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Dogeman, Forker the butcher, Floyter the fishmonger, Goddesbokes, Haripok, Heghscho, Hoppeshort, Heteblak the baker, Knightschankes, Kokke in le grene, Lenealday, Lyngteill, Lagheles, Neyrnoute, Nevergilt the goldsmith, Overdue, Pykell the fisher, Pyke the fishmonger, Payable, Paynot, Sarefote, Scrapetrough the miller, Spilblod, Scraggy, Stowte, Stere the shipman, Skutard the mariner, Tutbages, Trenchaud the turner, Whitebrow the plasterer, Windswift the mariner, Witheskirtes, Wynferthing, Whitehand, Whightblode, Wellefed, Whitekake, and Winship the mariner. There are many others, but these are some of the most notable. Patronymics are not very numerous in the early parts of the Roll, and it is not until the reign of Henry IV. that 'son' as an affix becomes really very frequent, and these come in at about the same time as the 'de' disappears from before the place


Christian names continue to be written almost entirely in Latin up to the reign of Edward VI., when a few are to be found in English, and from this date they gradually increase in number, but the Latin form does not cease entirely until the seventh of George II. There are but few Christian names, comparatively speaking, that are not ordinarily in use at the present time. Some may perhaps be a little more or less common, and some, but very few, have fallen into disuse.

To some persons the trades and callings will no doubt be of as great interest as the names. It is interesting to watch the disappearance of trades that were common in the earlier times, partly through being swallowed up by others of increasing importance but mainly through the changes constantly occurring in the habits and mode of living of the people; and the rapidity with which new trades spring up as civilisation advances, and with it the greater demand for luxuries is surprising. But to go thoroughly into these questions is too large a subject to be considered here.

To the genealogist interested in either the city or county families the Roll is invaluable. Many of the latter sprang from the city where the thrift and industry of the founder enabled him to fill high offices first in the city, then in the county, and finally to settle down in the latter as one of its

magnates. Even those belonging to the smaller families, long resident in the city, will, if they desire to trace back their ancestors, derive the greatest assistance from this Roll. For this purpose Volume II. will be found of greater help than its predecessor, for, as time goes on, there is a large increase in the number of those taking up their freedom by patrimony. Though the separate list under this head is continuous from the end of the reign of Richard II., the numbers are few down to that of Queen Elizabeth, when compared with more recent times.

A few words of thanks are due to Mr. Alderman Clayton, Mr. Alderman Mackay, and Mr. Alderman Milward, the three Lord Mayors who were in office during the time the Roll was being copied, for their courtesy in giving the transcriber the use of their own private chamber in the Guildhall; also to Mr. Macguire, the town clerk, and Mr. Giles, the deputy town clerk, for often, and at considerable inconvenience to themselves, placing their services at his disposal; to Mr. William Brown, our present secretary, who was so good as to assist in many difficulties, and of his predecessor, the late Chancellor Raine, it is impossible here to pay a sufficient tribute. No matter how busily engaged, he was ever ready to lay aside his work and give the asked-for help or advice. As it would have considerably enhanced the value of this work, the progress of which he had watched with the greatest interest, the writer had hoped that he would have undertaken the task of writing the preface, which his great and unsurpassed knowledge of the ancient customs of the city rendered him so well fitted to do. This, however, was not to be; he was taken from us, and while we can but express our gratitude we have to mourn a loss the extent of which time only will enable us to realise.




Thomas de Fulford, cordwaner
Petrus de Foxholes, zonarius
Jacobus de Pikeryng, pistor
Joh. de Seteryngton, pelliparius
Robertus de Clifton, pelliparius
Ricardus de Pytyngton, pistor
Joh. de Kirkham, pelliparius
Galfridus de Knapton
Hugo de Moreton, zonarius
Johannes de Moreton
Ricardus de Conyston
Robertus Witheskirtes, carnifex
Ricardus de Hepeshingham,

Hugo, serviens Roberti de Ricale
Henricus Frereman
Robertus Hogg, pistor
Robertus de Neuton, mercer
Thomas de Thornton, mercer


Thomas de Thorp, zonarius Robertus de Hessay, cissor Henricus de Snayth, tannator Reymundus de Dynaunt Willelmus de Holbek, zonarius Thomas de Scauceby, nauta Willelmus de Bramham, pistor Petrus Baroun, pistor


Nich. de Nunnewyk, carnifex
Adam Lumbard

Willelmus de Alwarthorp, pistor
Joh., filius Nicholai de Clifton
Alanus de Rouclif, zonarius
Rogerus de Eskrik

Johannes de Haxby, mercer
Ricardus de Bottercramb
Will. de Fangfoss, allutarius
Will. de Thornton, allutarius
Gilbertus Withe Dounes
Abell (?), aurifaber
Johannes de Cathall, sellarius
Ric. de Bilburgh, molendinarius
Adam de Lede

Ricardus de Rughford
Simon de Acum

Robertus de Coupmanthorp,



Johannes de Burton, taylour
Rogerus de Ledeston, tannour
Thomas de Haxby, tannour
Willelmus de Haxby, tannour
Henricus de Askham
Adam de Queldrik, parcheminer
Adam de Poklyngton, mercer
Galfridus de Poklyngton, mercer


