Sovereignty of God

Sovereign Grace Publishers,, 2008 - 326 Seiten
Pink (d. 1953) is noted for his independent thinking. He was so well read, and had such a photographic memory, that he could give you the page and column in a host of reference works and commentaries. This book shocked the Christian world in 1919 when he published it. He fiercely defends the sovereignty of God, and all the cognate doctrines such as the Doctrines of Grace. It is THE book to give to those just after conversion, and a prime book to give to anyone who defends the free will of man. Pink was a Baptist preacher who held pulpits in England, America, and Australia. His early training was in scientology. His conversion was instant, and complete dedication to the cause of God and truth quickly became evident. This early book by Pink lays Scripture end to end to prove God's control over all persons and events. It is uncompromising, and as such it raises the hackles on the necks of many new students of this doctrine. Persons who knew Pink seldom objected to anything he taught, because he could literally quote hundreds of verses of Scripture verbatim on the subject under discussion. This book may be overwhelming, but it is certain that its many printings have been used of God to convince people of His sovereignty. The Banner of Truth has an edition of this book, but they have abridged their edition by deleting the chapter on Reprobation. If Pink were still alive, he certainly would not have allowed this misrepresentation of his doctrinal belief: that God both elects and reprobates, as Romans 9:21?23 clearly teaches. It is an important stone to guide the steps of those who are not yet convinced of God's absolute sovereignty over all persons and events.

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Review: The Sovereignty of God - eBook

Nutzerbericht  - Allen Haynie -

In his book The Sovereignty of God, AW Pink explains that God is the first cause of all that exists and that all things are under His rule and control. Nothing happens outside of Gods direction or His ... Vollständige Rezension lesen

Review: The Sovereignty of God - eBook

Nutzerbericht  - AaronA -

This book is a GREAT thought provoking read!!! The layout and scripture verses that AW Pink uses to backup what he's saying are Truth. Truth that is often so easily neglected or often times "swept ... Vollständige Rezension lesen

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Difficulties and Objections
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Gods Sovereignty and Prayer

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