a laborious public the property of the first man that can employment through life, and bellow (trike them with a fee ; and, with a for the public with but a llender

. laudable flexibility, are prepared to chance of ultimate emolument, de- abuse or estol plaintiff or defendant

, ferve that title, I think the Gentle which ever is quick enough to retain men of the bar may fairly put in for them first excellence in this case



depending, like that of Achilles, up- ing, though I believe them to be far on swiftness of heels. The last of from deficient in either. I know their qualifications, upon which I that, fince they have drawn more fhall dwell, is Serenity and Firmness. together witb the military, no men No difficulty daunts them ; no over in his Majesty's service discharge throw makes them ashamed ; and their glasses and charge again with those fagacious followers of Lavater, more rapidity and propriety than who trace the emotions of the mind they. And of their excellence in on the countenance, would be puz. gallantry, Tom Fidget gave me a zled to find the slightest traits of proof : for, upon complaining to him guilt on the never blushing front of a of the dearness of my lodging, he barrister at law. Whether this pro- gravely advised me to look out for ceeds from innate virtue or innate some female companion, adding, “ I impudence, I will not determine; always do so at an Assize Town, and but will in candour suppose the form. I assure you I find it the cheapest er, though several honest gentlemen way.. can by experience assert the latter. I will not mention those minor

I remain, dear Sir, qualifications of intriguing and drink

Your's, &c. Z.

ACCOUNT OF GRAND CAIRO. A PLACE WHICH HAS LATELY BEEN AN OBJECT OF MUCH ATTENTION. GRAND Cairo, the present capi- nifies the Victorious, in memory of

tal of Egypt, was founded by his conquest. This name, by the Giover, Lieutenant to the Caliph corruption of succeeding ages, was Meezledin, Conqueror of Egypt. changed into Cairo, which, upori Its first beginning was a large wall, account of its great extent, and the which served only as an entrench- incredible number of its inhabitants, ment to secure the army, encamped was distinguished by the Europeans, within, from the assaults of the ene under the title of Grand Cairo. This my. The Caliph, finding this a city, comprehending Bulac, is about more agreeable country than that in twelve miles in circuit, situated upon the neighbourhood of Alexandria, the eastern bank of the Nile, about which was at that time the metrop- fourteen miles to the north-east of olis of Egypt, after the manner of the ruins of Memphis. In the structhe Arabs, ordered his tents to be ture of the city there is little regupitched within the entrenchment. larity or magnificence ; the streets

This, being now become the place” being narrow; crooked, and without of residence of the Sovereign, began pavement, and the houses built withby degrees to increase by the addi out any kind of ornament. They tion of several mosques and houses are indeed higher than what is usual built out of the ruins of the adjacent in other parts of Turkey, and com: towns and villages, deserted by their posed of better materials, being uni. inhabitants, who flocked in great verfally either of brick or stone. The numbers to this new capital.

apartments within, in some of them, named by the Caliph El Cahera, are spacious and noble, adorned with which in the Arabian language fig- variety of gildings and other decora

It was

tions, which are fashionable in these Christians ; the greatest part of countries. The tops of the houses which are coptes, who are reckoned are all flat, and in the fummer time

to amount to the number of thirty it is frequent for whole families to thousand. The city is built on a flccp upon them, spreading a light plain, overlooked by an eminence, tent over their heads to keep off the on which stands the castle or citadew. They count in Grand Cairo del, imagined to have been first one thousand mosques, comprehend founded by the Babylonians, who ing thofe which are erected over were established in thefe parts by some of the fepulchres; but they are Semiramis, in order to keep the city all far inferior, both in taste and of Memphis in subjection. It is grandeur, to those of Conftantinople. however, a place of very little de Joining to Jameel Azehat, or the fence, being commanded by a hill Mosque of Flowers, is a college in situate to the eastward, whence an which the students are instructed in enemy could in a very few hours logic, astronony, judicial astrology, oblige it to furrender. It is gearhistory, and the principles of the risoned by two bodies of militia, the Mahometan religion. There is an- janissaries and the alaps ; who are other mosque, contiguous to which lodged in different quarters

, and is an hospital, with rery plentiful en have their separate magazines of ardowmen's for two thousand blind mour and ammunition. These asaps men, which number is always com are upon a different establishment plete, there being above half the in- from those in other Turkish proro habitants of Egypt, who have some irces, being in Egypt a very conldnatural or acquired defeet in their erable body of infantry, whereas is fight. The structure of these mosques other parts they are but few in numis very

different from those of Con. ber, and serve on horseback.-In Atantinople, the minarets being in this castle the Pacha, commifioned quite anothier taste, and seem to hare by the Grand Signior to act as fünothing near the fine effect of those premie governor over all Egypt

, made use of in the metropolis, which makes his residence. His palace

, at a distance make the city appear though it is but an ordinary ftrucas if it was full of obelisks and single ture, is spacious, and the inner apartpillars. There is in Grand Cairo mients magnificent; it has also joinone large square, called Rumeli Me. ing to it a very large hall, ferving as idani, or the square of Romelia, a divan or fenate house, in which the which is between the great mosque Pacha fits president. But what is and the castle ; but it is without any most remarkable in the citadel is the kind of ornament, and is rather å well, commonly called Joseph's well. disadvantage to the city than an em It is uncertain who was the author bellishment.

of this grand work; but I am in The inhabitants of this vast cap- clined to believe it is not of so great ital are innumerable ; and, notwith- antiquity as is commonly imagined. standing the frequent plagues and The form of it is a square of twenficknesies which infest the country, ty-lax feet, and the whole depth two it undoubtedly maintains itself one hundred and eighty five : it is cut of the best peopled cities in the entirely out of the folid rock, through world. The inhabitants are com- which, by an easy winding, without roled of Turks, Arabs, Jews, and the extent of the square, you descend


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