Rogerus de Haxby, pelliparius John de Marton, pistor Nicholaus, serviens Johannis de Cauntbrig

Willelmus Skot, loksmith Galfridus de Clifton, pelliparius Henricus de Marston, pistor Rad. de Grimston, pelliparius Thomas de Blida, lorimer Rogerus Birchincers

Walterus de Poklyngton, mercer

Hugo de Castelford, lorimer
Jacobus le nayler

Joh. le mareschall, de Fossegat
Galfridus de Ulveston, carnifex
Johannes de Hoby, carnifex
Willelmus de Sutton, zonarius
Thomas de Flaxton

Petrus de Redeness, allutarius Gilbertus de Carliolo, carnifex Laur. de Esingwold, zonarius


Simon Craddok, de Popilton
Philippus de Crayk

Thomas de S. Oswaldo, pistor
Petrus de Fangfoss, pistor
Galf. de Monkgat, parcheminer
Hugo de Hexselsam

Galf. de Roubirs, parcheminer
Johannes de Paris

Robertus de Walcheford, wayder Robertus Haliday, mariner Robertus Unbayn, piscator Thomas, filius

Hugonis de

Acastre, ferrour Mariota de Munkton Ricardus de Cathale, lorimer


Adam de Ulfskelf, pistor
Ricardus Warde, pistor
Willelmus de Stokeld
Rogerus de Flaxton, cirotecarius
Rob. de Heworth, cirotecarius
Thomas Barn, de Skipton
Robertus Aunsaunt, gaunter
Hugo de Osbaldwyke, gaunter
Thomas de Whiteby, mercer
Thomas de Heslyngton, zonarius
Robertus de Stokeld, pistor

Johannes de Fenton, tannator Johannes de Sancto Botulpho, bougher

Radulphus de Moreton, pistor
Ricardus de Hoton, pistor
Willelmus de Yolton
Hugo de Neuton, tannour
Matheus de Yekam, carpenter
Hugo de Ricale, tannour
Hugo de Corbrigs, tannour
Robertus de Moramwyk, tannour


Johannes de Flaxton, tannour Thomas de Haxby, tannour Johannes de Braghen, tannour Rogerus de Tollerton, tanncur Willelmus de Fulford, tannour Willelmus de Useflet, tannour Johannes de Cawod, tannour Simon de Haxiholme, tannour

Rogerus de Skirmesby, tannour Thomas de Thurkhill, tannour Daud (sic) de Setel, hosier Simon de Clifton, zonarius Robertus de Clifton, zonarius Robertus de Neuton, tannour Joh. de Kokermouth, tannour Simon Craddok


Thomas de Pikeryng

Petrus de Fangfoss

Joh. Prodhome, de Huntyngton
Rogerus de Leuenaton, carnifex
Johannes de Acum
Patricius Skot, carnifex
Adam de Hoperton, carnifex
Will. de Esyngwald, zonarius
Will. de Castelford, taverner
Endricus Burgillon

Gilbertus Derebarn, nauta
Robertus Mons, cocus
Robertus de Carleton, cocus
Willelmus Fraunceis, furbur
Willelmus de Tollerton, carnifex
Simon de Selby, cocus
Willelmus de Sutton, tannour
Nicholaus de Gerthuorthby
Adam de Pontefract, taverner
Johannes de Bromeholme
Rogerus de Wambewell, taverner
Willelmus de Popilton, orbatour
Will. de Whityngton, taverner
Adam Welthwede, de Sibonham
Willelmus de Queldrik
Walterus de Baumburgh, ferrour
Thomas de Milham, cissor
Ughtred de Marton

Robertus de Yedon, tannour

Robertus de Raskelf, tannour Ricardus de Broune, tannour Johannes de Appelby, taverner Johannes de Helperby, tannour Ricardus de Spofford, tannour Will. de Heworth, pelliparius Will. de Nonyngton, pelliparius Galfridus, serviens Magistri T. de Monkgat

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Henricus de Clifton, serviens
Johannis Sampson
Willelmus pelliparius, nepos
W. le forester
Alanus de Acum

Will. de Aldewark, pelliparius
Ricardus de Barnby, mercer
Henricus de Duffeld, carnifex
Henricus de Langelay
Thomas de Abilford
Petrus de Acum, tannour
Petrus de Whiteby, mercer
Petrus de Sutton, lorimer
Thomas de Clif
Nicholaus Wawan
Robertus de Cathale, fufster
Thomas Damari

Robertus de Rughford, tannour
Rogerus de Fulford, sutor
Martinus de Harpham, sutor
Thomas de Horband, pulter
Galfridus le pulter

Hugo Faber, de Mikelgat.
Robertus de Colvyll, cocus
Simon Page, cocus

Lucas de Carleton, mariner
Robertus de Heslyngton
Johannes Broun

Johannes de Semer, pistor
Thomas de Ricale, allutarius
Galfrid de Kelkfeld, tannour
Ricardus Pesson, pistor
Hugo de Wambewell, zonarius
Joh. de Wyginthorp, zonarius
Robertus de Crayk, pistor
Will. de Harton, allutarius
Joh., filius Davidis, pulter
Henricus de Derby, pistor

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