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[From Dr. Darwin's Botanic Garden.]


O when the Mother, bending o'er his charms,

Throws the thin kerchief from her neck of snow,
And half unveils the pearly orbs below;
With sparkling eye the blameless Plunderer owns
Her soft embraces, and endearing tones,
Seeks the falubrious fount with opening lips,
Spreads his inquiring hands, and (miles, and lips.

Connubiał Fair ! whom no fond transport warms
To lull your infant in maternal arms;
Who, blefs'd in vain with tumid bosoms, hear
His tender wailings with unfeeling car;
The foothing kiss and milky rill deny,
To the sweet pouting lip, and glistening eye!
Ah! what avails the cradle's damask roof,
The eider holster, and embroider'd woof!
Oft hears che gilded couch unpity'd plains,
And many a tear the tassel'd cushion stains !
No voice so sweet attunes his cares to reft,
So foft no pillow as his Mother's breaft!-
-Thus charm'd to sweet repose, when twilight hours
Sted their soft influence on celestial bowers,
The Cherub, Innocence, with smile divine
Shuts his white wings, and sleeps on Beauty's fhrine.


OW wretched is poor woman's fate!


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Subject to man in every state,

How can she then be free from woes?
In youth, a father's stern command,

And jealous eyes, controul her will ;
A lordly brother watchful ftands,

To keep her closer captive still.
The tyrant husband next appears,

With awful and contracted brow;
No more a lover's form he wears :

Her Dave's become her sov'reign now.
If from this fatal bondage free,

And not by marriage chains confin'd,
If, blest with fingle life, she see

A parent fond, a brother kind
Yet love usurps her tender breast,

And paints a phenix to her eyes :
Some darling youth disturbs her reft ;

And painful fighs in secret rise.

Oh cruel pow'rs, since you've designed,

That man, vain man, should bear the sway, To flavish chains and flavish mind,

That I may thus your will obey,



ENTLE air ! thou breath of lovers !

Vapor from a secret fire,
Which by thee itself discovers

E’re yet daring to aspire.
Softest note of whisper'd anguish!

Harmony's refined part;
Striking, while thou seem'it to languish,

Full upon the list'ner's heart.
Softest messenger of paflion !

Stealing through a croud of spies, Which constraint the outward fashion,

Close the lips and guard the eyes.
Shapeless 8IGH! we ne'er can shew thee,

Form'd but to assault the ear ;
Yet, e'er to their coft they know thee,

Every nymph may read thee here.



O creeping,

NCE a Bee, unseen while sleeping,
Stung the Boy, who blood efpying
On his finger, fella-crying :
Then both feet and pinions (training
Flew to Venus, thus complaining.

« Oh ! mamma, mamma, I'm dying,
Me a little dragon spying,
Which the ploughman-tribe, so stupid,
Call a bee, has bit your Cupid.”

“Ah! quoth Venus, smiling shrewdly,
If a beé can wound so rudely,
Cupid, think how sharp the forrows;
Caus'd by thy envenom'd arrows.

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