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ties of York and Cumberland.-, pidly formed as those in many Mr. Crosby labored several parts of the state of New-York ; weeks in the new settlements of of consequence require a greatKennebeck. His mission was er number of years to grow to for eighteen weeks, two of which such maturity as to be able to he employed Mr. Samuel Se provide for themselves the statwall to serve the Society in his ed administrations of Christiani. stead. Mr. Strong's tour was ty. This circumstance increasfourteen weeks.

es the danger of their becoming During their missions, Mr. indifferent toward preaching and Cooley preached 108 times ; other divine ordinances, or dibaptized 53 persons, of whom vided into different denominathree were adults, and five times tions, so as never to unite in sethe administered the Lord's sup- tling and supporting gospel per. Mr. Fish baptized six per- ministers. But it is pleasing to

The number of sermons notice that the first attempts of he preached is not ascertained. the Society, in that part of the Mr. Strong preached 60 times, great missionary field, encouradministered the Lord's supper age the hope of successfully four times, baptized 15 persons, counteracting the threatening visited 8 sick persons and 4 | tendency of their situation. Not schools. Mr. Crosby preached only have the people in those 84 sermons, baptized 28, chil settlements manifested an indren and 2 adults, and adminis- creased attention to the labors tered the Lord's supper to 7 of our missionaries, on having a churches. Mr. Sewall preach- second or third opportunity to ed 17 sermons.

enjoy them ; but in several inThe new settlements, under stances they have been induced many different circumstances, to maintain public worship reinvite the attention of missiona- | gularly on the sabbath where it ries. Some are just commen

was before neglected. Mr. cing, having only here and Strong in concluding his Jourthere a lonely family, remote nal observes, “It is the general from neighborhood andesociety. opinion of the better part, where Others have twenty, forty, sixty | I went, that the missionaries or an hundred families ; or even have done a great deal of good a greater number ; yet these so amongst them. In many places unconnected, so divided into dif- where religion was wholly nege ferent sects, the pious few a- lected, and the Sabbath profaninong them so irresolute and dised, they now meet together on couraged, and others so indiffer- | the Lord's day, when they have ent, as to enjoying regular gospel no preaching, and read and pray worship, as to be in no hopeful and sing God's praise. The way to obtain it, without assist- conduct of their brethren in this ance to unite and quicken them, part of the state in sending misto make proper attempts to ok- |sionaries and useful books as tain the important privileges mongst them, is frequently which Christ has appointed for spoken of with great admirahis church.

tion and applause. They are The new settlements in the astonished that the people here District of Maine are not so 12 should exercise such care and concern for their spiritual in- cordiality which scarcely admits terest: The thought seems to of description They have taput them upon consideration.” ken great pains to get to And Mr. Crosby notices that in 'meeting, and often travel severa number of places which he al miles in bad roads to hear visited there appeared to be an the words of life.” unusual attention to religion.- Four missionaries are again He says also of the people gen- employed. Rev. Vinson Gould erally, “ They receive and treat and Rev. Thomas H. Wood missionaries with tenderness and went the last week in May and affection. Many appear to have early in June to the District of a lively sense of their obligation Maine. Their missions are for to God for putting it into the twenty weeks, and are directed hearts of their western brethren to the counties of York and to send missionaries amongst Cumberland, with liberty on a them.” A minister, respectable special call to go beyond those for his piety and zeal in the limits. Mr. Wood to be in a cause of Christ, who lives on the condition to perform all minisborder of missionary ground, ob- terial duties, received ordination serves in a letter,“ With respect from the northern association of to those, whom I have had op- ministers in this county, acting portunity to converse with, both in council with Rev. John Em in this and the adjacent towns, erson and Rev. Jonathan Grout. all who appear to have a tender In June, Rev. Joel Hayes regard for the interest of Christ went into the state of News and religion in the world, speak York, and in July was followed with much approbation of your by Rev. Theodore Hinsdale.generous and pious designs. They are to labor principally in Sober people have appeared to the counties of Chenango and me

to be more animated, Onondago, and are expected to strengthened and encouraged in continue in the service of the things of God and religion than Society eighteen weeks. The what they were before ; and large extent of the missionary their tongues and lips express fidlds white already to harvest, the gladness and thankfulness of the fewness of laborers' at libertheir hearts, for the mercy and ty to go into the new settlements, goodness of God in sending such and the exertions of different men among them to seek the Societies to employ them, renwelfare of Christ's kingdom.” der it difficult to obtain a suffi

