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we are willing to become any members, and a secretary, dithing for the honor of his name. rect the whole concern. The How far we have been successo secretary receives all the letters, sul in obtaining a part of what we accounts, and materials for our have stated to be our views, the publications. Twice a month Lord alone is able to decide.- we meet, when the session alIf we look upon our own per- ways lasts three hours; during formance, we are forced to cry which extracts of letters are read, out, “ Lord be merciful to us queries discussed, and all that unprofitable servants !" But | refers in any wise to the welfare whenever we contemplate what of our Society, or the accomthe Lord has done for us, in the plishment of our views, is setcourse of twenty years, we have tled. Every session is opened great reason to exult in his mer- and concluded with prayer; and cies, and to ascribe honor to his we can say in truth, that we

He has not only pro- never separate without having tected and preserved us, but in- enjoyed a blessing for our hearts, creased and blessed us abun- or received a piece of informadantly. Since the beginning of tion highly interesting for the the revolution, now ten years kingdom of God. Occurrences ago, and still more since the be- of consequence often occasion ginning of the war, eight years an extraordinary meeting of the ago, our Society as a body, and committee. Every member has many individuals belonging to his own department assigned to the same, came frequently into him ; those ainong us that begreat distress and danger. Last long to the clergy, care for that year, but especially this year, part of our affairs which resur centre, the town of Basil, quires learning and Theologihas been threatened with de- cal knowledge; whilst the rest, struction: however, hitherto the chiefly merchants, manage the Lord has helped us ; nor will he external concerns.

The secrelay any burden on our shoul- tary's business is to carry on the ders, but what he will enable us correspendence, and to prepare to bear ; therefore, praising bim manuscripts for the press, or to for the past, and trusting for the forward our publications accordrest,

we surrender ourselves ing to direction ; but so that he whoily up to him. You, dear constantly acts under the control brethren, will join us in suppli- of the members of the commiterting his compassion, as long tee. Of these we beg leave to as this time of trouble shall con- name one ; namely, our venetinue to affect us ; nor at any rable friend Henry Brenner, a time refuse us an interest in person eighty years old, and your prayers.

We now beg who for upwards of forty years. leave to submit to your inspec- las consecrated his time and his tion a list of the places where property to the service of our we have formed conections. adorable Lord; who keeps an

The main body of our Society open purse and house for all real resides in Switzerland and Ger-children of God ; and still conmany, and, as has been mention- tinues to promote the interests of ed, Basil constitutes our centre, our Society, as well as the welwhence a committee of seven fare of his fellow-creatures at sil,

large, without relaxation. Be- formed several provincial Sociesides the members of our com- ties, much on the same plan as mittee, there are in and about our central. One of the most Basil upwards of one hundred considerable, is at Stutgard, the associates and friends ; and a- capital of the dukedom of Iurmong them eight ministers, ali temberg ; upwards of fifty plaof whom an produce from their ces being connected with it. In congregations living proofs of general, it may be said, that their ministry ; and who preach there is a great work of God in redemption, through the blood that country, where, erer since of Jesus. In and about Basil, the reformation of Luther, able as also in other cantons, there instruments have been raised up are also flourishing branches of by the Lord, to maintain the the church of Christ, that stand truth of the gospel ; and to this in a blessed connection with very day, there are upwards of the United Brethren; and are 100 gospel-preachers scattered cared for by Brethren from the over that neighborhood : some larger congregations in Ger- of whom spread the truth, not many.

merely in their own parishes, To the central Society at Ba- but influence the public at large,

are attached subordinate by the productions of their very focks and individuals at Bern, able pens. In consequence of Zurich, Schaffhousen, St. Gall, this happy constellation of faithWinterthur, Arau, Zofingen, ful witnesses, there are yet maWiedlisbach, and other inferior ny thousands in those parts who places in Switzerland. We also can put their seal to the truth, are acquainted with a good man and actually confess that Jesus at Lucerne (a Romish canton) is the Lord, to the glory of God where, it seems, there remains the Father. In some parishes a quiet but living seed of Chris- there are little flocks of 100, tians, from the time when, in 200, and 300 united souls, that the beginning of the last century,

meet with a view to encourage the

rage of Popish priests bro't each other to proceed in the a witness of the Lord to the paths of peace and eternal glostake. We are also connected ry; and much might be said on with an

