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water, yet learn more wit than | told you, that they that are after to venture on hell-fire.

the flesh, do mind the things of Do you think these are but the flesh; and they that are after empty words? Believe you not the spirit, the things of the spirit ; a life to come? If you do not, that to be carnally mindedis death; your unbelief shall not procure that if ye live after the flesh, ye your escape ; but experience shall die ;-that they who are in shall convince you, and make the flesh cannot please God and you, in despite of you, believe that, if any man have not the spir, or confess that there is an end- it of Christ, he is none of his. less life that you should have Sir, all these, and a hundred provided for. If you do believe more such, are the true words it; are you out of your wits, man, of God, which I mind you of, to believe one thing and do an- that you may see who it is that other ?-to believe that you are you are so bold with, and what it is near to heaven or hell, and yet that you cast your soul on. Jest make light of it!

not with damnation. Hearken O, Sir, it is but a few days not to the suggestions of your that you have to take your flesh- vain imagination, nor to the dely pleasures in ; but it is long, ceitful words of prating sensuala and long indeed that you must ists, when you see the words of suffer for it, if speedy, sound God against them; remember conversion prevent it not. How who you are, and where you many years must your rotten stand: though you are a gentle. flesh and bones lie in the earth, man, you are but a lump of walk, while your soul is paying dear ing dirt, as to that bodily part

for your wilfulness? And how which you pamper. You are many millions of years after continually in the hand of God. must soul and body lie in hell ? | How afraid am I, lest I should Will you take comfort in the ere long hear of your death, and remembrance of your present so you should be past recovery pleasures? Will it ease your in hell, and out of the reach of torments, think you, to remem- warnings and advice ! And what ber that once you had your will, a base dishonor is it to your unand once you gratified your derstanding, that you should set flesh?

so high an estimate on the sor. Sir, deal plainly and not de- did delights of your fleshly mind, ceitfully with yourself. Are as to cast away God and Christ, you considerately resolved to and heaven, and soul, and friends, sell all your hopes of heaven for and credit, and conscience, and your pleasure ? Are you resol- all for them! ved of it? Will you make so Why, Sir, is it really your mad a bargain ? Will you ven- judgment that your fleshly pleas ture upon hell for a little sensual sures are worth all these? If it delight? If this be your delibe- be, what a blind and sottish mind rate resolution, you be not wor- have you? I dare say and prothy the name of a man, nor wor- fess, that no man in Bedlam hath thy to come into the company a greater error. If it be not of men. If it be not, what mean your judgment, will you go ayou, to do it? The Governor gainst your own judgment? and Judge of the world hath! Why, in this, you are far worse than any beast; for a beast hath | it your most sober solitary no reason to rule his appetite, thoughts. and so disobeyeth not his reason; Thirdly, That you would but you have reason, if you will presently, this night, betake not stifle and bury it, but use it. | yourself to God in prayer, on What is it that you love so much your knees, and lament with better than God, than Christ, I tears your former folly, and earn. than heaven, and all? Is it estly beg his pardoning grace, drink and play, and fleshly plea- and beseech him to give you a sure? Why a heathen, a Turk, new, a holy, a mortified mind; a dog, a swine, hath his part in and make this seriously your these as well as you. Take it daily practice; and then, go to not ill that I speak to you in so your father, and on your knees, plain and homely a phrase. I confess your sin and disobeditell you the day is even at hand | ence, and beg his pardon, and when your tongue shall confess promise unfeignedly to do so that I spoke not half so ill of your no more; and that from this way of folly as it doth deserve. | day forward, you will take your You have read in Luke, (the fleshly disposition for the great sixteenth) of him that was tor- and dangerous enemy of your mented in hell, because he had soul ; on the conquest of which his good things in this life, in your salvation lieth ; and which gay clothing and delicious fare : you must study to subdue, and and how much worse than this not to please. Read what Paul do you !

himself thought necessary;* and O, Sir, remember sin is de- | that you never more meddle ceitful, the flesh is base, the with sports and recreations, or world is worthless, pleasures drink, or other fleshly pleasures, here are short; but God is of but soberly and ordinately, and infinite perfection; heaven is a no more than is needful to fit certain durable possession; holi- you for the service of God; and ness is sweet and amiable ; the that your care and business, and life of godliness is clean, and every day's work may be (when safe, and pleasant.

you have bewailed your youthI am loth to word it with you ful folly) to do God all the serany further ; but address myself vice that you can, and make to you, in the grief of my heart, ready for your appearing before for your sin and misery, with the Lord ; and make sure of these three important requests, | that everlasting glory which you which I intreat you, that you have forfeited. will not deny me.

