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their own sinfulness, and affirm- well as Petumber and Moorad, ed that none could save them assisted in explaining to each but the Lord Jesus Christ. His other, and those around as we grey hairs and simplicity render- went along. In the evening I aded his address (to me) truly af- dressed them from these words : fecting. Moorąd told them of his We pray you in Christ's stead, be hearing the truth ; of his going ye reconciled to God. I observed to us ; of his returning now again thence that we were at a great to bring the gospel to his own distance from God through sin, village ; and that it was impossi- | and could never be reconciled ble to be saved in any other way. till that were removed ; that Several seemed affected, confes-God himself, when man was utsed their danger, and enquired terly unable, had found out a much about the way of safety : way of reconciliation through wetold them what we could, gave the death of his Son, which way them papers, and prayed with I then besought them to acquithem.” (p. 337.)

esce in and accept. One of them, Aug. 15. “ At Ponchetalocka Mussulman, here interruptingphool, about fifty Hindoos and ly replied, That though all this Mussulmans assembled. Sitting might be very true, yet it was by down in the midst of them, I be- no means necessary for them ; gan with shewing the impossi- for Mahomet, the friend of God, bility of a man's purging away had engaged to get all their sins his sins, or becoming righteous pardoned at the day of judgment. by his own works ; thence de- To this I replied, That even alducing the necessity of God's lowing Mahomet to be the friend sending his own Son, in the like- of God; yet he was but a man, ness of sinful flesh, to condemn and had never died for sinners : sin and save the sinner. The idea he therefore could only save. that God's hatred of sin was man- himself at most. But Noah, Aifested more by the death of his braham, Moses and David, whom Son than it would have been in they allowed to be prophets as the punishment of the sinner, well as Mahomet, had decidedly seemed to strike them very sen- rejected theirown righteousness, sibly. I then entered on the Hin- and trusted in Christ for salvadoo system, exposed the wicked- tion. As for Mahomet, there was ness of their gods, and the ab- some reason to doubt whether he surdity of their worship; thence was indeed the friend of God; inferring that it could be nothing | for, to say nothing of many other but a snare laid by Satan to de- actions, it was well known that stroy the souls of men. I then he had nine wives, which they began to examine the Mahome-| themselves knew to be unlawful; tan delusion in the same manner. and that he had commanded all They listened with earnest atten- who would not turn Mussulmans tion; put all the questions they to be put to death, which was chose as I went along, and desir-contrary to God's command, ed proof for every thing. But thou shalt not kill. To think, though they thus put questions, therefore, that Mahomet could and started objections, yet it was save at the day of judgment was quite in a fair and candid man- à gross deception, as he would ner; and they themselves, as I then have quite enough to do to

clear himself. In this he acqui- | no secret of their sentiments, soon esced ; and I afterwards learnt spread them among others, both Hin

doos and Mussulmans; thus they are that he had started this objection

increased to a considerable number. only for the sake of having it an

Moorad told me they reckoned near swered in the hearing of the two hundred there and in adjacent Mussulmans present. We then villages, who associate with them, adjourned to the veranda, where

and whom they called brethren. They we spent a most pleasing eve

are not idle in disseminating their

opinions, and sometimes meer with ning together; they sitting a

much opposition from the Brahround, and asking questions about mans.” (p. 343, 344.) Christ, the resurrection, the death of sin, a future state, and

POETRY. heavenly happiness. We talked

COMMUNICATED AS ORIGINAL. of these things till our hearts seemed to grow warm. About

An Ordination Hymn. nine, I left them, astonished and

THOU! who reign'st exalted thankful on account of what I

high, had seen and heard among Almighty Lord of earth and sky, them.” (p. 339, 340.)

Thy wond'rous love, ere time began, Aug. 16. After a long debate be | A Saviour chose for rebel man. tween the Missionary and a Brahman

He in due time on earth appear'd, on the comparative merits of Chris

His voice this world of sorrow cheerd, tianity and Hindooism,“ an old man,

His messengers, a glorious band, who seems the chief among them,

Spread truth divine thro' ev'ry land. took me aside for private conversation. He asked me whether God was

Thy gracious promise, Lord, fulfil, absent or present ? I told him he was

Thy servants form with heav'nly skill, present every where, but dwelt in a

Let them with all their power unite, peculiar manner in them who loved |

| And make their duty their delight. him. He then asked me a variety of | May Sinai's awful thunders roll, questions about the gospel, a future In terror to the guilty soul ; judgment, and the destruction of idol- / While HE, the LAMB, that once was atry ; and finally, whether we were slain, sent to destroy maya or delusion, by Charms a lost world from endless which he ineant hindooism and ma pain. hometanism. I told him we were.