excellent servant of this head, if we durst indulge Christ in the country of the Gri- in what might seem prolixity. sons, though we are sorry to D. Urlsperger, formerly of have been deprived of late of the Ausburg, now of Oettingen, blessings to be derived from whom twenty years ago the our fellowship with him, by the Lord called to be a peculiar troubles of the war. So much instrument in his hands, and we know, that for the last fifty who is to be considered as the years past, there has been a con- founder of our Society, for the siderable rumber of truly evan- good of which, he undertook gelical souls in the Grisons ; éven a journey to London, is and a part of their ministers still alive, and blessediy employunite cordially with the annual ed in the work of the Lord.-Ministers' Conference at llerrn-On his journey, to London, he but.

formed in your metropolis a In Gormony there lave been Society headed by the Rev. Mr. Lampert, minister of the poser of the Antichristian spirit, German chapel at the Savoy ; being of their number. which, however, by the early A fourth Society rose gradudeath of the latter, seems to ally in Saxony, where Luther's have lost its consistency. reformation began, which pour

Another Society, less nume- ed so great a light over the rcus, but remarkable on account world. Dresden is the focus of of its several excellent members, our connections there. In that is at Nurenberg: this is the country there is still a great source of several subordinate number of people of all ranks, flocks in Franconia. Amongst from the minister in the cabiits constituents are two men so net down to the day-labourer, . richly endowed with gracious who are not ashamed of the gosgifts, that we cannot be suffi- pel of Jesus Christ, but think it ciently grateful for such a pre- their duty to profess him in sent from the hand of the Lord.word, and walk before a wicked One of them assists us with generation. most valuable manuscripts, full A fifth connection we have at of scriptural knowledge, and en- Elberfeld and Dusseldorf.

At riched by the results of an un- the latter place there is a comcommon experience ; every pany of young mechanics, that word, as it were, breathing pow- have agreed to put by every er and love. Being by trade a week a trifle of their savings, merchant, he travels twice a with a view to assist in supportyear into the Austrian provin- ing the glorious Missionary ces, as far as Transylvania, and never returns without having A sixth Society centres at scattered his presents all over

Osnabruck. the country through which he A seventh at Wernigerode, passes : schools and churches, which for a long time has been as well as individuals, partake of favored particularly, with being his bounty. He makes it his governed by an illustrious and business to distribute godly truly pious family ; in consebooks; and will enter the mean- quence of which, much good is est hut, on the road, to speak to be met with among all classes the word of salvation to great of people in that little county. and small. Though happy in In the Prussian dominions, this course of well-doing, he where light and darkness are wishes for more ample means to stronger contrasted than any extend his usefulness still far- where else in Germany, we have ther.

six provincial Societies, viz. A third provincial Society ex- 1st, At Berlin, where the ists at Frankfort on the Main, in number of real children of God, connection with Wetzlar, Gies- among different denominations, sen, Krentznach, Marbury, &c. amounts to one thousand at Several ministers, known as au- least. 2d, At Breslau, in Silethors, are among the associates: sia. 3d, At Prenslau, in Pomone of the most celebrated wri-erania ; where the Spirit of the ters of the day, Professor Yung, Lord has imparted to a common of Marburg, a bold confessor of taylor great gifts for the edificaJesus, and the most popular op- ' tion of many. 4th, At Biele.


feld, in the county of Ravens- , bersdof, in Upper Lusatia, writes berg: 5th, At Leer, in East in a letter of March lệ, 1798, as Friesland, where a respectable follows:~" brom a principle of number of gospel ministers have charity and compassion, i have joined us.

made it my study, for these We only mention the central several years, to trace the good places; to which it is to be un- to be met with in the Roman derstood many more belong. Catholic Church, which I am

