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new title, but only to possess are so often mourning, doubting, what they have secured to them; sinking, an at a loss in themeven that joy or love of compla- selves? To this it

may cency which God extends to his swered in general, that a soveown, in which he manifests him- reign God may dispense his self to them as their God, and grace in what measure he pleamakes known his purposes of ses to his people: And his ingood to them.

finite wisdom proportions those They have received the first benefits that belong to their fruits of joy and comfort, and of journey, as shall best serve to God's special love to them, prepare them for, and bring which are the earnests of the them to glory in the end. And full harvest they are to gather these joys and comforts are at reaping time.

such, that they cant bear only 3. We may add, that believ- small degrees of them in this ers delight in their portion.- life, because of human weakThe Holy Ghost gives them comfort in God their portion.- But the joy of believers is of They are glad in the Lord all another nature, and expresseth the day long. They say with itself in a different manner from the Psalmist, Return unto thy the worldling's joy. The excelrest Oh my soul, for the Lord lency of a believers joy and conhath dealt bountifully with thee. solation cannot be known by a This makes them willing to fol- carnal mind. But a soul that -low Christ, to endure his cross, hath God for his portion, and and despise the shame. They knows the preciousness of grace, joy in the Lord, when they have the vileness and odiousness of nothing else to rejoice in. And sin, can distinguish between the indeed, they want nothing else. mirth of fools, and the refined Yea, in the midst of all tribula- joy and comforts of the Holy tions, they can rejoice in the Ghost. And in this solid rehope of the glory of God. Tho' jocing, he grows more and more their joy is here assaulted by like God, who is perfect joy and trials, that which is to be in holiness; and so the Christian another world, will be above is fully contented in his portion, them. Let this be a comfort to his Lord, and his sanctifier, who every true child of God, that loves to give refreshment to they are coming to it, as fast as those that love him. And this days and nights can pass away. he will do, as tokens of that joy And this is one of the privileges which is to come, in the most or benefits that belong to those intimate communion with him, who are chosen of God. Light in the highest Heavens, where is sown for the righteous, and there is nothing but untainted gladness for the upright in heart. joy and comfort. Rejoice in the Lord, Oh ye

ye. The churches of old walked righteous, and give thanks at in the comforts of the Holy the remembrance of his holiness. Ghost. These comforts are the

If it be here asked, why be- refreshments communicated by lievers have no more of this joy, the Holy Ghost. The peace, (or no more of the comforts of the joy, the delight, the satisthe Holy Ghost) and why they faction and happiness which he

gives. The things he inspires, they enjoy in communing toare holy affections and exercises, gether in the same graces and peculiarly spiritual. The com- duties. forts are the refreshments which

REFLECTIONS. such exercises afford the soul.

How cheering, how refresh- 1. There is joy purchased on ing is it to those who have ex- purpose for believers: they are perienced the renewing and invited to it, and shall find it in sanctifying influences of the God, in his word, spirit and or Holy Spirit, and who are fre- dinances. This is real and quently receiving fresh supplies substantial joy, and rejoicingof grace! These commune with | It is cordial and consolatory, and the Father, and with his Son brings good fruit to Christians. Christ Jesus. There is great The fruit of the spirit, says the comfort in contemplating an Apostle, is love, joy peace, longholy God, with holy admiration fuffering, gentleness, goodness, and love ; in contemplating the faith. And says Isaiah, the ranblessed Jesus in his mediatorial somed of the Lord shall return character; in contemplating all and come to Zion with songs, divine administrations; in anti- and everlasting joy upon their cipating the exercises and en- heads; they shall obtain joy and joyments of Heaven. There is gladness. great comfort in duty, in doing 2. It becomes the children of the things that please God. God to be much in the exercise There is great comfort in re- of this joy and peace, in bę. pentance, in sorrowing for sin. lieving and to abound in hope The Holy Ghost makes this through the power of the Holy Godly sorrow and mourning, Ghost. Joy in the Holy Ghost comfortable and pleasant to a

