The Sporting review, ed. by 'Craven'., Band 25

John William Carleton

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Seite 210 - The devil can cite Scripture for his purpose. An evil soul, producing holy witness, Is like a villain with a smiling cheek ; A goodly apple rotten at the heart: O, what a goodly outside falsehood hath ! Shy.
Seite 376 - While the Cock, with lively din, Scatters the rear of darkness thin, And to the stack, or the...
Seite 134 - Its neighbour's glass — where Gladness sees itself, And at the bright reflection grows more glad ! Breaks into tenfold mirth ! — laughs like a child ! Would make a gift of its heart, it is so free ! Would scarce accept a kingdom, 'tis so rich ! Shakes hands with all, and vows it never knew That life was life before ! Wild.
Seite 63 - Vegetable fibrine and animal fibrine, vegetable albumen and animal albumen, hardly differ, even in form ; if these principles be wanting in the food, the nutrition of the animal is arrested; and when they are present, the graminivorous animal obtains in its food the very same principles on the presence of which the nutrition of the carnivora entirely depends.
Seite 83 - In estimating the value of any prize no deduction shall be made, except of the winner's own stake and of any sum or sums required by the conditions to be paid out of the stakes to the owners of any other horse or horses in the race— the entrance for a plate not to be deducted.
Seite 227 - The palace named The Delight of the Eyes, or The Support of Memory, was one entire enchantment. Rarities, collected from every corner of the earth, were there found in such profusion as to dazzle and confound, but for the order in which they were arranged. One gallery exhibited the pictures of the celebrated Mani, and statues, that seemed to be alive.
Seite 161 - The person appointed to start the horses shall mark in his list the time when the horses in each race actually started ; and if there have been any false starts, the first of them shall be considered as the time of starting for that race. And he shall make a report thereof to the Keeper of the Match-book in the afternoon of the day the races are run.
Seite 330 - There is scarcely any wellinformed person, who, if he has but the will, has not also the power to add something essential to the general stock of knowledge, if he will only observe regularly and methodically some particular class of facts which may most excite his attention, or which his situation may best enable him to study with effect.
Seite 333 - I stood looking at them until the air was darkened with their masses, while the plain on which we stood became densely covered with them. Far as my eye could reach— east, west, north, and south — they stretched in one unbroken cloud, and more than an hour elapsed before their devastating legions had swept by.
Seite 298 - Which, by rapacious hunger swallow'd deep, Gives, as you tear it from the bleeding breast Of the weak, helpless, uncomplaining wretch, Harsh pain and horror to the tender hand.

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