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empire as aptly as it is repre- | Jewish economy, the destruction sented by the lion ; or if he will of Jerusalem and the calamities make the ram with two horns of the Jews by the Romans; If, represent the Macedonian em- | I say, that author or any other pire, first with Alexander at its person will demonstrate that head, and then devided between these visions will apply to other his four captains, as fitly as it is subjects and have been as prerepresented by the he goat with | cisely fulfilled in other events as a notable horn between his eyes they have in those to which and four horns on his head; or they confine themselves, he will if he will make the he goat re- | render a most important and espresent the empire of Media sential service to mankind. and Persia as fitly as it is repre- ! It may now be observed, sented by the ram with two III. That these visions have horns; or even if he will make received a minute and complete the coming of the he goat to the accomplishment in their pecuram and smiting him and break. | liar events. This observation, ing his two horns, as aptly ra- | it is hoped, hath been so anticipresent the conquest of Baby- pated in the preceding explanalon by Cyrus, as it represented tion, that it can receive no imthe conquest of Darius and the | provement by further illustraMedo Persian empire by Alex. | tion. Have not the four great ander ; or if he will apply the monarchies, long since risen, characteristics of the little horn, displayed their power and greatthe eyes of a man,, a mouth ness on the theatre of human speaking great words, a look action, and retired from the more stout than his fellows, &c. stage? Have not the seventy to any other power or poten weeks long since expired, and tate, as aptly as they apply to the their peculiar events been achierarchy of Rome ; or if, pas complished ? Hath not Antising types and proceeding to christ, long since, reared up himpredictions, he will shew that self, spoken great words against the prophecies concerning the the most High, thought to kings of the north and south, change times and laws, and may be applied to any two em worn out the saints with pains ulating kingdoms with as great and tortures? And is it not most justice and propriety, as even manifest from the signs of the he must know that they ap times, that the judgment is sitply to the Seleucidæ of Syria ting, and they are taking away and the Ptolemies of Egypt; or his kingdom from him to come if passing from kings and courts | sume and destroy it even to the to times and seasons, he will end ? Is it not most evident alsliew that the vision of the seven- | so, that the stone cut out withty wecks has been accomplish out hands is smiting the image, ed as minutely in other events, and filling the whole earth? That as it was fulfilled in the restora- | the exalted Messiah is rearing tion of the Jewish state by Ezra up his glorious kingdom which and Nehemiah, in the incarna- | shall not be given to another tion of the Messiah, and the ac- people, but shall stand forever? complisment of the work of re- | Is it not most evident, that all dumption, the dissolution of the | the visions and prophecies relating to preceding times and cy. It being conceded that events have received a minute Daniel wrote these prophecies, and full accomplishment ? Yea, he must necessarily have written is it not as demonstrable from them either, the most authentic histories, state of infancy and obscurity, his immediate influence, they and for extent of territory infe- ' possess an infallible certainty rior to many of the provinces of and precision, and demonstrate Babylon, should subdue, and as their divine authority by their with great iron teeth devour exact fulfilment. This revelathe whole, and then be subdued tion, therefore, bears the strong herself by the barbarous nations and lively impression of original of the north? Or by what po- divinity. With equal perspiculitical skill could he predict the | ity it evinces an absolute divine rise, power, tyranny and perse- prescience of future events, and cutions of Antichrist, who for the establishment of a universal ages afterwards did not exist and immutable system of opeeven in embryo? To predic | ration, according to which God ted these events and the or invariably proceeds, working all der in which they should exist, things according to the counsel must it not absolutely have baf- of his own will. His own de. fled and confounded the most signs and operations being irreconsummate skill of the ablest versibly established in his own politician? But Daniel did pre- , mind, for his own purpose and dict them, and the order in grace, for the instruction and which they should succeed; and | support of his people, he re. his predictions have been real- vealed them to his holy servants, ized in their peculiar events. the Prophets, and they commu

1. From the native force and that the subjects in their kind,

penetration of his own mind; and the events in that order in

but this could not suggest to which this prophetic system

| him his own personal situation hath drawn them, have been ef.