The kind reception which cient number of suitable char-, our missionaries have received acters for the work. Our wish in the new settlements of New- has been to send, on each misYork, is no less encouraging. sion, one minister settled in the Mr. Cooley writes, “ People county with one not connected have very affectionately express- with a parish. And we bless ed their gratitude to the Mis- God that he has succeeded our, sionary Society, and to the be- exertions to engage gentlenevolent people who have con- men, who, we are confident, tributed to their good. They will do worthily in their imporhave generally received me tant ministry. with a degrec of kindness and The glory of Christ in con:

verting and saving sinful men, ded the annuities subscribed for, is an object vast and interesting. seven years, of which four anIt demands the employment of nual payments are yet to be every mean which the wisdom made in the month of January of of God has pointed out as con S 436 42. ducive to its success. Much is A document accompanying to be hoped from the faithful this Report contains a statement preaching of the word; but this of the expenditures of the Soci . is not to be relied on alone, to ety since the last annual meet.. the neglect of other ordinances ing, and of the monies which of instruction. The natural heart, have been received. unfriendly to gospel truth, and It having been judged expeeager to follow the world, too dient to be concerned in a new often exposes the momentary impression of Doddridge's Rise impression made by hearing a and Progress of Religion in the sermon to be lost. Much seed

Soul, 330 copies were taken for falls by the way side, where the the use of the Society, the greatfowls of the air devour it up. er part of which are on hand for To guard as far as possible a future distribution. Sixty have gainst this evil, and give every been sent into the new settleaid in our power to the preach ments, and thirty are due to ing of our missionaries, they Rev. Dr. Morse, to repay a loan, are instructed not only to en received of him the last year. courage and urge the faithful

The sum expended the last use of family instruction and re year is $ 924 90, the sum religion, with attendance on pub-ceived S 1403 24, making an lic worship on the Lord's day ; increase of the Society's funds but by a liberal distribution of of $ 478 334 which encourages. pious books, among the people the prospect of enlarging its fu-, who are but little furnished with ture operations. them, te invite their attention to Of the sum received, the anreligious reading, that they may nuities and public contributions , revive and reprint on their with donations of individuals, inmemories and hearts, the solemn cluding those made in the new and interesting truths, which settiements to our missionaries they but rarely hear from the and the sale of books, produced lips of those that preach the $ 1141 2, the remaining part of word of life.

$ 262 22 was contributed by The books selected for this the Charitable Female Associapurpose, in former years, have tion in the county. It is about a been noticed in preceding re

year since this Association beports. Those added the present gan to be formed. Its payments, year are specified in a document are to be made semiannually, accompanying this report. and the monies which it contri

The state of the treasury is butes are appropriated to the exhibited in the certificate of purchase of Bibles and other your committee appointed the pious writings to be dispersed last year to audit the treasurer's in the new settlements. Payaccounts ; which shows that ments have been made, from. $ 1406 67 belong to the Socie- twelve towns and parishes aty. To this sum are to be ad- / mounting to the abovenamed

sum of $ 262 22, which gives gospel to our needy fellow sina flattering prospect of the aid

ners, many of whose souls are which the Charitable Female in danger of eternally perishing Association will give to the ope- for want of saving knowledge. rations of the Hampshire Mis- When our blessed Lord became sionary Society.

poor for our sake, and had not Bibles have not been purchas- where to lay his head, godly ed the last year ; those that re- women ininistered to him of mained of a former purchase their substance. His example being sufficient for distribution and instructions while he went the present season. The other about doing good, and was prebooks purchased are stated in a paring to lay down his life to document accompanying the re- redeem sinners from death, port. For these $ 218 81 have taught them lessons of kindness been paid out of the monies con- and compassion to the needy tributed by the Charitable Fe- and destitute. How benevolent male Association, and $5 by a is his religion ! With what donation of Deac. Ware. $ 43 / power his precepts, institutions 41 given by the Female Associ- and divine pattern of love, move ation are now in the treasury. kindred souls to obey and imi.

