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1781 GENERAL MONTGOMERY, Brigantine. Guns, 14; Men, 60. Commander: Samuel Hobbs, of Salem.

June 4

C. C. 196, vi, 33; M. A., 171, 402; Salem Gazette, Aug. 7, 1781: "Last Thursday returned here from a cruise the privateer Montgomery, Capt. Hobbs, of this port."


Sept. 30

Commander: Jonathan Haraden.
Petitioner: George Williams.

M. A., Council Records.

1779 GENERAL PICKERING, Ship. Guns, 16; Men, 100. Commander: Jonathan Haraden.

Apr. 24

Bond: Continental, $10,000; State, £4000.

Bonders: Jonathan Haraden, mariner, principal; George
Williams and John Fisk, of Salem, sureties.

Owners: George Williams and others.

Witnesses: Jona[than] Mason, J. Grafton.

M. A., vi, 258, 261, 159, 195, 331, 335, 338, 342, 169, 183; Hunt, II, 34-42; Pickering MSS., XXXIX, 179 (Letter from Capt. Haraden, Cape Henlopen, Oct. 1, 1779): "I left the Capes at Sundown on Tuesday last and at Sunrising on Wednesday Morning I discovered two sail to the windward. The Winds being light I hove out two Draggs to keep my Ship from going ahead and made all the Sail I could, as though I was running from them. They both gave Chace and at 5 P.M. they got nigh enough to discover that I was a cruising Vessel. They both hove about and haul'd their Wind, I immediately hove about after them, they crowded all the Sail they could and rowed at the same time. At sundown the Wind breezed up a little and as Night came on, I kept Sight of them with my Night Glass; at 8 P.M. they parted, one stood to the Northward and the other to the Southward. I kept in chace of the largest and at 9 P.M. She Hove about, being to the Windward; as she past me I hail'd her, but had no answer. Then I gave her a Broadside, but without any effect that I could perceive; then I Tackt Ship and gave her another Broadside and hail'd her. She answered from N. York. I order'd her to haul down the Colours, which they obey'd instantly; very peaceable people,



Aug. 28


though they had 14 6 and 4 pounders and 38 Men.
She proves to be the Royal George Cutter, a Letter
of Marque out of New York last Tuesday Morning
bound to the West Indies and was in Company with
a Sloop of 8 Carriage Guns from the same place, she
being clean and a fast Sailor got off clear." Boston
Gazette, Dec. 20, 1779; Ind. Chronicle, Aug. 17, 1780:
"By letters just received from Spain, we are informed
that Capt. Jonathan Harriden in the ship Pickering,
of sixteen 6-pounders and 48 men and boys, on his
passage from Salem to Bilboa fell in with a British
cruizer mounting twenty long 9-pounders, and after
engaging her for five glasses obliged her to sheer off.
In this engagement the Pickering suffered great dam-
ages. In a few days after this he met with and after
a warm engagement captured a privateer from Eng-
land, of fourteen 9 and six 4-pounders and 60 men
and put 10 of his men on board her. With this prize
Capt. Harriden was making the best of his way to
Bilboa, when he was pursued by a very large Lugger
[the Achilles]; but supposing himself by no means a
match for such a vessel as this appear'd to be, he en-
deavour'd to keep clear of her and gave a signal to
his prize to do the same; but she came up and took
her and soon after came up with him also. A most
violent contest ensued and continued for two hours
and a half, during which time the Captain, officers
and crew of the Pickering managed their ship with
such address and fought with such unexampled
bravery and heroism that the Lugger, large and stout
as she was, was glad to leave them. They then pur-
sued their prize and took her again, in sight of their
vanquish'd enemy. By the people on board they were
informed that the vessel they had engaged was the
largest of the kind that had ever been fitted out from
Great Britain, that she mounted, upon two decks,
twenty-one long 9-pounders, six 18-pounders, four-
teen brass 4-pounders, and two brass 2-pounders,
having in all 43 guns and 130 men."

GENERAL PUTNAM, Schooner. Guns, 8; Men, 60.
Commander: Stephen Mascoll.
Bond: Continental, $5000.

Bonders: Stephen Mascoll, mariner of Salem, principal; Joseph Lambert, mariner, and William Becket, shipwright, both of Salem, sureties.

Bound to "the President of the Honourable Congress of
the United States of America."

Owners: William Becket, Joseph Lambert, Samuel Webb,
Henry Williams, Ebenezer Peirce, Stephen Mascoll,
John Gardner, jr., Ebenezer Beckford, Josiah Orne,
Samuel Ward, James Diman, jr., George Williams, jr.,
and John McMillan [spelled MacMillion], all of Salem.
Witnesses: George Williams, jr., Samuel Webb.
M. A., v, 302, 165, 170.

1779 GENERAL PUTNAM, Ship. Tons, 350; Guns, 20; Men, 60. Commander: Daniel Waters.

July 9

Owner: Nathaniel Shaw.

Note. On the Penobscot Expedition and destroyed

to prevent capture.

M. A., xxxvII, 242, 280, 145, 8, 33, 43; Council Records,
July 2, 9, 10, 11, 1779.

1777 GENERAL STARK, Brigantine.

Commander: John Allen Hallet.

Bond: State, £2000.

Bonders: John Allen Hallet, mariner, David Devens and
Jonathan Harris, merchants, of Boston.

Witnesses: Samuel Adams, Richard Call, John Furnass,
Henry Alline, jr.

Note. The name is commonly spelled Starks, some-
times Starke.

M. A., 139, 144 (Bond, dated Sept. 29, 1777, not to enlist any man in New England outside of Massachusetts).

1778 GENERAL STARK, Brig. Guns, 10, and 8 swivels; Men, 50. Commander: John Willson.

June 15

Bond: Continental, $5000; State, £4000.

Bonders: John Wilson [signed Willson], mariner, principal; Thomas Harris and John Harris, jr., of Boston, sureties.

Owners: Thomas and John Harris and others.

Witnesses: And[re]w Newell, David Townsend.

M. A., v, 311, 312, 139, 195, 168, 370; Mar. Court Rec., 16.

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Warrant for Impressment of a Vessel for the Penobscot Expedition

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