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Seite 69 - Cette petite histoire fut répétée de proche en proche par tous les journaux et fit le tour de l'Europe ; elle était à peu près oubliée depuis une vingtaine d'années, lorsqu'elle nous revint d'Amérique avec...
Seite 14 - ... influence over her. I hope that, before I shall see you, she will have had a visit or a letter from you. The longer you delay the more you will sometime repent. When I am musing alone, I feel a pang for every moment that any human being has by my peevishness or obstinacy spent in uneasiness. I know not how I have fallen upon this, I had no thought of it, when I began the letter, (yet) am glad that I have written it.
Seite 28 - SIR, — The alterations which you made in the letter, though I cannot think they much mended it, yet did no harm, and perhaps the letter may have the effect of reducing the Lady and her friends to terms truly moderate and reasonable by shewing what slight account you make of menaces and terror. I no more desire than you to bring the cause before the...
Seite 9 - I have any thing to say, that might not be delayed till we meet. I know not how it happens, but I fancy that I write letters with more difficulty than some other people, who write nothing but letters, at least I find myself very unwilling to take up a pen, only to tell my friends that I am well, and indeed I never did exchange letters regularly but with dear Miss Boothby.
Seite 31 - ... are all the evils which this domestick revolution has brought upon you. I knew that you and your wife lived unquietly together, I find that provocations were greater than I had known, and do not see what you have to regret but that you did not separate in a very short time after you were united.
Seite 14 - And it ought to be fome palliation of my offence, that I not only had never feen Mr. Guthrie's Hiftory of England, but had never met with a fingle perfon that had read it.
Seite 44 - Charlie's now awa, Safely owre the friendly main ; Mony a heart will break in twa, Should he ne'er come back again. Will ye no...
Seite 1 - Supplement to the historic doubts on the life and reign of King Richard III.
Seite 76 - Hume fuppofes the very point to be proved, and wonders it is difputcd, after he has taken it for granted. I have fo good an opinion of his fagacity, that if he had not taken it for granted before he wrote his hiftory, I am perfuaded he would not believe it now. There is a good deal of difference in the kind of belief which a man entertains before he has treated a fubject, and after. NOTE the Eighth, Is built on the evidence of Tirrel, which I have examined diftlnctly in my Doubts, and there challenged...
Seite 111 - But do not sir Thomas's own words betray, not only doubts in his own breast, but thorough proof of the uncertainty of all the incidents relative to the murder? He tells us, that he does not relate the murder in every way he had heard it, but according to the most probable account he could collect from the most creditable witnesses.

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