Seduced Exploited X'ed

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Book Title: Seduced Exploited Xed discusses live-in relationships, peer pressure, love and the lack thereof. It goes into the home, the work place, school and society to make an impact on the various age groups, socialites and students.

It tells the story of how a child holds together an ideal with faith applying it in areas and amounts to resolve a combination of painful situations that sandwiched her in the middle. The center of attraction in this parabolic lesson is also the model of success in the midst of failure, and one who builds platforms out of her negative experiences in order to add height to her vision of a morally ordered and strategically planned, love laced future: Mollie refused to settle for less.

As one of the main characters, she was able to teach her separated parents some basic moral and spiritual principles by subliminally subjecting them to her own strategically placed, wise responses to her friends and by displaying uncanny adult behaviors while addressing concerns with her parent figures, and other adults.

Our scene is nestled in the growing, and prosperous city of Kalamazoo, in the state of Michigan. A portion of the scene takes place in the tailor made, Kalamazoo Jr. High School, which was specifically designed for this lesson. Nowhere is there a city, or Jr. High school exempt from, these or similar, behaviors as visited in this parabolic lesson. Every citys school has these types of peer pressures, parent debaucheries, sibling concerns and such like. Every city has someone who meticulously set, or is setting his or her sights on their unwitting conquests, tactically pursuing; intent upon meeting their own vile and insensitive objective, leaving behind, a victim who would ascertain in the aftermath that they had been used, abused and discarded, or simply Seduced Exploited and Xed.

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Über den Autor (2006)

I, introducing myself as author, am, James Calvin Bailey: a native of the state of Tennessee, born July 27, 1948 to a family of Sharecroppers in a small rural town named, Alamo; in Crockett County. I am the eldest son of five children, born to the same mother; Brownetta Taylor-Bailey and father, James Edward Bailey; their first born being a daughter, my eldest sister; Gwendolyn, and three other younger siblings: one sister, Shirley and two brothers; John and Sam.

Family life and farming life were extremely challenging, laced with violent familial eruptions, arduous labor, and chores that I, by the necessity of obedience to commands, summoned the strength of will to accomplish, many times, to my own physical hurt. Those chores required manly strengths that exceeded my physical limitations as a frail and malnourished child, but life required the hands of all persons present, able or not.

Of my father’s second marriage, I have a younger sister, Saphira Bailey, and of my mother’s second marriage, I have a younger sister, Fannie, and younger brother, William, whose last names are, Cole.

Of my father’s third marriage, I have two brothers, Tyrone, and Jerome Bailey. Four families make up the full collection of my siblings, and none of them are considered half brother or sister.

I have 35 years of marriage to Kate-Boyd Bailey whom I met while on vacation in Tennessee in 1967. We were engaged for two years and then married on June 1, 1970. Our two daughters are, Angela Bailey-Gaddie and Kyla Bailey. We have two grandchildren, Bobby (BJ) and Karrington (Tootie) Gaddie. We have one son-in-law, Bobby Gaddie.

Our disabled veteran father’s health failed in 1961, leaving him unable to take care of the initial five of us that had come to live with him after out mother’s death. Our paternal grandfather, Herman Bailey, came from Kalamazoo and collected us to his own home where we resided with he and his wife, and our grandmother Mary (Peggy) Bailey for a time, and then out on our own again.

My education includes, Kalamazoo Central High graduation, Kellogg Community College, Kalamazoo Valley Community College, Kalamazoo College, L. Lee Stryker Institute, and the Los Angeles based Ministerial Training Institute-MTI, from which I received my bachelors, masters and doctorate degrees. I am currently retired from secular employment and re-enrolled in MTI, at a youthful age of 57 years, to continue my education studies.

My most recent, 272 page softbound book, which was published on 07/09/05, through AuthorHouse Publishing, is entitled:

The Blood Throughout The 7 Dispensations.

ISBN 1-4208-7293-1

Books can be acquired at Barnes & Noble, Zondervan, and

Other self publishing titles include: The Ragamuffin and The Rusty Box, Snow Spiders, Herb The Cookie Man, Rancid Bule, Bubba Robin, and Mira and Peg.

Titles in process, which will be coming through AuthorHouse:

  1. What About The Thief?
  2. 7 Cries Crossing 7 Dispensations.
  3. 8:13 - It’s About Time.

My thanks to God for His unmerited favor and unspeakable gifts!

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