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they referred their actors. They did not wait be- ful to the eye-a pure, solid page, with type, archi fore commencing their work, until they had tecturally proportioned, cut by a true artist, become, as it were, cotemporaries of their actors; and printed smoothly, and of a raven black ! a love intrigue for a plot, a few hints from the The work before us has all these excellencies. most accessible sources, and a little reading in Taken altogether, it is perhaps, artistically, the some author of the period to be illustrated, are best possible. Its purpose, as it has been explaindeemed sufficient preparation for launching into a ed to us, is to group together, into a gallery, historical novel. Whence it follows that the twenty-four heads of the most eminent citizens of works of that school differ from each other in America, who have flourished since the death of little else than the different proportions of truth Washington : each portrait to be accompanied and fiction in the mixture.

with a suitable brief biography. Of this system it is a melancholy consequence The numbers are sold separately for $1 each, that many of our ingenious youth study from such the entire subscription being but $20, payable productions, the little of the world's chronicle that quarterly, in advance. The whole is on fine they condescend to acquire, until it is impossible drawing paper, enclosed in tinted covers, and ento persuade them that the clerical Avenel and his veloped in a fine, buff-colored portfolio case, instead chivalrous nephew were not personages quite as of a common wrapper. seriously engaged in the affairs of their time, as On the cover of the present, or possibly the sucMary Stuart and Elizabeth ; or that Quentin ceeding number of this journal, the reader will find Durward was not as mighty a man as Louis XI. a prospectus of the work. It is certainly the best

Mr. James, than whom no literary sinner has thing of the kind. more trespass, of the kind alluded to, to atone for, Any of our friends or subscribers who wish to now offers to do some light penance for past trans- procure a specimen number of the work can have gressions,-or transgressions against the past,-by it forwarded to them by enclosing five dollars, mixing his compound on a principle absolutely with the order to this office, and directions for its novel and un-novel like, viz.: a homeopathic safe transmission. dose of fiction to a large quantity of truth. In

-Publishers of the Amer. Review. other words, he takes real events, of a striking character, and adds, of his own invention, only

The work is peculiarly worthy of Whig patronwhat is necessary to give them a dramatic effect. age, as it will embrace the portraits of the most

illustrious men of that party. (Ed.] It might occur to some malicious critic that the “ Dark Scenes," now before us, are only a bundle of novels, in embryo ; every one of which threatened the poor public with an octavo, at least, if Saroni's Musical Times. Mr. James had had the leisure, or the inclination, We are given to understand that the editor of to dilute them. Indeed, they do bear somewhat this valuable and singularly successful musical the appearance of sketches intended for future journal, has lately united himself in a joint editor “filling up,” cartoons of romances, or discarded and proprietorship with Eugene Lies, Esq., known materials, of past labors, hastily bound together by his poetical and critical labors, to the readers of into a book. But, whatever be the secret history the Democratic Review. Mr. Lies' excellent of the “ Dark Scenes,” we, for our own part, vastly taste and scholarship, will, doubtless, add greatly prefer them, in their present shape, and do heartily to the value of the Musical Times. His attention recommend them as harmless, and rather instruct- will be given solely to the literary department of ive reading. The Gallery of Illustrious Americans:

Family Pictures from the Bible.. By Mrs. The first number of a very elegant work, with

ELLET, author of the Women of the American this title, has been shown us by the editor, C. E.

Revolution. New-York: G. P. Putnam, 115 Lester. It contains a magnificent engraving of

Broadway. General Taylor ; the best we have seen, without any exception or reservation. It is executed The plan of this gifted author, in preparing the (lithographed !) by D'Avignon, perhaps the best work we are now noticing, seems to have been not living artist, in this line, who has given lithography so much to paraphrase the Bible, as to call her an effect almost equal to the mezzo-tints etchings reader's attention to the beauties, artistically speakof Cozzens. The daguerreotypes for the work are ing, of the Holy Scriptures. Her groups are well by Brady. Twenty-four numbers, semi-monthly, chosen, and several of the papers in her collection, will complete the work. A portrait of Henry have been contributed by eminent divines, such as Clay, and another of Daniel Webster, will succeed Dr. Bethune, Dr. Hutton, Rev. S. D. Burehard, this one of President Taylor.

and others. These papers are every way wortby "The work is of the largest size, and the letter- of the names by which they are signed. As for press the finest, perhaps, that has ever come from the part which Mrs. Ellet has reserved for herself, a New-York press.

we would observe that she usually displays unThree centuries ago, the fame of a good printer common tact, in pointing out the picturesqueness was as wide as the civilized world ; in these days and dramatic effect of the events she illustrates. of cheap reading and cheap writing, the art of Artists in want of a subject may consult her pages, printing is slighted, as something merely mechan- with manifest advantage, and the general reader ical. And yet what an elegant piece of taste and will derive from her book entertainment and iningenuity is an elegantly printed-how delight- struction at the same time.

that paper.

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