Let unborn ages catch the sound, He then entreated us to do it quickly,

And waft it to creation's bound: and by no means to be idle in the

Let grace divine from realms above, work.

Melt the proud heart with sov'reign • He is a pleasant, grave Hindoo, nearly sixty." In his mind first arose doubts about idolatry ; he now re

O glorious day! O bliss supreme ! jects all their poojahs and casts ; and | One GoD-the universal theme ! says there is one God, whom he calls | And every realm with rapture own, Father. He hears the gospel with Their faith and hope in CHRIST THL apparent pleasure, and recommends

SON. it to others. I find that about four- Then let the last dread trumpet roar, teen years ago, some of his neighbors Let time itself exist no more, began to dislike idolatry too, and to Wrapt like a scroll in purging fire, associate with him. These, making Let stars, and suns, and worlds expire.


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Connecticut Evangelical Magazine.


Vol. V.]

APRIL, 1805.

[No. 10.

Ön the Promise of the Holy Ghost. I from this prophet; in which he

speaks with rapture on the blesDEFORE the resurrection of sings of the latter days. We are

D our blessed Lord, there also told, by the apostle Peter, were a number of predictions and that the prophecy of Joel «respromises given, that the Holypected this event, when he said, Ghost should be poured out up-“ And it shall come to pass afon believers in an eminent meas: terward, that I will pour out my ure: Isaiah was sent to comfort Spirit upon all flesh, and your the saints with this promise, and sons and your daughters shall said in the name of the Lord, prophesy, your old men shall “ Hear now, O Jacob my ser- dream dreams, your young men vant, and Israel whom I have shall see visions : and also upon chosen. . Thus saith the Lord the servants and upon the handthat made thee, and formed thee maidens in those days, will I pour from the womb, which will help out my Spirit.” But Christ him. thee, Fear not, O Jacob my ser- self promised most expressly, vant, and thou Jesurun whom I “ He that believeth on me, as have chosen. For I will pour wa- the scripture hath said, out of ter upon him that is thirsty, and his belly shall flow rivers of livHoods upon the dry ground :: Iing water. But this spake he of will pour my Spirit upon thy the Spirit which they that believe seed, and my blessing upon thine on him should receive ; for the offspring: and they shall spring Holy Ghost was not yet given, up as among the grass, as wil because that Jesus was not yet lows by the water-courses. One glorified.”. On another occasion shall say, I am the Lord's, and he foretold the gift of the Spirit another shall call himself by the to his disciples, saying, “ I will God of Jacob ; and another shall pray the Father, and he shall subscribe with his hand unto the give you another Comforter, that Lord, and surname himself by he may abide with you for ever; the name of Israel.” Many oth-even the Spirit of truth.” The er passages might be copied most particular promise which Vol. V. No. 10.

IV v

Christ gave, concerning the of- I and to have an happy'effect upon fice of the Holy Spirit is record- the world. By these descriptions ed, John xvi. 7-11,“ Neverthe-we are led to expect, that the less I tell you the truth ; It is promises would be fulfilled in expedient for you that I go a- something which would essenway ; for if I go not away, the tially affect the state of the world, Comforter will not come unto and that it would be a most desiyou ; but if I depart, I will send rable change of things; that it him unto you. And when he is would not, like the ancient discome, he will reprove the world pensation, be confined to the of sin, and of righteousness, and Jews ; but that other nations of judgment. Of sin, because should share in its blessings.they believe not on me ; of right. The promises also lead us to coneousness, because I go to my Fa- clude, that it would be of a relither, and ye see me no more ; gious nature ; for it was declaraf judgment, because the prince ed that it should lead them into of this world is judged.” After all truth, and that the Spirit the resurrection of Jesus from should glorify Christ, and take the dead, and before his ascen- of his things, and shew them unsion, he renewed this promise to to his people. Besides, the things his disciples, and said that they foretold concerning this great should receive the Holy Ghost event, must have led the disci

