Proceedings of ... Annual Meeting, Band 20

Democrat Printing Company, State Printer., 1920
Report for 1917 (17th) not issued; issued instead and included in its place: Proceedings of the National Creamery Buttermakers' Association, 20th convention (27th year), held at Milwaukee, Wisconsin, October 9-10-11, 1917.

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Seite 105 - A time like this demands, Strong minds, great hearts, true faith and ready hands ; Men whom the lust of office does not kill ; Men whom the spoils of office cannot buy; Men who possess opinions and a will ; Men who have honor; men who will not lie ; Men who can stand before a demagogue And damn his treacherous flatteries without winking; Tall men, sun crowned, who live above the fog In public duty and in private thinking. For while the rabble with their thumbworn creeds, Their large professions and...
Seite 107 - Municipal law, thus understood, is properly defined to be a 'rule of civil conduct prescribed by the supreme power in a state, commanding what is right and prohibiting what is wrong.
Seite 28 - ... two of whom shall be elected for one year, two for two years and two for three years from the date of the annual school meeting next succeeding such special meeting.
Seite 106 - ... a rule of action, and is applied indiscriminately to all kinds of action, whether animate or inanimate, rational or irrational. Thus we say, the laws of motion, of gravitation, of optics, or mechanics, as well as the laws of nature and of nations.
Seite 102 - THE PRESIDENT: Gentlemen, you have heard the motion. All in favor of it will give their consent by saying aye.
Seite 5 - Annual Report of the Wisconsin Dairymen's Association, showing the receipts and disbursements the past year, also papers relating to the dairy interest, read at the Annual Convention held at Lake Milk.
Seite 94 - ... first appointed, two shall hold office for three years, two for two years, and one for one year, from the...
Seite 111 - Be it Resolved, That the thanks of this Association are due and are...
Seite 111 - That the hearty thanks of this Association are due, and are hereby tendered, to...
Seite 11 - On the day that it becomes possible to send ships direct from the great lakes to the ocean by way of the St. Lawrence river, while they are unable to go by way of the Hudson, the...

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