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ple on the grave of superstition ; to reason, government was strip humanity has extracted the ran- ped of its mystery, and exposed cour from the bosom of war, and to the eye of public scrutiny; and wrenched the sword of destruction - it was found that for a nation from the arm of vi&ory; com to become free, it is sufficient that merce has subjected the ocean to the wills it.” the empire of man; and a new Here was no demon of anarworld beyond the limits of the old chy, to spread the pestilence ofciyhas arisen into view.

il war, to rule in folitude over the We are affernbled, not to pay graves of his countrymen; no the fervile homage of adulation phrenzied parricide,to bear in trifor the birth of kings and despots; umph the head of his father, not to pour forth the shouts of fan- streaming with blood from a guilaticism for the triumphs of an- lotine, to testify his patriotism. archy; nor to swell the guilty ac Ambition never foared on the clamations of a phrentic ufurper crimson wings of victory, to waft

No, a more exalted theme in- herself to empire. We boast no {pires our minds. We celebrate cities laid in ruin, to commemothat day, which freed a nation rate the downfall of government from tyranny, which

gave a new

and religion ; no provinces defoempire to the world. A day, lated, to mark the flaming path which declared the dignity of hu- of Equality ; no rivers choaked man nature, and the eternal rights with the putrid carcafes of murof man; a day, terrible to tyrants, dered citizens. No, far differ but dear to freemen.

ent triumphs are ours. Calm reWhat day can better unite all flection here performed the mirahearts; what sentiments are more cles of inspiration, and deliberate worthy to employ all minds ? Rife valor acquired the achievements then, Soldiers, Citizens, Statef- of Gods. An empire happy, a men! approach the altar of your mighty nation freed from tyranindependence, and recount the ny. These are the glorious mon. blessings of your arduous toils. uments of our revolution ; these Lead forth your tender offspring, are the immortal trophies of which and teach their youthful minds, we boait.) to expand with facred love of Our fathers, perfecuted and country. Let pleasure blow the 'hunted from their native land, trump of joy ; let fhouts of pa- committed themselves to the botritotism burst fromevery tongue; fom of the deep, choofing to affuand pæans of exultation rise from ciate with the monsters of the O

cean, and to wander at large aThe American revolution will mid storms and tempests; rather forever stand, a grand epoch, in than facrifice their religion and the political world. The facul- liberties to the inquisition of an ties of human nature, and the inexorable tyrant. Guided by rights of man were never till then heaven to these folitary thores,na. thoroughly investigated. The art ture received them with open arms of legislation was brought back and joyfully pressed them to her

every breast.

It was

rugged breast. By their toils and success. Our rulers were too perseverance, by that virtue de- virtuous to barter their rights for rived from pure religion, and gold ; too wise to be duped by that industry inspired by liberty, the insidious professions of a they rapidly increased to a de- treacherous cabinet; and too refgree of population and opulence olute to be plundered by, royal which commanded national ref- robbers. They reasoned, peti , peétability. With minds fuperi- tioned, remonftrated. or to revenge the ingratitude of not the value of the demand, it the mother country, they still was the right, which they confondly hailed her by the endear tested. The commands of min! ing name off-rent. Every tongue

isters became at length open and was loud in her praise, and every peremptory. Unconditional subheart rejoiced to obey the com- mission, or chastisement, was their mands of her patriot kings. insulting language. But America

By the fovereign aid of her roused with just indignation ; her colonies Great Britain was exalt flinty brow sparkled at the strokes ed to a height of power, which of oppression, and kindled a holy , threatened the liberties of man flame of patriotism, which the enkind. Victory every where crown gines of kings, and the slaves of ed her arms by land, and her na tyrants, could never extinguish. vy rode triumphant over the seas. Europe beheld with astonisha, Europe trembled at the omnipo- ment an infant nation, unskilled tence of her sway ;| Africa groan- in the detestable art of human ed under her mercenary iniquity; slaughter, without the means of Asia wore the chains of her mo war or foreign aid, rise in defie nopoliling avarice; and the whole ance to the power of Britain. world was too narrow for the The forces of a mighty empire boundaries of her ambition. were called forth, to crush, and But the wealth of nations was

chain us.

