Roderick, the Last of the Goths, Band 2

Longman, Hurst, Rees, Orme, and Brown, 1818

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Seite 76 - Nor were the chiefs Of victory less assured, by long success Elate, and proud of that o'erwhelming strength Which, surely they believed, as it had rolled Thus far...
Seite 108 - tis shown ye there ! Look yonder at that cloud, which through the sky Sailing alone, doth cross in her career The rolling moon ! I watched it as it came, And deemed the deep opaque would blot her beams ; But, melting like a wreath of snow, it hangs In folds of wavy silver round, and clothes The orb with richer beauties than her own, Then passing, leaves her in her light serene.
Seite 156 - And curtle-axe on helm and buckler rung; Armour was riven, and wounds were interchanged, And many a spirit from its mortal hold Hurried to bliss or bale. Well did the Chiefs Of Julian's army in that hour support Their old esteem ; and well Count Pedro there Enhanced his former praise ; and by his side, Rejoicing like a bridegroom in the strife, Alphonso through the host of infidels Bore on his bloody lance dismay and death.
Seite 174 - His tremulous voice far echoing loud and shrill, A frequent, anxious cry, with which he seem'd To call the master whom he loved so well, And who had thus again forsaken him.
Seite 10 - Rests on the hills ; and, oh ! how awfully Into that deep and tranquil firmament The summits of Auseva rise serene ! The watchman on the battlements partakes The stillness of the solemn hour ; he feels The silence of the earth, the endless sound Of flowing water soothes him, and the stars — Which in that brightest moonlight well-nigh...
Seite 163 - Blind that I was to know him not till now ! My Master, O my Master! He meantime With easy pace moved on to meet their march. King...
Seite 9 - How calmly, gliding through the dark-blue sky, The midnight Moon ascends ! Her placid beams, Through thinly scattered leaves and boughs grotesque, Mottle with mazy shades the orchard slope : Here, o'er the chestnut's fretted foliage, gray And massy, motionless they spread ; here shine Upon the crags, deepening with blacker night Their chasms ; and there the glittering argentry Ripples and glances on the confluent streams.
Seite 163 - Before Saint Peter's altar ; unto him Grace was vouchsafed ; and by that holy power Which at Visonia from the Primate's hand Of his own proper act to me was given, Unworthy as I am, . . yet sure I think Not without mystery, as the event hath shown, . . Did I accept Count Julian's penitence, And reconcile the dying man to Heaven.
Seite 134 - Vain was all valour there, all martial skill ; The valiant arm is helpless now ; the feet Swift in the race avail not now to save ; They perish, all their thousands perish there, . . . Horsemen and infantry they perish all, . . . The outward armour and the bones within Broken and bruised and crush'd. Echo prolong'd The long uproar : a silence then ensued, Through which the sound of Deva's stream was heard, A lonely voice of waters, wild and sweet ; The lingering groan, the faintly-utter'd prayer,...

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