Go not out of doors till you First, That you will, patiently have examined yourself whether and considerately, read over and you go upon your master's busiover this letter which I write to ness; and whether your work you.

be such that you could be comSecondly, That you will de fortably found in, if death shall liberately read over this treatise | call you before you come in of conversion, which herewith again. I send you ; and as you go, examine your soul by it, and allow i Cor. ix. 25-27.

One thing is needful, and all that must be on your soul to all things else are toys. Choose eternity. the better parts, which shall Sir, nobody shall know from never be taken from you ;t hate me what I write to you, if you such a disposition as hankers keep it to yourself and amend ; after sensual brutish delights, and as long as no eye seeth it but and loveth pleasures more than your own, the plainest dealing, God; and had rather be at sports, in so great a cause, can be no or drinking, than in his service ; | injury to you. But let me tell and loves the company of mer- you, if you shall go on in folly, ry jovial fools better than of them and turn not unto God, and live that fear the Lord ;and had not in his fear, perhaps I may rather sport and talk away time, publish to the knowledge of the than spend it in preparing for world the admonition which I eternal glory; for if this be the have given you, that your name present frame of your mind, as may rot to all posterity ; and it true as the word of God is true, | may appear, that if you were you are dead in sin, and an heir disobedient to a dying mother, of hell; and cannot be saved, yet, I was faithful to the last unless converting, saving grace, charge of a dying friend; and if do make you a new creature, you durst abuse the Lord by and give you a new heart, so sinning, so durst not I by letting that old things pass away, and all you alone. But God forbid that things become new with you. S you should put me to this! I

Sir, I again beseech you to cannot, I will not yet give up grant me these three requests my hope, that God hath mercy that I have made to you. It for'a son of so many prayers would rejoice me much to hear and tears which have been pourof your conversion, as it grieves ed out for you by a saint now in me to hear what you are, and heaven; and which, the Lord fear what you will be. If you is witness, are seconded with the yield thus much to God and me, 1 tears of your surviving monitor, you will have the everlasting with which these lines were becomfort of it. If you will not, I | gun, and are now ending; and do testify to your face, that it is which shall be followed with my not your fleshly pleasures, nor prayers, while God will give me idle, delusory companions, nor a heart to pray, that you may your unbelief, stupidity, false presently prove a returning imaginations, or childish folly, prodigal ; that both your earththat shall save you from the ly and heavenly father may reburning wrath of God; and I joice, and say, This our son was profess, I had rather be a toad | dead, and is alive again ; was than you. And let me add, the lost, and is found. (Luke xv. words of a dying mother, and | 32.) I pray you, read the whole the earnest requests of her and chapter. your yet surviving friend, shall Sir, I remain an earnest dewitness against you before the sirer of your conversion and sal. Lord, and aggravate that load / vation,

RICHARD BAXTER. + Luke x. 42. Psa. XV. 4. $ 2 Cor. V. 17.

| Sept. 17th, 1657. .

TO THE EDITORS OF THE CON- | lief of our poor heathen breth.

NECTICUT EVANGELICAL MA. ren, who are perishing in native GAZINE.

darkness; can we be destitute of Rev. GENTLEMEN,

gratitude to him? What can

mo e sensibly touch the feelings THE Society mentioned in the following address, is termed the

of a tender, pious heart, than

this consideration, that one soul Female Missionary Society

should perish for the want of Each subscriber, pays 50 cents

knowledge ? Can any one feel per annum. The monies col

the power of religion, and not lected, are to be appropriated for

wish to have others feel the the purchasing of the bible and

same? If we have ever tasted other religious books, which are

that the Lord is gracious, we to be distributed among the

shall long to have others partake needy inhabitants of our new set

with us. We shall unite with tlements, and other places, as

the psalmist and say, “Oh, taste shall be thought expedient.

and see that the Lord is good : Your's,

blessed is the man that trusteth PHILA.

in him.” Psalm xxxiv. 8. If the

bible has ever been opened to us, An Address, written by a female,

(for to the natural man it is a to the Female Missionary Soci

sealed book) and we have been ety, Massachusetts.