The fiery meteors of insuficient to support the pomp royal vengeance streamed through and pageantry of a profligate our atmosphere ; the clouds of court, and the cravings of min war gathered blackness, the tem isterial rapacity./ Jealous of a ri- pest of battle burst over our heads sing power, which he foreboded - But America' stood firm and would soon set him at defiance, undaunted,like the mighty Andes and adopting the narrow policy whose towering tops rise in calm of his traitorous counsellers, the sublimity, mocking the fury of king of Britain attempted to grat- the angry elements. ify the avarice of his favourites Say, ye hoary freemen, who by oppreslive extortions from his are yet alive, what enrapturing colonies. The perfidious design love of pofterity, what mighty was concealed with all the art of fortitude, what divine enthusiasm, hypocrisy and imposture. The inspired your patriot fouls, to powers of flattery and promises, appeal to heaven for the justice of bribery and seduction, were of your cause ; to challenge the in vain exhausted, to ensure its world in arms; and “to twear


with one voice, to die “ freemen pleted by the acquisition of inde. rather than to live flaves.

pendence. Our bands of unity Where shall I begin to relate a relaxed with our dangers. Mu. . series of events, which to admir- tual jealousy,party discord,and an ing nations appeared like mira- alarming spirit of licentiousness, cles! Shall I bring back to view thote infeparable evils of an excess “the times, which tried mens' of liberty, threatened to underfouls ?” Shall I present you our

mine the fair fabric of our free. neighbouring capital, crowded dom. The old confederation with hollile foes; her temples was found inadequate to the ends plundered, her altars polluted, of government, and to regulate and the peaceful ceremonies of the new interests of conimerce religion driven from this holy and foreign intercourse. Indulfančtuary? Shall I lead you to try was paralized under an intolthe heights of Bunker, amid tor erable load of taxes, trade was rents of conflagration, the thun- fhackled with exorbitant duties; ders of battle, and the



our finances disordered, and pubthe dying ? Shall I set before you lic credit ruined.

The people our devoted country, trembling felt the evils, and ignorant of on the brink of annihilation ? On the cause, became outrageous athe East, a victorious army and gainst their rulers. Anarchy an all powerful navy ravaged reared her hydra head ; the high our sea coast. On the West, the priests of faction blew the trumfavage cannibal forsook his native pet-of rebellion ; and the vultures haunts, to spread devastation and of civil war screamed for joy at carnage. Terror and despair af- the prospect of carnage. failed us in the South ; famine But the weeping genius of liband peftilence broke in from the erty fled for refuge to the groves North-Inexorable Deity atlength of Vernon. The father of his listened to the cries of expiring country, transported with paren: freedom. The God of liberty tal love, flew to comfort, and proclaimed aloud “ what men fave his despairing children. His “can do, has been already done ; presence, like order moving over I have found a patriot worthy to the face of chaos, brought harrule a nation of freemen.” A mony out of confusion, confidence flood of glory burst from heaven, from despair. A new constituand encircled Washington. At tion was formed from the collectthe boldness of his achievements ed wisdom of American sages

. the ministers of Britain stood ap- A constitution, which unites the palled, their monarch trembled advantages of all former govem. on his throne, and despotism him- ments, without their evils ; a self, blinded by the blaze of his government as perfect, as the fame, threw down his chains. mind of its chief author, and

The crimson morn of liberty which, if maintained in its pure was often obscured with clouds spirit, will be eternal as his of misfortune. The object of glory. our revolution was but half com Europe is doomed to perpetual

difcord and commotion. Diplo- of horror have been committed, matic policy has spread its crafty the bare relation of which would net over all her cabinets, and blister the tongue of savage crubound them in eternal enmity. elty, which would curdle the Impulse given to one, causes them blood of cannibals ! Thanks to all to vibrate. Reason, policy the hero, who has arrested the and humanity, protested againit monster in the midst of her triour taking any part in the pref- umphs, and chained her down to ent unnatural war. A neutral military defpotism. But the marks position was the dictate of pru of her ravages, like those of the dence and wisdom. This envia- deluge, will remain to latest posble situation, by the firmness of terity. our government, and the discre Nearly all the evils, which contion of our chief magistrates, we vulse the world at the present have honorably maintained in de- day, have arisen from mistaken fiance of foreign threats and do ideas of the rights of man.