the next day, or the next fected and realized, as it is that

hour; much less could it sugJulius Caesar was assassinated

gest to him, with precision, the by Cassius and Brutus, or that

rise, greatness, fall and succes. the Roman empire was peaceful

sion of empires which depended and happy in the reign of Au

upon the genius, volitions, congustus ?*

nexions, habits, motives and en. The genuineness of the book terprises of innumerable indiof Daniel and the accomplish-viduals in distant countries, and ment of his visions being admit- different regions, and for a long ted, we may infallibly infer, the succession of ages or he must divine inspiration of his prophe have written them,

2. From philosophical and * When Jerome, in his controversy

political calculation. with Porphyry, in support of Chris If it be said, that Daniel from tianity produced the argument from his knowledoé of the luxury and prophecy, and especially from the propliecies of Daniel, his learned antago

effeminacy of the Babylonish nist found himself reduced to the hård | court, and of the connexions necæssity, to evade the argument, of which had been formed between denying that the book of Daniel was a the courts of Media and Persia prophecy; and of affirming, that it was

might have predicted the conan history written by some spurious author after the facts existed ; assert.

quest of Babylon by their united ing that it was absolutely impossible

arms and valor; yet what politithat such a series of events should be cal data did he possess, from so accurately described in the way of which he could have calculated prediction. A lare opposer of Chris the war of the Persians with the tianity has asserted, that the prophe

Greeks, and that the Greeks cies are a bow of a thousand years, which comes only within a thousand

who then existed in numerous miles of a mark. So we see the independent states, being united great ancient and the modern opposers | under one common sovereign, of Christianity asserting opposite pro- should attempt the conquest of positions respecting the prophecies.-| Persia and effect it? That the Ong, that they describe events so exactly that they cannot be predictions

royal family should be extinof future events, but must be histories

guished, and the empire be diof past transactions. The other, that vided into four kingdoms, and they are so obscure and equivocal as to that implacable enmities should fac almost any circumstance that may subsist between the kings of happen afterward. Will it amuse or

Syria and Egypt? Or what edify the believers of divine revelation to see these virulent opposers of Chris

political principles did he postianity settle this contradiction between

sess, from which he could calthemselves?

culate that Rome, then in a VOL. V. No. 2.

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3. If Daniel could not have nicated them, not in words which predicted these events by an man's wisdom taught, but which effort of genius, or by political were dictated by the Holy Ghost. skill, by no power or principle Originating from such an infalli. within himself, he must have ble cause and realized in their predicted them through the peculiar events, they demoninfluence of some foreign cause strate with an irresistible eneror external agent ;-but no gy, that the prophecy came not external agent was adequate | in old time by the will of man, to this but he of whom are but holy men of God, spake as are all things and by whom are all | they were moved by the Holy things, and who hath determined | Ghost. the times before appointed, who is | The evidence for the divine God. He only, whose infinitely authority of the holy scriptures, capacious mind, at one all-com- from prophecy, by the continued prehensive and intuitive view | fulfilment of it, hath been inapprehends, the most distant | creasing from age to age. It future events, with equal clear- hath received additional lustre ness and precision' as the pre- from those recent events in prosent, could communicate this vidence, by which God hath series of revolutions and events been visibly taking away the dos to his holy servant, the Prophet. minion of the little horn and Originating from this supreme giving the kingdom to the peos and infinitely intelligent cause, ple of his saints. Much more from God, to whom are known hardened and inexcusable must all his works from the begin- | they be who reject this revelaning of the world, and commu- tion from God, under that blaze nicated to his holy Frophet by 1 of light, with which the divine authority of it now addresses it-, ORIGINAL LETTER of the Rev. self to the mind, than they who RICHARD BAXTER, written lived in past, in more obscure nearly 150 years ago, taken and bewildered ages. Let'no from an English Magazine . one be faithless and unbelieving,

