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Their trait'rous wiles we need not Hush'd is each jovial song, cach dread,

sprightly air; While ADAMS is our federal head. Veild is the moon, and darken'd Great Chief! tho' fa&ious focs affail, gleams the sun ; And chicken-hearted friends may fail, The world is funk in fadness and defThose call thee villain, rascal, demon, pair ; These, coward and old apple-woman;

Death holds ber brightest gem, They need not thy attention call,

great WASHINGTON. Thy peerless wife can beat them all; Ne'er from thy iteady conduct ceafe, But cease each figh, be filent every But “ seek the things that make for groan ; peact

Their fainted fpirits rise in heaven Thus far the public weal is nown;

to dwell ; Now come we, lastly, to our own. There still they kneel before the Al. When Sol from Cancer shot his rays, mighty's throne, Made our blood boil, our hair to And for that country pray, they blaze,

lov'd fo well. Or when in Capricorn at cafe He shone, and left us here to freeze; 0 WASHINGTON ! our father, In vulgar language we would hint guardian, friend, here,

Ages of praise would leave thy That both in summer and in winter,

worth unsung ; In wars of elements and vapours, While not one fault thy spotless soul Punctual we've handed you our pa

hath stain'd pers,

By faction's eye desery'd, or told To live through all have made a fhift, by flander's tongue. And now request a New-Year's Gift.

Rapt spirit ! Though no more with But hark ! what solemn founds in

us thou roam, vade our ears!

Thy deeds, thy precepts, triumph Why sits on every face a mournful

o'er the grave; gloom !

And by that GOD, whose bosom is Why droops Columbia, bath'd in for thy home; rowing tears!

The country, thou hast gain'd, the Virtue, religion, fleep in SOMNER'S

nation fwears to save. tomb.

The following sublime Lines are extraded from the title-page of
Mr. THOMAS Paine's Eulogy on Gen. WASHINGTON..

OH! for a muse of fire that would ascend
The brightest heaven of invention !
An empire for a stage, heroes to act,
And Angels to behold the swelling scene !
Then should the MIGHTY SHADE again affume
His local habitation, and his name,
Mantling our sphere with his supernal glory!
Virtue and Fame should pioneer his way
Through planets wonderstruck; while at his heels
Valor and Victory (leafht in like hounds)
Crouch for employment !”

Sixth Congress of the United States.



Tuesday, Dicember 30 THE President of the United Statcs, agrecably to the notification given on Monday, came down this day, at 12 o'clock, to the Representatives' Chamber, where both Houfis being assembled, His Excellency delivered the fullowing ·

SPEECH н ; Gentlemen of the Senate, and Gentlemen of the House of Reprefintatios, It is with peculiar fatisfaction, has Leen made for them by fome that I meet the sixth Congress of the people in certain countics of the United States of America. of Pennsylvania ; where,feduced Coming from all parts of the by the arts and misrepresentaUnion, at this critical and inter- tions of designing men, they have elting period, the Members must openly refiited the law directing be fully possessed of the fenti-' the valuations of houses and ments and wishes of our conftit. lands. Such defiance was giv

en to the civil authority, as renThe flattering prospects of dered hopeless all further atabundance from the labours of tempts, by judicial procefs, to enthe people, by land and by sea ; force the execution of the law, the prosperity of our extended and it became neceffiry to direct commerce, notwithstanding in a military force to be employed, terruptions, occafioned by the consisting of some companies of belligerent state of a great part regular troops, volunteers and of the world--the return of militia, by whose zeal and activo health, industry, and trade to ity, in co-operation with the jutrose cities which have lately dicial power, order and submis. been afflicted with disease, and fion were restored, and many of the various inestimable advan. the offenders arrested. Of these tages, civil and religious, which, fome have been convicted of mif. secured under our happy frame demeanours, and others, charged of government, are continued to with various crimes, remain to us unimpaired, demand of the be tricd. whole American people fincere To give due effect to the civ. thanks to a benevolent: Deity, il administration of goveroment, for the merciful difperfations of and to ensure a just execution of his providence. But whilc these the laws, a revilion and amendnumerous bleffings are recollect- ment of the judiciary system is ed, it is a painful duty to advert indispensably necessary. In this to the ungrateful return which extenfive country, it cannot but


happen, that numerous questions It appearing probable, from the relicting the interpretation of information I received, that our the laws, and the rights and du commercial intercourse with some ties of officers and citizens, must ports in the island of St. Dominarise. On the one hand, the go might fafely be renewed, I laws Mould be executed ; on the took fuch steps, as seemed to me cther, individuals should be expedient, to ascertain that point. guarded from sppression. Neither Tbe result being fatisfactory, I of these objects is sufficiently af- then, in conformity with the act sured under the present organ- of Congress on the subject, diization of the judicial depart- rected the restraints and prohibinient: I thercfore carnestly rec tions of that intercourse to be ommend the subject to your se discontinued, on terms, which rious consideration,

were made known by proclamaPerfevering in the pacific and tion. Since the renewal of this humane policy, which has been intercourse, our citizens, trading invariably professed, and sincerely to those ports, with their proppursued, by the executive author- erty, have been duly refpected, ity of the United States, when and privateering from those ports ipdications were made on the has ceased. part of the French Republic, of In examining the claims of a difpofition to accommodate the British subjects by the commis. existing differences between the fioners at Philadelphia, under two countries, I felt it to be my the sixth article of the treaty of duty to prepare for mecting their amity, commerce and navigation, advances by a nomination of with Great Britain, a difference Ministers upon certain condi- of opinion, on points deemed tions, which the honour of our effential in the interpretation of country dictated, and which its that article, has arisen between moderation had given it a right the commissioners appointed by to prescribe. The assurances, the United States and the other which were required of the members of that board, from French Government, previous to which the former have thought the departure of our Envoys, it their duty to withdraw. It is have been given, through their fincerely to be regretted, that the Minister of Foreign Relations ; execution of an article, produced and I have directed them to pro- by a mutual spirit of amity and ceed on their mission to Paris. justice should have been thus unThey have full power to con- avoidably interrupted.