Too meftic intrigue, in spite of royal feeble to defend himself against plunderers and republican rob- furrounding dangers, and to gain bers.

subsistence alonę, man enters the The present is an alarming cri- focial compact for convenience sis. We have triumphed over and security. Yielding up his foreign enemies,but we have now, original independence, he volunto contend with ourselves. We tarily lays himfelf under-the rehave to combat the powers of in straints of order, in return for trigue, that pestilence,which walk- protection and safety. Thus the eth in darkness; a spirit of disor- embryo of society is begotten by ganization, begotten by envy, government, and nourished on and propagated by calumny, hy- the bosom of fubordination and pocrisy and atheism; which has law. Thus the popular do&trine applied the most captivating of equality in a civilized state, names to the worst of crimes. A founded on error, and propagated doctrine, in which all subordina- by ignorance, is a folecism in poltion is denominated oppression ; itics. Civil liberty does not conall government and law, despo- fist in wandering at large over a tism and tyranny. A new po

barren wil lerness ; but in enjoy. litical philosophy, which rendersing a cultivated garden, secure its disciples all equal -equal in from the invasion of all others. infamy, the scourges of mankind, It is not marked by the unboundthe anti-ciirists of rational liberty. ed limits of passion and will ; but

Does any one doubt the perni- confined by the gentle restraints cious effe&ts of this wonderful phi- of doing whatever does not injure losophy? Let him turn his eyes another. Hence, no society can to Europe, and behold her in all exist without government, no libher terrors. There, she has rais erty without obedience to laws; ed herself a power, which like and experience demonstrates that Aaron's ferpent devours all oth even the worst of

governments ers. There,by her influence deeds is preferable to none at all."

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Can any true lover of his coun- exiles, ye fugitive impostors, who try reflect on the present situation criminate every public measure of the world, the unnatural war from a pretence of republican which has fpread havoc and de- jealousy; who view government struction in every quarter of the and rulers through the distorted globe, the millions which have medium of your own prejudices; faller. victims to its fury, the na- reflect, and tremble for your pretions which have been swept away sumption. Contemptible mis. in its progress, without gratitude creants ! suspicion and calumn for the fignal preservation of A. are the deadly weapons, which merica? What nation on earth you wield with nerves of malice. enjoys so high a degree of free- Do rulers faithfully discharge dom and happiness? What gov- their trust, they expect your abule. ernment secures to its fubjects

But the



your vengeance, their rights and liberties, like our darted upon them, serve only to own? Have

not a constitution brighten, but cannot consume of our own free choice ; adminis their merit. tered by men of our own elec

Americans tion? Are not our rulers bound by the mos folemn obligations of When we contemplate the vast duty and confcience for the faith extent of our country, the local ful discharge of their trusts? Are advantages for commerce and 2they not under the highest respon- griculture, our national entersibility ? Can they pursue any op- Frize, the rapid increase of popprefsive measure, which will not ulation and opulence, and the equally effect themselves? Will mighty empire to which we may they not all return at the expira- pollibly arrive, the mind expandtion of their offices, and mingle ed with the vast idea, ought to with the mass of citizens ? Ought feel a generosity of sentiment, sunot our unexampled national perior to private prejudice, or parprosperity, enjoyed under our ty rancour,

and to act worthy of present administration, to inspire the important occasion. Our napublic confidence ? Is it not the tional existence is inseparably inhighest demonstration of the up terwoven with our conftitution. rightness of our prefer: political When this falls, it will bury our system? Have we not for our

country in its ruins.

The eyes chief magistrate, a statesman, of mankind are upon us.

We whose wisdom and fidelity com

are destined to demonstrate by mand the veneration of mankind; experiment the grand political whose patriotism is testified by a problem, whether pure Republilife devoted to your service ; canism is a blelling, made for whose firm soul, to secure popu


Europe has rejected her; lar applause, never feared to ex the eastern continent is unworthy ecute the stern commands of juf- of her ; America is her last, her tice; but whose mercy repentant only afylum.

Should we cali guilt never implored in vain ? her off, she would bid adieu to an Reflect on these truths, ye foreign ungrateful world, and return 3

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