is the believers portion. And pious soul. There is great com- will not those rejoice who have fort in believing. Faith embra- such a glorious portion ? Oh, let ces Christ, and brings to the them improve in a joyful possesbanquet of spiritual joys. By sion of their portion ; walking the spirit's influences, obedience in the fear of the Lord, and in yields comfort and delight. the comfort of the Holy Ghost. Great peace have they which Let those that are renewed by love thy law. The Holy Ghost the power of the Holy Ghost, gives great comfort in prayer and have the witness in themPeace of conscience, is another selves, rejoice in the precious of the comforts of the Holy | fruits and comforts of the diGhost. Dependance on God vine spirit. Let them live near to for whatever we want, is anoth- God, and then the joys and comer of the comforts of the Holy forts of the Holy Ghost will be Ghost. When the divine spirit possessed by them. The peace, enables the Christian to put his the joy, the happiness resulting full trust in God, what comfort from believing, are unspeakably does it afford. Christian com- great. munion, is likewise a comfort of Hence, saith the Prophet, rethe Holy Ghost. When the joice ye with Jerusalem, and be spirit is poured out on Chris- glad with her, all ye that love tians, what sweet comfort do her; rejoice for joy with her. That ye may suck, and be sat- of religion here, it appears from isfied with the breasts of her accounts received, is not equal consolations ; that

ye may milk to that in many other places.-A out, and be delighted with the few instances, it may not be imabundance of her glory. For proper to notice. A person of thus saith the Lord, Behold, I about 23 years of age, and now will extend peace to her like a a respectable member

of the river. As one whom his moth- Church, communicated the foler comforteth, so will I comfort lowing account : you; and ye shall be comforted. “ Thro' childhood and youth,

3. What rich, what unspeak. “ I was equal to, if not surpasable good are those destitute of, "sing any of my companions in who do not believe, have no lightness and vanity. Tho' hope, and are wholly destitute of “free from profaneness, and the the comforts of the Holy Ghost ! grossest sins, yet I tho't little They lose boundless joy and“ of God or a future state, until delight, which believers partici- I was about 19, except at two pate in. These have food to eat periods, which I perfectly rethe world knows not of, spiri- “ member-at one of which, I tual and divine food. God says, was so impressed, for a few Behold, my servants shall eat, hours, with the thoughts of but ye shall be hungry; behold, “ of eternity, that I earnestly my servants shall drink, but ye I wished for death. All this shall be thirsty; behold, my ser- was soon forgotten, and I went vants shall rejoice, but ye shall“ on uninterruptedly in my folbe ashamed ; behold, my ser- ly again, until I was about fifvants shall sing for joy of heart, teen, when my attention was but ye shall cry for sorrow of “ again excited by the things of heart, and shall howl for vexa- “ religion. I now felt it my tion of spirit.

duty to pray, and made the 4. Those that share in the attempt, with a determination gracious incomes of the Holy to continue it, which I did, Spirit, are highly blessed indeed. “ but very carelessly, and soon The seeds of joy and gladness" after very thoughtlessly, once are sown in their hearts. It is “ or twice in a week. This fora said, in the scriptures of truth,“ mal service blunted the stings Light is sown for the righteous,“ of my conscience, so that I and gladness for the upright in “ passed, quietly, along trusting heart. The God of hope, and in the advantages of living in a comfort, will comfort them a- “ Christian land, and of a reli. bundantly. To such the Apos-“ gious education, to save me, tle says, Rejoice in the Lord al- “ until it pleased God, in his ways; and again I say, rejoice. own time and way, to con

OMEGA. “ vince me that a change of heart

“ is necessary to an entrance inA Narrative of a work of Divine“ to Heaven. About the mid

Grace in Killingworth, second 6 dle of the summer 1800, I beSociety.

gan to entertain hard and (Con. from vol. iv. "page 421.] “blasphemous thoughts of God, THE number of hopeful con- “ which I endeavored to sup

verts, in the late revival |“ press, but in vain. The more


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“I strove against them, the “ time the pains of Hell got “greater ascendency they gain- hold upon me, but before the “ ed over me; and notwithstand- closing of the discourse, I, “ing the strongest opposition I 5 ventured to hope that I had “ could make to them, they not committed the Sin unto « filled me with horror.

6 Death. But alas! little did I Having tried all human 5 think of the conflict, yet to be « ways, in vain, to obtain relief endured, which was dreadful 6 from my horrors of mind, no 66 above all I had experienced be“ help seemed to remain, but “ fore. Doubts of the existence " that which is in Christ; and “ of a God began to fill my mind. “ when I thought to go unto “ To ease my mind, I determin“him, as the last resort, I was ed to dwell no longer on so “ so fully persuaded that I gloomy a subject, but a pained " should be rejected for my blas- conscience would not suffer “phemous thoughts, that I chose “me to rest, and the fear of A“ rather to continue in my suf-theism aggravatedly oppressed “ fering state, feeling myself “me, till it pleased the most " exposed to all the wrath of an “ High, in sovereign manner, “ offended God, and bearing the graciously to enable me, as I

pain of a guilty conscience, hope, to stay my soul on Jesus “ for more than six months in

