The Mariner's Mirror, Band 7

Leonard George Carr Laughton, Roger Charles Anderson, William Gordon Perrin
Society for Nautical Research., 1921

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Seite 144 - God, it doth even take my wits from me to think on it. There is such controversy between the sailors and the gentlemen, and such stomaching between the gentlemen and the sailors, that it doth even make me mad to hear it. But my masters, I must have it left. For I must have the gentleman to haul and draw with the mariner, and the mariner with the gentleman.
Seite 282 - And then it has jurisdiction over pleas of life and member, arising in matters of arms and deeds of war, as well out of the realm as within it.
Seite 86 - London; and it was the most pleasing scene imaginable to see the cheerfulness with which those industrious people plyed their way to a certain sale of their goods. The banks on each- side are as well peopled, and beautified with as agreeable plantations, as any spot on the earth : but the Thames itself, loaded with the product of each shore, added very much to the landscape.
Seite 264 - Doughty (as he then in the presence of us all sacredly protested) was great, yet the care he had of the state of the voyage, of the expectation of her...
Seite 367 - Republic, excepting only within the harbours or roads of princes and states in amity with us, and to bring the same to such port as shall be most convenient, in order to have them legally adjudged in our said High Court of Admiralty of England, or before the...
Seite 6 - But it is impossible to deceive the practised eye in these matters ; and while I supposed myself to be looking as salt as Neptune himself, I was, no doubt, known for a landsman by every one on board as soon as I hove in sight. A sailor has a peculiar cut to his clothes, and a way of wearing them which a green hand can never get. The...
Seite 230 - ... to form a museum of natural and artificial curiosities, particularly such as are to be found beyond the Cape of Good Hope or Cape Horn...
Seite 48 - They told me that on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays, the ship's company had no allowance of meat, and that these meagre days were called banyan-days, the reason of which they did not know; but I have since learned they take their denomination from a sect of devotees in some part of the East Indies, who never taste flesh.
Seite 78 - FOR the increase of shipping and encouragement of the navigation of this nation, wherein, under the good providence and protection of God, the wealth, safety, and strength of this kingdom is so much concerned...
Seite 264 - ... the success of the voyage might greatly have been hazarded: whereupon the company was called together and made acquainted with the particulars of the cause, which were found partly by Master Doughty's own confession, and partly by the evidence of the fact, to be true.

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