It is, clude a Treaty, subject to the however, confidently expected, Constitutional advice and confent that the same spirit of amity, and of the Senate. The characters of the fame sense of justice, , in these gentlemen are sure pledges which it originated, will lead to to their country, that nothing in- satisfactory explanations. In concompatible with its honour or in- fequence of the obstacles to the tereft, nothing inconsistent with progress of the commiffion in our obligations of good faith or Philadelphia, hís Britannic Majfriendship to any other nation, esty has directed the commiffionwill be stipulated.

ers, appointed by him, under the


seventh article of the treaty, re: offices of the government, have lating to British captures of Ame- made a report of the state of the rican vessels, to withdraw front buildings, designed for these purthe Board litting in London, but pofes in the city of Washington, with the express declaration of his from which they conclude, that determination to fulfil, with punco the removal of the seat of gottuality, and good faith, the en ernment to that place; at the gagedients which his Majesty has time required, will be practicacontracted by his treaty with the ble, and the accommodations satUnited States; atid that they will isfactorý. T'heit report will be be instructed to resume their laid befdre you. functions, whenever the obstacles

Gentlemen of the House of Representatives, which impede the progress of the I thall direct the estimates of commillion at Philadelphia, shall the appropriationis, necessary for be removed: It being in like the service of the ensuing year, manner my fincere determination, together with an account

of the fó far as the same depends on revenue and expenditure, to be me, that with equal punctuality laid before you. During a periand good faith, the engagements od in which a great portion of contracted by the United States the civilized world has been in. in their treaties with his Britan- volved in a war, unusually calama nit Majesty shall be fulfilled, I itous and destructive, it was not shall immediately instruct our to be expected; that the United minister at London, to endeavour States could be exempted from to obtain the explanations necef- extraordinary burthens. Al. sary to a just performance of though the period is not arrived, those engagements on the part of when the measures adopted to the United States.

secure our country against foreign With such dispositions on both attack can be renounced, yet it sides, I cannot entertain a doubt is alike necessary to the honour of that all difficulties 'will soon be the government, and the fatis. temoved, and that the two Boards faction of the community, that will then proceed and bring the an exact economy should be business, committed to them, re- maintained. I invite


Genfpectively, to a satisfactory con- tlenien, to investigate the differcluGon.

ent brances of the public expenThe act of Congress, relative diture. The examination will to the seat of the government of lead to beneficial retrenchments, the United States, requiring that or produce a conviction of the on the first Monday of December wisdom of the measures to which next, it should be transferred from the expenditure relates. Philadelphia to the district, chofen

Gentlemen of the Senate, and for its permanent seat, it is proper Gentlemen of the House of Representatives, for me to inform you, that the At a period, like the present, commissioners, appointed to pro when momentous changes are ocvide suitable buildings for the ac- curring, and every hour is precommodation of Congress, and paring new and great events in the President, and for the public the political world--when a spir

it of war is prevalent in almost or national degradation. As to every nation, with whose affairs myself, it is my anxious desire, the interests of the United States fo to execute the trust reposed in have any connection, unsafe and me, as to render the people of precarious would be our fitua- the United States prosperous and tion, were we to neglect the happy. I rely, with entire conmeans of maintaining our just fidence, on your co-operation, in rights. The result of the mis. objects equally your care, and fion to France is uncertain ; but that our mutual labours will serve however it may terminate, a to increase and confirm union steady perseverance in a system among our fellow-citizens, and of national defence, commensu an unshaken attachment to our rate with our resources, and the government. situation of our country, is an ob

JOHN. ADAMS. vious dictate of wisdom. For United States, Dec. 3, 1799. remotely as we are placed from the belligerent nations, and defir A copy of the Speech being ous as we are, by doing justice delivered by the President to the to all, to avoid offence to any, Speaker, and read by the Clerk, nothing short of the power of re. it was ordered, that it be compelling aggressions, will secure to mitted to a committee of the our country, a rational prospect whole House, to-morrow. And of escaping the calamities of war, then the House adjourned.

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TO THE PRESIDENT OF THE UNITED STATES. ACCEPT, Sir, the respe&ful a military force to aid the civil acknowledgments of the Senate authority in the execution of the of the United States for your laws. We rejoice that your vig, Speech delivered to both Houses ilance, energy, and well-timed of Congress at the opening of the exertions, have crushed fo daring present Sellion.

an oppofition, and prevented the While we devoutly join you spreading of such treasonable in offering our thanks to Al combinations. The promptitude mighty God for the return of and zeal displayed by the troops health to our cities, and for the called to suppress this insurrecgeneral prosperity of the country; tion, deserve our liighest comwe cannot refrain from lament. mendation and praise, and afford ing that the arts and calumnies a plealing proof of the spirit and of ractious, designing men have alacrity with which our fellowexcited


rebellion a second citizens are ready to maintain time in Pennsylvania ; and there. the authority of our excellent by compelled the employment of goverament.


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