able to say with the Psalmist; Worthy and respectable friends, thy word have I hid in my heart;

A RE we not engaged in a thy word is a lamp unto my II glorious cause, and may feet, and a light to my path ; we not hope for the divine pres. I rejoice at thy word, as one that ence of our God, and expect his ) findeth great spoil :—thy word blessing to rest upon us? What | is very pure ; therefore thy sercan be more animating to a heav vant loveth it.Oh how love I en born soul, than to be striving thy law ; 'tis my meditation all to advance the interest of the the day. If, indeed, we have dear Redeemer, and doing every felt like this ; our eyes have been thing in its power (the grace of opened, to see wondrous things God attending) to build up his out of the law. And if so, we kingdom in this world ? Saith shall be ready to improve every David, “ while I was musing the | opportunity, that God gives us, fire burned: then spake I with my to manifest our love for our dear tongue." Ps. xxxix. 3. Methinks Lord and Master. How thankthat every child of God must and ful ought we to be, to the Suwill say, when he reflects upon | preme Being, that we are indulthe late happy meeting of the ged this precious opportunity, Female Society; how transport- | which we now enjoy? Is it not ing and soul refreshing was that animating, to think of being used precious season!-And when we as instruments in the hand of contemplate upon that wise and the great God, of bringing some judicious plan, which was pro- | poor, ignorant souls to the posed by our worthy and Rever knowledge of the truth as it is in end pastor, that of forming our. Christ Jesus ?-It surely is. If selves into a society, for the pur- | we love God ; if we love Jesus pose of contributing for the re- ' Christ, the blessed son of God;

if we love his word ; if we do in | I send the promise of my Father reality, love this holy religion of upon you therefore up all ye the meek and lowly Jesus ; we fearful ones, and lay hold of the shall now aim at the divine glory, I promise of God, that thereby in this important business. The you may be quickened in your child of God who has tasted that duty. The Bible tells us, that his word is sweet ; yea, at times | he who waters shall be watered sweeter than the honey or even again. Then fear not to sprinthe honeycomb ; feels for per kle a few drops upon the disishing souls, that are destitute tant parched land. And while of this heavenly bread.

we thus water, will not the dew My dear Christian friends, descend upon us from above, in have not your hearts burned plentiful showers. If we trust within you, as did the hearts of in Jesus, that he will be in the the two diseiples, when on their midst of us, we need not fear way to Emmaus, and conversing who is without? What greater about their dear Lord, Jesus | encouragement can we wish for? himself drew near, and went | We must not however, expect with them? Has not this been to enjoy this privilege unmolesthe case with some of you when ted. We must look out for triJesus has really drawn near, and als, that will perhaps sift the true opened to you the scriptures ; Christian as wheat. Many redrawn back the veil, and enlight- proaches have already, and will ened the eyes of your under still be cast, upon the Female standing? While thus your eyes Society. This is no sure evi: have been opened, to see and dence that the cause is not good, know your dear Lord, have you or that the work is not the Lord's. not run and told his disciples, Jesus plainly taught his disciples that the Lord has risen indeed. that in the world they should Methinks some can answer in have tribulation but comfortthe affirmative..If so, then will ing words follow : Be of good they rejoice to send these glad cheer, I have overcome the tidings of great joy, to our poor world. It is enough that the heathen brethren. And while servant should be as his master. we thus do, and meet together, Christ says, if they have perto commune one with another | secuted me, they will also perseupon this benevolent plan; may cute you. We shall have enewe not hope that Jesus will be in mies without, and perhaps, some the midst of us and say, peace within, who will not be friendly be unto you? Then, what to the cause, and they may bring calm serenity and heavenly up an evil report of this good peace will sit upon every coun- | work. But, my friends, let us tenance; if Jesus deigns to l not fear, neither be cast down. converse with us. But it may | But rather obey Jesus,and stretch be, that some will be filled with forth the hand of faith and lay doubts and fearful apprehen hold of those promises of God, sions. If so, his words are, which are applicable in such a why are ye troubled, and why case. No weapon formed against do thoughts arise in your hearts; 1 thee shall prosper--and every behold my hands and my feet, tongue that shall rise up against that it is I myself. And behold | thee in judgment thou shalt

VOL. V. No. 2.

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