The propagation of the gos- tate him in acts of beneficence. pel of our beloved Jesus is an If we look back to the instituobject universally interesting-tions of the Old Testament we Every individual person should see not only men but women have opportunity to evidence and even children encouraged friendship to it, by contributing to make vows and to bring their to its success. To subscribe free will offerings to the Lord. their names as friends of mis- The New Testament tho' less sionary exertions suits the cir- expensive in its religious rites is cumstances and feelings of some. not less benevolent in its docOthers are better pleased with trines and requirements. On giving in a public contribution, the contrary as a new and glowhere the sum advanced by an rious manifestation of the love individual is not known. Both of God is exhibited in the death these modes of collecting for of his Son, so the duty of broththe service of the Lord have erly love is taught as a new been tried with success, and commandment. So important much is further hoped from is charity that God's people have them. There are also benevo- | always the poor with them that lent and pious women who re-opportunity may not be wanting joice in the opportunity of asso- to evidence in practice that the ciating as members of a charita- | law of love is in their hearts.ble institution, to express their There is no bestowment of friendship to the cause of Jesus goods more like the love of and the souls of men. And it is Christ, than that which procures pleasing to think, that while gospel blessings for his spiritutheir generous and holy affec- al poor, and aids them in obtaintions are thus excited, the Soci- ing salvation. He, who gave his ety has an increased interest in life to redeem lost men, is pleastheir prayers for its success, in ed with the fruits of love which offering the blessings of the promote the cause for which he died. And God, who gave him and to man, which, in subhis Son to be the ransom for ordination to his glory, employs sinners, kindly accepts the of- all its exertions to promote huferings which are made to in- man happiness and save immor, duce them to believe to eternal tal souls. God spake of providlife.

ing for his religion when he said Infinitely important to crea- | by his Prophet, “ Prove me now tures is the approving notice of herewith saith the Lord of hosts, the Lord of Providence. He if I will not open you the wingives to men little or much as dows of heaven, and pour you he pleases, in absolute sovereign- out a blessing, that there shall ty ordering their whole state of not be room enough to receive being Instead of indulging it.anxious care to provide earthly To send the gospel to the things, Christ directs to seek heathen is exceedingly to be defirst the kingdom and righteous sired. And as soon as the funds ness of God, and all these shall of the Society will admit, and be added. He makes men stew- the means can be obtained to ards of his goods that they may encourage the hope of success, apply them to the advancement the attempt will be made. Alof his cause. The employmeni ready have fifty dollars been adis honorable ; it is gratifying to vanced, to be expended with a benevolent and pious heart.- larger sums contributed by other It conduces to the securing of Societies in educating two Inour own salvation, while it oifers dian youths in the hopeful prosto others the means of obtain-pect of their being usefully eming eternal life. And has not ployed at a future day in teachGod, by the out pourings of his ing Christianity to their heathen spirit, manifested his approba- brethren. tion of the aids given and exer- Having given a view of the tions made by missionary insti-operations, and state of the Sotutions, to propagate the gos- ciety we feel it to be our duty to pel? In a number of places call on the friends of God and both in the United States and in men, to continue and increase other parts of the world, the their liberality, to enable further spirit of God has not only ac- exertions to be made to carry .companied and followed the the gospel to our perishing fellabors of missionaries, but lias low sinners. We strongly urge visited people with special to- it upon the ministers of Jesus kens of grace, who have liberal- as they love immortal sculs, and ly contributed to the further- all whose influence with ance of this glorious work. The their neighbors gives them speblessing of God insures both cial opportunity to do good, to temporal and spiritual good, and be diligent and unwearied in their true wisdom dictates and the endeavors, to obtain subscrip. everlasting gospel directs to tions and donations to the Soseek fruitful seasons, health and ciety's funds. And in partisuccess in the things of the pre- cular we recommend, that on sent and future life, by walking the day of the annual thanksgivhumbly with God, in obedience ing, or on a Lord's day as shall to his laws and in that love to be thought most expedient, there


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