To E. R. Esq. lest he procure to himself that awful rebuke of heaven, Behold SIR, ye despisers and wonder and per- THE many obligations laid ish. And do not these consid- 1 upon me by the kindness erations mightily tend to con- of your parents, and the last refirm the faith of believers, and quest of your mother on your make the children of Zion behalf, command me to make joyful in their king? What known my thoughts to you conirresistible evidence have they cerning your present and everfrom the accomplishment of lasting state. scripture prophecies, of their I know the grace of God is real divinity? And are not the free, and that many parents are fulfilment of those, which relate in heaven, whose children are in to Babylon, Media and Persia, hell; but yet, some respect the Greece, Rome and Antichrist, mercy of God hath to children so many implicit assurances ; for their parents' sake; which that he will fulfil those made to puts me in some hope of you ; the Messiah, respecting his glo- and, for myself, I cannot think rious and eternal kingdom of your mother, whose soul is How impressively does the ex- now with God, without a strong hortation of the Prophet address affection to her offspring; which them? The vision is yet an ap- / will not suffer me to see you pointed time, but at the end it perish in utter silence, and to shall speak and not lie ; though forbear my admonition, how it tarry wait for it; because it ungrateful soever it may prove will surely come, it will not tar- to your corruption. ry. And is not the Lord, to the I have long enquired after astonishment and joy of his your welfare; and, from the friends, and the confusion of his voice of Fame, I heard a very foes, marvellously effecting an sad report of you:- That you accomplishment of these promi- were quite given up to drink. ses in the present day? And | ing, sporting, idle company and should not the manifest opera- courses, in flat licentiousness, tions of the most High stimulate in your disobedience to your his servants to fortitude, activi. father, and to the grief of his ty, zeal and perseverance in heart; and that, as you were a those holy exertions which he child when you should have been hath appointed to be the means a man, so now you grow worse of promoting his cause in the than man or child; so that your world ? Commending them by father has purposed to marry, faith and prayer to his gracious and disinherit you, that he might benediction, we wait and in a not leave his estate to such a full assurance that in the set - I was loth to credit time he will appear in his glory this report; but made further and build up Zion, and make her enquiry of some that I knew to a joy and praise in the earth ? / be your friends, and all confirm

ed it; so that I am in great fears | Say not so, without an acknowllest it be true.

edgment of brutishness; do not Sir, believe it, these lines are so, unless you will disown your not begun to you without tears. manhood. Alas! that the only son, the too. I beseech you, tell me, do you much beloved darling of my ever think of dying, and of what dear deceased friend, should follows? If not, what shift do prove a wretch, an invincible you make to overcome your wit, neglecter of God and his salva so far as to forget it? If you do, tion, and an heir of everlasting what shift make you to over. misery (without conversion) ! come your wit and sense itself Shall the soul of such an affec- so far as to disregard it ? Can tionate, careful mother see you your guilty soul endure the terin damnation? Shall the heart rors of an offended Majesty ? Is of a loving father, who looked for it nothing to be condemned by much of his earthly comfort in the most holy God to everlasting you, have his greatest earthly | torments ? sorrow from you? Is it not sor Sir, you had best bethink you row enough to him to part with quickly whom you have to do half himself, but he must see his with. It is not only an earthonly son as lost and dead whilely father that you offend, he is alive?

but you are a creature and a Sir, if you cannot feel words, subject of eternal Majesty. you shall shortly have that which You owe him your highest love will make you feel. What! is and obedience; and he will have your heart become a stone?- it, or he will have your heart's Have you so lately seen the face blood for it. He will make you of death in a deceased mother, I know yourself, and know your and do you no better bethink maker, and know his laws, and you of your own ? I beseech know your duty or he will you, for the sake of her that make you howl in endless mischarged you by her last words ery for it. You may make bold to you, to be ruled by me; nay, with a man like yourself; but I beseech you, for the sake of be not too bold with the consum. God and of your soul, that you ing fire. The sun is darkness would take these lines a little in comparison of his glory; the into your private serious thoughts heavens and earth are but as an if you know how to be serious; hand-breadth, in comparison of and that you will not proceed his infiniteness, Thousands and any further in your folly, till you ten thousands of glorious An, can tell how to answer the ques 1 gels are praising and serving tions which I shall now put to Him, while such a thing as you you.

are slighting, forgetting and dis, Sir, what do you think on? obeying Him. And do you Do you not believe that the infi- think he will long put up with nite God beholdeth you, and that this at your hands? If you you live in his presence ? Is dare take your Prince by the God's presence nothing to you? throat, if you dare play with a Are you affected with nothing raging hungry lion, yet do not but what you see? Do you live play with the wrath of God. only by sense, and not by faith? 'If you dare venture on fire or

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