The British trident; or, Register of naval actions, from ... the Spanish armada to the present time, Band 4


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Seite 118 - August, offthe mouth of the Nile. The enemy were moored in a strong line of battle, for defending the entrance of the bay, (of Shoals) flanked by numerous gun-boats, four frigates, and a battery of guns and mortars...
Seite 241 - Your memorialist has also served on shore with the army four months, and commanded the batteries at the sieges of Bastia and Calvi.
Seite 160 - Many fugitives returned with us to the breach, which we found defended by a few brave Turks, whose most destructive missile weapons were heavy stones, which, striking the assailants on the head, overthrew the foremost down the slope and impeded the progress of the rest.
Seite 20 - Bristol of fifty guns, bearing the broad pendant of Sir Peter Parker. On the 26th of December, 1777, the Admiral sailed from Portsmouth, with a squadron of ships of war, and a fleet of transports, having on board a large body of troops under the command of the Earl of Cornwallis, destined for an attack on Charlestown, in America.
Seite 40 - The circumstances under which the body of the French troops under my command were landed at this place, render it unnecessary to attempt any military operations, as they would tend only to bloodshed and pillage.
Seite 265 - Council, that no Ships or Vessels belonging to any of his Majesty's subjects be permitted to enter and clear out for any of the ports of Spain, until further orders.
Seite 118 - Almighty God has blessed his Majesty's arms in the late battle, by a great victory over the Fleet of the Enemy, whom I attacked at sun-set on the 1st of August, off the mouth of the Nile.
Seite 117 - L'Orient, that when you have finished your military career in this world, you may be buried in one of your trophies. But that that period may be far distant, is the earnest wish of your sincere friend, Benjamin Hallowell.
Seite 44 - On the 22nd, having become somewhat pacified, the seamen caused two letters to be written; one to the lords of the admiralty, in which they stated the cause of their conduct on the two preceding days; the other to Lord Bridport, in which they styled him their father and friend, and disclaimed offering him any intentional offence. This induced Lord Bridport on the following day, the 23rd, to go on board the Royal George, the crew of which immediately rehoisted his flag.
Seite 160 - English were on the breach, quitted his station, where, according to the ancient Turkish custom, he was sitting to reward such as should bring him the heads of the enemy, and distributing musket cartridges with his own hands. The energetic old man, coming behind us, pulled us down with violence ; saying, if any harm happened to his English friends, all was lost.

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