Since Joseph II. (of immortal | the better enabled to do, as I memory) gave more religious borcier upon Bohemia. Is it liberty to the Protestants in the possible that so respectable a Austrian dominions (till then society of men, redeemed by greatly oppressed) several hund- and baptized into Jesus' death, red Protestant Congregations should be quite void of light, have been settled throughout grace, and experience of the Austria, Carinthia, Styria, Hun- | love of Christ? God forbid ! gary, and Transylvania ; and Though their distinguishing those that existed previously, doctrines, resting merely on the have been greatly increased. authority of Councils, running Through the good providence of contrary to holy writ, admit of God, many truly converted men no coalition of churches, yet I from our parts, some ministers, find individuals extremely susothers people of the lowest rank, ceptible of the teaching of the but full of the Holy Spirit, have Holy Spirit. There are amongst been sent to those places, but them bishops and priests of clear chiefly to Inner Austria ; by discernment in gospel matters ; the labours of whom a fire of there are laymen, especially in faith and love has been kindled, the lower ranks of society, which continues to blaze unpar- whose thoughts hinge chiefiy alleled to this day. To these upon Jesus Christ and his atonecongregations the Lord has

ment. They have prayers and chiefly directed our attention ; | hymns, that one cannot possibly and partly by means of our above read without feeling a tender mentioned brother in the mer- love to our Saviour kindling in cantile line, we have been ena- our breast. Their expressions bled to furnish them with mon- betray frequently a heart absorey and books, such as Hymn- bed in the love of Christ, and books, Bibles, New Testaments: baptized into one spirit with him. thousands of which, together His blood-bought grace is conwith our own publications, have sidered by them as being of inbeen sent thither. Concerning finite more value than the celeHungary and Transylvania, we bration of Mass ; sinners' tears are enabled to boast of several better than oral confession ; and worthy friends among the Pro- the humble appropriation of his testan i ministers there; and, no death, beyond comparison, sudoubt, much more good is there perior to the sprinkling with to be found than we can possi- holy water. Ever since they bly be aware of at such a dis- have been permitted, and in certance. In Bohemia we have no tajn instances encouraged, to acquaintance ; but our friend, read the Bible, which some of the Rev. Mr. Heinrich, of Rei-' their own ministers have desired them to do, a more reasonable comfort, than forego the pleasworship is gaining the upper- ure of benefiting his fellow-men. hand with them; and their be- We cannot express what a hearlief is less surcharged with su- ty share this good man, who is perstition. The zeal, respect, our crown and our joy, has taand devotion displayed in their ken in your Missionary attempts. places of Worship, suggest a If God spares his life a few years charitable hope, that our Sa- longer, then he may be a most viour has a greater portion in convenient medium to disperse their affections than at the first religious tracts over France. thought we are willing to admit. At any rate, his reward will be This is confirmed by those bio- great beyond the grave. Of our graphies, appearing from time old friend Duvernoi, late superto time, of Roman Catholics intendant of Montbeillard, we converted, and joining Protes- have spoken on another occasion. tant communities. Why are In Holland, we have a little we to suppose that these in- flock at Amsterdam, few in numstances of grace, cperating on ber, but abundant in child-like their minds, stand quite single? | grace; they have lately got acIfmy ideason this subject are mis- quainted with the Missionary taken, they are at least charitable Society at Rotterdam: a conand harmless.”_Thus far this nection from which we predict interesting letter, the tenor of great blessings to arise. which agrecs perfectly with the In Denmark, we have brethobservations of several of our ren at Altona and Flensburg, by friends in Roman Catholic coun- whose means we are favoured tries.

with valuable accounts from othWe shall add a few words con- er parts of the Danish domincerning those little branches of ions. Although the leaven of our Society that are in France, false philosophy continus to Denmark, Prussia properly so work, yet there are still worthies called, and Sweden,

ready to oppose its progress, not Strasburg, in Alsace, is the only by word, but, which often only place in France where we proves more efficacious, by their have a few brethren and friends. walk and conversation also. Among them stands foremost a Among these we reckon the merchant, whom God has bles- Right Rev. Bishop Bail, at Cosed with the goods of this world, penhagen, whom a Society, conwhich he liberally spends in the sisting of many thousand memcause of God, by printing, dis-bers throughout Denmark, has tributing, and circulating tracts honored with a medal coined in of a good tendency, from which

his name. he has the happiness to learn The same Society, in a printmany awakenings have taken ed address to the Danish Clergy, their origin : and the seed thus use very energetic language, by falling into a good ground, has way of reproving the more and been productive, in many

in- more prevailing custom of wreststances, of excellent fruits. ing the true sense of the word of Though at present ageil, and at God into Socinian errors, and the verge of eternity, yet he will denying the Lord who bought us. rather dony himsel Ianya In letter, they mention the

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