in a very short time. “ He com- ples to expect a blessing, which * manded them that they should would be permanent ; for it was not depart from Jerusalem, but predicted, that the Spirit should wait for the promise of the Fa- remain with them for ever, and ther, which, saith he, ye have | not leave the world, as Christ heard of me. For John truly was about to do. What these baptized with water; but ye shall promises meant is best known be baptized with the Holy Ghost, by their accomplishment, and not many days hence.”

by other prophecies which inOur Lord gave his disciples form us what things of this the promise of the Holy Ghost a kind remain to be accomplishfew days before his crucifixion, ed. To this then we must now that he might prepare them for attend. that most trying event, and show The promise of the Comfortthem that it was expedient he er, which is the Holy Ghost, beshould go away. It is evident gan to be fulfilled on the Pentefrom the promises, that the dis- cost which immediately succeed ciples were to receive a great | edour Lord's resurrection. That blessing, even greater than to was indeed a most memorable have enjoyed the presence of day, such as the world had never Christ with them here in the before seen; not only on account flesh: and that some wonderful of the things which then took event was to take place, superior piace ; but because this was the to any thing of the kind, which commencementof a train of simhad ever come to pass in our ilar events, which continued till world." For the Holy Ghost was after the apostolic age, and of not yet given, because that Jesus some important things which was not yet glorified.” It was to abide until the present day, and be a rich blessing to the apostles, I will remain to the end of the

world, and be attended with bles Another effect of the Holy sed consequences to eternity. Ghost was an ability which was

When on the day of Pentecost given them, to address any man, the disciples were together with of any nation with whom they one accord in prayer, the Com- met, in his own language; and forter came down upon them this they could do, though they with various influences, and such | had been educated in private as tended to give them unspeak- | life, and had been taught no lanable support and comfort. One guage but what was common in effect was the wonderful remov- their own country. A remarkaal of the fear of men, which till ble instance of this took place at then oppressed them. Though the Pentecost ; where were Parthey abode at Jerusalem, as they thians, Medes, Elamites, men of were commanded, yet they used Mesopotamia, Judea, Capadocia, from fear of the Jews, to meet Asia, Phrygia, Pamphilia, Ein secret with closed doors ; lest sypt, Lybia, Cyrene, strangers their malice against Christ, of Rome, Jews and proselytes. should lead them to abuse or de- All heard the apostles, each in stroy his followers. But now of his own language, declare the a sudden they were relieved marvellous things of God. Thus from all their apprehensions, and the Holy Spirit furnished them were endued with such Christian with the gift of tongues, to go courage, that they went forth un- into all the world, and preach daunted, and preached Christ the gospel to every creature, tes. publicly, and testified to all, whe- tifying the gospel of the grace of ther natives, or strangers who God to Gentiles as well as Jews. had assembled at the feast, to This was a great and singular common people, or their rulers, event, such as had never before and in the face of the Jewish san- taken place in the world, and it hedrim, or great ecclesiastical was very necessary at that time council, which had collected a- | for the extension of the gospel, gainst them, that Jesus was the and the building up of the kingChrist ; that they with wicked dom of Christ among the nahands had put him to death, and tions. that God had raised him from Working miracles indeed was the dead. They came forth from not a new thing. Moses, Elijah their secret retirements into the and others had before been emtemple, the streets and public powered to perform them, and places, and warned people to Christ, who was full of the Holy believe on the Lord Jesus Christ | Ghost, had wrought them ; but that they might be saved. Nei- this power was now renewed or ther threatenings, stripes, im- continued to the disciples; so prisonments, nor persecutions, that they raised the dead, and could ever awe their spirits. wrought all kinds of cures, and They suffered death with more gave great signs and wonders in than heroism-with Christian the name of Christ, and in testitriumph, sealing their testimony mony to him and his gospel.with their blood. Such fortitude, This was evidently the power of from this time forth, was impart- God attending them, for they ed to others, and became very had no wisdom or power of general among Christians. themselves to do those things

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