6 Christ.

With earnest desires cessantly. At the end of “ I sought him—and with pa

which, as I was, a certain day, “tience I followed on to know " thinking over my deplorable" him, having resolved that if I

condition, the idea that I might “ perished, it should be at his “ be yet saved, suddenly came “ feet. In kindness he seemed " into my mind, and that Christ “ to manifest himself to me, and as died for sinners,


“ to say, come hither, I am the greatest, and that his

grace way, leave the tempter and was sufficient for me; but a thy sins, trust in me, and I will “ review of my past conduct, “ love thee. Thanks be to God, " and my feelings, as they were “ from that time I have been " then, showed me the absurdi- “ enabled to say, Tho' he slay

ty of looking for salvation me, yet will I trust in him. 6 from one of whom I had en- For nearly three years past,

tertained such a wrong opin- my mind hath been, generally "ion. This gave an additional speaking, comfortable, tho' I “ weight to my heavy burden, “ have not been altogether with“ which increased upon me from out fear that I might be de" July to April; when I heard a “ceived, by the treachery of my

sermon from these words :- “ depraved heart. Therefore I * Whosoever shall speak a word “ have, at several periods, by rea“ against the Son of Man it shall “ son of a jealousy over myself, be forgiven him, but unto him “ sought to revive former pain" that blasphemeth against the “ful convictions of mind, but the Holy Ghost, it shall not be for- power to do it is gone and I given ;" which had a singular “cannot recall it. e effect upon me.

The words, “ A kind of sweet, tranquil 6 when first read, moved me to 'joy to which I was a stranger, * keen despair, and for a short “ before, now fills my soul


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« whenever I contemplate the ner the state of my mind, and “ works of God, and call to mind “ the feelings with which it has “ his holy character, especially “ been exercised. 66 when I read his word, and “ From my earliest age, I “ lift up my heart in prayer.

66 endeavored to lead a moral “ The greatness of that joy life, being often taught that 6 which I first received after a « God would punish sinners, but

years wandering in darkness, I did not believe that I should " and almost inconceivable dis- 6 suffer for the few offences of

tress, after a short time, pass- 6 which I had been guilty.“ ed away, and I have now no “Having avoided many 'sins 6 other than what is described “ which I saw in others, I ima“ above, except that it increas- gined all was well with me,

eth, and at times rises to a “ till I was about eighteen years “ greater degree, flowing out to- old, when I heard a sermon “ wards all mankind, desiring preached upon the necessity “ their salvation in conformity “ of regeneration, which put me “ to the will of God. One cause upon thinking of the need of a “of my being so long distressed change of heart in myself. I 66 with a conviction of sin was, “ did not, however, well receive “ doubtless, my sinful bashful- the discourse at the time, for

ness, which kept me from “ I was sensible I knew nothing “communicating my thoughts about such a change, neither “ to any one, even to my most in- “ did I wish to know, for I be6 timate friends, who are still ig- “ lieved myself as good as oth“ norant of them to this day.- ers,

without it, and to be equal 6 The tempter by means of this with them I thought would be “ had an advantage over me,

“ sufficient. However the tho't 6 and caused me to counterfeit a troubled me considerably, from “ cheerful behavior when my day to day, and caused me to « soul was filled with great dis- “think of praying, which I had “ tress. If I had taken counsel never done, except repeating “ in my awakenings, it now ap- some form, as a little child,

pears, as if I should have been“ and doing it to remove the 66 saved the most of my anguish, stings of a guilty conscience, “ but if Christ may be glorified

66 when I considered myself in 6 thereby, I desire to be still, “ imminent danger. Some time « and know that he is God." « after this I heard another

Another instance, which I sermon, that convinced me would mention, is a youth who “ I had quenched the Spirit, speaketh thus: “ Knowing by « which occasioned the most a

experience the deplorable state “ larming fears that I should, “ of a sinner, that he is by na- “ forever, be left to eat the fruit “ ture totally destitute of love “ of my own ways. Supposing “ and conformity to God, and 66 that I was alone in the thoughts

that he cannot be saved but by 6 of eternity, I separated my

a special act of sovereign grace “ self from all company and de« induceth me to ask for fur- “ termined to seek an interest “ther instruction upon this all « in Christ. I concluded some

important subject, and to com- “thing must be done to appease 6 municate in a summary man. “ God's anger, I read and prayVol. V. No. I.


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